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COOLBOX – The World’s Smartest Toolbox – Indiegogo

Sunday, February 15th, 2015


The Coolbox takes the classic toolbox, and puts a technologically updated spin on it, adding in a number of improvements along with a couple of additional features such as speakers that extend the Coolbox beyond being just a toolbox.

Coolbox speakers

First and foremost, the Coolbox is wired for power. It features a retractable 12ft. extension cord, with three built in 110v/22v, fused female electrical outlets, so users can run multiple tools or other devices off it. Also included is a 20v rechargeable lithium polymer battery. LED lighting throughout allows the user use of the Coolbox in a greater range of lighting conditions. An onboard LCD clock displays both the time and battery level, USB ports allow for a method to charge mobile devices, and built-in Bluetooh speakers allow for uses to hook up their music players, or project sound for other purposes.

Coolbox handles

On the hardware side, the Coolbox has dual handles, as well as wheels. A whiteboard comes with the Coolbox, mountable on the inside lid. For those who carry a tablet around, the Coolbox has dual position cradles for users to mount them to the box.

Check out the Sketchfab below to see a full 3D model of the COOLBOX and its various components.

Coolbox – Open
by alinz
on Sketchfab–3

13,000 It Is!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Here we were chugging along and somewhere over the last week we posted our 13,000th article. Not shabby. We posted number 12,000 less than four months ago in October.

SSD Does NOT Charge For Content

Friday, January 30th, 2015

While we do sell advertising, we do not request payment in exchange for content or stories. If someone contacts you requesting payment for a post on SSD or Tactical Fanboy they are attempting to defraud you. Do not pay them. Instead, get as much information from them as possible, including a call back number, which you use to request that they send you an invoice and then contact us as well as local law enforcement.

Some Sage Advice

Monday, January 19th, 2015

You’re going to hear from lots of “experts” this week. Unfortunately, not all of them actually are.


Thanks JC!

Magpul Presents “The Precision Hunter” Featuring the New Hunter 700 Stock System – UPDATED with Product Details

Monday, January 12th, 2015

“The Precision Hunter” follows the activities of Magpul Dynamics and features the Hunter 700, Magpul’s new adjustable, lightweight stock system with aluminum bedding block for the short action Remington 700.

UPDATE – Magpul releases details on new 700 items:

“Hunter 700, $259.95 MSRP has an anodized aluminum bedding block, uses SGA cheek riser and LOP spacers, has M-LOK slots, has dimples to add swivel studs and places to add our QD sockets, weighs 2.9 lbs, and works with factory Rem bottom metal as packaged, or….

Remove a spacer (30 seconds) and insert our hybrid steel and polymer Bolt Action Magazine Well (MSRP $69.95, includes one magazine) to use AICS compatible magazines, speaking of which…

The PMAG5 7.62 AC is an AICS compatible polymer magazine with anti-tilt follower, MSRP $34.95. The magazine holds five rounds as packaged to comply with hunting regulations, but if you clip the follower stop on a pre-scored line, it becomes a 6-round magazine, useful in competitive shooting disciplines or just for an extra round.”

2015 Means Two Goals for SSD

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

I don’t normally share our plans because sometimes they don’t always come to fruition but we’ve got two projects that have sat in the back burner for entirely too long. It’s high time we implemented them.

The first is Soldier Systems Digest, a weekly email-based newsletter. You’ll finally be able to actually subscribe to SSD.

The second project that has been in development hell for the past several years is The concept is that all sale / discount announcements will go to a central location in a new sub domain on SSD.

What are your goals for 2015?

Take 10% Off TYR Tactical Orders

Thursday, December 18th, 2014


SOMA – TSG Associates / Kingfisher Medical

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


Kingfisher Medical is the North American arm of internationally recognized TSG Associates who is known for the Smart Triage Tag. In fact, the Smart Triage Tag has been adopted as a standard of care in nine US states already.


The Extract2 is designed for rapid casualty extraction from the scene in hostile, mass casualty environments such as combat or active shooter scenarios. It cocoons the patient via a bungee system which won’t obstruct chest rise and fall. It can be drug or carried. The Extract2 weighs less than 2 lbs empty and can carry up to 2000 lbs. Finally, it is made from a proprietary fabric that can be punctured by not ripped.


Maker Monday – S&S Precision’s Manta Strobe

Monday, December 1st, 2014

The Manta Strobe is a helmet mounted multi-spectrum light emitter optimized for Military Operations. Their design goals: keep it simple for the end user, provide the highest level of performance through “Select” Electronic components combined with smart programming for highest output and extended battery life.

-Zero overt light AD
-100% user confidence in Infrared Mode with Vibrating feedback
-Intuitive One-handed operation
-Multiple Infrared and Overt LEDs generate an overlapping and omnidirectional light emission
-Curved base specifically for helmets
-Lightest weight and lowest profile in its power class
-Tool-less battery change out, 3V CR-123
-Downward (”Low”) facing Infrared Emitter (positive IFF for close in work with minimal glare)
-Upward (“High”) facing Infrared Emitters (multiple emitters delivering a peak IR signal for maximum distance)
-IPX8 = Manufacturer Rated – Waterproof 150’, Zero water penetration in Main Housing or Partitioned Battery Compartment
-Primary Overt LED/s are visible beyond the FAR105.19 requirement (3 Statute Miles)

The Manta Strobe is available through DLA, DOD EMall, TLS, & GSA with the following National Stock Number/s(NSN):
MS-0011 NSN# 6210016298285
MS-0015 NSN# 6230016302690

‘Proudly Made in the 757’

Manta Strobe

Note To Drive By Commentors

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Don’t attempt to create a new profile to talk smack about an article, give an asinine name, and then come back repeatedly entering comments that will never be approved to complain that your original BS comment wasn’t approved.

Or you can, either way, I can do this all day.