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US Army Wants The Fourth To Be With You

Kyber Crystals have been mined for the plasma blades on the light sabers. The US Army’s Soldier Lethality Cross Functional Team is working on the design for the handles now. Field testing scheduled in 12 parsecs.

9 Responses to “US Army Wants The Fourth To Be With You”

  1. Dan says:

    FYI an parsec is about 31 trillion clicks. Distance not time.

  2. N0p3 says:

    Parsecs measure distance, not time…

  3. JM Gavin says:

    I learn something new every day…hell, learned two thing today. First, parsecs meaure distance not time. Second, Trekkies are still know-it-all geeks.

  4. Jonathan Ferguson says:

    The movie explained it as the ‘run’ being 20 parsecs long, and Solo taking a shortcut to shorten it to 12. That doesn’t mean you can use parsecs as a measure of time, which is what you’ve done here.

    • SSD says:

      Dude, eventually you’ll work it out. Time and space, it’s all about getting from one location to another.

    • wookiewookie says:

      The Kessel run is actually 18 parsecs and he doesn’t take a shortcut – he flies closer to the Maw cluster of black holes, cutting the distance to about 12 parsecs. He wasn’t referring to speed or distance in the quote, he was bragging that his ship was fast enough to fly that close to the black holes, cutting the distance to 12 instead of 18.

    • chooch says:

      All that math 101 crap falls apart once you can grok makin’ the jump to hyperspace: distance IS time. And don’t start in with any of that “goin’ to plaid” jackassery, hyperspace is hyperspace.