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United States Tactical – Elite Retention System

United States Tactical has released a video showcasing their Elite Retention System. It’s a two-piece system that keeps the weapon at the ready, but your hands free.

14 Responses to “United States Tactical – Elite Retention System”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Now show it working with a loaded out kit rather than a slick carrier

  2. Job says:

    Solution in desperate need of a problem.

  3. Stormare says:

    Are the plate carrier carrying your rifle or are you carrying your rifle!!

  4. jim says:

    Looks like the same failure as the Point Blank “Weapon Retention/Carry System”: . com/watch?v=BPJjDr1OW1A

    • knick says:

      The same dude as the point-blank looks like the exact same system actually. Over engineered item and unnecessary in my opinion.

  5. Dave says:

    Three point sling too commando for you? Motor pool doesn’t have any more Wolf Hooks? Bring your pogue game to a new level. Order now and we will throw in a grip pod and butt stock mag pouch for chow hall/BX/PX visits.

  6. DERP says:

    History repeats itself, this almost exact same product failed already, about 3 times. Blackhawk Dieter being the first in the long list of those failures if memory serves me correctly.

    Let me guess, next step is single point bungee, or two point bungee?

  7. Stu says:

    Guess the end user this was built for had no real need for operating the weapon.

    Notice how the important parts on the left side are covered up.

  8. R711 says:

    What problem is this trying to solve? or is it trying to create? I understand the need for weapons control at all times, but this is like adding another handle onto your kit so people can drag you around needlessly

  9. tcba_joe says:

    Of COURSE he’s carrying an XD! lol

  10. royceda59 says:

    His Bluetooth ear-piece and XD tell you all you need to know LOL. Coming soon to a truck stop near you!

    • Stash says:

      Hands free phone, hands-free weapon, for all those karate chops and violent hand gestures!