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The Story Behind The Image At BCB HQ

 Accept riding the BCB International, many visitors to their new HQ have been intrigued by the graphic of three soldiers towering over the camouflage production unit where they manufacture NATO issued camo face paints, camo nets and concealment systems.

Here is the story behind the image…

The image is not just an amusing reminder that BCB’s camouflage face paint formula is a closely guarded secret, it is also a poignant homage to an important figure in BCB’s history.

SAS legend…

The central figure in the image is none other than Barry Davies, the former British Special Air Service (SAS) Officer who was decorated for the part he played in the successful GSG9 hostage rescue operation at Mogadishu Airport in 1977.

After serving 18 years with the SAS, Barry joined BCB International Ltd where he worked on special projects for over 30 years until his passing away in April 2016.


One Response to “The Story Behind The Image At BCB HQ”

  1. Trevor says:

    Barry Davies is an absolute legend in The Regiment. Invented many of the tactics used by SOF around the globe. @pagoda22sas.