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Get Training At Warrior West

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Warrior West is coming up in just under a month. In addition to seeing some great technologies, there are opportunities to receive training.

Here’s a list of what’s in store:

Advance Your Agency: Principles & Practices for Training

Participants will learn the most effective way to develop, test, and deliver cutting-edge curriculum for their agencies and units, evaluating results where performance counts-during training and in the field.

REGISTER: Wednesday, April 18 | 1400 – 1530

Battle Born Leadership

What type of leader will people willingly follow into harm’s way? How do you become that leader? This instructional clinic on operational leadership answers these questions through lecture and short exercises.

REGISTER: Wednesday, April 18 | 0900 – 1030

REGISTER: Thursday, April 19 | 1330 – 1500

Modern Use-of-Force & Legal Review

Some use-of-force scenarios are unavoidable, based on studies of career offenders and assailants. Therefore, armed professionals must be educated, aware, and prepared-physically and intellectually.

REGISTER: Thursday, April 19 | 1115 – 1315

Streamlined Procurement: An Open Forum

Following a discussion on End of Year (EOY) funding strategies, attendees will participate in an open forum Q&A session with speakers from NIB, GSA, DLA, and Source America.

REGISTER: Wednesday, April 18 | 1100 – 1200

Performance Drone Works Presents: Introduction to Advanced Manual UAV Pilot Training

Interested in the most cutting-edge defensive and offensive drone tactics? Performance Drone Works (PDW), the premier developer of custom UAV technology, will present a summary of their five-day manual UAV course.

REGISTER: Wednesday, April 18 | 1230 – 1330

REGISTER: Thursday, April 19 | 1000 – 1100

To register for Warrior West visit

TD Releases The Logan Pant

Monday, March 19th, 2018

The TD Logan pant is a three season pant that is made for heavy use. Constructed from a poly/spandex blend to give you strength and durability with flex. Super stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric will allow you to stay active and comfortable. We also included a DWR treatment to the face of the fabric for those wet mornings. The fit is standard with articulated knees, expanding waistband and gusseted crotch. 

Storage: TD designed the pockets so that you can keep all of your everyday carry items organized and easy to access. The Logan pant has 11 pockets. This includes a 2-way cargo pocket. They also added a quick access magazine /cell phone welted pocket on both sides. You have one pocket that you can access with a side zipper while sitting. It has a front snap button and a YKK zipper for the fly.

11 Pockets
Standard fit
Flex Waistband
DWR Water Resistant Treatment
Mag/Mobile Pockets on Both Sides
Reinforced Bartac Stitching
Breathable Pocket Lining for Venting
Stretch Poly Fabric 90% Poly 10% Spandex
Breathable, Moisture Wicking Fabric
Abrasion Resistant
Articulated Knees
Gusseted Crotch

MATBOCK Monday || Jump Assault Pack

Monday, March 19th, 2018


A variant of the 1 day assault pack, the jump assault pack is specifically reinforced and designed for jump operations. All strapping is either continuous or connected in the backing of the pack to include the two connection loops meant for attachment to the parachute itself via release lines. Additionally, the system had a 1 pull release system for a primary weapon system. The weapon is mounted and jumped in the horizontal position and then can be released with one pull to give the jumper instant access to the primary weapon if necessary. The belly band of the parachute mounts across the top third of the pack, just above the primary weapon to keep it secure during the jump. The entire front flap of the containment system is released by this mechanism. For easy stowage, the flap can be snapped back into place instead of reweaving the pull handle. The pack also allows integration with the S&S Precision jump board across the back via webbing and Velcro.


MSRP for the pack is $600 and it is available immediately.

Sneak Peek – New Precision Rifle Bag

Sunday, March 18th, 2018


This is a new PRB (precision rifle bag) by SERT. This is the 48″ version, but an even longer one is on the way.


Combat FlipFlops – Limited Edition Black AK – 47

Friday, March 16th, 2018

With all the angst toward black guns, CFF remade of the classic AK-47 for the gun lovers and the not-so-gun lovers.   These noir beach cruisers are available in a limited run and deliver in April.

Available in Men’s Sizes 7 through 15 or Women’s Sizes 5 through 11


Combat Boot Rubber Out sole

EVA mid-layers

Cow Leather Deck

Cow Leather Upper

Embossed Poppies

Cast 7.62 x 39mm Casings

Made in Bogota, Colombia

Remember, purchase a pair and fund one Day of Secondary School for an Afghan Girl.

Visit Nightforce At The USASOC Sniper Competition

Friday, March 16th, 2018

Members of the MIL-GOV-LE team will be in attendance to exhibit products and provide support to customers and end-users. Products on display will include MIL-SPEC riflescopes and accessories, which are designed and built for today’s warfighter, and currently in-use around the globe.

This annual competition takes place during the week of March 19, 2018 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Teams from the United States and other allied special operations units will be tested in real-world based events designed by instructors of the Special Forces Sniper Course. Exhibitors will be located in a vendor tent on Range 37.

Nightforce is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium sport optics and related products, including riflescopes, spotting scopes and accessories. We are known for our rugged, high-precision engineered designs that are capable of holding up to punishing conditions. Based in Orofino, Idaho, Nightforce has established a benchmark for high-quality, high- performance products that have accompanied soldiers into battle, world champion shooters to the winner’s podium, and helped hunters take the trophy of a lifetime.

RE-FACTOR X TD Apparel Jedburgh 2.0 Cover Shirt

Friday, March 16th, 2018


You talked, we listened. We set out to create the perfect cover shirt for shooters, by shooters. We started by creating a general design from the feedback of current special operations personnel that we sold at a steep discounted rate in order to get it in the hands of reviewers. We then sent out feedback forms and had those who had a chance to wear the shirt provide what they did or didn’t like about the shirt. From that feedback we created our version 2.0 and a design that we believe is truly designed for you.


The Jedburgh Cover Shirt is the ideal shirt for anyone carrying a concealed firearm during plain clothes operations or for simple every day carry. Designed to have a non-tactical appearance, this athletic form-fitting shirt easily blends in with your environment, without presenting yourself as armed. Built with lightweight, air-wicking stretch fabric, you can easily maneuver, draw, and present your weapon when needed. Special pearl button snaps and reinforced lining allow you to quickly open and clear your shirt when drawing, while minimizing your weapon profile when concealed. Three hidden pockets lined within inside of the shirt let you carry sensitive items, such as CAC cards, ID’s and money separately from your wallet.

-Athletic fit w/ air-wicking material
stretch fabric for maneuverability
-Quick-release plastic button snaps
Passport/ID sized breast pocket w/ button
-Three hidden interior pockets
-Reinforced lining for easy draws and reduced weapon “printing”
-Stretch fabric offers the ability to present the pistol with or without concealed body armor

From Tactical Distributors

From Re-Factor Tactical
Video Link:

SureFire Advanced Rifle Operating Core (AROC)

Friday, March 16th, 2018

We’ve mentioned SureFire’s Advanced Rifle Operating Core (AROC) in the past but now it’s in production and has been demonstrated to several customers. There is a great deal of excitement surrounding this new weapon concept. It consists of a new Upper Receiver, including Bolt Carrier Group, as well as Action Spring and Buffer, all of which can be used with existing Lower Receivers.

The AROC bolt lugs are 1/3 longer, making them twice as strong as a standard mil-spec bolt. Naturally, this requires a matching barrel extension. The longer barrel extension reduces the steep feed ramp angle as found on a standard M4, for smoother and more reliable feeding of ammunition.

The AROC Bolt Carrier has an additional .400” of travel into the receiver extension requiring a shorter buffer. Along with the additional bolt carrier travel, there is a spring loaded weight in the rear of the carrier that acts as a counter weight to increase dwell time, reducing the cyclic rate to 590-610 rpm depending on ammunition. This makes the weapon easy to control on full automatic fire, increasing accuracy and effectiveness of the weapon. The AROC’s Bolt also has a set of interlocking Inconel gas rings that never wear out. Known in stand-alone mode as the Optimized Bolt Carrier, it is available as a drop-in accessory for existing AR pattern weapons, but you won’t get all of the advantages of the full AROC.

The AROC also has a heavy duty gas tube to handle full automatic fire. The delayed unlocking of the bolt reduces carbon fouling allowing the AROC to fire thousands of rounds without cleaning or lubrication. That’s right, no lube necessary. All the testing for the AROC was done with no lubrication.

The AROC is available as a Carbine, Designated Marksman Rifle, or a box fed lightweight squad machine gun. It’s a super reliable, very controllable, upper receiver that can be added to an M4 or HK416 lower receiver. The AROC pictured has a 14.5” machine gun, chrome lined barrel. Weight is 7.9 pounds with M4 lower receiver. However, shorter and longer barrel lengths will be available as well. Shown with the SOCOM556-RC-TN contract suppressor.

The AROC will be at The USASOC Sniper Competition held at Range 37, March 22-23. For more info contact SureFire VP of Military Sales, Jamie Wiedeman,