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Mission Spec Issues The TQ Challenge

Mission Spec wants more people to carry tourniquets on their person everyday.  Do you carry at tourniquet?  Make a video with #HowITQ explaining how you carry your TQ.  Keep it short. Keep it simple. Maybe we can make a difference and get more people to carry a TQ.

3 Responses to “Mission Spec Issues The TQ Challenge”

  1. Gordon says:

    essential for your daily mass shooting

  2. JK says:

    Hands down the most essential piece of TC3 gear.

  3. Seamus says:

    If you carry something to make holes, then you should carry something to fix them.

    Best way to have a trauma kit on you is to saturate your life with class VIII.

    1-Ankle IFAK
    2-Messenger Bag with IFAK (perfect when you wear shorts too)
    3-Medical Aid bag for your Truck (trauma, Boo-Boos and OTC meds)
    4-Medical Chest in your Home (Trauma, more boo-boos and lots of OTC Meds for those sick days off work)

    I have been carrying an ankle trauma kit every time I carry a gun outside the house (which is >90% of the time) unless I wear shorts, which is rare. There are some really nice “satchels” and messenger bags out now a-days and fanny packs are totally making a comeback. I use a Timbuktu small messenger bag from REI that I use when I wear shorts to carry a small IFAK and snacks (bc I am a fat kid at heart and love granola bars)

    Here is a link to the TCCC-AC and TCCC-MP guidelines. Please make sure that your have the personal education to use the medical gear you have.