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SOTECH Displays Auto X Ops Stock At SHOT Show

The Auto X Ops self-actuating carbine stock is not being offered commercially after a year of development with military and law enforcement units and programs.  The spring loaded stock is activated by a lever below the trigger guard giving advantages in confined movement/vehicle egress and basic marksmanship training.  Check it out in the SOTECH booth 20113 at SHOT Show.

SOTECH will also be debuting new additions to their special operations medical line and next gen gun belt line.  They will also display new accessories the new Taser 7 system.

9 Responses to “SOTECH Displays Auto X Ops Stock At SHOT Show”

  1. Patrick Sweeney says:

    Typo alert. I’m sure it is now being offered, not not being offered.

  2. Matthew J Meckley says:

    *sigh*…. Any credibility of this being even remotely viable, specifically for serious end users is putting the eotech out on the rail… not to mention how far it is.

    • Richie says:

      Holographic sights should function fine at the end as long as they dont shift zero, and that looks like a Colt LE6940 upper, which is monolithic, and therefore will not shift. For weapons with a side charging handle, having the optic in front of the handle can be more comfortable, but it will send the weight balance forward. Good for the range, probably not anything else

  3. David Brock says:

    Very Nice will this be available to law abiding gun owners?

  4. Seamus says:

    I really thought this was gonna be a stock that had a totally different operating principle to a Bump-Fire Stock and would completely circumvent the purposed changes.

    Too bad.

    Neat idea though. Not sure if the word “revolutionary” is correct. Seems a bit hyperbolic to me.

  5. Chad says:

    This looks as safe and practical as the trigger operated laser switch that came out years ago. SHOT show derp.

  6. Steve says:

    Looks great! What about the price?

  7. Snarf says:

    What in the name of God is up with the position of that eotech?

  8. datamaggot says:

    I kept cringing during the video, waiting for him to blow his hand off. Muzzle Awareness dude.