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Competition Shooter Pack ~ AttackPAK

AttackPAK has created custom products to give our war-fighters the edge.

AttackPAK’s newest custom design is based on our Multi Purpose Carrier and Bison bags. Shaving weight by getting rid of rows or pals/molle and using lightweight fabrics made for a truly innovative system that is the lightest method to carry your gear & your weapon. The design eliminates pounds of parasitic weight found in other leading packs to reduce the war-fighter’s burden. Here is the newest custom designed that weighs 3.5 pounds with belt, ExoSpine™ and bags.

Shooter Bag

Custom design for a shooter participating in the ‘Competition Dynamics Sniper Challenge 2019’ this offering comes in at an astonishingly light 3.5 pounds!

Shooter Bag

A versatile method to carry your long gun and gear. List a couple of features

Beaver Tail made out of durable Centurion Fabric

Draw String Hydration Pocket x2, to keep the weight closer to your center of gravity

Attachment points for our Go Bag Lid

Designed with Capacity

MPC (multi-purpose carrier) with Bison bags, and go bag lid

The Bison Kit is the original modular version that was developed for EOD to carry the PLT-5 comfortably. It can be combined with a Predator Assault pack to act like a “Crew-cab”, but weighing 4 pounds less. The investment for the entire kit is about $800, and will configure to 6 different load bearing options. If you were to buy the same 6 pack capability from other vendors, the cost will be over $1,600.

Weight saving. Better ergonomics. Less fatigue. Cost savings. Ditch the enemy on your back.

AttackPAK is ready to design gear for your team. Link up with us at SOFIC. Drop us a line at hq@attackpak.com.


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