TacJobs – Fulcrum Concepts LLC Seeks Logistics Specialist

Fulcrum Concepts, LLC currently has a full-time position available for a Logistics Specialist. If you are interested in applying, please read through the following job description, the introduction to benefits section, and visit for full details and to apply.

Job Responsibilities

• Fully participates in and supports the Fulcrum Concepts Quality Management System

• Responsible for keeping records of all products shipped and received in the company

• Handles the packing of goods into shipping containers

• Creates mailing labels and necessary shipping documents for import, export, domestic and international shipments within UPS World Ship or Fed Ex accounts

• Ensures that all orders have been filled correctly

• Performs unpacking of shipment deliveries

• Receives and unloads freight both manually or with equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks

• Checks for damaged goods

• Verifies quantity and quality of order as well as verifies that items received correspond with purchase order items

• Wraps, packages, and ships supplies

• Delivers and retrieves inventory to and from work or storage areas

• Tags and issues inventory items

• Stocks shelves and rotates inventory; may receive, store, and ship flammable, explosive or caustic and hazardous material

• Participates in physical inventories of warehouse

• Maintains inventory records by adding or deleting supplies as they are shipped or received

• Operates a personal computer to access, enter, and correct information

• Prepares damage claims for supervisor’s review and signature

• Manages inventory through a database and maintains levels required on a daily basis to meet distribution demands

• Responsible for all company property, including expendable, inventory and accountability

• Coordinates to ensure project resources are accounted and available when required

Knowledge and Skills Preferred

• High attention to details

• Able to work with a team

• Possess good communication skills

• Knowledge in supply chain management

• Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

• Possess organization skills

Education/Experience Preferred

• Associate degree or 5+ years of logistics and/or aviation parts experience.

• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Supply Chain, or related field preferred. Experience in Supply Chain activities, preferably in a manufacturing environment preferred.

• Experience with computers, business equipment or other electronic fields

The assigned personnel are responsible for the listed duties and responsibilities plus any other direction and responsibilities assigned by the Managing Members.


Fulcrum Concepts, LLC offers competitive salary, diverse work opportunities, vacation and sick time, health and life insurance, and a unique 9/80 work schedule. As with all benefit plans they may change based on many factors, however, it is Fulcrum Concept’s vision to provide its employees with competitive benefit plans.

If you’re interested, visit for full details to apply.

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