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Lorica Nostrum to Exhibit their Integrated Combat System at ISDEF2019 in Israel

It is a pleasure to announce that Lorica Nostrum, an European Company, will Exhibit their Integrated Combat System (I.C.S.) during ISDEF2019, Israel, next June 4-6th 2019.

On June 3rd there will be a Range Day where the System may be tested by the operators.

It was invented during Close Protection Team missions in Afghanistan, between years 2002 and 2004. The project was classified by our government and it just has been cleared for governmental agencies, military and L&E units.

The Integrated Combat System (I.C.S.) has been designed to work in special covert missions where a very low recognition profile is required, cloaked as a sport backpack.

Its design provides a tactical advantage which allows Special Forces soldiers to obtain an operational superiority, carrying the same weapons, ballistic protection and mission equipment in a covert and comfortable manner, enabling the soldier to use this system in its full offensive envelope, while the soldier mingles with the crowd untill the operation starts.

It has been tested in operations, Static Line jumps, Military Free fall jumps, and waterborne operations.

It is compatible with more than 250 current weapons, assault rifles, carbines, SMGs, PDWs, grenade launchers, and handguns.

As options, the system may include:

1. An integrated positive buoyancy device for water operations,

2. An integrated harness for helicopter operations (SPIE or HRST),

3. A geolocation device,

4. RFID tags for better logistics,

5. It may be custom made, in size, colours and materials.

Worldwide and European Patent, US Patent #US10188197B2. Also patented in China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain and UK.

NSN Pending

It is manufactured under Military Regulation PECAL/AQAP-2110 and Quality Regulation UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008



One Response to “Lorica Nostrum to Exhibit their Integrated Combat System at ISDEF2019 in Israel”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    So a commercial rucksack that unfolds into an armor vest and has your carbine inside? You can’t see a picture of it and have to sign an NDA. Oh and you need to be in Israel on 6/6 to have a chance at seeing it. LE sales should be through the roof.