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FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series HuntRedi

Today we have another edition of the FirstSpear OEM Partner series taking a closer look at an all new company FirstSpear manufacturers private label equipment for.

Today we are getting the first look at HuntRedi and the debut of their Flush Redi Series – Deviate Upland Vest. Available for pre-order very soon, subscribe to mailing list on link below.  

Why/How did HuntRedi begin?

During an annual South Dakota road trip to chase pheasants, we found ourselves frustrated with the lack of high-quality upland hunting gear providing extreme durability and high strength-to-weight ratio while also offering a level of configurability that would meet our personal preferences. The upland market simply seemed stuck in the past and after lengthy discussion with many “what if we could…” statements, the foundation for Hunt Redi was hatched and we were off to the races.

Why was the Hunt Redi Upland Series created?

As we discussed the various features we wanted in upland gear, it became apparent both of us had a lot of personal preferences that would not be easy to achieve without a high level of configurability. After noteworthy market research, we realized it was a common complaint with one reviewer loving gear with Velcro closure, another reviewer was frustrated because they didn’t like Velcro and preferred buckles, etc. So, we set out to find a platform that would provide an extremely solid foundation yet also meet our high configurability requirement.?

There are options for private label manufacturing all around the world, how did you find us and why did you ultimately choose FirstSpear OEM manufacturing?

Our first requirement was Made in the USA so that ruled out any offshore options. Upland bird hunting is an endeavor that exposes gear to extreme conditions and harsh cover throughout all regions of the United States, not to mention across the globe. As a result, we were really focused on extreme durability that would hold up to aspen thickets in the Northwoods, plantations in the South, hardwoods throughout the Midwest, Texas / Oklahoma brush, deserts of the Southwest, and chukar hills of the northwest. Upland hunting is also a sport of constant pursuit unlike many other types of hunting so weight reduction for long days in the field was critical. When you combine our functional and strategic requirements, FirstSpear seemed like a perfect fit.

We made contact with the OEM group after being referred by someone that previously worked with FirstSpear. The “small business” personalities we were met with from the start combined with the innovative technologies being leveraged to make gear for battlefields all over the world were a tremendous fit for what were trying to accomplish at Hunt Redi. We’ve not looked back and are extremely excited to bring the tip of the spear to the hunting industry!

Why was Made in the USA important to the brand?

It was simply never a question for both of us, we were unwavering in our commitment in US made products from the start. Putting aside that we simply wanted to support US companies / workers for a moment, we’ve both had long term careers in the tech industry and we believe success boils down to building long term partnerships, focusing on quality, and providing products we are proud to use. We believe focusing on USA made gear provides us with the best opportunity to achieve our personal goals.

Any new products on the horizon between HuntRedi and FirstSpear?

100%…a good college buddy of ours used to always say, “the man with the most tools wins”…we’re just getting started. In fact, we’ve got a few items already in the works with the FirstSpear team and more on the short list. We’ll see you all in the field.

Deviate Upland Vest Specs:

Weight: 1lb 10.3 ounces + 10.8 ounces (regular belt) / 11.6 ounces (large belt)

NOTE: additional accessories will adjust weight based on selections


Regular Belt

34” L x 4.5” H x ¾” D

Large Belt

37” L x 4.5” H x ¾” D

Color: Blaze Orange / Coyote

Hunter Orange Exposure: 225.5 square inches

Closure: Side Release Buckle

FirstSpear® 6/12™ Laser Fused Modular Platform Technology attachment system

FirstSpear® 6/12™ Laser Fused Pocket Technology

FirstSpear® 6/9™ Modular Pocket Technology

Backward compatible with standard MOLLE/PALS

Up to 50% reduction in weight & significantly less bulk

Hill People Gear inspired yoke harness

Material: 500 denier Cordura

Designed, Sourced, and Handcrafted in the USA by FirstSpear®

3 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series HuntRedi”

  1. Stephen says:

    Kickass to see this coming! Nothing out there is made like this, usually cheap nylon variants that really don’t hold up over time

  2. some other joe says:


    There is a lot of talk about customization. Will this be a blank vest to add pouches you want (some, I assume, HuntRedi will design)? Will there be any base pockets attached?

    I’m curious about “HPG-inspired.”

  3. Heath Seiner says:

    The base vest will have belt, harness, and game pouch with permanent storage. The belt, each side of the game pouch, and the back panel of the game pouch will feature the FirstSpear 6/12 modular attachment platform for customization.

    You are also correct in that we will provide pockets/pouches/hydration options that are geared towards upland hunting but FirstSpear options as well as any standard MOLLE / PALS due to backwards compatibility.

    In terms of Hill People, they were willing to work with us and our harness/yoke was based on their design and tweaked for less restrictive gun shouldering/placement, and ecollar attachment for bird dogs. THope that helps, thanks for the interest. -HuntRedi Crew

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