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FibroTex – Multispectral Camouflage Workshop

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Last month, Israeli company FibroTex held a Multispectral Camouflage Workshop in Bergsee, Wintenberg, Germany.


Twenty-two active operators attended the event, including snipers, recons, and mobile personnel from six major European countries.


The purpose of the workshop was to educate the troops on the ‘what’ of camouflage: camo available on the market, threats, and how to protect oneself against opposing forces using camo. The workshop also focused on re-explaining Multispectral ranges and threats – UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, Thermal, and RADAR – and introducing SWIR capabilities and users, and how to protect against SWIR. The workshop also had the benefit of reinforcing cooperation by European SOF units, who shared and exchanged information, and contact details for future collaborations and training.


the workshop included:

· Multispectral threats presentation existing in the market today (Military & Civilian)

· Emphasizing on the latest threat – the SWIR presentation

· Operational camo lecture by ex ISTC instructor (9 years) which was held in a Cave

· “kill zone'” demo, where the attendees were entered into a ‘kill zone’ exposed to suits, op, and FibroTex’s mobile/modular system

· Day & Night spotting competition (using all devices brought by attendees)

· Handouts of all the educational material (both by hard copies and digital formats) to take back to the units

The workshop was the first of more planned for next year and beyond, with the next workshop tentatively planned for mid-February 2017. These future workshops will include Urban, High altitude, desert battle zones camouflage solutions and an operational camo seminar.

What Do You Guys Think?

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

These photos were found on Facebook the other day and depict a Toyota 4-Runner mod by Red Skull Garage. I kind of like the Camo pattern but I’m really loving the finish it was applied to.

Yep, That’s a Camouflaged Maserati

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Matt F, a longtime friend of SSD, sent us these snaps from Eurostatory in Paris of the Cristanini CBRN Decontamination Systems Booth.

BCB International – New camouflage in sight for EUROSATORY

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Visitors to this year’s EUROSATORY Trade Show in Villepinte, France (13-17 June) can look forward to trying on a new squeezable camouflage face paint developed by survival equipment specialists, BCB International Ltd (Hall 6 G798).

CJOAX 40 (1416 x 2128)

For over 40 years, BCB International have been producing camouflage creams which are used by many NATO troops to stay concealed from enemy combatants. BCB will be unveiling for the first time at EUROSATORY their range of squeezable camouflage face paint. BCB International’s squeezable camouflage face paint is issued to the Canadian Armed Forces.

BCB’s French Government Sales Manager, Philippe Minchin, said: “Stealth and the element of surprise is vital in any military operation. Generations of soldiers have relied on BCB’s camouflage face paint to blend in with their operational environment and stay a step ahead of the enemy.

Squeezy camo tubes

“Currently provided in individual colour tubes (black, brown, green and tan), the squeezable variant has the same properties of our split-stick and three colour compact camouflage face paints. It is non-irritant, sweat proof and offers a high degree of protection against the sun as well as infra-red searching devices.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand (Hall 6 G798) who want to try on our camouflage face paint.”

La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX – Kryptek Highlander Coming In July

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

We first saw the Trango Cube GTX from La Sportiva in Kryptek Highlander at last Summer’s Outdoor Retailer. You might ask, “Why Kryptek Highlander?” and I’ll tell you what don’t know, but it is certainly better than their bright Yellow commercial colorscheme.  We just found out that it will be available here in the US starting 15 July, for $390 retail.

The Trango Cube GTX features a new seamless, waterproof upper with protective rand and direct-inject lacing system. Additionally, this Gore-Tex lined boot offers an integrated removable tongue made from a soft stretch fabric to increase comfort. They’ve also reduced the weight from previous versions, yet increased abrasion resistance. One of the ways they’ve reduced weight is with the La Sportiva “One” sole made by Vibram which offers a lower profile meaning lower weight.

Weight: 26.2 oz / 743 g
Sizes: 37 – 48 (half sizes)
Upper: QB3 Waterproof fabric/ Kryptek Highlander Print Cordura/ FlexTec2 fabric/ Thermo-Tech Injection
TPU lacing system/ PU Eyelets/ Vibram Rubber Rands
Lining: Gore-Tex Performance Comfort
Insole: 4mm graded Nylon
Midsole: PU in toe and heel/ EVA in the central zone and in the heel / TPU insert for rear crampon attachment
Sole: La Sportiva “ONE” by Vibram (exclusive) with Impact Brake System
Construction: Board Lasted
Last: Trango

Darley Defense Days – MMI / Catoma

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

MMI / Catoma has been working in thermal camouflage for quite awhile. Their DEPSOC360 camouflage not only offers a variety of colorways for different environments, but also thermal signature protection as their Thermal Shroud Technology.

This is the Individual Concealment System Kit. It includes a 5’x8′ Thermal Shroud, 5’x8′ Visual Only Camo Net, 8 stakes, 2 shock-corded poles and a compression sack.

There are also versions for vehicles including the Polaris MRZR.  Specifications available to qualified customers.

Slangvel – SADF Style Smock

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Many of you may remember Slangvel for his custom boonie and M43 hats he sells on eBay. Occassionally, he also makes smocks and generally in the South African Defense Force Slangvel or “snakeskin” style. That name derives from the high tenacity fabric used to reinforce high wear areas which reminded wearers of snake skin.

This time, he had some Austrian camo fabric and decided to make a South African style Para Smock. In fact, this one is available right now on eBay.

SOFIC – Torraka Snow Camo Cold Weather Clothing System

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Known in Europe as Taiga, the Swedish brand uses the name Torraka in North America. As you’d imagine, they’ve got some interesting cold weather clothing, although it’s a little different than what we are used to.

Designed for conditions between 5 deg and -45 deg Celsius, the Torraka system starts with fishnet top and boxer base layer as well a level two long underwear.

When you need more insulation, they offer a fleece jacket and knicker length pant which can be donned and doffed even while wearing boots.

This is their cold weather combat uniform which constructed with a Gore-Tex membrane rather than offering an additional Gore-Tex outer layer.

For even colder condistions, they offer a reversible (Torraka Multi Terrain Pattern to Torraka Snow UV Pattern) insulation level which can be quickly dried. You may also notice that the trousers are boot height rather than full length. With the addition of this level, you can go down to -45 Degrees Celsius.

Torraka also offers a variety of head, hand and footwear to help you deal with these extreme conditions.  The loft insulation throughout was referred to as Thermalight.