SOCOM GPC Customer At Ft Campbell Seeks Glock Clips

Guys, educate your Government Purchase Card holders and Contracting Officers on the proper nomenclatures for the equipment you need to complete the mission.

Recently, issued this notice on alerting industry to a SOCOM GPC holder’s desire to buy “Glock 19 Holsters & Clips.” The problem here is that there’s no such thing as a “Glock Clip.” Obviously, the request should have been for magazines, along with the desired capacity.

FedBid is a reverse auction site, operated on behalf of the government by a private company. It lists the item(s) required by the government client and facilitates industry’s bids to provide the gear, but with bids going lower and lower until the lowest price is established. Then, the winner provides the equipment purchased to the government client.

On the surface, the process sounds great, particularly for commodities like cleaning and office supplies. But for some items, the process may result in the client not getting what they want due to poorly written requirements. For instance, asking for “clips.” A vendor could sell the government something that doesn’t meet the actual end user requirement. Worse still, due to the FedBid process, it can be difficult for the client to recoup their funds if the vendor’s solution doesn’t line up with expectations.

Educate those providing your equipment so they don’t inadvertently buy you something you don’t need, or can’t use.

9 Responses to “SOCOM GPC Customer At Ft Campbell Seeks Glock Clips”

  1. Paul T McCain says:

    Obviously they meant Glock-brand Glockazines.

  2. P.J. says:

    Looks like the holsters also have to attach with “moli-weave.”

    • Pete says:

      Saw that one too. Seems that not nearly enough people know that Pouch Attachment Ladder System Webbing (PALS Webbing) is what they should be referring to when they reference “MOLLE Webbing”, but this guys on another level with “Moli-weave” lol.

      On a similar note, even less people seem to know that “ALICE Clips” are actually M1956 Slide Keepers from two generations prior to ALICE’s introduction.

  3. B_Rawrd says:

    Purchase request probably submitted by some Unit S4 Officer type that hasn’t ever held a Glock much less knows it as anything more than PISTOL, CAL 9MM and an NSN.

  4. CPTP says:

    Looks like some unit is going to end up with a bunch of Pro-Mags.

  5. patrulje says:

    Maybe it is for some California compliant Glock that does not have a detachable magazine?

  6. Brian says:


    That reads like a dumpster fire and of course it is in FEDBID.

  7. Max says:

    Well actually there are “Glock Clips”. Used in the Austrian Army to attach pouches to the belt:

    But obviously thats not waht they want, I hope…

  8. DavidB says:

    Wow. Why so many lefties? That’s way more than normal.