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Netherlands Fractal Pattern Update

The Dutch military has committed to fielding their new Netherlands Fractal Pattern camouflage.

Through extensive testing, they are planning on these colorways for uniforms:

NFP-Green for wooded and urban areas in Western and Eastern Europe;
NFP-Tan for arid areas such as desert, steppes and savannas;
NFP-Navy for shipboard personnel is still under development.
NFP Arctic is still being considered for winter (mountain) conditions.

However, they’ve also developed NFP-Multitone with fewer colors and slightly more contrast which contains colors from NFP-Green and NFP-Tan, making it suitable for use in both green and dry areas. This variant will be used for PPE and other field equipment.

We are told that gear is starting to roll off the line in NFP-Multi, such as tarps (seen here) and the Berghaus packs we showcased during Enforce Tac.

Source: magazines.defensie.nl/defensiekrant/2019/11/04_camouflage_10

8 Responses to “Netherlands Fractal Pattern Update”

  1. Zach says:

    It is interesting that the final pattern is different than what had been shown for years. They removed much of the grey and the colors are not as bright.

  2. Ipkiss says:

    Our tankers are receiving their new coverall in NFP green as the first unit.

  3. Henschel says:

    Looks like they have invented … flecktarn 😀

  4. Adun says:

    It doesn’t look like this pattern has good macro patterning at all. Do we have any photos of the pattern at a distance? I bet it looks close to a solid color at 100m.

    • Ipkiss says:

      Its a fractal design with both micro and macro patterning. Now they are finally able to print the colours the right way (first pre-production samples were too bright), and I must say it looks pretty good for northern Europe forests. Have you checked the link to get a better look?

      • Strike-Hold says:

        The macro pattern becomes apparent when you see it from several yards away.

        • Adun says:

          I clicked on the link, I still do not see an image from 50m or 100m and it doesn’t look like it would stand out well to me. Is there a photo that I am missing in particular?

  5. Zach says:

    Ipkiss and Lawrence I know you 2 know camo extremely well, especially Ipkiss in regard to NFP. You and your friend from mil photos were my sources for info and photos for years. I have been looking at these latest photos and having the benefit of a tankers onesie from the back is perfect. It very much appears that removing much of the grey and replacing it with more medium green was done and that did change the macro pattern a great deal. I have many old photos to compare and the colors and quantities are not the same. I still love it, but that is not what we were shown for years.