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Now Available – Altama x SSD x TD Limited Edition Maritime Assault Shoe Mid in Wolf Grey

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Soldier Systems Daily has teamed up with Altama to introduce the limited edition Soldier Systems Classic version of the Maritime Assault Mid in Wolf Grey.

Last year, Soldier Systems Daily founder Eric Graves visited the Altama factory in Tennessee and was very impressed with the work being done there. He spoke with Original Footwear owner Kevin Cole about an idea he had been mulling over to raise money for military charities.

The concept of Soldier Systems Classics is simple. Combine old and new into a product which is branded with the Soldier Systems Classic logo. That could be an old design made from new materials or colors like Wolf Grey, or a new product with a heritage paint job like WWII Marine camouflage. Any funds raised by SSD are donated to a deserving charity.

Altama had just introduced the Maritime Assault Shoe which was designed by Eric’s old friend Dan Ellis. They reminded Eric of a modernized version of the sneaker inspired jungle shoes of World War Two and a deal was struck. Altama would introduce a new special color for the Maritime Assault Line and would manufacture 300 pair which included the Classics version of the SSD logo. Eric would select a deserving charity.

Eric is a retired US Air Force Intelligence Officer who served at the 21st & 23rd Special Tactics Squadrons as well as the 720th Special Tactics Group.

For the first Soldier Systems Classic fundraiser, he wanted to identify a charity which is very focused on the community it supports and is effective in delivery of support and services. He asked some of the men he had served with and they suggested The Pararescue Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

The Pararescue Foundation is the only entity dedicated to exclusively support US Air Force Pararescue and Combat Rescue Officer service members, veterans and their families.

Their mandate:
• Relieve the physical and psychological demands of service
• Provide tragedy, transition, and education assistance
• Honor the commitment and sacrifice of those who live by the motto:  “That Others May Live”

Last but not least, SSD turned to Tactical Distributors to handle the sale of the shoes. 10% of the proceeds of the sale of these shoes will be donated to The Pararescue Foundation.

The shoes are limited to 300 pair. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Visit to learn more about the shoe and to order your own pair.

Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

It isn’t often that troops need to scale vertical or high-altitude terrain but if you do the La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX is a great choice.  At 1760g it is a lightweight technical B3 option and therefore perfect for very difficult ground.  It is fully crampon compatible and with its 2.8mm one piece leather is exceptionally sturdy and hard wearing.  The Vibram sole with Impact Brake system offers excellent control on descents and ascents alike.  The Karakorum is currently in service with the UK’s mountain troops and has enabled a significant decrease in soldier burden with the lighter weight.

Although very similar in build to the La Sportiva Nepal the Karakorum has less insulation making it an ideal all year round boot and therefore perfect for the military user.

For more information get in touch by email on or for UK customers

Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Scarpa Manta Pro Tactical  

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Scarpa Manta Pro has been one of the top Mountain Boots in the UK for the past decade.  It has had a number of variations over this time and continues to be the go to boot for winter mountaineers.  As part of our ongoing program of bringing top quality outdoor product to the military user Brigantes has been working with Scarpa on producing a tactical Manta Pro.

The Manta Pro is a B2 rated winter mountaineering boot weighing in at 1640g per pair.  It is the perfect balance between technical climbing boot and high quality walking.  Built on the excellent Scarpa FT last and using a Gore-Tex membrane it is ideal for all conditions from Alpine to Hill.

The tactical boot is a subdued version of this famous boot.  As the military user requires it for general mountaineering rather than sports climbing the B2 offers the ideal compromise between stiffness and flexibility making excellent for long hard days across difficult and varied terrain.

For more information get in touch by email on or for UK customers

MDM 18 – Danner Tropical Boot

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Danner exhibited their tropical boot concept at Modern Day Marine.

It features rough out leather and Cordura upper with drainage holes and a combination of fabric and metal barrel lace eyelets. The deep lug Vibram sole is similar in configuration to the old Panama tread.

Chaco – Camo Sandals

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Chaco has released a limited run of camouflage sandals.

There are several styles available but they’re a limited run. The patterns are woodlandesque, but make the point.

Viktos Law Dog Boots

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Featuring a polishable heel and toe, the Law Dog boot is constructed of full grain leather. These were built with LE and First Resoonders in mind, integrating waterproof/breathable as well as Blood-borne Pathogen resistance. In addition to a Reinforced Toe Box, the Law Dog boot also features their Strife™ Warfighter Bottom Unit.

Available in Nightfjall, a Black shade, in sizes 7-15.

OTB JungleLites Now In Stock And Ready To Ship

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

The JungleLite was by far the most popular OTB Boot and when they went away, customers were bummed. But Dan Ellis revived the brand and improved the design.


We have been monitoring the status of these boots as they make their way through customs here in the US, and they are finally ready to order.

Top 8 Questions Asked About Salomon Forces

Friday, August 24th, 2018

For 20 years, Salomon has revolutionized the footwear market. Building upon their mountain heritage, the company developed their innovations through experience in hiking, adventure racing, and trail running.  They also bring their iconic fit and performance to Forces, a line dedicated to the specific needs of military, safety and law enforcement professionals.

If you haven’t heard of Salomon, you should look into them, and soon.  From now until Labor Day (Monday, September 3), U.S. Elite is having a Salomon sale, where you’ll find these highly sought after shoes at 25% off. It will also be the last chance to get the exclusive Wolf Grey XA Pro 3D Mid GTX “Sua Sponte” before it becomes extinct. You may have questions before making a purchase, and lucky for you- we’re about to answer the top questions asked about Salomon Forces:

8. Who sells Salomon Forces shoes?

It’s true you can find Salomon footwear at your local outdoor/footwear shop – heck, you can probably even find it on their site. But if you’re looking for some bad-ass Forces, you’ll need to get them right from U.S. Elite. Aside from the exclusive Sua Sponte, U.S. Elite is always deeply stocked, with different models and sizes available. Salomon only allows a select few retailers to sell their tactical Forces line of shoes.

7. Who makes Salomon Forces and what makes them so special?

Salomon Forces originated from The Salomon Group, with its pedigree originating from Annecy, France. Their passion for outdoor sports, along with new technology and craftsmanship, gives them the drive to create progressive gear.  Salomon Forces are made for an elite group of customers, having the specific needs of military and LEOS in mind.

6. Which Salomon shoe should I buy?

Since there are so many great ones, U.S. Elite can recommend for different reasons.

We decided to break this up into categories so we can cover everything:

Everyday use: The XA Forces Mid (2018) or XA Pro 3D Mid GTX both offer comfort, flexibility and support for all-day use.  Both boots are also lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed-down when wearing them.

Shooting / Hunting: This depends on where you are going to be hunting.  If you’re going to be in a hot, dry climate, we’d recommend the Jungle Ultra.  On the other end, the Quest 4D would be better suited for a cooler climate.

OCR / Trail Running: The SpeedCross 4 were designed with trail running (and wider feet) in mind.  Their aggressive soles grip onto loose dirt and gravel, helping you to start off and stop when you want.  With a lining that’s highly breathable and abrasion resistant, these shoes deal with mud and puddles with zero issue.

CQC / CQB: The Speed Assault has the best of both worlds.  They include an aggressive grip like the SpeedCross 4, but have more ankle support and protection, more closely resembling what a mid-sized shoe would have.

Uniform Use: The Guardian is based off the Jungle Ultras, but are designed to meet the requirements of AR-670-1, which means you’re getting tried-and-true Salomon performance.

5. How do Salomon shoes fit?

From narrowest to widest, it would be:

Jungle Ultra / Urban Jungle Ultra


XA Forces Mid

Quest 4D

SpeedCross 4

4. How should I wash Salomon shoes?

The best way to get your boots like-new again is to use a wet brush or cloth, and pairing that with a product like Nikwax will help maintain, condition and deodorize your boots.

3. How do I tie Salomon shoes?

One of the trademarks of Salomon Forces is the Quicklace system.  It cinches up fast and keeps your boots on your feet.  Just pull the lace tab up, slide the toggle lock until you’ve got the desired fit, then secure the excess length inside the lace garage, found on the tongue of the shoe. The system ensures a secure, comfortable fit, and is much less likely to snag on something than traditional laces.  If they do break, replacements are available.  You can also check out this video which is a guide to replacing the Quicklace, featuring Hugh from AmerSports.

2. Can I machine wash Salomon shoes?

Although you can machine wash pretty much anything, we don’t recommend doing this with your boots.  Check back to number 4- how to wash Salomon shoes for the best way to get them clean again.

1. Are Salomon shoes good?

Short answer – yes.  Soldiers and professionals need dedicated equipment to operate in hostile environments, beginning with footwear. In addition to year-round comfort, outstanding traction in changing terrain, footwear for military and law enforcement must be stable, durable enough for intense conditions, and provide complete weather protection.

Don’t forget to use coupon code “SOLSYS” to get free flat rate CONUS shipping.