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High Angle Solutions – Scarpa Ribell

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

The Future of Mounatineering Boots?

Extremely light and comfortable thanks to the exclusive Sock-Fit Plus construction system and extremely performing in all terrains thanks to the innovative and exclusive curved last shape which allows a fast “stile alpino” walking. Ribelle Tech OD represents the “step forward” for new mountaineering and alpinist’s mentality. Outstanding comfort for daily use, Ribelle is the right choice for alpine guides, mountain professionals and expert alpinists who look for lightness, agility, control and great grip. The Pentax Precision III sole has a light PU midsole and Vibram Mont compound on the outsole. The TPU crampon insert on the heel makes it compatible with the use of semi-automatic (C2) crampons while the front part of the sole makes easy for the foot to roll fast off the heel. In SCARPA®, the future is now.

High Angle Solutions is a weekly series of articles focusing on military mountaineering solutions. It’s brought to you by UK-based Brigantes Consulting, in conjunction with several other brands, both here in the US and abroad.

Combat FlipFlops – Limited Edition Black AK – 47

Friday, March 16th, 2018

With all the angst toward black guns, CFF remade of the classic AK-47 for the gun lovers and the not-so-gun lovers.   These noir beach cruisers are available in a limited run and deliver in April.

Available in Men’s Sizes 7 through 15 or Women’s Sizes 5 through 11


Combat Boot Rubber Out sole

EVA mid-layers

Cow Leather Deck

Cow Leather Upper

Embossed Poppies

Cast 7.62 x 39mm Casings

Made in Bogota, Colombia

Remember, purchase a pair and fund one Day of Secondary School for an Afghan Girl.

SURROUND product technology delivers the first GORE-TEX police duty footwear with 360° breathability

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Nuremberg, March 9, 2018 With its GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) has paved the way for the production of a new class of police duty footwear. This footwear is the first of its kind to offer 360° breathability in addition to durable waterproofness. Moisture and warmth produced by the foot are not only conducted out of the shoe via the upper, but also via the sole. So, police officers’ feet stay dry and comfortable even at higher temperatures or during physically strenuous activities.

Gore’s footwear partners can now supply police duty footwear featuring the GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology and complying with the requirements of EN ISO 20347:2012 for occupational shoes. This footwear is characterised by a new class of climate comfort, extensive protective features, a light weight and an attractive design. In this regard it lives up to the increased expectations of police officers whose everyday, all-day work takes them indoors and outdoors, where they need to be able to rely on dependable and comfortable footwear across a wide range of activities and weather conditions. This makes this footwear the ideal solution for police officers on regular and patrol duty, as well as for policing tasks in urban areas.


Increased overall breathability?The GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology a patented footwear technology that is already well established in the mountain sports and casual sectors means that police duty footwear can now also move moisture and warmth away from all-around the foot, not only via the upper, but also via the sole. As about one third of the sweat produced by the human foot is produced on the sole of the foot, this offers a considerable advantage over the police duty footwear that was typically worn in the past and was not breathable under the sole of the foot. The special structure of the GORE-TEX® SURROUND® sole creates a significantly larger area through which moisture can be moved away from the foot, increasing the overall breathability of the safety shoe. Moisture and warmth produced by the foot can now also escape from the bottom of the shoe. Via a special GORE-TEX® laminate in the sole area, they are directed into a ventilation grid from where they are conducted out of the shoe through side openings in the sole.


Tests conducted in the climate chamber have revealed that during periods of activity the relative humidity of the skin on the foot is lower and during periods of rest the speed at which moisture is moved away from the skin is significantly higher. Shoe styles engineered with GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology offer up to 25% more breathability than GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort footwear.

Reliable protection?The durable waterproofness of the police uniform footwear is ensured by special GORE-TEX® lining laminates that are integrated into the upper and sole of the shoe, surrounding the foot on all sides. They provide protection against exposure to water and other liquids while simultaneously preventing the penetration of commonly occurring chemicals, including diesel, AFFF fire-fighting foam (3%), sulphuric acid (37%) and caustic soda (30%), in accordance with ISO 13994/ ASTM F 903, method C1.

GORE-TEX® SURROUND® Tactical Footwear is certified in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012 for occupational footwear and fully complies with safety legislation without restricting climate comfort in any way. The GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology allows for flexibility in the structure of the sole: footwear partners can choose whether they attach the sole to the upper using an injection moulded or cemented construction.

First styles on show at IWA 2018?At IWA 2018 in Nuremberg, Gore and Gore footwear partners AKU (I), CRISPI (I), FAL (ES) and LOWA (D) are showcasing the first styles within the framework of this new GORE-TEX® police uniform footwear concept.

Fabrics Division?Forty years ago the Fabrics Division of W. L. Gore & Associates revolutionised the outdoor apparel industry with its waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® products. Today it is still a leading innovator in the field of functional garments. Products with Gore functional fabrics offer comfort and protection, allowing their wearers to set themselves more ambitious goals and experience more: both in adverse conditions and in everyday use. Whether they are hiking in pouring rain, on a military manoeuvre or attending a fire fighting incident Gore knows the needs of its wearers and the sectors in which they are active. This helps ensure that the company develops products with features that make god practical sense.;

Sneak Peek – Garmont T4 & T4 Tour

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

The new T4 is coming in June 2018.

The new T4 Tour is coming in August 2018.

The Salomon Forces 2018 is Marching Its Way to US Elite Gear

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

The newest members of the Salomon Forces boot family are here at US Elite Gear!

First up are the revamped XA Mids; this flagship of the Forces line has been ruggedized for military tasks like fast-roping and rappelling, and is available in standard and Gore-Tex versions. The GTX version also has a new Ranger Green colorway.

Next, the Speedcross 4 Forces is now available with a wide instep, making the shoe a true ‘E’ size and eliminating headaches about finding the right fit.

The X ALP MTN GTX is built for scrambling through rocky mountain terrain, and now has a wider toebox for increased comfort.

Something new is the TOUNDRA FORCES CSWP (ClimaSalomon WaterProof), designed to be the warmest possible boot or arctic conditions at the lightest possible weight. Available in extended sizes (half sizes).

Finally, Salomon has released what many have been clamoring for: a uniform regulation-compliant boot. The Guardian meets the Army’s AR 670-1 standard and maintains the Salomon standards of comfort and quality.

U.S. Elite is the market leader in Arc’teryx LEAF and Salomon Forces. Check out the newest footwear from Salomon Forces from the internet’s most trusted source. Fully stocked and ready to ship.

SHOT Show 18 – Garmont Nemesis

Monday, February 5th, 2018

I was pretty excited to see the new Nemesis 4.0 and 6.0 GTX from Garmont.


Garmont boots have been very popular with troops because they are so lightweight. Still lightweight, this new style is a serious departure from the T8, with abrasion-resistant nylon uppers reminiscent of a civilian hiker. The Nemesis also features rubber overlays at the toe and heel. They offer a roomy toe box, anatomical tongue (with lace pocket), asymmetric cuff, and heel slide.


SHOT Show 18 – Altama / SSD OTB Shoe Collaboration

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

This is a sneak peek of a Grey on Grey OTB Shoe collaboration we are doing with Altama.

Full details are coming soon but 200 pairs of these “Soldier Systems Classics” shoes will be offered for sale with all of SSD’s proceeds going to the Pararescue Foundation. During my Air Force career, I was assigned to several Special Tactics Squadrons.

Eric Graves

SHOT Show 18 – Reebok Duty Sublite Cushion Tactical

Friday, January 26th, 2018

Reebok Duty has expanded the Sublite Cushion Tactical line with three new models. There is Sage Green for the Air Force and Coyote for the Army AR 670-1 compliant boot. Additionally, they’ve introduced Mid versions as more a tactical causal shoe.

Interestingly, they developed a special sole for the AR 670-1 boot.

It incorporates a rope guard and offers a full rubber outsole with additional abrasion resistance.

The other models (as seen above) have deeper flex grooves as well as targeted rubber at the toe and heel for weight reduction.

At the top of the younger there is a lace garage.


Finally, the footbed incorporates memorytech massage with massaging pods. Although hey come standard with the Sublime Cushion, these footbeds as an after market accessory later this year.