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Regular Guy Tactical – A Holster Company

During last week’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show I had to pleasure of meeting the owner of Regular Guy Tactical. Turns out the owner of RGT is anything but regular.

One of the good things about Outdoor Retailer moving to Denver is that it’s fairly close to Fort Carson, Colorado, home of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). Regular Guy Tactical was founded by a wounded warrior 10th Group NCO who has taken the needs of his profession and created a holster to satisfy them in his off-duty time. Since he is still on active duty, we’ll keep his identity a secret, but due to his injuries, he will probably be separating soon.

As for the holster itself. It’s an injection molded modular design that quickly converts from inside to outside the waist band. They use their own clip to secure the holster which combined with the grid holes allows ride height and cant adjustment.

Their patented retention system relies on silicon bands which can be combined up to four total to adjust the amount of retention.

The holster is also configurable for left or right handed use. Additionally, the screws are countersunk so you never scratch your pistol’s finish.

There’s a concealment device molded into the holster to prevent printing.

The magazine carrier can be worn stand alone of mounted to the IWB platform and is configurable for right or left carry (bullets to front or rear) as well as height and cant.

Currently, RGT only makes holsters for the most common Glock handguns. This is simply a matter of being a small, but growing company and concentrating initially on the pistols they encounter most often.

If all of that isn’t enough, a portion of every sale goes to the Special Forces Foundation.


4 Responses to “Regular Guy Tactical – A Holster Company”

  1. defensor fortismo says:

    I like the claw integrated into the holster, as far as I know, Tenicor is the only company doing this, for all the variations of the wing claw on the market. I also like the retention, it has a very phlster floodlight look to it. The clip, on the other hand, is a very distinct meh, as it stands, swapping it out for soft loops would probably be the best short term solution, drilling low in order to accommodate tuckable options like struts or discrete concept clips would also be a great improvement as far as long term design. I’m also not a fan of the mag caddy, but at least that’s optional.

    • Vic Toree says:

      I agree with you, generally, up until the clip portion of the response. I’ve come to really love a single 1.5″ wide clip over the dual struts or soft loops on most of my other holsters. I don’t require tucking a shirt over my holster which is part of why this works so well for me, but not the only reason why.

      With some belt loop spacing and a wider buckle (like any pair of my jeans and an Ares Aegis / Mean Gene belt) there’s not room for the normal spacing of dual soft loops/tuckable struts that you find with Raven, CNC, Bawidamann, Phlster, etc. unless you shift the weapon further off the center line towards 3-4 o’clock which then gives you more grip printing.

      I’ve been running a Lux from … hell I can’t even remember who makes it anymore, solely for the 1.5″ clip. I kind of hate the holster compared to all of the others I mentioned above, but I can place it where I want it no matter what I’m wearing, so I run the Lux constantly and have a drawer full of (MUCH) better unused holsters.

      As soon as someone makes a single 1.5″ wide clip that bolts on to the more spread pattern any of the above they’ll get my money.

    • Mark says:

      Integrating the claw / wing / belt leverage point into the holster is not a new concept and there’s a reason you don’t see it on more holsters. Without adjustability it becomes a one size fits some feature.

      The point of a claw (or wedge) is to help tuck the grip against your gut. If you don’t have a gut, you need more claw to fully tuck the grip. If you have a gut, even a small gut, that claw can make things really uncomfortable.

      It doesn’t matter what combination of claw and wedge a designer comes up with, it’s only going to work for some of the people. If you fit that box good on you. If not the old holster drawer is gonna keep filling up.

  2. Erick says:

    Sadly, the molded-in, printing prevention device is only set-up to work for right handers. That’s based on their photos. Wish them good luck with their venture.