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OPT donates 10% of sales to charity for Memorial Day

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

This Memorial Day O P Tactical Inc. (OPT) will be donating 10% of all eCommerce sales conducted on 27-28 May to the Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F).

Donation period runs from Midnigh EST Saturday until Midnight EST Monday.  Shipping charges and local sales taxes are excluded from donation value.

SOC-F is a 501c3 charity organization.  More info

OPT is a 100% disabled SOF Veteran owned small business based in Raleigh, NC.  They specialize in high end, domestically produced, individual gear, for the armed professional.

SOFIC 18 – Franklin Armory BFSIII TR-4 Trigger

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Franklin Armory debuted the TR-4 trigger at SOFIC 2018. This is the newest trigger to employ the patented BFSIII technology.  The TR-4 is a Military and Law Enforcement specific trigger that is designed to operate with a full auto sear trip.  It allows 4 selectable positions; Safe, Semi, Binary, and Full Auto.

The TR-4 gives Military and Law Enforcement agencies a more accurate, effective, and reliable trigger system that can drop into their existing platforms.  Of course, the Binary mode provides significantly reduced split times between rounds, allowing for tighter double tap groups.  In addition, the TR-4 incorporates the patented safety features designed into the original civilian BFSIII trigger.

The new design is easy for departments to transition to since safe, semi, and full auto are found in their traditional locations.  Binary mode is found by moving the selector so that it is pointing down.  This is a tremendous benefit to sworn personnel as it allows them to choose between two operating modes, semi, and Binary, with one flick of the switch.

The TR-4 also marks the first time that a pull release trigger has been employed with a machine gun sear trip.  By utilizing this function in Binary mode, reliability has been guaranteed.

SOFI 18 – SureFire SF3P

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

New from SureFire is the SF3P, a 3-prong Flash hider for the .50 M2. Reduces over 98% of flash, features toolless installation and fits any non-threaded barrel.

SOFIC 18 – Radio.Holster by Juggernaut.Case

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Juggernaut.Case is offering their Radio.Holster. It’s PALS compatible and works with any bottom battery as well as APX-series Motorola radios. This allows easy access to all of the connectors and the radio runs a lot cooler due to the smaller footprint. Additionally, the Boa attachment strap tightens it right up.

SOFIC 18 – XGO Introduces Two New Combat Shirts

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

DBL3-P – Performance

-UPF 35 UV protection body, 50 sleeves
-AG47 Silver Protection for anti-bacteria and odor
-Acclimate Dry Moisture management
-Flat seam construction
-Zippered upper arm pockets
-Elastic thumb loops
-Stretch woven elbow patches


-Made from combination of Modacrylic and FR Rayon
-UPF 35 UV protection body, 50 sleeves
-AG47 Silver Protection for anti-bacteria and odor
-Acclimate Dry Moisture management
-FR Zippers
-Zippered upper arm pockets
-1″ extra length
-Stretch woven elbow patches

Both feature 100% knitted construction printed with sleeves printed in MultiCam, sizes XS-2XL. Look for these by 4th quarter from XGO.

SOFIC 18 – Rajuga Camouflage System by TYR Tactical

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

TYR Tactical has partnered with Israeli company Polaris Solutions to introduce the Rajuga concealment system to the US market.

Underneath this 3D, multispectral concealment net is a Polaris quad. The system is reversible, with different visual camoufiage patterns printed on either side of the Thermal Visual Concealment panel. The material also provides protection in the IR spectrum. Additionally, the TVC material offers sun, rain and wind protection and is bery lightweight at .7kg per sq m. It folds or rolls flat for transport and can be individually configured to mimic local terrain, offering a very effective 3D effect which sensors or observors can be concealed under.

It’s available in multiple configurations, including this sensor concealment.

Rajuga concealment systems are available to unit and agency customers from ADS Inc.

SOFIC 18 – WL Gore & Associates Prototype Chem Bio Armor Plate Bag

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

What happens when you’re on a mission and your armor plate gets slimed? Sure, you’re wearing a protective ensemble, but what other vital equipment is protected from contamination?

That’s the question Gore’s Chem Bio Team asked themselves. One of the solutions they came up with was this prototype Plate Bag, made from their Ultra Barrier an impermeable fabric.

SOF Select 18 – MATBOCK Introduces New Material for J-LIFT and R-LIFT Litters

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Last week, I stopped by MATBOCK’s shop in Virginia Beach to check out their new Ghost Heavy material. It boasts 750 lbs sq in tensile strength and over 400 lbs tear strength.


Previously, the J-LIFT was made from Trelleborg material, weighing 36 oz.
Now, it’s made from MATBOCK’s new Ghost Heavy material and weighs just 12.4 oz. You can also see how small the litter folds up, fitting in this pouch.


So far, they haven’t been able to get the material to absorb anything, meaning it can be deconned over and over. It also features all Kevlar stitching.

The panels are big enough for wrist carry and it accepts poles.

The material is also now on the R-LIFT l, bringing the weight down to 5.5 lbs with the backpack.

This is an inline change for both systems; same part number, same price.