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Arc’teryx LEAF Assault LT Uniform Featuring Gore Katana Fabric

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Arc’teryx LEAF Assault LT Uniform Featuring Gore Katana Fabric

Although we’ve mentioned the Assault LT ensemble by Arc’teryx LEAF a couple of times in the past, many don’t know that it is made with a fabric developed specifically for he military market by WL Gore & Associates, called Katana.

Katana incorporates ePTFE ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) fiber technology and is lightweight, breathable, fast drying and no melt/no drip making it great for use in hot environments. Essentially, the inclusion of ePTFE in the standard 50/50 NYCO, improves the blend. Arc’teryx further tuned the uniform with 520E Tweave and Cyberknit mesh.

Animation Still_with callouts

The advantages of Katana are many:
-Low wet pick-up for faster dry time
-Faster dry time with moisture absorption
-High mechanical durability (break & tear strength)
-High strength to weight ratio (weight reduction)
-Low coefficient of friction offers low, wet cling and improved hand
-Tunable with other fiber blends inherent characteristics, like FR

Assault Shirt LT

-PPE compatible allowing the shirt to be functionally worn with body armour
-Low profile zip neck allowing collar to be worn either open or as a neck protector
-Arm cuff velcro closures allowing for fully enclosed sleeves
-Upper arm zip pockets allowing for convenient pocket accessibility when wearing PPE
-Upper arm IFF Velcro 4×4.5” (w/V-Lite™ retention ring) enhancing the retention of electronic IFF devices
-Daisy chain hard points (in upper arm pockets) allowing for the tying off of mission essential equipment
-Mesh pocket bag liners (upper arm pocketing) allowing for enhanced ventilation and reducing overall apparel weight when the shirt is wet

Assault Pant LT

-Adjustable waist (c.2”) allowing for waist sizing flexibility
-Enhanced belt loops allowing for the use of the LEAF Rigger’s system
-Retention loops (sewn into waistline) allowing for the tying off of personal items
-Reinforced knees & gusseted crotch allowing for increased durability and enhancing end-user mobility
-Hand pockets (w/internal folding knife pocket) allowing for the secure carriage of a standard folding knife
-Seat pockets allowing for optional/extra storage
-Expandable cargo button pockets capable of providing dump pocket capability
-Draw cord ankle cuff closure (w/vertical retention tunnel for adjustment end) allowing for pants to be worn tightly with boots
-Mesh pocket bag/knee pad insert liners allowing for enhanced ventilation and reducing overall apparel weight when the pant is wet
-Soft knee pad insert capable allowing the end-user an option to insert soft knee pads

Recce Shirt LT

The Recce Shirt LT is made from the same Katana fabric as the other items and features a user removable zipper closure down the front and mesh breathability panels inside the dual chest pockets.


TacJobs – Arc’teryx LEAF PLM

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Arc’teryx is seeking a Product Line Manager for its LEAF division.  The full-time position is located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, at the Arc’teryx head office.

As the Product Line Manager – LEAF, you create innovative, profitable, repeatable, and operationally relevant seasonal product lines that align with target consumer requirements and LEAF Business Unit goals. You will plan, prioritize, and coordinate the development of multiple B2B seasonal product lines and support the development of B2G contract opportunities.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • You own the LEAF consumer profile and are the the in-house subject matter expert on the MIL-GOV-LE specialty consumer
    You create and maintain the LEAF product strategy, inclusive of “Where to Play” and “How to Win” tactics, supporting long-term LEAF Strategic Business Planning
    You research and analyze the global marketplace, identifying consumer requirements and understanding LEAF’s position within the competitive specialty MIL-GOV-LE marketspace
    By collaborating with design on creative, you develop a product vision that enables LEAF to sustain a seasonal product line that is innovative, technically feasible, commercially viable and operationally relevant from a LEAF target consumer perspective
    You create and deliver seasonal product line briefs at Business Unit and Company stage gate presentations. This includes target pricing, preliminary forecasts, sourcing preferences, technical materials information, product feature guidance, and packaging requirements
    You coordinate the internal development of seasonal prototypes for internal Research & Development and external Trial & Evaluation purposes, ensuring the development and commercialization of operationally relevant and commercially viable products
    You liaise and communicate with other key LEAF stakeholders to ensure the efficient passage of product related information to specifically include raw material and finished good technical information packages
    You facilitate the development of Special Make Up products to support B2G contract opportunities while concurrently prioritizing and managing B2B commitments
    You partner and support the Business Unit Director – LEAF by conducting business development with key B2B consumers and B2G customers
    You support the Business Unit Director – LEAF by providing specific deliverables or reports upon request

Additional experience, education and/or skills (required):

  • You have 10+ years’ MIL-GOV-LE experience, preferably in a specialist capacity (i.e. Special Operations Forces – Hostage Rescue Team – Emergency Response Team, etc.)
    You have a comprehensive understanding of the MIL-GOV-LE consumer and their applicable mission profiles (to include both ground operations and maritime operations)
    You have 7+ years’ experience in either MIL-GOV-LE product development or have served in a leadership – management – command capacity in a MIL-GOV-LE organization/agency
    You have superior leadership, management and teamwork skills to help facilitate work across different internal departments and external organizations that support product development
    You have effective and efficient time management skills, strong analytical skills, excellent communication and presentation skills
    You are able to travel internationally (trade shows, product development activities, business development activities, etc.)
    You are proactive in identifying the root cause of issues and developing creative solutions
    You remain highly flexible and adaptable when faced with ambiguity
    You are able to balance autonomy and collaboration
    You inspire breakthrough thinking and continuous improvement
    You seek the best (but sometimes not the easiest) solutions, with an unwavering commitment to do what is right
    Your passion for your work is paralleled by your passion for getting outside and living it

These are key requirements for those applying:

  • 10+ years’ MIL-GOV-LE experience, preferably in a specialist capacity (i.e. Special Operations Forces – Hostage Rescue Team – Emergency Response Team, etc.)
    A comprehensive understanding of the MIL-GOV-LE consumer and their applicable mission profiles (to include both ground operations and maritime operations)
    7+ years’ experience in either MIL-GOV-LE product development or have served in a leadership – management – command capacity in a MIL-GOV-LE organization/agency

All applicants must go through the designated HR channels as specified at jobs.lever.co/arcteryx.com.

WARNORD – Arc’teryx Alpine Academy 2018 Registration Opens Tomorrow

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

While it’s a bit of a haul for those of us in North America, the Annual Arc’teryx Alpine Academy in Chamonix offers low-cost training opportunities unavailable anywhere else.

Registration for clinics opens tomorrow, Wednesday, March 21st 2018, 15h00 CET (7:00am PST)

New clinics include:

Aid climbing

Climb & overnight bivy course

Mountain landscapes photography


•Please review skill set requirements ahead of registration

•Plan your clinics accordingly. Sign up for level 1 or 2 clinics before level 3

•If you are registering a guest or friend, please have their information ahead of registration. You will need date of birth, address, phone, and email

•The following payment methods are accepted: MasterCard & Visa

Check it out On Facebook.


Sneak Peek – Ammo Pouches for Arc’teryx LEAF Packs from Spartan Village

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

The title sums it up. Reportedly, in colors to match your Assault Pack.

SHOT Show 18 – Velocity Systems Medical Insert for Arc’teryx LEAF Assault Pack

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


Velocity Systems has introduced a new set of medical accessory pouches for the Arc’teryx LEAF assault pack.


The system allows medics to customize their load when using the assault pack. In addition to the pouches, the kit also comes with labels.

SHOT Show 18 – Arc’teryc LEAF Cold WX SVX

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Earlier today I spoke with Arc’teryx’s Fred Norton about the LEAF Cold WX SVX.

Cold WX SVX is an amazing combination of design, materials, and manufacturing. Insulated with Goose down with a Gore-Tex face fabric, the ensemble consists of Parka and Bib Pant.


Arc’teryx Updates LEAF Website

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


The full 2018 line is there. Check it out at leaf.arcteryx.com.

Arc’teryx LEAF – Cold WX SVX Parka and Bib

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Although we’ll tell more of the Cold WX SVX story in the coming months, photos and limited background data has been released by the various retailers selling Arc’teryx LEAF products. While everyone is excited to see what’s new, this has led to some confusion regarding this two-piece ensemble.

At $1500 for just the parka, many are crying foul. But, as is so often true when it comes to LEAF, if you’re complaining about the price, it wasn’t meant for you. That is double so in this case. Cold WX SVX was created for a very focused customer, operating in extreme cold weather.

If you’re someone who needs Cold WX SVX, you’ll welcome it, and as a core LEAF customer, you’ll most likely be issued it. You’ll appreciate what it does. You’ll marvel at how little it weighs compared to other arctic clothing solutions. You’ll rave about how mobile you are while wearing the suit.

The roots of Arc’teryx are in building clothing and equipment for athletes who conquer the most challenging environments on earth. Designed for wear in the Arctic, Cold WX SVX was created for a different class of athlete, the military elite.

Cold WX SVX is the pinnacle of Arc’teryx design, materials and manufacturing. There’s a little piece of everything Arc’teryx has learned about making clothing over the past few decades in that garment. Quite frankly, it’s amazing.

Because it’s purpose built for a very narrow application, it’s not replacing anything already in the line. And, it’s existence isn’t going to drive the price down on other cold weather items in their line. Truth be told, considering how many Arc’teryx will end up selling, they’ll be lucky to break even. They’ve spent several years developing this product and putting the infrastructure in place to make it a reality. Originally, they had planned on launching the garment a year ago, but it wasn’t quite where they wanted it, so they worked for several more months, tweaking here and there and placing the final design into production at their plant near Vancouver, British Columbia.

The insulation is Goode Down because it is meant to be worn in the Arctic. It’s cold and dry there. Yes, they’ve included a GORE-TEX face fabric, but it’s extremely breathable and intended to stop wind rather than precipitation. SVX is not intended for the average guy to wear in the rain while walking from his car into the office. You’ll be sweating long before you get there. It’s WARM. Over a year ago, I stood in the design studio at Arc’teryx and tried a prototype parka on. I began to warm immediately and had to take it off after a few minutes.

Specifically, it’s constructed with Allied 850fp Grey Goose Down packed into boxed pleated baffles constructed of nylon taffeta fabric with a shell combining panels of GORE WINDSTOPPER 2L 40d Nylon Plain Weave face fabric and GORE-TEX 3L 30d Nylon Plain Weave fabric.

“We are excited to work closely with Arc’teryx to leverage our portfolio of protective fabric solutions for their cutting-edge outerwear products,” says Tom Dykes, Application Engineer at Gore. “The combination of Gore fabrics used in the Cold WX Parka SVX will provide a broad level of protection for military and law enforcement personnel who encounter harsh weather conditions. The design and technical fabrics offer a distinctive advantage so users can remain warm and alert during their mission.”

The features are called out below.

You’re probably wondering why it’s not White if it’s intended for wear in extreme cold weather.  Instead, they chose Harrier, a light Grey hue. That’s because the Arctic isn’t completely White and Harrier will blend in with many of the places that get really cold. Plus, Harrier isn’t going to show every little smudge like the color White will.  Besides, guys who really need to blend in are going to use Overwhites.

If you’re in the business of exposing yourself to the coldest environments on earth, then by all means, get the LEAF Cold WX SVX Parka and Bib. It will be money well spent and you’ll appreciate the investment. If you just want to buy one because “Arc’teryx”, I understand. I just want you to understand what you’re buying and why it costs so much.

Coming soon from leaf.arcteryx.com or from your favorite LEAF outfitter.