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X Products Can Cannon Approved by BATFE

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Can Cannon

The Can Cannon has been acquitted by the BATF! X Products is pleased to announce the re-launch of the infamous Can Cannon soda can launching system for the AR-15 rifle. The Can Cannon has passed the BATF rubber glove test with flying colors. This means that the Can Cannon is 100% street legal and can be attached to an AR-15 lower receiver without being classified as a short barrel rifle or short barrel shotgun. For existing customers this entails a simple part swap, which we’ll be providing free of charge. New customers won’t have to do anything, our re-designed Can Cannon will feature our design changes right out of the box. Here’s the meat and potatoes of the BATF approval letter:

“Our examination determined that the aforementioned design features, combined with thepresence of a permanent and substantial blocking feature located directly in front of the barrel chamber, prevents the chambering of a commercially available .223 Remington caliber ammunition cartridge. FTISB found the submitted sample is designed to only accept a 5.56mm or .223 Remington caliber blank cartridge and the “barrel portion” of the “Can Cannon” incorporating a chamber, is not a firearm barrel.

As a result, if the submitted Can Cannon were assembled to an AR-type firearm receiver incorporating a shoulder stock, this assembly or aggregate of parts would not constitute a “firearm” as defined in the NFA, 26 U.S.C 5845(a)(5). Such an assembly of either of the aforementioned scenarios is lawful.”

View the full BATF response at: www.xproducts.com/sites/default/files/docs/Final-Approval-BATF-Can- Cannon

NRA Board of Director Ballots Are Out – Reichert Making Final Push

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Steve Reichert is campaigning to become one of the NRA Board of Directors’ youngest members.  This week, ballots are arriving in eligible member’s mailboxes. Eligible members include Lifetime, Benefactor and regular members who have had 5+ years of consecutive membership. For more information, hit www.SteveReichert.com/NRA.


NRA First VP Pete Brownell Seeks Third Term on NRA Board

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016


Grinnell, Iowa (February 16, 2016) – NRA First Vice President and CEO of Brownells, Pete Brownell, announced today that he will seek a third term on the NRA’s Board of Directors. If re-elected, Brownell will likely become NRA President at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Atlanta, Georgia.

An NRA Life Member since birth, Brownell, 47, boasts proven NRA leadership experience and is a widely-recognized visionary in the firearm and outdoor industry. Brownell’s service to the NRA began in 2006 when he was nominated to serve on the NRA Membership Committee. Following his election to the board in 2010, Brownell began serving on numerous other committees, including:

President’s Committee on Advancement
Nominating Committee
Sport Shooting Committee
Finance Committee
Law Enforcement Committee
Meeting Site Selection Committee
Publications Policy Committee
Task Force on Industry Relations Committee
Investment Oversight Committee

Proving himself as an ardent defender of the Second Amendment and a powerful voice for the NRA, Brownell was elected the NRA Second Vice President in April 2013. Two years later in 2015, he was elected NRA First Vice President, an office he holds today.

“It’s a distinct honor and privilege to serve the five million members of the National Rifle Association of America,” said Brownell. “I’ve been an NRA member my entire life, literally from day one. I grew up with a passion for firearms and a deep desire to maintain and strengthen our Second Amendment.”

“Defending the Second Amendment rights of good, honest and responsible gun owners is synonymous with protecting the core values that make America great,” added Brownell. “These are the same values our founding fathers envisioned, the same values my grandfather and father fought to protect in the military, and the same values the NRA seeks to safeguard through unwavering support of an individual’s right to own and use firearms.”

“It is my promise to defend these rights to own and use firearms and advance the values of individualism and personal responsibility. I ask for your vote of support.”

Brownell is proud to have received support from prominent members of the firearm community, including host of “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio,” Tom Gresham.

“It’s a privilege to endorse Pete Brownell for the NRA board,” said Gresham. “Pete brings to the board a lifetime of experience in firearms and business, and his perspective is something we need to help guide the organization in the coming years.”

Brownell has also earned the endorsement of the Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC), the leading pro-Second Amendment organization in his home state.

“I have enjoyed the unique position of witnessing first hand Pete Brownell’s tireless efforts, and the tremendous energy he expends, defending and advancing the Second Amendment rights of the good citizens of both Iowa and this country,” said Barry Snell, President of the IFC. “Pete’s work in the firearms community has been stellar, and there’s simply no question at all that Pete Brownell needs to be on the NRA board.”

To learn more about Pete Brownell, to get in touch with him or to read more endorsements, visit www.petebrownell.com.


Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Firearms Attorney Releases Ultimate Gun Law Book
Everything you ever wanted to know about gun law but didn’t know to ask

InfringedsmallEagle, Idaho — February 11, 2016 — Alexandria Kincaid, prominent firearms attorney, author, speaker, and trainer, recently published her first book, Infringed, which is certain to become the ultimate reference manual for all American gun owners.

With the goal of helping law-abiding Americans avoid committing an “accidental felony,” Ms. Kincaid takes the “legalese” out of federal, state, and local gun law and breaks it down into conversational English for all to understand.

Infringed explains how local, state, and federal laws interact and conflict, and how to understand what to do or refrain from doing so as not to get trapped in the quagmire that is American gun law by digging in deep to all aspects of gun law and gun ownership. Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, said of Infringed, “This book answers the questions that will come up in every gun owner’s home about the gun laws. Infringed should be on the shelf of every American gun owner.”

Infringed is to gun owners what dictionaries are to writers and maps are to travelers. It discusses all aspects of gun law and issues that arise for firearms owners, explains the situations, and provides clear guidance about what action you should take. A few of the many topics covered are possession, transfer, traveling, self-defense, history of the gun laws, ATF, NFA, GCA, FFLs, mental incompetence, gun-free zones, how to protect your family and firearms with gun trusts, kids and guns, choosing a self-defense attorney, gun bans, senior citizens, and a myriad of other topics. This is the single most comprehensive gun law book on the market.

Infringed is available for purchase at www.alexkincaid.com, and on Amazon, and is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats.

My Only Question Is “Where Can I Donate To Make Their Four-Finger Dreams Come True?”

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


Modern American Shooting & Firearms Is Now a 501(c)(3)

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

  Modern American Shooting & Firearms (MASF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization.

This is their mission:
Gun ownership is YOUR RIGHT,
Safety and Education are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

The organization is the passion of founder Baraka Ulrich James who established MAS&F in order to help other gun owners become proficient with their firearms, particularly those who need it most; new gun owners who rely on their firearm for protection.

I created MASF Modern American Shooting & Firearms because of a traumatic experience in my life. I lost my Father when I was 38 days old, he was a victim of unlawful Gun violence. I truly believe that if he had a Gun, proper training and the proper mindset he may have had a fighting chance against the 8 criminals who murdered him that day. A Gun can also be an “equalizer” in a case where the attackers outnumber you or someone is faced with an attacker of a larger size. I am a true believer of the famous quote by Samuel Colt “God made man, but I made them equal”. 

My personal mission is to have every Law-abiding American armed, educated, trained and carrying a Gun daily with the proper mindset so that they have the ability and the means to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. My hope is that our efforts will make it so that other children do not have to grow up as I did without a parent. Please be safe, stay safe and remain vigilant. 

Godspeed -B

If you’d like to meet with them, they’ll be at SHOT Show all week long, walking the floor.  You can reach them via email masf.fb@gmail.com.

I find this cause quite admirable.  If you’d like to donate, visit www.gofundme.com/masf3.

Maine Concealed Handgun Permits Now Valid in New Hampshire

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

On a positive note

Maine residents holding a Maine Concealed Handgun Permit will now also be able to carry a handgun in the State of New Hampshire, as a result of legislation passed in 2015 with the support of Gun Owners of Maine.

LD 868, sponsored by Maine Sen. Paul Davis, overwhelmingly passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 98-43, and unanimously passed the Senate. The bill established a simple and fair rule for Maine’s recognition of other state’s concealed weapons permits: If another state recognizes Maine’s permit, Maine will recognize theirs. This replaced the old system in which the Chief of the State Police was able to enter into formal reciprocity agreements with other states, provided those states met or exceeded Maine’s permit requirements.

Gun Owners of Maine strongly supported this common-sense legislation in order to remove impediments to recognition of Maine’s gun permits throughout the nation. Maine’s new law will encourage other states to recognize Maine’s permit, and gain Maine’s recognition in return, enhancing the gun rights of both the citizens of those states as well as Mainers.

Best Troll of 2016

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016