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New Atom LT Gen 2 Lineup for 2019 from Arc’teryx LEAF

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Arc’teryx LEAF has redesigned the Atom LT for 2019, creating the Gen 2 lineup.


The first thing you are going to notice is the zippered chest pocket, but that’s not all that’s new. Atom remains my mid-layer of choice because they’ve focused materials used on increasing air permeability.

While they’ve retained the TORAY Mechanical Stretch Mini-Rip LT (w/DWR) durable face fabric from the first version, the hoody’s insulation and liner have been updated to a more breathable system to improve body temperature regulation when worn under PPE or as part of layering system.

A new liner material is a key component in this revised configuration of materials. The LI PENG high air perm nylon ripstop liner permits airflow, which aids in the transport of moisture and heat away from the body. Combined with continuous filament CLIMASHIELD Combat Fibrefill Insulation (w/DWR), breathability is greatly enhanced. Overall, the new materials package increases breathability, improving performance over a wide range of conditions.

At the sides, you’ll find a very comfortable PONTETORTO 7.5oz Hardface Fleece.

The Atom LT (Gen 2) line consists of four garments including the new Atom LT Vest (Gen 2). It accompanies the Atom LT Hoody (Gen2), Atom LT Jacket (Gen2) and Atom LT Pant (Gen 2).

New features:
• Trimmer fit hood with updated design
• Moved from an internal chest pocket to an external left chest pocket for securing carriage of mission essential items.
• Updated the media port management system. Creating routing of communications cables on either side of the jacket now.

Other Features:
• Insulated Hood – allowing the option to use a hood when/if reqd.
• Full Zip Closure (w/No Slip Zip™) – prevents zipper from self-opening at collar
• Hand Zip Pockets (w/media ports in both) – allowing for convenience and the secure carriage of mission essential items
• Drawcord Hem Closure – vertically routed drawcord with enclosure mitigates snags and hang-ups

The ATOM LT ( Gen 2) line is offered in Black, Crocodile, Wolf Grey, and Ranger Green, sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Available soon from leaf.arcteryx.com as well as your favorite LEAF dealer.

Arc’teryx Veilance – Modular Layering

Saturday, December 29th, 2018

Chinese Conglomerate Mascot Bidco Oy Makes Offer To Purchase Arc’teryx, Salomon and Associated Brands

Friday, December 7th, 2018

For quite awhile there has been speculation regarding a bid by Chinese corporation Mascot Bidco Oy to purchase Amer Sports Corporation based on Finland which owns Salomon, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic, Mavic, Suunto, Wilson and Precor.

Today, Amer Sports issued a statement and supporting information regarding the 4.6 Billion Euro offer, which can be read at www.amersports.com/2018/12/mascot-bidco-oy-announces-a-voluntary-recommended-public-cash-tender-offer-for-all-the-shares-in-amer-sports-corporation. As it is so lengthy, and the forward looking information for this publicly traded company sensitive in several countries, that it’s best left to a link.

To be sure, the implications are significant to the brands in question, as well as the market as a whole. There is no additional information at this time but it’s important to remind readers that any purchase is subject to significant regulatory oversight and would be months away, if it does in fact, happen.

Arc’teryx LEAF – Naga Pullover AR

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Whether conducting Recce or Direct Action Tasks, the Naga Pullover AR can be worn as an insulating layer under your Gore-tex shell or as an Under Body Armour Combat Shirt in cold weather.

Air permeable and weather resistant, the Naga Pullover AR mid layer is intended for warmth and ventilation under waterproof outerwear. Insulated with Combat Climashield, mated to Polartec Power Stretch along with Li Peng and Caroltex stretchy abrasion resistant fabrics.

It features a standup collar and quarter zip front opening along with a single zippered chest pocket and thumb holes at the cuffs.

Offered in Black or Crocodile, sizes Small – XXLarge.


ARC’One – Where The Magic Happens

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

I was fortunate enough to visit ARC’One, the Arc’teryx factory in British Columbia. It is amazing to see the different designs being produced by highly skilled teams, considering the number of operations and amount of time that goes into each product.


The Story Behind Arc’teryx LEAF’s Wolf Urban Grey

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

In this exclusive interview, we spoke with Kavan Cronin, a Color Designer for Arc’teryx LEAF, and the man behind the Wolf Urban Grey color.

SSD: Who are you & what is your role at Arc’teryx?

KC:  My name is Kavan, I am a Colour Designer at Arc’teryx and have been working in this department for 10 years.”

SSD: So you’ll have seen a lot of colours come and go in those years. Tell us why Arc’teryx has a specific Color Design Department, because this isn’t normal in the industry, correct?

KC:  No it’s unusual. It’s a big point of difference for the brand. Our team is dedicated to colouring all of Arc’teryx products including LEAF, and we maintain a strong level of control right down to the minutest details.

Our team is split between colour designers, colour administration and quality control. The colour administrators interface with our material vendors, and control the sending and receiving of lab dips. They also maintain our extensive library of colour standards & lab dips, our sample yardage room, as well as many of the tools the colour designers use regularly.

Every uniquely coloured fabric passes through the hands of our colour quality control specialist. They are in charge of measuring all lab dips and sample yardage cuttings and maintenance of the measurement database. They helps to identifying trends in how colours are shifting from standards during the lab dipping process, and how different materials absorb dye. The designers work closely with them to make informed decisions.

As colour designers, we are behind the actual colouring of the products. We work closely with our product designers to capture their vision and intentions while we’re going through our colour palette development process, to ensure we are aligned with a strong story to convey. We also incorporate the expertise of our product line managers to make sure end use needs of each product are met, and that the message behind each collection is cohesive and impactful.

Our approach to inspiration, and how it is distilled and translated into a colour palette has continued to evolve over the years. Recently we’ve been looking at global trends and macro trends that we find inspiring or impactful, reviewing them as a group, and selecting the ones we feel are the strongest inspirational stories for each season. They can be rooted in anything from nature, technology to graffiti art!”

SSD: How does the department work with the LEAF line, not too many color differentials there!

KC:  You be surprised. LEAF may seem on the surface to have a very obvious colour palate, but there is a story behind each of them!  LEAF colour needs are very specific, they are typically defined by ongoing communication between the LEAF development team and our established network of end users and their requirements.

Wolf has an interesting background. The brief that I was originally given, touched on external studies stating that that a dark neutral grey was more likely to blend easily into its background under low light conditions than black. The idea was to use this knowledge to identify the ideal grey to be applied to a new uniform program for specialized LE teams. However, as these uniforms were not always going to be used in the dark, we didn’t want the uniforms to be too dark of a grey. They needed to blend into the urban environment under differing light conditions. Taking all of this into consideration, I spent some time doing personal exploration around the city (Vancouver) observing the various shades of grey as seen from roads, buildings, cement barriers, etc. As well as reviewing countless images from other major cities across the world. I was able to narrow down to 4 shades, which we reviewed as a group to zero in on the best option. This was the birth of (Urban) Wolf. Wolf then became widely adopted in the industry, it was an exciting colour evolution to be a part of. ”

SSD: Croc is another colour synonymous with the LEAF line – but what is the history behind this colour way?

KC: Crocodile was born of a time when camo patterns were the norm, but no one pattern would fit the global market. Multicam barely existed and there was much discussion around its use vs. the traditional US ARMY UCP. Not to mention, due to the fact that all camo patterns are licenced, and require third party printing, material cost was much higher than if a solid colour was used. Picking a solid colour for our LEAF apparel was the best option, the caveat being it had to be universally adaptable.

Crocodile was based off the Canadian military’s version of OD Green, which had just been phased out in favour of CADPAT. OD Green was a very adaptable colour, but was a little bit too green. The colour standard selected for Crocodile had a bit more brown in it, and it was better suited to woodland and mixed environments. Ranger Green did exist at the time, but was deemed too black.

There were discussions about changing to another colour over the years, but what colour..? The market was fragmented on what they wanted/needed, and Crocodile just kept getting the job done. Due to its adaptability, Crocodile grew and became the staple in the Arc’teryx LEAF line. Despite the introduction of Wolf, and then Ranger Green, Crocodile continues to be “the” colour synonymous with Arc’teryx LEAF.

SSD:  Do you see any future color changes in the market?

KC: 2018 we introduced Harrier Grey in our new Cold Weather SVX Parka & Bibs. Intended for extreme cold weather use, people have asked us why we didn’t make them in white. Simple answer, white doesn’t stay white for long! Harrier Grey is a perfect gery to be under over whites, and allows our end users more versatility of environmental usage than just white would.

To learn more about Kavan and what he does, check out this profile video, part of Arc’teryx’s “Who We Are” video series.

Amer Sports completes Peak Performance acquisition and appoints Executive Board Member for Apparel

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Amer Sports Corporation has today (June 29, 2018) completed the acquisition of Peak Performance from IC Group, announced on April 30, 2018. Peak Performance business will be consolidated into Amer Sports as of July 2, 2018. The acquisition will have a minor positive impact on Amer Sports’ 2018 financial results. The purchase of Peak Performance business has been approved by the applicable regulatory authorities.

In conjunction with the acquisition, to enable faster growth and scale & synergy across the apparel brands Arc’teryx, Salomon, and Peak Performance, Amer Sports establishes a new Apparel Category structure with a dedicated leadership under an Executive Board President. Effective immediately, Mr. Jon Hoerauf, General Manager Arc’teryx, is appointed President Amer Sports Apparel Category, and member of Amer Sports Executive Board. Mr. Hoerauf will continue to report to Amer Sports President and CEO Heikki Takala.

Mr. Hoerauf has a long executive career in the apparel and outdoor industry, of which the past 6 years in Amer Sports, and past 3 years as General Manager, Arc’teryx. He is a US citizen.

“We are delighted to welcome Peak Performance to Amer Sports. With Peak Performance in the portfolio, we are now increasingly well positioned to accelerate our growth in Softgoods. To enable this acceleration and to achieve our targeted operational scale benefits across the portfolio, we are re-establishing an Apparel Category structure”, says Heikki Takala. “We are pleased to appoint a strong internal leader with an outstanding track record, Jon Hoerauf, as President for the category.”


TacJobs – Arc’teryx LEAF Global Commercial Manager – B2B

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Department: Operations

Reports to:  Business Unit Director – Law Enforcement Armed Forces

Job purpose: The LEAF Global Commercial Manager – B2B (Business-to-Business) is responsible for the strategic development, ongoing sustainment and profitable growth of all LEAF B2B regional sales and distribution channels.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

• You own the LEAF B2B customer profile and are the in-house subject matter expert on MIL-GOV-LE specialty single channel and multi-channel sales distribution
• You own the LEAF B2B global commercial sales and distribution channel strategies, inclusive of “Where to Play” and “How to Win” tactics thus supporting long-term LEAF Business Unit strategic business planning
• You manage all LEAF sales representatives and are responsible to ensure that information is shared with internal and external representatives in a timely, effective and efficient manner
• You support key commercial B2B accounts by working with them directly during sell-in and sell-through activities and when applicable supporting them at regional trade shows
• You own and manage the Global Dealer Playbook in collaboration with the LEAF Integrated Commercial Team and are responsible for ensuring that the playbook is updated routinely
• You collaborate proactively with the Dealer Service Supervisor – LEAF on order book management and are prepared to assist the LEAF Dealer Service Team if required
• You initiate the commercial sell-in of seasonal product lines. This includes being responsible for pricing, pre-season program terms and supporting sales representative and key commercial account sell-in and sell-through activities
• You are responsible for providing ongoing customer feedback, identifying MIL-GOV-LE consumer trends that are all key inputs to seasonal and long term product line planning
• You are responsible for providing commercial and model forecasts to Demand Planning in order to ensure Business Unit profitability, maximizing sales and minimizing inventory risk
• You partner and support the Business Unit Director – LEAF by conducting business development with key B2B customers and by providing specific deliverables or reports upon request

Additional experience, education and/or skills required:

• You have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and/or 5+ years MIL-GOV-LE sales experience
• You set a clear vision, align your team around common objectives, and foster commitment to these objectives
• You have effective and efficient time management skills, strong analytical skills, excellent communication and presentation skills
• You are able to travel internationally (trade shows, key commercial account visits, business development activities, etc.
• You are proactive in identifying the root cause of issues and developing creative solutions
• You remain highly flexible and adaptable when faced with ambiguity
• You are able to balance autonomy and collaboration
• You inspire breakthrough thinking and continuous improvement
• You seek the best (but sometimes not the easiest) solutions, with an unwavering commitment to do what is right
• Your passion for your work is paralleled by your passion for getting outside and living it

To apply for this job, click here.