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SHOT Show 20 – Tactical Distributors To Celebrate 10th Anniversary with Tigerstripe Line

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Coming spring 2020 is a full line of Tigerstripe clothing and accessories to celebrate Tactical Distributor’s 10th anniversary.

There will be their own designs well as some collaborations like this exclusive Tiger Maritime Assault from Altama.

SHOT Show 20 – SureFire SOCOM50-SPS

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

SureFire is giving us a sneak peek of their new SOCOM50-SPS suppressor for .50 bolt gun and semi-auto rifles.

This fast attach suppressor offers 99% reduction in muzzle flash, preserving night vision and helping to conceal the shooter’s location. It also boasts 66% in recoil reduction.

SHOT Show 20 – Steiner/TNVC Tor-Mini IR VPC

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Available exclusively from TNVC beginning in late February, the Steiner Tor-Mini IR VPC (Variable Power Control) is a Class I IR laser aiming module.

It offers three power settings, 0.7mW, 0.4mW and 0.2mW which are cycled through via the buttons on either side. This gives you range out to over 270 yards.

Additionally, it can be mounted to pistol or rifle.

Now get this, it’s only $269. Made in USA.

SHOT Show 20 – LBT Inc

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

LBT Inc showed some design concepts utilizing Whiskey Two Four’s ACRONYM fabric which is two layers of 500D nylon fabric joined back to back using a proprietary bonding process. 

One example is this 6904 G3 carrier. They also exhibited the 3-Day Gen 2 which not only incorporates the laser cut ACRONYM, but also TPU zippers and a Velcro field at the top.

SHOT Show 20 – Velocity Systems

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Velocity Systems (booth #8411) is exhibiting a new special threat hard armor plate.

It’s SAPI shaped and has been certified to defeat:
2 strikes of 7.62x54R
2 strikes m80 Ball
4 strikes of M855/SS109
4 strikes M193
4 strikes 5.45×39 76N
4 strikes 7.62×39 PS Ball/MSC

5.25 lbs for medium at .5 inch thick.


Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

(Las Vegas, NV – SHOT Show Booth# N255, January 22, 2020) – Owyhee Group Companies (OGC), a solution focused contractor in the tactical defense market, and FIELDSHEER, a manufacture of heated apparel, have teamed up to design and deliver a heated glove for the tactical defense market. “We wanted to bring the comfort of FIELDSHEER’s heated apparel into a tactical glove designed specifically for the needs of the defense industry”, notes OGC President Michael McLaughlin. Under the terms of the arrangement FEILDSHEER will manufacture of the glove, while OGC will be its exclusive General Service Administration (“GSA”) distributor (GS-07F-0370M).


The gloves utilize FIELDSHEER’S mobile warming technology. With a single touch of a low-profile button, the glove can quickly be adjusted to one of four settings ranging from 90 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating system is powered by dual 7.4-volt rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries with AC dual charger giving it a life of 2 to 8 hours based on the setting used. It can be recharged in as little as 4 to 5 hours.

The gloves design features touch screen support for the thumb and index finger, along with a screen cleaning squeegee located on the back of the left glove’s index finger. The glove is available in Tan 499 and comes in adult unisex sizes from Small to 2XL. Zippers on the wrist guards make battery insertion a snap and an adjusting Velcro straps at the wrist makes for a secure fit.

SHOT Show: FIELDSHEER Booth# N255 on Level 3 for the Next/New Products.

Web Link:

DyNyCo – Innovative Elastic NYCO Ripstop for a Modern Army

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

There’s no closer thing to a soldier’s body than his uniform. It’s like a second skin and one may use it for a couple of days or even weeks in a row without washing or taking it off. It protects from the cold and the Sun, from rain as well as wind and snow. What may be the most important though – it makes one less exposed to enemy sight.

Versatile design, cleverly placed pockets and overall fit are truly significant when talking about the uniforms specifics. One cannot place too much emphasis on the fabrics used to produce this piece of gear though. The fabric is the foundation of all other advantages of any uniform.

Speaking of the fabric, there’s only one that meets the expectations of the modern army – NYCO.

What is NYCO?

Briefly speaking NYCO is a combination of Nylon and Cotton. The name tells it all – “NY” came from Nylon and “CO” from Cotton.

NYCO was presented and proved its usability for the very first time in the era of M-65 uniforms. They were made for US Army and gained good feedback fast.

The yarn used to produce NYCO fabric is made of 150 single cotton fibers braided in a special mechanical process with 150 single nylon fibers. After braiding, the yarn is washed and weaved to receive the final product – NYCO fabric. The characteristic Rip-Stop weave is actually a double-braided nylon-cotton fiber. It makes the whole construction of the material more resistant to tearing.


What’s worth noting, though the NYCO fabric had such good ratings in soldiers’ opinions, it took some time until it was used again to produce uniforms. After years of testing different solutions, like a Cotton Twill fabric used in BDU M81 Woodland US uniforms, NYCO Rip-stop was presented once again in 1996 when Enhanced Hot Weather Battle Dress Uniform (EHWBDU) was introduced.

From this time on, NYCO Rip-Stop finally became a standard fabric used to produce US army uniforms. That doesn’t mean though that different producers weren’t trying to improve it. Here is how Direct Action came with an idea of DyNyCo.

DyNyCo – a Direct Action approach to improve NYCO Rip-stop

When on a mission a soldier has to focus on his orders and task. The gear he uses should be possibly easy to use and the uniform he’s wearing should be unnoticeable when he’s moving around. To achieve the latter, Direct Action decided to improve the elasticity of the original NYCO fabric. That’s how they came with a vision of DyNyCo – a “Dynamic” NYCO fabric.

To increase elasticity, without sacrificing much of the values of original NYCO fabric, Direct Action decided to add 3% of Elastane fabric to the whole blend. By joining together 49% Nylon, 48% Cotton and 3% Elastane they received a fabric that’s both durable and breathable as well as elastic enough to guarantee a greater comfort of movement.

From now on, DyNyCo fabric will be used to produce new Direct Action uniforms and combat garments.

For more information visit:

Mystery Ranch at 20

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

I recently had the pleasure to write a 20th anniversary monograph on Mystery Ranch. Below is a little taste. If you want to see the whole thing, go here.

The MYSTERY RANCH we know today is the distillation of time and space. It has taken more than 20 years of trial and error to get where it is today, and it couldn’t exist anywhere but Bozeman, Montana. But if you remove the location, the product, and even the people, you are left with a state of mind. Known lovingly as the “Ranch,” it’s developed from beyond just a brand, into a culture forged by shared experiences, bringing together individuals from all over to create something more than just great packs.

As businesses grow, things must change. It’s often hard, but necessary to maintain a functioning company. There’s a general consensus that although change happens, it’s for the best, and new processes and procedures are implemented in a way that everyone can live with.

“We are fucking freaks for Manufacturing.” -Dana Gleason

With a name inspired by a long-forgotten black and white television show, MYSTERY RANCH is nothing without its people. Ultimately, the Ranchers and their disparate backgrounds have come together to embrace the unique culture of MYSTERY RANCH, making it the worldwide success it is today.

It’s been a great 20 years. Here’s to 20 more.