Griffin Armament Announces The BUSHWHACKER 46 Universal Sound Suppressor

Watertown, WI, January 14, 2020 — After fourteen years of dedicated professional work and development in the sound suppressor market, Griffin Armament is proud to introduce the Bushwhacker® 46, a universal sound suppressor designed to maximize feature functionality, performance, and value with a vast selection of caliber compatibility.

The Bushwhacker’s durable 1.375×24 threaded 17-4 stainless steel tube chassis, is supplied with a Griffin Plan-A Taper Mount adapter, Taper Mount muzzle device, and a booster piston housing. These factory inclusions allow the Bushwhacker to quickly and easily be configured for centerfire rifle or handgun use. Its .46 caliber diameter provides end users with the most caliber flexibility possible, while retaining quality sound suppression. .450 Bushmaster, .458 socom, .45-70 Govt, and other large bore calibers are at home with the Bushwhacker 46. Additionally, .30 caliber Paladin blast shield front cap can be interfaced with the Bushwhacker 46 further improving sound performance on the Paladin with 30 caliber and lesser rounds like .308 Win, .300 BLK, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Sound suppressors can increase in weight and reduce in internal volume, losing performance over time from carbon and copper accumulation. The Bushwhacker features Griffin Armament’s unique, patented Ratchet-lok end cap which provides the user with a robust mechanism to disassemble their suppressor easily for periodic cleaning and maintenance. This consumer demanded technology and the included tools ensure that your investment can be reset to factory weight and sound performance specifications with minor preventative maintenance.

The Bushwhacker 46 also features Griffin’s patented High Efficiency, Dual Purpose baffle technology. HEDP baffles are engineered to provide balanced sound performance on a host of popular calibers and firearms. The bushwhacker’s 6AL4V Titanium HEDP baffles provide impressive sound performance measuring 141dB with full power .450 Bushmaster, 126dB with .300 blackout subsonic, and 130dB with .45 ACP. The 17-4 Stainless tube, front cap and Titanium baffle stack give put the Bushwhacker at 16.3 ounces in its Rifle configuration and 18.1 ounces in a pistol configuration.

Additional accessory support allows the Bushwhacker to be mounted to a myriad of hosts via the 3-lug QD kit, Plan-A XL, or the 1.375×24 A2 adapter. A specialty mount was also designed and manufactured for mounting the Bushwhacker to an unmodified 1928a1 Thompson via the Cutts Compensator.

Performance, Durability, and Versatility are hallmarks of the Griffin Armament brand. These qualities are embodied in the Bushwhacker® 46 and will ensure this universal sound suppressor remains a highly demanded product for years to come.


To find out more on Griffin Armament’s entire product line, please visit their website at For attendees of the 2020 SHOT Show, Griffin Armament will be exhibiting the Bushwhacker, along with the rest of their product line at Booth #8207.

Key points – price and inclusions:
• $999 MSRP
• 1.375×24 Plan-A™ Taper Mount interface
• Booster assembly included (piston is not included)
• 5/8×24 .30 Cal Taper Mount muzzle device & shims
• Total of 3 wrenches, 2 for the rear geometry on the Plan-A™ and the tube body, and one for the pistol accessories and configuration

• Patented Ratchet-LOK™ end cap system for user serviceability
• Patented HEDP™ baffles (High efficiency dual purpose)
• Compatible with Griffin Taper Mount minimalist devices and TM Hammer Comp with included Plan-A™, and all Griffin Taper Mounts with the Plan-A™ XL (coming soon)
• 1.375×24 threaded rear interface to support alternative mounting options
• Supports 3-lug QD kit in 9mm and 10mm/.45 via 1.375×24 Booster piston housing
• Supports rifle calibers from .22 up to 45-70 Govt.
• Supports Pistol calibers up to .45 ACP
• Use of 30 cal Paladin® blast shield end cap increases sound performance on 30 caliber and lesser.

• 8.25” long x  1.5” diameter
• 17-4 Stainless Steel tube body and front cap, Black nitride finish
• 6AL4V Titanium baffles
• 16.3 oz in the Taper Mount configuration (using the included Plan A)
• 18.1oz in the Pistol configuration
• Ratings: 16”-.45-70, .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM; 9.5”-5.56; 6” .300BLK; 8” 6.8 SPC, 7.62×39; 12.5” .308Win; 20” .300WM

8 Responses to “Griffin Armament Announces The BUSHWHACKER 46 Universal Sound Suppressor”

  1. Doug Scott says:

    Dear Griffin Armament,
    Just a thought. If you are going to publish marketing photos of your suppressors fitted to weapons, then please instruct the “model” to take his finger out of the trigger guard. If he is not going to fire the weapon, then the trigger finger is always kept off the trigger and outside the guard. It make look “cool”, but its not Hollywood. One other thing – what on earth is a suppressor doing on a hunting rifle?

    • Nick C. says:

      Agree on the finger and trigger, wouldn’t call it out but agreed.

      Just wanted to state that some of us prefer to hunt with a suppressor. There are a lot of advantages to it so while it may seem odd to you it’s not unheard of to hunt with a suppressed rifle.

    • Scully says:

      Hunting with suppressors is now legal in 42 states I believe. A lot of that thanks to the American Suppressor Association. What is a suppressor doing on a hunting rifle? It’s protecting the hunter’s ears of course.

    • P.J. says:

      Protecting the hunter’s hearing, same as for most other uses. A big part of the justification for the tax regulation scheme was fears that poachers were using silencers. Winchester actually sold them around a hundred years ago.

    • Rick Wooslen says:

      I hunt with suppressed 223 and 300 blk. Doesn’t broadcast your location to everyone for miles and also helps from spooking game and other animals. And better for your ears!

    • AustinGreen says:

      I made that comment and was told they actually instructed the guy getting photographed to put his finger in the guard. AKA they wanted that look. I thought it was stupid too, but these pictures get structured by marketing people.

  2. EzGoingKev says:

    Currently people are trying to pass legislation to make suppressors fifty state legal.

    There is a lot of BS/stigma/Hollywood fantasy to overcome to make this possible.

    Does naming your suppressor “Bushwacker” help or hurt the effort to overcome all the above in order to make your product fifty state legal?

  3. Evan Green says:

    Austin (owner of Griffin) appearing in the buffalo hunt photo doesn’t have his finger on the trigger. It is around the lever / trigger guard. The marketing manager of Griffin on the other hand is probably doing it on purpose I would assume to mind blow consumers???

    To say that cans shouldn’t be used for hunting is insane. Hunters are the largest firearms consumer demographic and they typically do not wear hearing protection while hunting so as to retain good situational awareness while hunting. Thusly, use of a sound suppressor is extreme important to protect their hearing.

    The Bushwhacker got its name from the large bore of the suppressor being intended for straight case older cartridge styles that are coming back into vogue due to states imposing infringing laws on hunters and restricting them from using any normal caliber they would like. That coupled with Bushwhackers being of historic importance to US sniper heritage makes the name fitting in several ways to the product. The Griffin brand has a heritage influenced by the sniper community.

    Awesome can built by proud Americans. Thanks to soldier systems for the coverage!