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OR Summer Market – Lucky Bums

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Lucky Bums has introduced the Kryptek Quantas color option to their Koda 11′ hard board SUP.


US Army Announces Changes To The Army Combat Uniform

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014


In addition to the recent reveal of the Scorpion W2 pattern, now known as OCP, the US Army has also announced minor changes to the Army Combat Uniform to coincide with the new camouflage pattern. Beginning in Fall of 2015, the new ACU in OCP will feature lower leg pockets with button closure instead of the current hook and loop fastener. The insert pockets for knee and elbow pads will also be removed.

Additional changes being considered by the Army Uniform Board include:

- elimination of the mandarin collar and replacement with a fold-down design
- change of the infrared square identification for friend or foe, known as the IFF tab
- removal of one of three pen pockets on the ACU sleeve
- elimination of the drawstring on the trouser waistband

Again, the US Army will begin issuing the improved Army Combat Uniform in Operational Camouflage Pattern in Fall 2015. Military clothing sales stores will begin selling the improved ACU in Summer 2015. Soldiers will be given three years, between the period of initial adoption in Fall 2015 and the Summer 2018 requirement date, to transition to the new ACU.

SSD Exclusive – OCP Side-by-Side Photos – Scorpion W2 & MultiCam

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

SSD obtained these photos of Scorpion W2 and MultiCam fabric after the US Army released photos of the new new Army Combat Uniform in Operational Camouflage Pattern. Considering both are called Operational Camouflage Pattern by the US Army we thought it would be a good idea to give you an idea of how similar the patterns are. Can you guess which is which in this photo?

W2 vs MC


As far as the Army Is Concerned – It’s OCP

Monday, August 4th, 2014

It’s a s simple as OCP

If you notice in the Army’s announcement last Thursday that they plan a transition in Summer 2015 to the Operational Camouflage Pattern, they never referred to that pattern’s developmental name; Scorpion W2. Some found the announcement cryptic. But the reason is simple. As far as the Army is concerned, it’s OCP. And, OCP is OCP, which may blow the minds of some CSMs as this rolls out, considering OCP has been synonymous with MultiCam for several years. There are going to be instances in the future where your OCPs aren’t an exact match.


There are several advantages for the Army in transitioning to OCP. For one thing, they don’t have to make any drastic changes to existing contracts for OCIE. For another, it’s easier to continue to use the equipment previously purchased in OCP. In my opinion, the Army is looking at this as a supply chain solution.

Who’s Down With OCP? Yeah, you know me!

For Soldiers, this decision is a major boon. If you look at what’s available on the open market in OCP, there are currently a lot of options out there for equipment. In fact, chances are good, you’ve already got a whole bunch of kit in OCP. By the Army’s own admission, it will take years to fully field the new OCP. During the transition period, things will be very fluid. Use that to your advantage.

So, OCP, it is. Embrace it.

Updated – US Army Photos of Scorpion W2 Operational Camouflage Pattern Variant of Army Combat Uniform

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

MSG Benjamin Owens in OCP ACU - US Army Photo (3)

These US Army photos of MSG Benjamin Owens wearing the Operational Camouflage Pattern (Scorpion W2) variant of the Army Combat Uniform with the new zippered upper arm pockets adapted from the Army Combat Shirt appeared this evening on the web. MSG Owens serves as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to COL Robert Mortlock, Project Manager (PM) Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment (SPIE) at PEO Soldier.

Breaking – US Army Makes Officical Announcement Regarding Adoption of Scorpion W2 aka Operational Camouflage Pattern

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Finally! To little fanfare, the US Army has just released an official statement attributed to an anonymous Senior Army Spokesperson (yes, I’m not kidding, no one put their name on this) that they’ve adopted the Scorpion W2 camouflage pattern for use as the Operational Camouflage Pattern. This means that Scorpion W2 will supplant the MultiCam pattern which was adopted as OCP into 2010. In addition, it will also replace the Universal Camouflage Pattern adopted in 2004 as the primary Camo pattern. The printers are rolling Scorpion off the line like so many $100 bills at the US Treasury.

There are no new details in the statement that have not already been disclosed by Soldier Systems Daily. The timing for sale of the items in the new pattern in Summer 2015 is in line with the May 2015 goal stated to industry last month.

Despite this announcement, which occurred after duty hours on a Thursday evening, the Army has still not released any photographs of the Scorpion W2 variant which was modified from the baseline Scorpion circa 2010. So far, everything you see online that is labeled Scorpion is not the W2 variant adopted by the Army. As both the commercial MultiCam and Scorpion W2 are variants of the original Scorpion they all have very similar shapes and colorations but are distinguishable when laid out side-by-side. In fact, both the Scorpion and MultiCam patterns were developed by Crye Associates while the Scorpion W2 modification of the pattern was conducted at the US Army’s Natick Soldier Systems Center in Massachusetts. See our article for additional background.


ARLINGTON, Va. (July 31, 2014) — The Army has selected a pattern as its base combat uniform camouflage pattern. The Army has confirmed through testing that the pattern would offer exceptional concealment, which directly enhances force protection and survivability for Soldiers.

The Army is naming the pattern the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) to emphasize that the pattern’s use extends beyond Afghanistan to all Combatant Commands. The Army’s adoption of OCP will be fiscally responsible by transitioning over time and simply replacing current uniforms and equipment as they wear out.

The Army anticipates the Army Combat Uniform with the OCP will be available for purchase by Soldiers at Military Clothing Sales Stores (MCSS) in the summer of 2015.

For the most comprehensive coverage on the path forward for the adoption of Scorpion W2 as the Operational Camouflage Pattern, read our story

This article was updated to add details on the history of the a Scorpion camouflage pattern.

Check Out the New Camo Eyepro Models from Smith Elite at OR

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

After reading this press release from Smith Elite, I can’t wait to check these babies out during next week’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah. They’re offering four frame styles in three camouflage patterns; Realtree, Kryptek and Multicam

SMITH Launches New Camo Collection

KETCHUM, ID (July 29, 2014) – Whether you’re hunting big game, posted up in a duck blind or stealthily entering enemy territory, SMITH Elite has your vision protected with MilSpec level impact resistance wrapped in the most effective camouflage patterns used today. Featuring designs from Realtree®, Kryptek and Multicam® across four frame styles, SMITH Elite offers a variety of tactical protection solutions to dissuade and disguise visual detection.

Debuting this summer, the new Drop Tactical sunglasses (MSRP $199) provide maximum frame coverage in impact-resistant materials, including polarized brown high impact lenses to keep fast moving debris and light out of your eyes. For the avid huntsmen, SMITH features frames in Realtree A/P® camo – a neutral, open, realistic, versatile and effective pattern. For bird hunters, the frame is also offered in Realtree MAX-4® wetlands camo, providing maximum effectiveness as waterfowl camo in any open terrain and without geographical limitations. Additional styles featuring Realtree A/P and Max-4 patterning include the Hideout Tactical (MSRP $95-140) and Hudson Tactical (MSRP $95-140) frames, with 3 lens options available.

Drop Tactical_AP_PLR BRN_DPTPPBRAP_ReflectionDrop Tactical_Max 4_PLR BRN_DPTPPBRMX4_Reflection

Specially designed for varied geographical regions and elevations, SMITH is also utilizing Kryptek Highlander™ patterns to increase stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrain. For use by military and hunters alike, Kryptek Highlander is available with gray MilSpec rated lenses in the Hideout Tactical, Hudson Tactical and Prospect Tactical frame styles (MSRP $179 each).

Hideout Tactical_Kryptek Highlander_GY_HDTPCGY22KH_Reflection3Hudson Tactical_Kryptek Highlander_GY_HUTPCGY22KH_Reflection

For military and law enforcement personnel, SMITH offers Kryptek Typhon™ and Multicam® patterning. Ideal for night missions and featuring a black and gray snakeskin design, Kryptek Typhon serves those who operate when and where others will not venture. The MultiCam® pattern was developed to effectively limit the visual signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. The official issued pattern of the US Army for all Afghanistan operations in 2010, MultiCam blends a variety of neutral hues to allow the overall appearance to change from green to brown tones in different areas of the fabric, while having smaller blotches to break up the bigger background areas. Kryptek Typhon is available in the Hideout Tactical, Hudson Tactical and Prospect Tactical frame styles with MilSpec impact resistant gray lenses (MSRP $179 each), and the MultiCam is offered in the Prospect Tactical frame (MSRP $179).

Hudson Tactical_Kyptek Typhon_GY_HUTPCGY22K_ReflectionProspect Tactical_Multicam_GY_PRTPCGY22MC_Reflection

All styles feature 8 base lens curvature for full eye protection, impact resistant lens and frame materials (meets ANSI Z87.1 and MIL-PRF-31013 Clause and have hydrophilic Megol temple and nose pads that gently adhere to the skin when reacting to perspiration and moisture.

To purchase, visit

TRU-SPEC Adds Two New Patterns From The MultiCam Family To Popular TRU Line

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Marietta, GA – July 24, 2014 – TRU-SPEC®, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, has added the MultiCam Tropic™ and MultiCam Arid™ patterns, developed by Crye Precision, to their popular Tactical Response Uniform selections, designed to meet the unique needs of Tactical Professionals, Law Enforcement and Special Operations personnel operating in high-risk environments.

MultiCam Arid Patrol Cap -3354

The MultiCam Arid™ pattern was developed to effectively reduce the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating in desert environments, which predominantly consist of open sand and rock. This particular palette compliments and overlaps portions of the main MultiCam® pattern; so pairing the apparel results in a well coordinated, functional concealment system.

MultiCam Tropic Patrol Cap -3355

The MultiCam Tropic™ pattern was developed to reduce the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating in dense jungle environments; areas that predominantly consist of lush vegetation that remains relatively unaffected by seasonal changes. Much like that of the MultiCam Arid™, the pattern’s palette compliments and overlaps portions of the main MultiCam® pattern; allowing for overlapping and coordination.

“TRU-SPEC® is thrilled to once again partner with Crye Precision and INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand team to expand our offerings of MultiCam® through our TRU line of apparel,” stated TRU-SPEC® Vice President of Marketing, Darrell Jacks. “We continue to offer all of our tier-one law enforcement, special operations and tactical professional units a line of trusted apparel that matches their performance in ensuring our safety.”

The MultiCam Tropic™ and MultiCam Arid™ patterns join TRU-SPEC®’s current offerings of MultiCam® and MultiCam Black™. The new patterns will be available through selected TRU-SPEC® dealers at the end of August 2014. Visit or to find a dealer near you.

Kryptek Liberty Bottle Works Bottles Now Available

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

photo 1

Kryptek is now offering Liberty Bottle Works bottles in their family of camouflage patterns through their web store. The Pontus, Typhon, Yeti, Mandrake, and Highlander patterns are all represented in bottle form, along with the Kryptek Hoplite logo. Liberty Bottle Works bottles are made from 100% recycled aluminum, are BPA free, and are made in America.

NFM Group – EC Paint Application Tutorial Video

Monday, July 21st, 2014

NFM Group has released a new video detailing how to properly pre-treat for and apply their EC Paint to a weapon. While the video was developed with EC Paint in mind, you could easily apply these practices to virtually any weapon or gear paint.

Video concept by: