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Radical Firearms to Supply Police and Security Forces in Brazil

Friday, August 17th, 2018

Radical Firearms is proud to share its recent partnership with local law enforcement in Brazil. Just a few days ago Radical Firearms completed delivery of 150 RF-15 rifles to the PPCE (Polícia Civil do Estado do Ceará, or Ceará State Civil Police).

Ceará is but one of 13 Brazilian states who have chosen Radical Firearms for their security forces.

The selection of the RF-15 was completed after an extensive evaluation process. Included in that was a visit to the Radical Firearms facility by a team from C.O.R.E. (Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais, the civil police tactical unit of Rio de Janeiro) and members of the Brazilian government. This particular model of RF-15 were built with a specialty maritime coating to deal with humidity and other unique conditions of the PPCE’s operational area.


These RF-15s were part of a larger order of imported weapons for Brazilian agency, which also included a large number of .40 S&W SIG SAUER P320s and five Armalite AR-10 SuperSASS rifles. Although this initial import was to equip PPCE agents only, additional weapons will be imported by the end of the year for other agencies, including the PPCE’s military counterpart, the PMCE (Policia Militar do Ceara Policia Militar do Brasil). Unlike PPCE agents, PMCE personnel do not conduct traditional criminal investigations, but rather work special emphasis operations to deter violent crime. Other Brazilian agencies, including PCES PMES (Polícia Militar and Polícia Civil do Estado do Espírito Santo) are also in the process of upgrading their weapons and equipment.

Historically, Brazilian agencies have been required to source firearms from such local manufacturers as IMBEL and Taurus, but that is slowly changing. In fact, as TFB’s Ronaldo Olive reports, Brazil’s Departamento de Polícia Federal (Federal Police Department) and the Polícia Rodoviaria Federal (Federal Highway Police) have both been equipped with foreign-built weapons.

The RF-15 is a 5.56mm rifle with 1 in 7″ Twist 16 in. 4140V Chromoly Melonite Coated barrel. It features M4 feed ramps, 1/2×28 thread pitch, a low profile micro gas block system, and fore end quad Pic Rails. Options for bolt carrier group, charging handle, and rail furniture are available.

Ceará is one of 27 states in Brazil, and is the 8th largest, with a population of some nine million people (about the same as Virginia). It covers a geographic area somewhere between that of Minnesota and Michigan. Its capital, Fortaleza, is the fourth most populous city in Brazil, a major ocean port and a significant tourist destination. The crime rate there is very high, and like many urban areas suffers from the violent activities of organized gangs (such as the Comando Vermelho and Guardiões do Estado). It has recently significantly increased its available manpower.

Photos by Paolo Bedran and PPCE

Remington Awarded Army Carbine Contract

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Huntsville, AL Remington is pleased to announce the recent award of a contract to supply the US Army with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) 5.56mm Carbines.

This is the second significant award for 5.56mm carbines to Remington by the US Army on behalf of key international allies. Remington Chief Executive Officer Anthony Acitelli said of the award: “Remington is proud of our continuing contribution to public safety and our nation’s national security priorities worldwide. “We look forward to continuing our daily dedication to the design, production, and delivery of the highest quality military and law enforcement products for our public safety officers, warfighters, and allies alike.”

Crimson Trace Upgrades For MSRs

Monday, July 16th, 2018

(Wilsonville, OR) — Crimson Trace®, recognized as America’s Top Brand of laser sights and lights in a shooting sports industry survey of shooters and hunters, offers numerous lighting upgrade options to owners of modern sporting rifles (MSRs) and most rail-equipped long guns.  The easy-to-install laser sights and lights can be used on a wide assortment of firearms that are held for self- and home-defense purposes, and for hunting in numerous states. The great news is the options can be found in more than 2,800 dealers across America—or quickly ordered online.


Leading the way in long-gun upgrades are the new Crimson Trace Tactical Lights. These innovations include the CWL-102 white LED light, which delivers up to 500 lumens and can be activated with a tap-on/tap-off tail cap or via a remote on/off activation pad attached to the light with a linking cable. That activation pad can be placed in position on the firearm with Velcro straps or a stick-in-place strip. Another similar light model, the CWL-202 provides up to 900 lumens of output. These lights are impact resistant and water resistant up to a depth of 1 meter. Models are available to fit standard rails or the M-Lok®/Keymod accessory slots.

Crimson Trace also offers the award-winning LiNQ® wireless laser sight and light solution. This remotely operated green laser sight and bright light is designed to securely attach to any MSR that is equipped with a M1913 Picatinny or Weaver accessory rail. The compact module of the LiNQ laser/light system houses a green laser sight and powerful 300-Lumen LED white light. The replacement activation grip controls the module through a secure singular closed system. That module can be operated in four modes: light only, laser only, laser and light, and laser and strobe light. The grip and the module are pre-paired at Crimson Trace’s state-of-the-art factory when packaged for shipping, and FREE mounting tools and batteries are included.

Another popular MSR upgrade is the Crimson Trace MVF-515™ laser sight. This Modular Vertical Foregrip has a bright 200-Lumen LED white light partnered with a red or green laser sight. The user simply mounts the MVF-515 laser sight on a lower rail (Picatinny or similar) on the rifle’s forend, tightens the mounting screws, and then adjusts the unit for windage and elevation using the FREE included tools. The sturdy grip is constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and is popular with law enforcement units from coast to coast as well as military units around the globe.

Another MSR laser sight and light upgrade option is the Crimson Trace Rail Master® Pro™ laser sight and light system. These red or green laser sights are paired with a 100-Lumen LED white light and offer several operation modes, including: laser only, light only, laser and constant light, or laser and strobe light. These lightweight and compact laser sight and light products utilize M1913 Picatinny or Weaver style accessory rails and feature tap-on/tap-off activation.

An additional upgrade option is a Crimson Trace Rail Master® with a red laser (CMR-201), green laser (CMR-206), or a 100-Lumen LED white light (CMR-202). The Rail Master universal laser sighting system can be easily installed, has tap-on/tap-off activation, and will automatically power off after five minutes of inactivity. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices for the CMR-201 Rail Master begin at $159.

Crimson Trace strives to make laser sights standard equipment on concealed-carry and personal-defense firearms. The Oregon-based company has equipped America’s gun owners, law enforcement officers, and military units around the globe with the largest selection of award-winning laser sight and tactical light products. Full details are at or are available by calling 800-442-2406.

Colt, Daniel Defense, FN & Remington Selected by DoD to Compete to Produce Carbines for Foreign Military Sales

Friday, July 13th, 2018

DoD Announces:

Colt’s Manufacturing, West Hartford, Connecticut (W15QKN-18-D-0105); Daniel Defense,* Black Creek, Georgia (W15QKN-18-D-0106); FN America, Columbia, South Carolina (W15QKN-18-D-0107); and Remington Arms Co., Ilion, New York (W15QKN-18-D-0108), will compete for each order of the $28,482,840 firm-fixed-price contract to fabricate, locate, procure, or otherwise provide 5.56MM North Atlantic Treaty Organization commercial off-the-shelf  carbines. Four bids were solicited with four bids received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of July 13, 2019. U.S. Army Contracting Command, New Jersey, is the contracting activity.

V Seven Weapon Systems 11.5” Harbinger SBR

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

For immediate release – Glendale, OR – Continuing with the focus on their AR10 / SR25 line of products, V Seven Weapon Systems has introduced the new Harbinger 11.5” .308 SBR and Harbinger 11.5” .308 Complete Uppers.

The new Harbinger 11.5” .308 SBR is available in two different configurations.

Option #1 features the 11.5” .308 lightweight contour fluted barrel under a 10.75” Magnesium Hyper-light handguard in your choice of MLOK or KeyMod. This is perfect for those looking to add their own suppressor or muzzle device option.

Option #2 takes the same 11.5” .308 lightweight contour fluted barrel but is placed under the 13.5” Magnesium Hyper-light handguard, again in your choice of MLOK or KeyMod, with a HELIOS Titanium Linear Compensator tucked under the end of the handguard giving you a few extra inches of handguard to add grips, lights, etc.

Already have an AR10 SBR or AR Pistol lower? No problem. The V Seven Harbinger 11.5” Complete Uppers are available separately as well.

For more information please go towww.VSevenWeaponSystems.comor give us a call at 541-832-2179.

POF-USA Chosen as Rifle of the Year at 2018 Industry Choice Awards

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

(06/19/2018) Phoenix, Arizona – Patriot Ordnance Factory is proud to announce taking home the Rifle of the Year award from the 2018 Firearms Industry Choice Awards for a second year running.  POF USA was honored to attend and thanks everyone involved in the awards process, as well as congratulating the other winners.

The Renegade + is a departure from the original vision of Patriot Ordnance Factory, who is known for being a pioneer in the piston MSR category of rifles, and for still having the most reliable and feature-packed piston driven MSR on the market.  Historically, there was much debate on whether or not POF-USA would or should even enter the Direct Impingement market.  However, Frank has never been one to back down from a challenge, and in true POF-USA style, the Renegade+ took form.

Built on the unique and fully ambidextrous Gen 4 lower, featuring multiple upgrades and produced with 100% American sourced made raw materials and innovation. The Renegade + and Renegade + SPR with its 18.5” stainless barrel are clearly several steps ahead of the majority of the MSR market.  The upper receiver is built around the unique heat sink barrel nut, the 9 position adjustable DIctator gas block, a match-grade accurate 18.5” .223 Wylde barrel, and features our Renegade M-Lok rail with 4 QD sling mount points.

Finishing what is already an impressive rifle is the Ultimate DI bolt carrier group with High-phosphate nickel coating, a roller cam pin, and features a one-piece construction with an integrated gas key.  The rifle also features the Tomahawk ambi charging handle.

For more information, visit or call 623-561-9572.

CANSEC 18 – Colt Canada Modular Rail Rifle

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Colt Canada’s new Modular Rail Rifle is the follow on to their Integrated Upper Receiver which relies upon Picatinny Rails at the fore end. Users found the hand guard to be too bulky for a proper grip and Colt Canada wanted to adopt a more attachment standard. They chose M-Lok for the MRR.

Here, you can see the single construction of the upper receiver and hand guard.

It’s available in three calibers, 300 blk, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm. The 7.62mm is based on the Colt 901 lower receiver.

They come standard with an improved chamber over the IUR, continuous integral top Pic rail, and a free floating, chromed hammer forged barrel. Additionally, Colt Canada offers ambidextrous controls for the MRR and various coated it anodized finishes.

After M4 Unintended Discharges, US Army Institutes C-SPORTS, Changes Selector Lever TDP

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

The Malfunction

About a month ago, a Soldier at Fort Knox, Kentucky made a cell phone video showing him attempting to fire his charged Product Improvement Program M4A1 while the selector lever was set halfway between the Semi and Auto detent positions. Naturally, the weapon didn’t fire.

When he rotated the selector lever completely into the detent Auto position, the weapon discharged. The process has been repeated with a weapon from a different manufacturer, but going from Safe to Semi.

As I’m sure you know, it’s not supposed to work that way. Consequently, the Army’s Tank and Automotive Command, responsible for small arms maintenance, issued two separate Safety of Use Messages (18-004 & 18-005), in conjunction with PEO Soldier’s Program Manager for Soldier Weapons to address the issue.

Interestingly, the SOUM directs Soldiers to not attempt to replicate this malfunction during live fire. Of course, they’re going to. It wouldn’t have been discovered if someone hadn’t been messing around in the first place.

Fortunately, no one was injured or killed due to this malfunction. It’s just Joe, doing what Joe does. Except now, Joe videos it.


The design for the M16 family of small arms is over 60 years old and the weapon itself has been issued to the US military for well over half-a-century.

In all of that time, we’ve never seen a documented case of this malfunction. Personally, I never considered that a Soldier would fail to rotate the selector lever to a functional, positive detent position. Until someone did it.

The Cause

The malfunction isn’t detected via the standard function check. However, weapons which have the issue will still will work just as they always have, so long as they are used properly. It is also important to note that this issue is not manufacturer specific, having been exhibited in both Colt and FN guns. It may also affect weapons of the other services, so they should heed the SUOMs as well.

When I first heard about it, I immediately suspected out of spec parts. Considering the Army’s efforts to upgrade its M4 and M16 fleets to the M4A1 standard, it’s plausible that they got ahold of some triggers, disconnectors, sears or selector levers that were not manufactured to tolerances called for in the Technical Data Package.

According to Army sources, upon inspection, some of the new ambidextrous selector levers have been manufactured at the edge of the spec. When combined with other parts in the same situation, tolerance stacking has combined to cause the issue. No one specific culprit is to blame.

Apparently, the Army determined that about 10% of the weapons they have inspected possess this defect. I’ve been unable to recreate the phenomenon on any of the weapons (both commercial and govt contract) I’ve had access to over the past few weeks. Still, 10% of issue weapons is an issue which must be dealt with.

TACOM SUOM #18-005 contains a more detailed function check to determine if the weapon will malfunction. Units should perform this check on all M4/16s. It is important to note, even if the issue is present, the weapon is safe to use, so long as it is used properly.

The Fix

The Army is taking additional measures to Using the full range of DOTMLPF analysis the Army considered different ways to mitigate the issue.


One, was to change the Army’s long held immediate action drill from the M4/16, called SPORTS.

Civilians have simplified the procedure to Tap-Rack-Bang, for tap the magazine to ensure it is fully seated, rack the slide to extract the round which didn’t fire and load a new round and bang to fire the weapon.

Due to these misfire, the Army has added a C to the beginning for Check as in check to make sure the weapon is on Semi or Auto.

An Updated Selector Lever

Additionally, the Army has initiated a change to the TDP for the selector lever which adds a chamfer to the face which will force the lever to snap into a fixed detent position rather than remain floating between functional detent positions.

This new version of the ambidextrous selector lever will have the same NSN and units will be authorized to swap out current selector levers for the new one, regardless of whether the malfunction is present.

Although some have called for a hands-on inspection of all of the Army’s M4/16 fleet of almost 1,000,000 weapons by a TACOM team, unit level armorers are more than capable of conduction the function checks and installing the new selector levers. There’s no reason to expend valuable resources on a TACOM inspection team.