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See Ops-Core & Gentex at the ADS Emerald Coast Warfighter Expo

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

ADS Presents Phokus Research Group at SHOT Show 2017

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

ADS presents Phokus Research Group displaying their latest trauma kit solutions during the recent SHOT Show.

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Long-Time ADS Employee Promoted To CFO

Friday, February 17th, 2017


John Dunn will now serve as the company’s Chief Financial Officer

Virginia Beach, Va. – Company officials announced the promotion of long-time employee, John Dunn, to the position of ADS Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer earlier this week.

Dunn began his career with ADS as Corporate Controller in 2010, before being promoted to Vice President of Finance in 2013. He helped lead the company’s financing efforts over the past seven years and frequently represented ADS at investor conferences and lender meetings.

“I am excited to engage in this new chapter with the company,” said Dunn. “ADS is an amazing organization and I am extremely honored to serve as its CFO.”

During his tenure with the company, Dunn has worked closely with key vendors and customers in a way that has contributed to ADS’ success and ensured the company maintains the highest standards in financial reporting.

“With the company’s recent refinance of its senior secured notes complete, ADS has the necessary capital and is well-positioned for continued growth,” said the company’s CEO, Jason Wallace. “John was a key part of that effort and I am confident he will continue to have a positive impact on ADS’ success as our CFO.”

ADS also announced this week that Karan Rai, the company’s current President and CFO, will be transitioning away from his involvement in the daily operations of ADS to focus fully on continuing his role as CEO of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Theodore Wille Intertrade, GmbH.

“Karan has been instrumental in assisting the organization’s expansion into new markets and geographies globally with the acquisition of TWI,” said ADS Executive Chairman, Luke Hillier. “He guided the company through a critical capital markets refinancing and I look forward to his continued role in the growth of our new markets.”

In his role, Rai will be responsible for overseeing TWI, a global provider of integrated supply chain solutions to customers primarily operating in the United States European Command (EUCOM) and the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) regions.

“Over the past 12 months I was heavily focused on our capital markets refinancing process and ensuring post close success at TWI. During that time, Jason and John have been doing much of the heavy lifting in running ADS day to day,” Rai said. “The ADS platform continues to be in very capable hands with Jason and the rest of the management team and I look forward to taking on a more focused challenge of leading our growth platform at TWI.”

SHOT Show 17 – ADS Inc / Raptor Products

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

ADS Inc exhibited the Raptor Products Weapon Weapon Mounting and Display System at SHOT Show. What I like about this system is that it offers so many different options for securing weapons of various sizes. Raptor has come up with multiple fixtures to secure weapons via different weapon components.

In fact, they offer so many different options, each one would require its own article. Take for example the Picatinny mount. As the name implies, it grabs the weapon by the Picatinny Rail. 

This video shows it in action.

Raptor has also developed an off-road Holster system for the GLOCK which will attach to an ATV’s rollbar.

Raptor Products are available for Unit and Agency orders from ADS Inc.

SHOT Show 17 – Daniel Defense DDM4V7S

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Although there was plenty to check out in Daniel Defense’s rather large booth, the DDM4V7S caught the eye of more than one member of the gun press.

This 5.56 carbine weighs 5.8 lbs and sports a 11.5″ Cold Hammer Forged barrel with a Government profile and carbine length gas system.  It’s topped off with a DD Flash Suppressor.

Note the Daniel Defense furniture which includes Collapsible Buttstock, Pistol Grip and Vertical Fore Grip as well as 32 round magazine.

I’ve long been a fan of DD’s Rock and Lock Fixed Front and Rear sights. They are solid and easy to install making them great back up sights. Based on the A1-style, they are simple to adjust and are always there when you need them.

This close up shows you how the MFR XS 10″ rail attaches.

Daniel Defense firearms and accessories are available for unit and agency purchase through ADS.

FirstSpear Range Day 17 – Safran Optics 1

Monday, January 16th, 2017

This is the Miskito TI (Thermal Imager) Lightweight Multipurpose Target Locator from Safran Optics 1.

In asdition to a low light thermal imager with direct view day optics, it also incorporates a laser range finder, out to 10 km. It also incorporates a digital magnetic compass. Additionally, a GPS module can be inserted.

They are also offering a lightweight, carbon fiber tripod for use with the Miskito TI.

Safran Optics 1 products are available for unit and agency purchase through ADS –

See WeaponLogic by Secubit USA at SHOT Show

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

For many years the military has been seeking out a reliable means to accurately record the use of its small arms inventory in order to better manage its lifecycle. For instance, preventive maintenance becomes more effective as accurate understanding of how and when weapon components wear out and replacement parts are installed before the originals wear out. This keeps weapons in the fight longer and improves both accuracy and reliability. For many years, the proposed solution has been a round counter, installed on the weapon.

Some examples of recent requirements include:
NAVSOC RFI Released for combat evaluation which stems from an earlier, original RFI that was released from CRANE.
Red Dot sight contract from Crane listed shot counting technology as an objective requirement either by directly accessing the rounds from a button combination that displayed on the screen or a separate scanning device. A round count will help them to make a more educated decision on whether the optic is worth repairing or if it’s just old enough to replace.
-SURG Requirement listed shot counter as an objective requirement.

Secubit USA has been hard at work refining their WeaponLogic device. Although many refer to it as a shot counter, it answers these requirements, and much more.

WeaponLogic Attributes:
-Passive RFID capabilities
-360 Deg view of your weapon’s current state
-Smart analysis of shot profile including energy and duration
-Records shots fired, cadence of fire, shot duration and burst rate
-Provides information on rate of fire for ammunition checks
-Greatly reduces the amount of inspection and maintenance

As you can see, the Counter fits into a hollow in the pistol grip and also serves as an RF tag, giving the weapon a unique signature which can be interrogated via a reader. Collected data can then be parsed in a variety of ways for different applications. This also enhances sensitive material control by identifying the weapon, even when it is stored with others, via RF interrogation.

Additionally, WeaponLogic can be integrated into an automated arms room. Secubit is working on integration with Smart Track, a Williams Engineering product. Smart Track is a digital asset tracking and management system that uses Smartcards cards, PIN’s, Biometrics, IUID tags, RFID and 2D bar-coding to inventory, track, trace, account, maintain, issue and receive equipment for all critical and non-critical unit property. The system produces approved forms, providing an electronic copy of each and every system transaction.

WeaponLogic will be on display at SHOT Show in the ADS Inc booth, #20415. WeaponLogic is also available for Unit and Agency orders through ADS Inc.

Executive Returns to ADS, Inc as VP of Operational Clothing, Individual Equipment

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Amy Coyne rejoins in key sales leadership role after nearly five years

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. January 4, 2017 – Amy Coyne has rejoined ADS Inc. as the company’s Vice President of the Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment Market, company officials announced.

Coyne returns after nearly five years leading the national and global operations for two other defense contractors. She previously served as ADS’ Vice President of Integration Programs from 2007 to 2012.

During my time away from ADS, I always kept a close watch on the company’s growth and success. There is truly no place like ADS, and I’m just so excited to once again be a part of this company’s culture and future success.”

– Amy Coyne, ADS Vice President of the Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment Market

In her new role, Coyne is responsible for establishing the strategic vision, market growth and development of executable plans for the ADS Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment offering.

Her extensive experience in supply chain management, sales leadership and supplier relations will be make her a valuable resource to the ADS customer base. Coyne will lead the company’s business development efforts, manage relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, maximize new and existing contracts and have oversight of the annual budget for the Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment Market.

“Amy’s experience, knowledge , and deep industry insight is a great asset for us and—more importantly—our customers,” said Ryan Angold, ADS Vice President of Market Sales. “We’re really glad she’s back with us.”

Congratulations to Amy and ADS.