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Benchmade 537 – Bailout

Designed with the same weight saving philosophy of the Bugout, Benchmade’s new Bailout is slightly larger, with an added flare guard, to accommodate gloved hands and prevent sliding up the handle. Open, the Bailout is .06” longer than the Bugout and weighs only 0.20 oz more. The blade also features a Grey Cerakote finish.

• Handle – Black Grivory
• Blade Length – 3.38”
• Closed Length – 4.71”
• Weight – 2.05 oz
• Mechanism – AXIS Lock

19 Responses to “Benchmade 537 – Bailout”

  1. Patrick Bateman says:

    How well does it cut through guns?

    • Richie says:

      Given that the blade is 3V steel, I would say pretty damn well. I do like the design, but wish they had gone closer to 3.5″ on the blade and the chrome nitride finish rather than cerakote

    • EODMadBomb says:

      Knife Company located in the Pacific Northwest; looking for some good press!

    • Ton E says:

      They were the only ones with specialty equipment!!!

  2. Amer-Rican says:

    Benchmade Knives is an anti-gun company, as proven by their owners’ campaign contributions to the MOST anti-gun politicians- so Benchmade knives are dead to me and many other American gun owners.

    • SamHill says:

      All of the gun hoarders I have heard saying they were boycotting Benchmade were presently carrying a made in China CRKT or some such $25 walmart special.

      It’s easy to say you’re boycotting BM if you never even bought one in the first place. But go ahead and buy some made in China knives in their place. China is more troublesome to our economy, manufacturing and way of life than BM completing a job they got paid to do. The feeble minded gun hoarders just can’t bear to think of one of ‘their precious” getting destroyed for a contract so we get the manufactured outrage. All courtesy of social media BTW, facebook has you guys doing their bidding for them.
      You’d be better off deleting your facebook since they are selling and/or losing all of your private data, in addition to getting you guys to do counter-productive, stupid shit like this.

      • Fritz says:

        I don’t have a Facebook account and I live in the PDX area, and I’ve bought many a blade from Benchmade.
        Due to their shortsightedness, and what I consider to be bad decision making and continued efforts by their management to support efforts that I’m against, I’ll not be buying another product from them until they can demonstrate that they are worth my attention again.
        Until then there are plenty of knife makers based in the US that will get my money.
        To each their own.

      • Amer-Rican says:

        SamHill, I was VERY specific about the reason I’m boycotting Benchmade knives- the owners contribute campaign money to VERY anti-gun politicians- it’s a documented fact proven by campaign reports. THAT’S my reason.

        But I understand why you ignore my stated reason and try to flip the convo to Chinese made junk, destroyed guns, and foolsbook… Because the campaign donations are indefensible. PERIOD. Choosing a knife brand over the Second Amendment is pretty pathetic.

  3. minn-kota says:

    This “cutting guns” nonsense is just that, nonsense.

    They were asked to help make some turn-in/buyback/evidence guns shorter so that they fit within the box required to be shipped to the actual company contracted to destroy them for the department.

    Benchmade is easily the largest non-firearm company that exhibits at the SHOT Show and the NRA Annual meeting, and exposition fees at these events are HUGE fundraisers that fight for the rights of retailers and individuals. The booth fees for just one of these events dwarfs any local political gamesmanship (however unfortunate) they’ve engaged in years ago.

    P.S. Did you know that an ACTUAL gun destroying company exhibits at SHOT? Look up the company that was in booth 7109 last year, they even had a “gun grinder” on display. Where was your outrage then? Did it slip your mind by the time you got home and comfortably seated behind your courage machine?

    • mike says:

      Funny how that could have all been done behind closed doors and none of us would have been the wiser. When you take pictures and share them for attention, well, sometimes you get the attention.

      • XC says:

        For whatever it’s worth, it was actually the Oregon City Police Department who publicized the event taking place, not Benchmade.

    • Amer-Rican says:

      All the people I know that are done with Benchmade feel that way because of the campaign reports that show the owners of BM made campaign contributions to VERY anti-Second amendment pols. THAT’S the reason. It isn’t about destroying guns. It’s about documented political contributions to anti-gun candidates.

      • asque2000 says:

        You need to look deeper. There is a reason they donated to those politicians. They support the expansion of “knife-rights” such as reducing restrictions on auto knives, and facilitating the transport and sale of restricted knives across state lines. Some of those politicians (Ron Wyden) also instituted a apprenticeship program at Benchmade shortly after touring the factory. So though the politicians in question may have anti-2A views, that is not the reason BM contributed to them. It was contributions purely to help their business. Look at all of the stuff BM has done in terms of pro-2A stuff. It’s clear people are trying to make mountains out of mole hills.

    • Jay says:

      Ugh. So sick of this.

      The issue of the whole “gun cutting” thing is frankly, pretty irrelevant. That’s not why people are upset. People are up in arms at Benchmade due to their financial contributions to various left-leaning politicians and their campaigns; all of whom are either looking to infringe upon second amendment rights in some fashion or are outright anti-gun and vocal about it. They have even released official press statements expressing their support for strictly Democratic candidates in every avenue, and that the upper management staff are all staunch, firm-left Democrats. Beyond the individual personal support offered through votes and financial offerings of each member of the upper staff, their have been documented monetary donations made to Democratic and leftist platforms on Benchmade’s behalf. What’s more is that these funds donated in Benchmade’s name were gathered directly from the revenue stream, basically meaning that anyone who bought a Benchmade product that led to company profits within the relavent timeframe contributed to a political campaign that they otherwise vehemently oppose. It’s one thing for those staff members to make political moves with their momey personally or as a group, and we as customers can disagree or boycott where we see fit if we so choose. However, for the decision to be made to politicize a company and subsequently the brand as a whole using customer generated funds is absolutely foolish and arrogant at best, if not downright dishonest and inflammatory at worst. Essentially they gave all of their customers a subversive little “f*ck you” for those who are savvy enough to find out. All the implications considered, I feel it’s even worse for those who don’t know about it personally.

      ALL of that said, I’m not making a big deal out of it. After I get the one new model released this year that I want, and fix my old Barrage I’m just not going to buy any more Benchmade stuff. I’m not going to go forum to forum and crap all over them as a brand or as a company, nor am I going to make a statement by destroying their products or what have you. I personally feel it’s really messed up that they chose this path, and when called on it they aren’t just doubling down but actually getting somewhat belligerent about it to a degree. I also feel it’s all just really unfortunate, because they were definitely one of the most respected companies/brands in the relative categories. Just too bad really.

      NOTE: I’m WELL aware that obviously not all of Benchmade’s customer base is comprised of hard-right, gun toting rednecks. I myself am a Libertarian. However, anyone with even a modicum of deductive reasoning and comprehensive analytical skill can come to a fairly reasonable conclusion that a vast majority of this aforementioned customer group are going to be individuals that either own firearms; or at the very least support non-restrictive firearms related legislation as it applies to law abiding citizens. Not to mention the fact that a large portion of the company market share is in the military/law enforcement/private citizen tactical fields; which will then inculde a substantial marketing and advertising campaign to reach customers within this demographic. I meam, DUH. So with these thoughts in mind, one can only observe and speculate.

  4. Stefan S. says:

    OR company contributing to OR democrats? No thanks. Emerson or ZT.

  5. CapnTroy says:

    Dick’s Sporting Goods: Nobody can alienate their client base faster than us.

    Benchmade: Hold my beer…

  6. Ed says:

    Wow! all that over a BM knife review?? I’ll stick to my Chris Reeve, Severtech and Pro-Tech taste. Been issued a lot of BM’s in my Mil time, never complained when they were free!

  7. G D Milner says:

    Don’t have a life? Then consider getting one.

    I love my benchmade knife and have happily ordered this one.