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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Fällkniven F1 VG10, Black coated




A true family business Fällkniven produce some of the highest quality survival knives on the market today.  With a such a large focus on operations within the far north it is natural that we should look to those nations for advice and ideas on how to operate and survive in such a challenging environment.

The Fällkniven F1 has been the official survival knife Swedish Air Force pilots since 1995 and is now in service with the UK MOD. The well thought-out design and incredibly tough laminated steel are only two of the many details making the handy-sized Fallkniven F1 a knife you can always rely on. The F1 is well proportioned and tremendously versatile. The safe, comfortable grip along with its hard and tough laminated steel blade make the F1 incredibly useful for all types of daily work and demanding tasks.

The laminate steel is at least 20 % stronger than a solid stainless steel. Fällkniven go for strong low/medium carbon stainless steel for the outer layers and add VG10, Cobalt-Special or Super Gold Powder Steel as a centre steel. The 420J2 is a low-carbon high chromium alloy steel used for its strength and its almost corrosion-free properties.

If you require a non-reflective knife blade there is a black CeraKote option. This finish is applied over the standard blade and although highly robust it doers eventually wear away.  The company did explore other options but discounted them as they would make the knife significantly harder to sharpen as well as a lot more expensive.

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  1. AbnMedOps says:

    I’m a potential customer, but have never seen or handled a Fallkniven knife. My previous internet searches have led only to wholesalers, and not one stocking retailer in the US. Are there any brick & mortar stores carrying these? Fallkniven, are you listening?