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Canik TP9 Elite Combat Named Industry Choice Handgun of the Year

Delray Beach, Fla. – (June 17, 2019) – Canik, manufacturer of handguns and accessories used around the world and imported to the U.S. exclusively by Century Arms, has received the 2019 Industry Choice Award for Handgun of the Year for the TP9 Elite Combat.

Presented by Rockcastle Shooting Center, the hands-on, unbiased, multi-day testing and evaluation phase is conducted by some of the most influential people in the business. These hand-selected evaluator delegates include firearm retailers, distributors, professional shooters, gunsmiths, law enforcement and military personnel, members of the outdoor media, and recreational shooters. Categories include rifles, handguns, shotguns, optics, accessories and ammunition. 

“Canik handguns represent the very best in value and performance. Every TP9 Elite Combat features exceptional performance elements with upgrades designed by Salient Arms International and offered at a remarkably accessible price,” says Jason Karvois, Director of Sales. “We thank Rockcastle for this recognition and welcome everyone to take a look at a Canik at their local sporting goods store.”

Canik previously won the ICA Handgun of the Year in 2017 with the TP9SFX and placed second in 2018 with the TP9SF Elite. In 2018 Canik handgun magazines won the ICA Firearm Accessory of the Year. Experience true handgun superiority with Canik. Learn more at canikusa.com.

8 Responses to “Canik TP9 Elite Combat Named Industry Choice Handgun of the Year”

  1. Cory C. says:

    I shot one of these at my local gun range. I don’t love the sights (I’m probably just not used to them) on this gun but the trigger is excellent. If I hadn’t just ordered an expensive pistol, I’d probably buy one of these.

  2. james says:

    So this Rockcastle shooting place this is owned by Canik firearms right? gotta be

    • Lol says:

      Did you even look up Rockcastle? Its a very reputable 2000 acre shooting center.

      You’d be a fool to ignore how much gun this is for under $700. Fanboys need to get over themselves.

    • No what it means is it’s time for other manufacturers to step it up or be left behind in other words over charging customers for guns that don’t compete or have the same quality are over if you want to a stay in business and sell guns kind of what is happening in the American auto industry they got nobody to blame but themselves for lost sales and financial problems

  3. Kevin says:

    I have a canik sfl and its just as accruate as my sig 1911 if not more so. Had a chance to shoot one of these and its one impressive pistol . ill be buying many morecaniks in the future

  4. Well I’m glad to see Canik win this award l do not own a elite combat but l do own a TP9sfx and own many guns and l am more than happy with everything this gun has and does even if price isn’t considered the gun shoots very well the trigger is amazing now all these people who bash on Canik for being a gun made in turkey can see very clearly that Canik not only makes guns that are priced good but they also are making guns that are clearly better than some big name manufacturers such as Glock,Ruger,Smith&Wesson, to name a few don’t know what the problem is with Turkish guns but my Sar9 which is also made in Turkey flat out kicks ass and it costed 330 dollars out the door Canik is leading the way with high quality handguns at prices hundreds lower than the competition without sacrificing anything and most times getting much more than the competition and that’s always a good thing time for other gun manufacturers to step it up or be left behind

  5. When it comes to striker fired guns as far as trigger pull and reset nothing comes close to Canik other than Walther PPQ,P99 it maybe the best factory striker fired trigger on the market most competing gun will need a 100 + dollar trigger upgrade on top of the price of the gun to be as good as a stock trigger on a Canik and l wanted to mention that Freedomsmith has got a billet aluminum trigger for most Canik guns for 75 dollars shipped that makes a already good trigger even better by eliminating 80 percent of the takeup with a even shorter reset than stock making it very close to a well tuned 1911 or 2011 trigger have one on my TP9sfx all l can say is WOW is it good

  6. A Glock with all these features that this gun has costs around 2000 dollars it costs less than half of that and in my opinion it’s just as good if not better you can buy two of these for the price of one custom Glock