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New CANSOF Dress Uniform

Monday, June 5th, 2017

At CANSEC, Logistik Unicorp unveiled the new dress uniform for CANSOF personnel.


Reminiscent of US WWII issue ‘Pinks and Greens’, the uniform honors CANSOF’s lineage back to the service with the joint Canada/US unit, the First Special Service Force. Like the famed Black Devils, unit members will wear bloused jump boots, as well as a more modern affectation, their distictive Tan beret.

“Happy Memorial Day”

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Last week I received an email with a note at the bottom that said, “Happy Memorial Day!” I thought to myself, “Happy”? How dare they? Memorial Day is a solemn occasion.

But then I thought about the average American. For the vast majority, Memorial Day is a long weekend, kicking off the beginning of summer. We’ve done such a great job protecting them, there is no significant connection to the sacrifice our service members have made to this nation. We’ve lost touch with one another. But while they’ve forgotten, it doesn’t mean I have to. I can take the advice and still remember those who gave all.

Some were friends. Others relatives. Most, I never knew. All too often, they died in battle. Still more succumbed later to wounds, both visible and invisible. A few even passed away from old age. Even so, those wounds, they still hurt.

But across all of that suffering were good times. So this year I’m going to honor those who’ve gone before me by thinking happy thoughts about them. For today, I’ll think of the jokes and the smiles. After all, I can’t think of a better way to remember them.

And The Winner Of The PMAG Decoration Contest Is…

Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Nothing helps take justice to the bad guys of the world like Sand GEN M3’s PMAGs that have been decorated by your daughter. Winning.

Consider Yourself Warned

Friday, May 26th, 2017

I’m seeing a negative pattern of behavior developing. It’s best to just address it, so corrections can be made.

You aren’t a comedian
No one cares that the price is too high for you
No one cares you can’t use it, whatever it is
No one cares about someone else’s beef
It’s great that a manufacturer doesn’t have the same political views as you, but this isn’t a political site
This isn’t Facebook or some online forum where you can just wild out
Don’t say something to someone else, you wouldn’t say face-to-face

Aside from the small arms renaissance post, few comments have been additive as of late. If your comments indicate that you can’t accept the guidelines set out above, they most likely won’t make the cut.

It’s Our 9th Anniversary

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Publishing daily since 2008 has been tiring, as of late. However, some of our very first content was from SOFIC 2008, so it’s fitting we are here during this 9th anniversary.

TNW Firearms Introduces the .22LR Aero Survival Rifle and .22LR Aero Survival Rifle Conversion Kit

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Vernonia, OR – TNW Firearms, a market leading designer and manufacturer of modern and historical firearms, now offers the innovative Aero Survival Rifle chambered for the popular 22 Long Rifle. Also now available is a conversion kit for existing and future ASR owners to convert any ASR to shoot 22LR. Regarded as one of the better survival cartridges because of its capability and firepower-to-weight ratio, the 22LR was a natural choice for the Aero Survival Rifle. Like all ASRs, the 22LR ASR is a takedown firearm for the ultimate in portability, making it the perfect emergency survival carbine for outdoor enthusiasts, ranchers, pilots or anyone who needs a portable, rugged and reliable semi-automatic rimfire rifle.


Similar in appearance and manual-of-arms as an AR pattern rifle, the ASR is an original design. Portable, lightweight, easy to carry and rapid firing, this take-down carbine uses Remington 597 magazines. Blowback operated for simplicity and reliability, the Aero Survival Rifle has both an upper and lower receiver machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The ASR is available finished in hard coat anodized black, dark earth, OD green and two variegated finishes, Tiger Pink and Tiger Green. The safety is a familiar cross-bolt push button safety easily manipulated by the trigger finger. One 10rd magazine is included. Like all Aero Survival Rifles, the new 22LR ASR also can be used with the new handguard adapter allowing it to use any free float style AR-15 handguard like the 45ACP model pictured below.


The 22LR ASR joins the family of take-down, pistol-caliber Aero Survival Rifles available is in 9mm Luger, .357Sig, .40S&W, 45ACP and even the powerful 10mm, all using Glock pattern magazines. The removable barrel and easily convertible caliber changes allow the shooter to switch between similar cartridges with nothing more than the change of a barrel and bolt assembly. The ASR 22LR conversion kit comes with the kit comes with a drop in bolt assembly, one 10rd magazine, a barrel, and complete trigger housing.

This new 22LR Aero Survival Rifle gives shooters a portable, takedown rimfire carbine perfect for casual shooting, hunting or emergency situations. Available in April of 2017, the 22LR Aero Survival Rifle has an MSRP of $799.00 and the 22LR conversion kit has an MSRP of $369.95



Knight’s Armament Co Announces Adam Pini As Commercial Sales Manager

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Knights Armament Co, a leading manufacturer of advanced weapon systems and Knight Vision technology built for the warfighter, law enforcement professional and commercial market, announced today Adam Pini will be joining the company as Commercial Sales Manager.


“I am honored to represent Knights Armament Co. This is the biggest opportunity of my lifetime,” Pini said. “I hope to help grow both the end user to KAC relationships along with strengthening the bonds of our Dealers and Distributors.”

Adam brings almost a decade of commercial sales knowledge and experience to KAC. Having worked from retail gun sales to various levels of sales positions in the industry, Adam understands the needs and requirements to build long lasting commercial relationships.

“This move is to show KAC’s commitment to our valued commercial customers,” Trey Knight said. “We intend to answer the demand that we see on a day in day out basis.”

Aimpoint’s Nano Sight Available As Component of B&T’s Universal Service Weapon

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Last year we mentioned the upcoming Nano red-dot weapon sight from Aimpoint. We were hoping it would be released at SHOT Show but when we asked the crew manning the Aimpoint booth, they suggested we check out Brügger & Thomet, down in the basement. Sure enough, it was there but the weapon it was mounted to, hasn’t seemed to resonate with the American market. Perhaps it’s the folding stock on a pistol that has so many scratching their heads. But now, we’re at Enforce Tac, a European Security Show and the B&T USW has generated quite a bit of interest.


The USW is duty pistol size but intended to offer a more stable platform to police and security forces. It features a DA/SA trigger and ambi decocking lever. Additionally, the mag release can be configured left or right.


Interestingly, the Nano stays put on the bridge of the receiver and doesn’t reciprocate on the slide. They’ve also incorporate charging ears on the slide to help with racking the slide.

The Nano comes standard on the B&T USW, and so far, that’s the only way you’re going to get one. The UsW also comes equipped with a side folding stock, level 3 retention holster, 3 magazines (17, 19, and 30 round) single point sling, cleaning kit, transportation box and a B&T Advanced Pistol Light which is made by Inforce. In fact, the only option is for a suppressor.