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Synergy Light Update

With the launch of the Synergy 360 Light, a year and a half ago and success stories regularly coming in from the field, where do we go from here? Answer: We expand.

Originally designed as a throwable tactical light that can provide illumination to an entire area rather than a limited space, smart planning has led to new applications and LED configurations. Today, the 360 can run programs ranging from illumination, marking, motion activation and distraction and can switch from visual light to IR automatically. One application that exploits this feature is designed to be thrown into a room and strobe visual light disorienting a target just long enough to cause a pupillary response. The unit will then switch to 950 nm IR to provide clear NVG illumination and a tactical advantage for operators.  

The Synergy 360 Light was designed to grow. While the 360 was still on the “drawing board”, engineers added components that wouldn’t be immediately needed in the initial programming phase. Today this has paid off in the launching of the 360’s latest and greatest software referred to simply as “Version 16”.

If Version 16 had to be summarized in one word “Dependability” would likely be it.  At the heart of Version 16 is a redundant operating system that can repair corrupted code and manage operations in environments previously thought impossible.

The 360 software is intuitive. When deployed, the unit constantly monitors the its status and will employ counter measures so that it can continue to carry out the mission even if physical damage to the unit has occurred. (View demo videos of the 360 at: www.youtube.com)

Building on the 360’s solid engineering and production foundation, Synergy Light has expanded their product line and continues to take on new challenges. Recently production has begun of the “SLB4”, a new marking IR spectrum beacon which is unlike anything else on the market today. The most obvious difference between the SLB4 and other IR spectrum beacons is size and weight. Measuring less than 1.5” square by 7/16” tall and weighing in at less than 25 grams the waterproof unit (currently tested to 350 FSW) can be concealed on targets with much less concern of detection than larger models. Currently, 850 nm, 950 nm units have been tested and the results are impressive. (View demo video at: www.youtube.com) Despite its miniature size, the unit’s IR light is detectible through unmagnified NVG’s from 1 mile away and can run constantly for 20 to 40 days depending on the flash mode. The units themselves are housed in an anodized aluminum case. While 850 nm units will be the first to be released, 1550 nm units have already been designed and will follow.

For more information about the SLB4, Synergy 360 and other quality products offered by Synergy Light go to www.synergylight360.com or email Synergy Light at synergylight@outlook.com

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