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Introducing HPG Mobility

From the time they were kids in 1970s Alaska, Hill People Gear’s founders Scot and Evan Hill had lots of experience getting vehicles stuck in the backcountry. That led to a lifelong interest in NOT getting stuck miles from nowhere. They’ve always tried to have vehicles capable enough to get them to remote locations for their wilderness adventures and then back again with minimal fuss.

The Barney brothers – Colorado boys and Eagle Scouts just like the Hill brothers – have been working on Scot and Evan’s rigs for the last 7 years at their Grand Junction shop Barney Brothers Off Road. When Chad Barney pointed out the pseudo-PALS molded seatbacks on the new Jeep JL Rubicon and said “hey, do you think you could build some good bags for this location?”, the idea for HPG Mobility was born. The Hill Brothers have been building solutions to problems in their own rigs for decades, why not do the same for others?

HPG Mobility takes the Hill People Gear design ethos and applies it to products for vehicles. Initial offerings include pouches designed for JL Rubicon seatbacks and other MOLLE vehicle applications and Hi-Lift mounts for factory roof fails. The HPG Mobility line will continue to expand over time.

HPG Mobility products are making their debut next weekend at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff AZ. They’re also available directly online at hpgmobility.com and on a wholesale basis from barneybrothersmobility.com.

2 Responses to “Introducing HPG Mobility”

  1. JOANNE Hill says:

    Remember when you were around 6 years old you ‘drove’ the 70’s Bug out of snowbank on the edge of a mountain in Alaska while Red and I pushed. Forgot to tell you to stop accelerating once the VW Bug was free!

  2. Papa6 says:


    Happy Mother’s Day!