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SIG SAUER and Lipsey’s Join Forces with NRA P365 to Support Second Amendment

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 22, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. and Lipsey’s are honored to announce the release of the special edition NRA P365 micro-compact pistol ahead of the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting, April 26 – 28, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 


Sig Sauer has a long history of supporting the NRA through programs and products,” began Tom Taylor Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “We expect this unique collaboration with one of our leading business partners on one of the best-selling guns in the market will drive substantial awareness and support for the NRA, and be very popular amongst consumers.”

The NRA P365 features a coyote tan grip and slide, with all the same features of the award-winning SIG SAUER P365 everyday, concealed carry pistol  This high capacity, micro-compact pistol is smaller and lighter than other pistols in its class featuring a high-capacity, patented modified double-stack magazine for a 10+1 full-size capacity.  This unique package includes the popular 12-round magazine giving the P365 a 13-round capacity.

“Lipsey’s is committed to the NRA’s mission of preserving the Second Amendment,” added Jason Cloessner, Vice President & Product Development Manager.  “To help further the cause, we wanted to work with an outstanding manufacturing partner like SIG SAUER.  This new Lipsey’s Exclusive Coyote Tan P365 micro-compact pistol is the perfect platform to create awareness and support for the NRA.”

The NRA P365 pistol comes with a SIG SAUER / NRA branded P365 challenge coin, and features a unique NRA serial number.  The pistol is a 9mm, striker-fired pistol, with XRAY3 Day/Night sights, and includes two (2) coyote tan 10-round flush fit magazines, and one (1) coyote tan 12-round extended magazine.

Total length: 5.8”

Barrel length: 3.1”

Weight (incl. magazine):18 oz.

Height: 4.3”


Sight radius: 4.9”

The NRA P365 Pistol will be distributed exclusively through Lipsey’s to SIG SAUER retailers beginning in May and on display at the SIG SAUER Booth (#3912) at National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26 – 28, 2019.  The NRA P365 will be available to consumers in May.

SIG SAUER and Lipsey’s will jointly donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this special edition P365 to the NRA to support the defense of the second amendment, and all of work NRA does to educate and train for the safe and lawful use of firearms.

Indiana State Police Adds SIG SAUER P365 as their Back-Up Duty Firearm

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 22, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to announce the Indiana State Police have adopted the SIG SAUER P365 as their back-up duty firearm for their full complement of troopers. The Indiana State Police is a statewide law enforcement agency comprised of more than 1,250 troopers across fourteen districts throughout the state of Indiana.

“The SIG SAUER P365 gives Indiana State Police Troopers primary carry capabilities in a sub-compact configuration,” began Matt Bilkey, Lt. Colonel, Assistant Chief of Staff Operations, Indiana State Police, “Its high level of accuracy, small size, and high round capacity make it a perfect firearm for our officers, both on and off duty, and is a great counterpart to our primary duty firearm the SIG SAUER P227.”

The award-winning SIG SAUER P365 is an everyday, concealed carry pistol.  This high capacity micro-compact pistol is smaller and lighter than other pistols in its class. The P365 features a high-capacity, patented modified double-stack magazine for a 10+1 full-size capacity, with 12-round factory made magazines available for 13-round capacity.

“It’s a tremendous honor for SIG SAUER to continue to support the Indiana State Police with the addition of the P365 pistol as their back-up duty firearm.” added Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “The micro-compact P365 pistol gives the Indiana State Troopers full-size capacity with little additional weight or bulk added to their patrol equipment, allowing them to easily maneuver as they carry out their duties to protect and serve the citizens of Indiana.”

Max Michel Places First at US Steel National Championship

Sunday, April 21st, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 19, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG Captain, Max Michel for his first place finish in the Open Division at the 2019 US Steel National Championships held April 3-6, 2019 at the South River Gun Club in Covington, Georgia. 

“It’s great to see Max add to his legacy as the greatest steel shooter in the history of the sport and take first place in the Open Division at the 2019 US Steel Nationals,” began Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “As a professional shooter, Max has the most wins in steel shooting history, and we are very proud that he has added another title from this year’s competition to the record books, while representing Team SIG.”

To claim his first place finish at the 2019 US Steel National Championship Michel competed through 8 courses of fire with 5 steel targets, varying in size from distances set at 7-35 yards to claim 1st Place Overall in the Open Division.  Throughout the competition Max used his SIG P320X5 or SIG1911MAX pistols, both equipped with the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO3MAX, and the SIG SAUER Match Elite 9mm Competition Ammunition.    

“The US Steel Nationals gives you an adrenaline rush like no other sport I have competed in.  It’s one of the few action shooting sports where the best of the best go head to head with similar equipment,” added Michel.  “The performance and accuracy of all my SIG equipment really made a difference in a competition that comes down to hundredths of a second to determine the winner.”

The SIG SAUER Match Elite Competition Ammunition used by Team SIG Captain Max Michel at the 2019 US Steel National Championship is available for purchase at sigsauer.com/store.  The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO3MAX will be available for consumer purchase in July 2019.


Sunday, April 21st, 2019

The 25th of April is ANZAC day for Australia and New Zealand. It is their Memorial Day to remember their falling with a sunrise service, ANZAC biscuits, and beer with brothers and family.  ANZAC day started as a remembrance of the raid on Gallipoli, now it is used as a Remembrance Day for all who have been lost at war. On the 25th April raise a glass to all of our brothers that have helped support us in everything we have done and helped promote freedom in the world. The ANZACs are the only countries that have been with the U.S. in every war we have fought since WW1, to include Vietnam and the Global War on Terror.

ANZAC is the acronym formed from the initial letters of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. This was the formation in which Australian and New Zealand soldiers in Egypt were grouped before the landing on Gallipoli in April 1915.

The acronym was first written as “A & NZ Army Corps.” However, clerks in the corps headquarters soon shortened it to ANZAC as a convenient telegraphic code name for addressing telegram messages.

I can never do justice telling the story of Gallipoli. Like most of WW1 and other wars, a lot of mistakes were made in the planning, but they were followed up by a lot of brave man doing whatever they had to do so their brothers would live another day. I have attached a couple links so you can read for yourselves if you don’t already know the story. I have also attached a link about Z Special unit commonly known as Z force. They were the early pioneers of Special Forces in Austral and New Zealand. They were made up of Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, and the Dutch. They conducted raids on the Japanese, using kayaks, submarines and even parachute insertions. They are the forefathers of today’s Australian SASR and New Zealand’s SAS.  








SIG SAUER Introduces the SIG AIR P365 BB Pistol  

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 17, 2019) – From the SIG AIR division, SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the new P365 BB Pistol.  Modeled after the award winning SIG SAUER P365 everyday, high capacity, micro-compact, concealed carry pistol, this CO2-powered, semi-automatic BB pistol features realistic blowback action and is an exceptional training tool for personal defense.

The P365 BB pistol is designed to fit in available P365 holster systems for easy practice of efficiently drawing from concealment.  The 12-round drop magazine holds 4.5mm (.177 cal) steel BBs and also houses the 12gr CO2 cartridge for fast reloading.

“The SIG P365 9mm pistol has won numerous awards for its concealability, performance, and exceptional magazine capacity and has quickly become the top choice for concealed carry,” said Joseph Huston, Vice President and General Manager of SIG AIR. “Our new P365 BB Pistol will give P365 owners and others who carry for personal protection a training tool of the highest quality when a trip to the range for live fire is not possible.  The P365 BB Pistol has similar balance and handling characteristics as the centerfire model and holds 12-rounds for realistic training. The drop magazine also allows fast and easy reloading.”

The P365 BB Pistol shoots up to 295 fps; however, velocity results may vary depending on temperature and altitude.

P365 BB Pistol:

Total length: 5.75”

Barrel length: 3.25”

Weight:  0.8 lbs

Finish:  Black

Muzzle Velocity: up to 295 fps

Caliber:  4.5 mm Steel BB

Magazine Capacity:  12

Power Source:  CO2

The P365 BB will be on display at the SIG SAUER Booth (#3912) at National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26 – 28, 2019.  The P365 BB will be available to consumers summer 2019.

MSRP: $99.99

For more information on SIG SAUER airguns, visit sigsauer.com/airguns.

POF Presents – The Shot Heard Round The World

Friday, April 19th, 2019

FirstSpear Friday Focus – TTPOA

Friday, April 19th, 2019

The TTPOA SWAT Conference is a massive exchange of ideas and information within the field of tactics and operations in Police work, complete with a vendor range day on Wednesday the 24th, a Trade Show on the 25th and 26th, combined with training courses and live range demos. Check out FirstSpear Law Enforcement offerings at booth B12/13 next week in San Marcos, Texas.


Armageddon Gear – Sticky Gamechanger OG

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

There’s never been a more aptly named firearm accessory than Armageddon Gear’s Gamechanger. Now they’ve made it even better by adding a new sticky fabric to strategic areas of the along the gusset, top, and a single side.

The rest of the design remains the same. You get almost five pounds of pelletized-polymer fill (zippered access to allow removal of fill), configured to offer stability thanks to the split design at the base which remains stabile on almost any irregular surface. It’s just that now, it’s not going to slip once you assume a shooting position.