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FirstSpear TV – Episode 8 Moto Mobility

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Utilizing all wheel drive dirt bikes as mobility and shooting platforms, allows the user to be effective in a variety of combat situations.

Darley Defense Days Comes To Fort Bragg

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Darley Defense Days comes to Fort Bragg, May 7-8, 2019 at the Iron Mike Conference Center. Register at www.darleydefensedays.com.

Minnesota State Highway Patrol Adopts SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO4H Optic

Monday, March 18th, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (March 14, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the Minnesota State Highway Patrol has adopted the ROMEO4H red dot sight for the official duty rifle systems of the Minnesota State Troopers. The Minnesota Highway Patrol is comprised of over 550 troopers that concentrate primarily on traffic enforcement, highway safety, and statewide law enforcement.

“As technology advances we are seeing more and more law enforcement agencies acquiring tactical sights to enhance their officer’s capabilities and accuracy,” began Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO4H that’s being utilized by the men and women of the Minnesota State Highway Patrol is easy to operate, extremely versatile, and is a great enhancement to their firearms systems.”

The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO4H is a closed red dot sight designed for semi-automatic MSR platforms and shotguns that easily adjusts to varying ambient lighting, weather, and terrain conditions. The sight utilizes an ultra-efficient red LED illumination for daylight visibility and extended runtime, and features four onboard reticle options, MOTAC activation with 50,000+ hours of battery life, and a ruggedized QD mount.

“The ROMEO4 series of red dot sights was developed for use by law enforcement, elite government, and military agencies. It’s the ultimate red dot sight for fast, accurate, target acquisition in any tactical scenario, and we are honored to have the ROMEO4H in use with the Minnesota State Highway Patrol,” concluded Andy York, President SIG SAUER Electro-Optics.

Local distributor Streicher’s of Minneapolis will provide product locally.

For more information about the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO4H visit sigsauer.com.

SCUBAPRO SUNDAY – Mask Care Pre and Post Dive

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

I wanted to have link to the Movie, The Fighting Sullivan’s in honor of ST Patrick’s day and I couldn’t find it. So, then I looked for The Fighting 69th, again can’t find that one also. The Fighting Sullivan’s is my favorite movies of all times. If you ever want to teach someone about brotherhood and loyalty. That is the movies to watch. Well and The Boonedock Saints.          

                 “Everyone is Irish on St Paddies Day”

                                      Happy St Patrick’s day.  

Dive masks are one of the most basic, and most important pieces of equipment you have for your dive. If your mask falls it makes for a very long and painful dive. To ensure your mask stays in good condition, you must take care of it like the important piece of equipment it is. If you can’t see beneath the surface, what’s the point?

Just as you would always care for your regulator, so should you always remember your mask. This maintenance needs to be a regular routine for your dive trips. Follow the tips below to keep an easy system flowing for your scuba mask care regime.


When a SCUBA mask is made it leaves a lot of film and residue on it. If not cleaned off properly you will never get your mask to stop fogging. You can search the Internet for lots of different ways to clean your mask. I am going to walk thru one of the easiest and safest way to do it. With some of the other way, if not done right you can break your mask glass or damage your frame.

Check your mask for any damage that’s occurred. Look for small cracks in the rubber of the strap or on the skirt. Test the elasticity of the strap, replacing as needed, don’t wait until you are on the dive boat to try test this. Make sure you check the clips as well.

Inspect the skirt on your mask for wear and tears. Also look at the frame of the mask where the glass is seated for imperfections. 


Always rinse your mask with freshwater. Let it dry properly out of direct sunlight. You can clean it with toothpaste or a mask cleaner. Let your mask dry out completely to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Storage and Proactive Care

Mask care includes smart storage. Keep it in a hard-covered case for the best protection from moisture, dust, and impact. If it came with a hard case, make sure you store the mask in that. Plastic parts can stay oddly shaped if crushed or folded down when incorrectly stored for long periods of time. Also make sure it has good airflow to make sure it doesn’t get moldy.

Basic gear maintenance will allow you to keep your gear for a long time and also help it not fail you when it is needed most.



IWA 19 – Helikon-Tex Competition Range System

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Helikon-Tex displayed their full Competition Range System at IWA. The central piece is the Competition Chest Rig which will accept various inserts for different magazines. They also have a Shooter’s Belt with Modular Belt Sleeve which is PALS compatible.


Rheinmetall to Supply the Swiss Army’s New Command Simulator

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

12 March 2019

Following a comprehensive evaluation by armasuisse, one of Switzerland’s four federal-level procurement agencies, Rheinmetall has won an order to supply a new command simulator for training the nation’s military leaders. The contract has been signed in February 2019.

The new command simulator will be located at the Swiss General Staff School (Gst S) in Kriens in Canton Lucerne. For years, this training centre has been successfully using simulator-based technology to school Swiss Army officers in every aspect of military leadership. Military commanders and staff officers at operational and tactical level can sharpen their leadership and situation management skills, including in cooperation with federal, cantonal and local-level civilian officials.

During the course of an intensive evaluation process, Rheinmetall’s forward-looking concept for the new command simulator eventually won the day, thanks in large measure to the company’s long track record as a system supplier and system integrator. The centrepiece of the solution is the integration and coupling of the C2I and peripheral systems with the newly structured Osiris simulation system.

Among other things, the Swiss procurement authorities wanted to see a significant reduction in the number of operating personnel required to run the system. This proved possible thanks to the Osiris software, which is designed to enable maximum automatization. Rounding out the planned scope of delivery and performance, Rheinmetall will operate and maintain the system throughout its service life, establishing a “material excellence centre” in order to facilitate this.

Osiris makes inter-disciplinary models possible that enable the depiction of training for all three branches of the military at tactical and operational levels, whether on land, at sea and in the air, including related capabilities.

The system can generate highly realistic leadership scenarios ranging from disaster relief to national defence and peacekeeping missions, specifically tailored to real-world Swiss requirements and current operational planning. Civilian officials at federal, cantonal and local level can also be brought into these scenarios. This enhances even further the value of simulator-supported staff exercises.

The command simulator can be operated at various echelons of Switzerland’s military hierarchy, with highly automated control possible at levels ranging from individual entities all the way up to brigade level. Here, Osiris supports the simultaneous entry of aggregate orders at multiple levels. This assures maximum freedom when controlling the simulated entities while simultaneously enabling a broad range of training levels.

Rheinmetall’s pioneering solution for the new command simulator in Kriens meets the Swiss government’s full range of specifications. A company with longstanding experience in the field of simulation and training, Rheinmetall – acting in its capacity as supplier and system integrator – now assumes responsibility for the successful implementation of all requirements and complete integration of the system.

For over forty years, Rheinmetall has numbered among the world’s foremost developers and producers of high-performance simulation technology. The spectrum ranges from computer- supported learning to air, sea and land vehicle simulators for crew training operations, right through to major training facilities where entire formations can hold full-scale tactical exercises with their original equipment.


2019 ADS Fort Bragg Warfighter Expo – Streamlight TLR-VIR II

Friday, March 15th, 2019

The Streamlight TLR-VIR II was the other weapon light evaluated by the US Army for the Modular Handgun System Pistol Aiming Light as a replacement for the AN/PEQ-14.

It’s a 300 lumens White light which relies on a single CR123A better to run for 1.5 hours on high or 12 hours on low. Additionally, the IR Illuminator is 850 nm, 600mW/sr (min) radiant intensity provides optimum illumination when using night vision equipment, while the IR Laser is 850 nm, Class 1, eye safe with 3 mrad adjustment increment markings; output power less than .08mW.

Featuring an aluminum chassis, the TLR-VIR II incorporates toggle switching rather than a button.

Finally, it features a strobe function and can be mounted to a Picatinny rail and used with a tape switch. Available in Black or FDE.

Streamlight products are available for unit and agency orders from ADS.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – E&R Waist Bag

Friday, March 15th, 2019

This Friday we are taking a look at the E&R Waist Bag from FirstSpear. Designed with state of the art materials to decrease weight and increase functionality, you will find a variety of uses for this premium “Fanny Pack”.

The E&R Waist Bag features a removable and adjustable low profile waist strap for easy on and off at the range or on a hike. Also included are SR buckle retainers that can be used to clip in to a plate carrier, backpack, or straight to a belt. Shock cord on the top is especially useful for securing a TQ, water bottle, gloves and more.

Made in America with American Materials. That’s as Berry compliant as it gets.