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RE Factor Tactical – Marking Panel

I know I mentioned this when it first came out, but they did such a great job with it, I wanted to bring it up again.

The RE Factor Tactical Marking Panel is an 18 x 11″ VS-17 Panel designed to aid you in marking your location. The panel comes with four removable bungee tie downs that allow the panel to securely attach to a pack or any other item. In addition, there are four rare earth magnets that allow the panel to be stuck to a vehicle or metal platform. The magnets can sustain winds up to 55mph allowing the panel to be stuck to a vehicle while in motion.

Lastly, they’ve screen printed a 6 x 11″ American Flag to the center for quick recognition. On the reverse side is a 4 x 2″ Velcro patch that can be used for IR patches.

6 Responses to “RE Factor Tactical – Marking Panel”

  1. Adun says:

    Does anyone know the weight of this panel? I couldn’t find it on the website.

  2. Asinine Name says:

    Anyone know if Battle Systems is still trading or even alive?

  3. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    This actually looks like a well thought out panel for multiple applications

  4. D32 says:

    I have two of these. They work awesome this is a great idea and well executed. I’ve used panels in all sorts of situations and these are built to last with clever features. These magnets are very strong. The are easily seen from the air. The American flag holds up over time. They are really light to anwer the guys question.

    This should be in your kit bag. It’s not as light as a distress handkerchief but it’s worth it’s salt.