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Zodiac Milpro Introduces the Helisling, Helicopter Sling System

Zodiac Milpro introduces the Helisling, a helicopter sling system for the delivery of inflatable boats.

The Helisling transports FC series boats in a ready to use configuration. The Helisling can be used as an “at sea” fast recovery system.

-Meets compliance standards for STANAG 3542 and IATA
-Meets US-EU Civil and NATO regulations for helicopter sling loads
-Fits all FC series boats 470, EVOL, 530 and 580
-Installs quickly using standard FC Boat lift boats
-Long lasting and adapted to a maritime environment
-Stows easily aboard boat using waterproof bow bag

Contact or 410-643-4141 for further information.

Additionally, Zodiac Milpro is starting their 2019 product demo season at Miami Boat Show in February with the new SRA 900 Rigid Inflatable Boat (RHIB).  Water demonstrations will be available during and following the show in the Miami area.  They will arrange customer demonstrations upon request in Florida and on the East Coast during March and April, with the boat arriving in Washington DC for Sea Air Space in May. The boat will be available upon request in the DC/NVA area during May.

The SRA900 is the latest iteration of the highly successful SeaRib Aluminum range.   Designed as a multipurpose platform with multiple configurations, the demo craft is outfitted with twin 300hp outboard engines, semi-enclosed cabin, dive access door, and shock mitigating seats.

Zodiac Milpro would like to invite you and any other interested parties to a personal demonstration.  Please feel free to contact Jake Albinio (541-961-3609, to arrange a demonstration and confirm schedules.  

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