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Rogue American Apparel – White Fang Flag Cap

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

This cap is made from Kryptek Yeti. Yeah, you probably won’t wear this on a mountain side but it’s still cool.

Made in USA from www.rogueamericanapparel.com/white-fang-yeti-flag.

TWN Industries Releases Highly Anticipated A-TACS iX Pattern

Sunday, February 21st, 2016


PRINCETON, FL – February 18, 2016 – TWN Industries Inc., the leading Water Transfer Printing supplier, releases A-TACS iX (Intermediate Xtreme) Camo hydrographic pattern. This is the first in a new generation of camouflage patterns from Digital Concealment Systems. A-TACS iX is the flagship pattern in a new “X series” line of camouflage patterns from DCS–what will become a complete multi-environmental concealment solution. A-TACS iX utilizes the very latest in printing and camouflage design technology combined with the perfect blend of colors from the already popular A-TACS AU and FG camouflage patterns to create a pattern with vastly improved depth and definition. A-TACS iX Camo also incorporates enhanced edge detail in the transitional areas between light and shadow within the pattern to create the added illusion of depth while maintaining the unique A-TACS Camo “pattern within a pattern” concept. New A-TACS iX Camo is best suited for transitional environments with a blended mix of intermediate greens and desert tans.

Soon, DCS will follow the launch of its new iX pattern with running changes to the already popular AU and FG variants to further integrate them into the “X” series of camouflage patterns. For more information, visit A-TACS Camo online at www.a-tacs.com or, contact Clint Hoover at clint@a-tacs.com.

A-TACS iX water transfer printing film is available exclusively through TWN Industries, Inc. Three meter accessory packs are available immediately. Part number for A-TACS iX is WTP-854. To find a TWN Certified Decorator who can decorate products for you or to purchase film, call 305-258-9622.


The 6-Color And Night Desert Uniform Trials

Monday, February 15th, 2016

This photo, from the ‘Desert Lab’ article in the May 1976 issue of ‘SOLDIERS’ magazine depicts Mr William Wright wearing the 6-Color Desert Camouflage uniform.  He was the head of the Clothing Equipment and Materials Engineering Laboratory at Natick and can be seen talking to a member of the 3rd ACR at Fort Bliss, Texas during the camouflage evaluation.  The Soldier is wearing the Parka in the Night Desert Pattern which was optimized to confuse night vision systems.  It was paired with an over trouser.  The idea was that the items could be worn when the temperatures dropped during the night.  

The 6-Color Pattern was optimized for use in the American Southwest and was replaced during Operation Desert Storm by the 3-Color Desert Pattern.  During the test, members of the ‘Brave Rifles’ also tried out prototype Meals, Ready-to-Eat.

It’s MultiTarnDruck for the Bundeswehr

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

The German Army has announced two new camouflage patterns for limited use.  First, is the MultiTarnDruck which translates to Multi Camouflage Pattern.  It’s a transitional pattern and will most likely supplant the German military’s limited use of MultiCam.  Interestingly, the German Government has taken steps to protect the patterns in much the same manner as the USMC protects MARPAT.  


Next up is SchneeTarmDruck or Snow Camo Pattern.  In this photo, the new pattern can be seen atop the current pattern.  These should start rolling into service once the German government provides industry with the specifications to print the patterns.


Photos: Bundeswehr

Great American Outdoor Show – Kawasaki KLR 650

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

There are loads of mobility platforms at the Great American Outdoor Show from a wide variety of manufacturers. There’s everything from boats to motorcycles to tracked ATVs. I even picked up a fat tire bike.

Granted, I was drawn to this Kawasaki KLR 650 by its paint job, but it is a great bike.  This Enduro-style bike boasts a 651cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, Long-travel 41mm telescopic fork, Adjustable Uni-Trak® rear suspension, 6.1-gallon fuel tank for long-range adventure touring, Large windscreen helps reduce wind buffeting and Sturdy rear cargo rack.


Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Grey Ghost Gear  / Orion Design Group / S&S Precision

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

I had a chance to catch up with Orion Design Group.  They gave me a peek at a couple of new items in their Lupus camouflage pattern.  


In addition to this Lupus helmet cover for the Crye Precision AirFrame helmet, they’ve got a MOLLE Chassis for the S&S Precision PlateFrame. 

Post SHOT Show Wrapup – LBT Inc – Mexico Marine Camo

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016


Here’s a shot of the uniforms being worn by Mexico’s Marine Corps. You may have seen it in the video of the “El Chappo” capture. You’ll notice some classic LBT designs.


Check out the logos embedded throughout the pattern.

BCB International – Military Face Paint In Sight For SHOT

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

BCB Camo transporter plane

Visitors to this year’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) in Las Vegas, Nevada can try on military face paint that is enabling troops to stay concealed from enemy combatants.

In any military operation the ability to stay concealed from the enemy to maximize the element of surprise is vital. UK based, BCB International Ltd are a leading supplier of military face paint to troops worldwide and will be allowing visitors to SHOT to try on their range of camouflage cream at their booth (6606). They are unveiling for the first time at the SHOT Show their new range of squeezable camouflage face paint.

BCB International’s USA Outdoor Sales Manager, Andrew Howell, said: “Generations of soldiers and hunters throughout the world have used our camouflage creams to remain out of sight from the enemy and concealed from wildlife. Our camouflage face paints which come in different sizes and tones are made from natural ingredients, are infrared reflective, sweat proof and provide a high protection factor from the sun. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand who want to test out our range of camouflage creams.”

BCB International will be exhibiting their camouflage face paint range at booth 6606.