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Eagle Industries – Operator Gun Belt in Woodland Camo

Woodland is making a comeback and Eagle Industries has manufactured a run of their Operator Gun Belt with MOLLE in classic Woodland Camouflage. Additionally, Eagle plans matching pouches for these Woodland OGBs.

Made from MIL-SPEC 4088 Type XIII webbing, these belts feature a Cobra buckle with integrated D-Ring as well as two rows of PALS compatible webbing.

Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, these are sized Small – XLarge.


10 Responses to “Eagle Industries – Operator Gun Belt in Woodland Camo”

  1. MP says:

    We’ve ordered some of the eagle operator belts for our dept, cannot wait to get them, we got them through Tactical Kit (U.K)

  2. Geoff says:

    Keep in mind they have opposite velcro of just about everyone else in market. They have soft velcro on the inside of the Molle belt and a hard velcro inner belt.

    • Eddie says:

      Tyr Tactical do that as well for the Gunfighter belt. I prefer it this way, it means you can throw the belt on over a jacket and not have the hook Velcro chew up your clothes.

      • Geoff says:

        Valid. It also means you can’t wear just the under belt without chewing your clothes or car seats.

        • Eddie says:

          Also a valid point.

          I use the belt with hook facing out if I’m definitely attaching the outer belt to the inner belt – about 90% of the time. The belts would be connected by Velcro at all times then.

          The other 10% in cold weather when I need to add layers or goretex, I’ll either just have a normal inner belt and wear the outer belt as an old school pistol belt. The Tyr belts come with a padded liner for exactly this reason, HSGI make a padded liner as well.

          If I start the day off with the inner and outer velcroed together and for whatever reason I need to layer up during the course of the day, I generally just turn the inner belt inside out, so the hook faces inwards. That way it only really chews up the fabric under the belt loops which is less of a big deal than abrading a waterproof jacket.

  3. Mark says:

    Made in Honduras or made in USA….I’ll l shop elsewhere.

    • Vic Toree says:

      I thought Eagle was making the bulk of stuff in Puerto Rico (other than prototype / small batch stuff in VA Beach) when they did move to Honduras?

  4. Mick says:

    Can someone explain WHY woodland is making a comeback? I don’t get it…

  5. DG says:

    Eagle IS NOT manufacturing anything in Honduras. All manufacturing is US, Berry compliant and done in either our PR or VB facilities.

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