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MATBOCK Monday: MR Dry 2.0

Monday, April 6th, 2020

With Spring upon us you know what they say “April showers bring May Flowers.” This means wet and potentially damaged gear if you aren’t prepared.  Don’t worry, we got your back.  Literally, with the MR. DRY 2.0.

Whether you’re conducting water or land operations, the MR. Dry 2.0 is the perfect solution. Utilizing the Mystery Ranch NICE frame as the backbone (or any other external frame), the MR. Dry 2.0 offers unmatched versatility for everything from 3-day packs to expedition packs. With 3 different sizes and 3 different color options, it fully waterproofs your entire pack line and even incorporates an oral inflation valve for buoyancy control.

If the mission requires it, take the outer waterproof shells off and attach the Mystery Ranch NICE frame directly to the internal pack. The beauty of this seamless integration is that finally your internal pack can stay configured exactly the same way for any mission.

Watch the MR Dry 2.0 bags in action here:

Lastly, tune in today at 4:30 PM EST, MATBOCK will be going live to discuss the MR. DRY 2.0 and answer your questions!


Edgar Brothers Appointed UK Distributer for SAFRAN Electronics and Defence (Portable Optronics)

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Edgar Brothers has announced its appointment as UK distributor for SAFRAN Electronics and Defence (Portable Optronics). The new arrangements, which commenced in spring 2020, will allow British stakeholders who require absolute precision and world-class products to enjoy the benefits of SAFRAN’s premium selection of Multifunctional Thermal Imagers & Handheld Optronics and Laser Rangefinders.

Developed by SAFRAN Electronics and Defence & SAFRAN Vectronix’s highly skilled team and manufactured to world-renowned French & Swiss standards of precision and quality, benefiting from both military and civilian engineering experience. Products include Rangefinder Binoculars (VECTOR Family), Monocular & Binocular Multifunctional Thermal Imagers – Target Observation & Location (JIM COMPACT & MOSKITO TI) and the world famous line of Pocket Laser Range Finders (PLRF Family).

“We’re delighted to be working with Safran as UK distributor,” said Mike Newman Edgar Brothers Sales Director. “Their products have a deservedly high reputation for quality and accuracy and we know they will be extremely popular with the UK market.”

For more information on SAFRAN Electronics & Defence Visit www.safran-electronics-defence.com

For more information on SAFRAN Vectronix AG Vectronix, visit www.safran-vectronix.com


SCUBAPRO Sunday – Roy Boehm (First SEAL) Birthday

Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Roy Boehm was born on April 9th, 1924. He served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He joined the US Navy in 1942 and was a hard hat diver and served in Pearl Harbor, working on the Arizona recovery bodies. In 1955 he went through UDT/ BUDs training. He then made the mistake of becoming an “O”  Roy received his commission in 1960. He was selected to help stand up the new Navy commandos that JFK had authorized speech in early 1961. Depending on what coast you were raised on in the Teams (East or West). You will say SEAL Team 2 was the first team( By 3 hours east coast ) or SEAL Team 1 (well because One comes before Two and they say they received their message first authorizing them to stand up) I say that because there is an ongoing debate on what SEAL team is the oldest and who is the first SEAL. Roy Boehm was the first OIC of SEAL Team Two. Commander Franklin Anderson was the first OIC of SEAL Team ONE (1966-1968). I have attached a couple of articles about Roy.




SureFire Spotlight – SF3P Three-Prong Flash Hider

Saturday, April 4th, 2020

SureFire Spotlight videos are a high level rundown of specific products. This one focuses on the SF3P Three-Prong Flash Hider.

The advanced SureFire SF3P three-prong flash hider features a patent-pending design that greatly reduces muzzle flash—typically greater than 99%—when compared with a plain muzzle. Boasting robust tines built to withstand the rigors of combat, the SF3P also serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for SureFire SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® suppressors.


Smith Optics Supports Goggles For Docs

Friday, April 3rd, 2020


Padua/Portland, OR – April 2, 2020 – Safilo Group, a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of eyewear, announces that its own Smith brand has joined Goggles for Docs, a movement to support local and national personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages across the US.  Smith will provide ski goggles to healthcare workers who currently have no eyewear protection while treating patients in the wake of COVID-19.

The Goggles for Docs program materialized in just a few days to support hospital need, and is based solely on volunteer support and product donation. Smith is currently sending new and used goggles to fulfill hospital requests, and will continue to promote the program, encouraging its community to volunteer and donate on the individual level.

Beginning this week, Goggles for Docs is hosting a virtual Après Ski Music Series of live-streamed sets by featured artists – including Stephen Kellogg and Pete Kilpatrick Band – where listeners can tune in and donate goggles or cash contributions that will directly purchase additional protective gear for medical staff.

For more information, to donate or volunteer, please visit www.GogglesForDocs.com.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Exigent Circumstances Pack

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Today we are getting a look at a FirstSpear classic, the ECP – Exigent Circumstances Pack.

Originally developed as an assault pack designed to quickly attach to many different platforms with supplied G-Hook straps or utilized as a stand-alone pack with low profile backpack straps. Features a removable beavertail style outer flap that is secured with shock cord and spacious enough to hold a helmet. Inside the flap you will find elastic daisy chain sized to hold flash bang and smoke grenades. Rear most pocket holds an included comfort pad or hydration bladder up to 3 liters as well as optional internal frame. The lightweight yet ultra sturdy construction has become a popular choice for those looking for a 1 day pack as well as gym or work bag.

In-Stock and shipping now in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, MultiCam, and Manatee Grey. Like most FirstSpear products it is 100% Made in America with USA Materials.


New Owyhee COVID-19 Decontamination Solution

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020


(Eagle, ID – Owyhee Group Companies) Owyhee Group Companies announced it is partnering with Spectra Shield Technologies to supply Spectra DF-500 disinfectant to its customers during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The objective is to provide a solution that kills and neutralizes biological threats like COVID-19. The Spectra DF-500 formulation grew out of the licensing and commercialization of a high-level disinfectant developed by the US Government at Sandia National Laboratories under the name DF-200. “The mainstay of the disinfectant world has been bleach and other toxic, corrosive, non-biodegradable and hazardous products. Under most residential conditions, these products do what they report. However, in cases of biohazards and pandemics there is a need for a higher level of efficacy and permanency. The competitive difference of Spectra DF-500 and Spectra DF-200 is the spectrum of kill and the environmental benefits”, notes Spectra Shield Technologies CEO Thad Weist.

The development of Spectra DF-500 came out of the U.S. government recognition of a need to combat bioterrorism after a nerve agent was released on a Tokyo subway in 1995, killing 12 and injuring another 1,000. The goal was to develop a solution to neutralize a wide spectrum of chemical and biological threats such as Anthrax, MRSA and other viral threats, with low-corrosivity and reducing the harmful effects to the environment. Unlike traditional disinfectants, Spectra DF-500 chemically cleaves the spore wall and neutralizes the mycotoxin inside. It also changes the osmotic pressure around the cell, which causes an imbalance in the internal cellular pressure resulting in the total collapse of the cellular membrane. In 2004, Kansas State University did a study with the DF-200 formula against SARS-Coronavirus with 100% deactivation in 1 minute.

The disinfectant is avaliable from Owyhee Group Companies in two different products: Spectra DF-500 and Spectra DF-200. Spectra DF-500 is EPA registered as a Decontaminant, Disinfectant, Virucide, Bactericide, Fungicide, Deodorizer, Algaecide, Antibacterial, Mildewstat and Cleaner. The Spectra DF-200 is a 3 part solution, including an accelerator to kill and neutralize chemical and biological threats and is EPA registered.

The liquids are combined at the time of application and are good for appoximately 8 hours. Unopened, DF-500 and DF-200 can be stored for 6 to 8 years, under controlled conditions. Each can be applied as a foam or as a liquid. An application device is not included in the delivery set. In a proper application, one gallon of fluid can cover 2,500 square feet. While biodegradable, neither product should be used directly on food. Both Spectra DF-500 and DF-200 have proven to be highly effective in destroying bio-films of select microorgansim in food processing facilities. Application of either product on food contact surface requires a potable water rinse.

The products are for sale at https://owyheegroup.com in 4 gallon kits that will cover approximately 10,000 square feet. The product is also available in 300 gallon totes for larger applications.

Interested parties can call Owyhee Group at 208.938.6086 or email sales@owyheegroup.com for quotations. The company has provided a special feature page covering the products at owyheegroup.com/product/decontamination.

Medical Professionals Now Eligible for First Responder Discount at TNVC!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Redlands, CA – As a Veteran-Owned company, TNVC has always been devoted to serving those who serve. From hiring veterans to providing the best in products, services, training, and support to our military, law enforcement, and first responders, we have always had a special place in our hearts for those willing place themselves in harm’s way in the service of others, because most of us have been there before.

TNVC has long since had a First Responder Discount in place for individual purchases for military, law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other first responders who hold the line every day (and night) between order and chaos, risking their lives to help complete strangers and asking little in return.

In the face of an unusual threat, however, today’s medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and technicians are manning the “front lines” all across the nation and the globe, in many cases at great personal risk to themselves and their own lives to protect the lives of others, of strangers, like any other first responder.

For this reason, we have decided to expand eligibility for our First Responder Discount to ALL medical providers and professionals, not just EMS/EMTs.

DoD Photo

“We’ve always supported First Responders, and our medical professionals are at the forefront of this fight, risking their lives every day to treat others. While others may have the option to shelter-in-place in the comfort of their homes, our medical professionals are working around the clock, in many cases isolated from their families. They deserve our respect and our gratitude for their bravery and dedication, and they are truly the first line of defense in these difficult times.”

– Victor DiCosola, President & CEO    

Please e-mail sales@tnvc.com with a copy of your credentials to receive the First Responder Discount or with any other inquiries.