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Triple Aught Design Collaboration Survey

Triple Aught Design is conducting a survey to gauge customer interest in possible future collaborations with other brands. Over the years, they’ve had quite a few successful ones.

Currently, they’re offering the Team Wendy EXFIL SAR Tactical TAD Edition which is available in the special color of Coyote Brown.

There are a couple of cool possibilities on the survey like a TAD Edition Misty Mountain climbing harness, SureFire TAD Edition light, or TAD Edition SKD gloves.

Take the survey here.

2 Responses to “Triple Aught Design Collaboration Survey”

  1. demure says:

    I hope any collaboration that comes from this will be more than just slapping their logo on… A few of there items seem to consist of that. (I do love many of their original items though)

  2. R711 says:

    I miss the old days when TADGEAR was the goto store for niche gear and clothing. I feel the newish store has lost that vibe which first attracted me.