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OTTE Gear To Exhibit At SHOT Show

It’s great to see OTTE Gear back and they’ll be showing some of their classic designs as well as some new gear in booth #L212 at SHOT Show January 22-25. Visit shotshow.org for more details on the show.

11 Responses to “OTTE Gear To Exhibit At SHOT Show”

  1. S says:

    Glad to see they can go to shot show but cant take care of customers who already own their products…

  2. Ray Forest says:

    I forget, what happened to them. They were all over the place a few years back then nothing. They had some good kit.

  3. HDA says:

    I did an unit order with them. Email response was awful, ordering was difficult, items backordered literally never showed up after months of delay. Quality of kit was good, but gear makers with no business acumen should consider that before they hang out their shingle.

    • S says:

      You got an email back? I got their parka and trousers a bit over a year ago. Within a week had one of the arm Velcro panels tear half off. Emailed repeatedly, no answer. Called. No answer. After light use the inner liner of the parka has a hole in it and for the last few months you cant even send them an email on their website! What a load of BS. I really wish I had just bit the bullet at went with the dead bird for what those two pieces of gear cost me. Maybe I need to go to SHOT to get an answer.

  4. Fritzthedog The Dog says:

    Otte Gear LLC
    641 Shunpike Rd. #200
    Chatham, NJ 07928
    973-507-9735 / voice
    773-439-5237 / fax

  5. Jack says:

    Weird, when I ordered I got my Patrol Parka in Earth right away. I also recently contacted them for some preventative maintenance questions. Picked up, answered all my calls and sent me some Velcro covers for nothing. To each their own experiences.

  6. Hi Gentlemen – we sincerely apologize for those of you who had a crappy experience with us in the past. In addition to making great gear, we are committed to making sure that you receive excellent customer service moving forward. We admit that things have slipped through the cracks. Come by our booth at SHOT for a beer, we are in booth L212. We will have some cool new stuff to check out too.


  7. datamaggot says:

    Their parka didn’t even last 1 year in Montana, before the material pulled away from the pocket zipper. No response to emails.

    Parka was warm enough, just didn’t hold up to daily “into the the office jacket”, nothing extreme even.