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New Backplate for Masterpiece Arms Pistols for Use with a Brace

EZ Accuracy introduces the MPA Backplate, an adapter to use a folding brace on new Masterpiece Arms pistols

WARMINSTER, Pennsylvania- 4December2019- EZ Accuracy, a gunsmith shop and innovator of firearms tools and accessories, announced today the release of a backplate that directly attaches to new Masterpiece Arms pistols.  When installed, a Magpul 3-slot Rail Section can be attached so that any brace that connects to a picatinny rail can be mounted.  

“The idea came from a local gun shop owner,” says Eric Feldman, owner of EZ Accuracy.  “Once we completed the design and had some prototypes made, we realized how good the set up worked.  MPA did a great job bringing this pistol back.  It’s a simple design the works effectively and with the added brace, becomes a very stable platform.”  The MPA Backplate is manufactured in the USA from solid aluminum and then hard anodized for a finish that will last.  

With the recent popularity of pistol caliber carbines and braced pistols, this is a great addition to the market as it comes in at a lower price than some of the other big names on the market. The MPA Backplate is available on the EZ Accuracy website for $39.95 and free shipping. The gunsmiths at the shop have also put a few pistols together that can be purchased as a completed package. These guns will be shipped to your FFL at no charge. Its important to know that the brace puts most people too high on the gun to use the iron sights and a red dot style sight will have to be used.  

Currently, there are two varieties of completed pistols at www.ezaccuracy.com that can be purchased.  The complete packages will run you $734.95 MPA30SST and $834.95 the MPA30DMG.

2 Responses to “New Backplate for Masterpiece Arms Pistols for Use with a Brace”

  1. Ron Stall says:

    Anyone have any experience with this pistol / manufacturer?

    • James says:

      Just by reputation and handling, but the company itself has been a big improvement for the M11 style pistols and make some decent rifles and related gear. They’ve been trying to push the envelope on the pistols ,just hard to overcome the original design(improved ergos, Glock mags, 5.7 variants, lighter weight, etc). The people I’ve seen using them as backpack guns seem to like them more because of the form factor than anything else, the brace adapter will probably increase the viability for a lot of people.