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SCUBAPRO Sunday – The Frogman

Movies have played a significant roll in and for the military world. From taking your mind off of things like Dumb and Dumber (and giving you great things to say” WE LANDED ON THE MOON?!”) or getting people to join the military. Some do better than others. The Green Berets by John Wayne was made to get people to believe in the Vietnam war.  It fell way short of that, but still a great movie, and it had a number one hit song “The Ballad of the Green Berets” by SSgt Barry Sadle, and it had a UDT/ Frogman playing one of the best parts in the movie. Sgt Muldoon was a Frogman in WW2 and yes a west coast guy. Apocalypse Now made as a protest movie against war, did a lot more to get people to join than any other film of that time.

The Frogman got more people to join the Navy than any other movie of its time. All and All it is an excellent movie for its time. You have to love going to war with a dive knife and a mask.

Maybe someday they will make moves like this again. Movies that talk about the thing that happened many years ago.

4 Responses to “SCUBAPRO Sunday – The Frogman”

  1. Brando says:

    Much better than OJ Simpson’s “Frogmen” movie/thing

  2. Ed says:

    classic movie, saw it as a kid in the 80’s after GI JOE was re-introduced, one of the many motivators to join.

  3. Barry Sadler says:

    Barry Sadler I think was his name. Died a result of an accidental/careless self inflicted head wound with a .380 while advising in one of the Central American countries. Evacuated to the US, he died maybe in a nursing home.