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Hi-Threat Headset Price Reduction from TEA Headsets – Booth 7008

TEA Headsets is excited to announce that we are now offering a price reduction for our most popular headset, the Hi-Threat (HTH) while continuing to provide our Special Operation Customers the same outstanding quality and performance!

Hi-Threat (HTH) – Tier 1

The HTH or Hi-Threat Headset is specifically designed to meet the demands and intensity of Tier 1 operators and special operations teams. For over a decade the HTH continues to be one of our most popular dual ear boom headsets.

The HTH features Combat Noise Suppression technology that protects the operator’s hearing against damaging noises they’re exposed to during combat. In addition to providing certified hearing protection, the HTH has adjustable and amplifiable electronic hearing that allows operators to maintain 360° battlefield awareness.

Our Tier 1 version of the HTH also includes a ballistic and submersible Noise Canceling boom microphone that can provide compatibility with multiple communication platforms such as 2-way radios, vehicle/aircraft/watercraft ICS systems. Depending on your requirement we offer a variety of microphone options to choose from.

The new version of the Hi-Threat Headset provides users the broadest compatibility with new and legacy helmets on the market. The new slim headband design allows for standalone use, wear underneath helmets and can easily be removed and replaced with an adapter for mounting to rail on helmets.


Enhanced 360° electronic hearing

Headband version fits under new or legacy helmets

Can be adapted to mount directly to the helmet

Provides certified hearing protection

Multiple boom mic options

Available in multiple colors, including Multicam

Single or dual cable down-leads

Submersible versions available

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