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Maxim Defense Announces the Release of the new PDX SBR and Pistol in 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO at SHOT Show 2019

St Cloud, MN – Maxim Defense, the premiere manufacturer in PDW-stocks, pistol braces and accessories, is unveiling it’s newly-designed PDX™ in 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO calibers at SHOT Show 2019 in both SBR and Pistol formats.

Born from the SOCOM PDW solicitation, the NEW Maxim Defense PDX™ is designed to handle the fierce demands of the Tier-1 community. The PDX™ dominates in close quarter encounters and achieves maximum energy on target without sacrificing accuracy at distance. At just 18.75″ in overall length and 5 lbs 11oz. in weight, the PDX™ is the ultimate choice for when concealment and personal defense is non-negotiable.

At the heart of the PDX™ is our newly developed Maxim SCW™ stock system. This patent-pending design cuts down the length of the stock from the 7” collapsed length of a GI M4 stock to only 4.” Additionally, it features an integrated BCG with interchangeable buffer weights to give you the flexibility to maximize performance and versatility without sacrificing functionality or form.

The PDX™ is equipped with a newly invented Maxim HATEBRAKE™ Muzzle Booster. This patent-pending device significantly reduces recoil, decreases the flash signature, pushes gasses and concussion waves downrange away from the shooter, improving overall experience with short-barrel pistols and rifles.

Calibers: 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length: 5.5”
Colors: Black or Arid
Overall Length: 18.75”
Weight (empty): 5 lbs. 11 oz.
Muzzle device: Maxim Defense HATEBRAKE™ Muzzle Booster
Stock: Maxim Defense SCW™ stock system
Trigger: ALG Combat Trigger (ACT)

Maxim Defense is a proud sponsor of the 14th Annual SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range (lane SR-42) and is offering live fire demos of the PDX™ in 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO, as well as other weapon systems outfitted with Maxim’s products. Additionally, Maxim will be an attendee demoing the PDX™ and other products at the Wilcox invite only range day on Monday January 21st.

Visit Maxim Defense at booths #1857 Downstairs and #30010 Upstairs to get a first look at the PDX™ and all of Maxim’s products.

To learn more about Maxim Defense, please visit us at

19 Responses to “Maxim Defense Announces the Release of the new PDX SBR and Pistol in 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO at SHOT Show 2019”

  1. Jack says:

    Da fuh? Not sure how I feel about this. Is short, FDE and ugly going to be the trend for SHOT 2019?

    • Gregory Peter DuPont says:

      I was thinking about that be truthful, although I am in the “7.62×39 is preferable to the 5.56 in an SBR format” school of thought, I do believe that the 8-10.5 inch barrel length is what is needed on this. Hopefully, it’ll be an offering in the near future. This is probably intended to compete against the Sig Rattler systems.

  2. Dellis says:

    I get that shorties are the rage but when does short just become a long slide pistol with a suppressor on it and a 30 round mag?

    Like the guy who wears “shorts” down to his calves, socks the rest of the way up…why not just wear pants!?

    • Nick says:

      Show me a Glock handgun in 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, or 7.62 x 39. This platform, just like the Honey Badger and MCX, have tremendous utility for end users who require this sort of capability. It may be a fad in the commercial market, but PDWs aren’t going away for MIL/LE customers anytime soon.

      • Dellis says:

        Sure, I get that but why not something like an MP5ish?

        Is there a huge advantage of those other calibers over the 9mm in bad breath distance? I sincerely don’t know thus honest question

        • Marcello says:

          The point of 300 blk was to replace the mp5. It allows subsonic rounds to be used that are similar to. 45 acp ballistics and then a simple mag change allows supers similar to 7.62×39 ballistics. It’s the same as both in one package.

        • Stephen says:

          Yes. They offer reliable penetration on soft and armored targets and generally better accuracy, thanks to their velocity advantage over pistol calibers. The energy delivered from rifle rounds make a huge difference.

        • Boi says:

          Penetrate body armor and longer effective distance

  3. SamHill says:

    Is 5.56 lethal in this short of a barrel?
    I saw some internet test where a guy kept cutting his barrel down while measuring velocities. He has rounds begin to tumble. Perhaps the rifling needs to be changed as you go this short?

    • Logan says:

      It will still kill the F out of you

      • Jim says:

        Love it, consider that phrase stolen!

        • Stickman says:


          I’m not sure who you know who has been involved with 5.56 engagements using a 5.5″ barrel, but the teams that I know replaced their weapons because of it. Performance was heavily unsat.

          Guys who know about the “Orchard” incident know what I am referring to.

          That being said, in all fairness perhaps someone has made new 5.56 ammo that works well at low velocity that I haven’t heard of. I don’t blame Maxim at all for making what their clients want, they would be crazy not to.

  4. Ck says:

    Looks like the Hanguard is the same screw mount that the Hk416 has and looks like an Mlok version of the Remington Hk416 rail. I wonder is they are interchangeable.

  5. MP says:

    Where’s the 300blk??? Would have been great to have that calibre and be able to put a QD can on. 5.56mm in a short barrel is very LOUD!!!!

    • Stephen says:

      .300AAC wasn’t truly designed for barrels shorter than 9″ with subsonic ammunition. If you use subs from a 5.5″ barrel, you are literally getting worse performance than many pistol caliber carbines when you look at energy delivered and drop. In fact, you’re pretty much in the top-end of 9mm ammo and the very bottom of something like .45ACP. Kind of pointless.

      • Nick says:

        That’s not true. There are several 300 BLK bullet designs that offer reliable expansion out of 6-7″ barrels out to 200+ meters.

  6. Keith says:

    Very nice. (Perfect platform for 300 Blackout.)
    MP is right… that’s the weapon the 300 Black was created for.

    • MP says:

      I’m sure they must be developing it, after all 300blk is optimised for short barrels, 5.56 just isn’t. This would be great competition to the rattler in 300blk.

  7. Pete says:

    I experimented with a x39 in 7.5”….
    recoil was 12 gauge-like and the flash was pretty much the same as a 5.56 in a skinny tube, a minor flash bang. Significant loss of velocity, but it is still potent.

    Needless to say, I am not sold on the concept.