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RMJ Tactical Tusk

Check out the Tusk, RMJ Tactical’s new pocket size pry bar. The Tusk is an ultra tough pocket size pry bar designed for daily carry. It’s made from CPM-3V and features a chisel style tip for prying, and as an additional feature there is a built in cord and line cutter. The 360 disc cutter can be adjusted with a simple turn of a screw, and it’s easily removed if you don’t wish to use it. They also include a titanium clip that can be clipped to your pants pocket, waistband, backpack, chest rig, vehicle emergency kit, etc.

You ask, “Why would I ever need a small pry bar?” The answer is easy, have you ever damaged your knife tip or edge while prying something? There you go!


3 Responses to “RMJ Tactical Tusk”

  1. charlie says:

    I really want one of these, in my line of work it would be *super* useful. I however cannot justify the cost of $180. $50? Sure. $100 I might even consider it. But $180 is just too much. I understand that RMJ makes great products, and often the costs are justified in the materials and manufacturing processes but I just can’t fathom how they got to that price with this item.

  2. Paul_M says:

    So I need to spend $180 to save the tip of my $30 kershaw blade…
    Hmmm, seems to make great sense.