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Philippine Army Adopts Camo Pattern Developed By Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Late last Fall, the Philippine Army adopted a new camouflage pattern (Army CAMOPAT) developed by Canada’s Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. Hyperstealth has been quite successful in developing patterns for other international clients including Jordan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Jamaica and the Mexican Marine Corps as well as developmental efforts in support of both the US Army and Marine Corps and the Canadian military’s CBRNE unit.

The published a sighting of Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, wearing the new pattern during a gisit to Lanao del Sur.

Blast From The Past: Camo Rumors – Some Observations

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

I was doing some research the other day and ran across this article we had published in the summer of 2009. It was written before the adoption of OEF-P Camouflage Pattern, before Phase IV of theCamouflage Improvement Effort and before OCP.  Looking at it in hindsight is kind of fun as some things we had originally said turned out to be untrue. For example, at the time, there was license for the use of MultiCam, but it was paid by the yard.  It’s really still that way today, but it just wasn’t as visible at the time.

Ever since Congress told the Army that the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) used on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) wasn’t cutting it in Afghanistan, rumors and just plain old bad info has been swirling about the internet, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts on the subject.

Urban Legend 1 – MultiCam Uber Alles. Despite internet hype and the military version of an urban legend, MultiCam is not replacing UCP in 2011 or 2012. As best I can tell, this rumor came about because the Future Force Warrior program was supposed to be fielded in, you guessed it, 2011. It so happens that all of the photos of guys suited up in the FFW garb were swathed in MultiCam goodness. For some odd reason, folks couldn’t divorce the concept of FFW from Multicam. Hence, the urban legend. Naturally, this new round of Congressionally driven controversy has only fanned the flames of this untruth. Think about it. The Army just spent a gazillion dollars changing everything to UCP. In fact, fielding isn’t even complete. So ask yourself this question. Why would the Army spend a “gazillion” dollars on a new camo pattern and turn right around a field a new one mid-stream? The answer? It wouldn’t. They want to buy FCS, not new uniforms.

Urban Legend 2 – UCP is going away completely. It isn’t. The Congressional “suggestion” is only for forces in Afghanistan, not the whole shebang.

Urban Legend 3 – The Marine Corps offered MARPAT to the Army and they turned it down. Total Fantasy. Here is a truth. These patterns are about branding. When you see MARPAT, you think “Marine”. When you see UCP you think “Soldier”. MARPAT was developed for the Marine Corps. General Jones, former Commandant of the Marine Corps wanted a uniform that would let his enemies know when Marines were in town. He got one.

desert brush variant 3

I feel for the Army. What a big poop sandwich. “Hey Army, UCP stinks, issue something else. But use the money we already gave you for OTHER stuff.” You can’t just change out uniforms. You have to replace all of the Soldier’s other kit as well, or the contrast will just highlight the guy. So the Army is going to have to compute this huge cost for one theater. That was the point of UCP in the first place. One camo…universal. No more issuing two different patterns to guys…economize.

I feel even worse for the poor action officer at PEO-Soldier who has to develop the decision brief on this one. For example:
COA 1 – Do nothing…Tell Congress “Nuts”, I mean after all, UCP does work in some parts of Afghanistan.
COA 2 – Do Nothing…Beg Congress for cash
COA 3 – Stall…conduct study (Attn PEO-Soldier, I am available for contract to conduct said study)
COA 4 – Issue Woodland or Three-Color Desert
COA 5 – Adopt all new pattern – See pic above

Option 5? That is the fantasy option. Or is it? There are select US forces rocking MultiCam all over the place. Oddly enough, so are Snipers. Aside from that, the Army spent a great deal of time and effort developing and testing several patterns any of which could be dusted off including the one in the photo.

However, I am voting for some combo of one or more of the first three with COA 4 as the ultimate outcome. There is already precedence with the Army’s G1 permitting USASOC forces to wear Woodland camo. Plus, there are stock of the older patterns that can be drawn from to get this thing rolling.

Do we love MultiCam at Soldier Systems Daily? You’re damned right we do. Will it be adopted for use in Afghanistan? Who knows at this point, but it sure will be interesting watching whatever ultimately happens.

Slumberjack Introduces Proprietary DST Camo Pattern For New 2017 Fall Outerwear Line

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Leading with their Perception color, SJK’s DST camouflage apparel provides cutting-edge concealment and performance


Gunbarrel, Colo. (For Release on January 1, 2017) – Slumberjack (SJK), known for hunting, camping, and overland gear, is further cementing their leadership role in the hunting market with the launch of their proprietary DST (Disruptive Shadow Technology) camouflage. This cutting-edge camo pattern will be introduced on their first ever, new for fall 2017 apparel line.

Inspired by the shadows and negative spaces of natural foliage, Slumberjack’s DST blends sharp outlines with blurred, shadow-like shapes to effectively disrupt the human form at long range or in close quarters. By creating an illusion through depth of field and color adaptation, hunters will blend in with varied terrain for ultimate concealment.

SJK will debut the new DST Perception pattern on their highly anticipated, new for fall hunting apparel at the 2017 SHOT Show.

“As an artist and designer I’ve always been intrigued by camouflage design. Even before my time in the Army I had started collecting various camouflage patterns from all over the world. Working for SJK, I was excited to get an opportunity to create a camouflage pattern of my own design from the ground up,” says Vince Mares, SJK design manager. “After an extensive exploration of various graphic-based patterns, I found that nature itself had the best solution with its shapes, colors and shadows. What I extracted from nature is not only effective but has great aesthetics. I am really proud of what we now call the Perception DST camouflage pattern and I am excited to use it on my next hunt.”

The new fall 2017 apparel line consists of four core pieces; a rain jacket and pants and a DriDown and synthetic jacket. Fully-featured and equipped with Perception DST camouflage, each piece is made with “quiet touch” fabrics and DWR finishes to keep hunters undetectable and dry in the field. Built to be packable, SJK’s apparel line fits easily into day or overnight packs.

For hunts where the forecast calls for rain, snow, or both, SJK offers the Windage jacket (MSRP $179.95) and pants (MSRP $149.95). A 3-layer waterproof / breathable laminate sheds rain and melting snow while allowing internal moisture to escape. Articulation in the elbows, knees and crotch provide outstanding mobility while PU coated #7 zippers keep wind and rain out. A relaxed, athletic cut is designed for comfort and layering in colder weather.

For cold weather hunts where weight and packability are crucial, the Incog (MSRP $139.95) down jacket is the perfect choice. Insulated with 600 fill-power DriDown insulation (ordinary down treated with a hydrophobic finish) in the body for enhanced performance in damp conditions and synthetic insulation in the shoulders for durability while wearing a pack, the Incog packs and layers easily while providing outstanding warm on the hunt.

Synthetic insulation is the way to go as they are impervious to wet weather, the Grit (MSRP $99.95) jacket is stuffed with 60 grams / square meter of SJK’s SlumberLoft-PRO synthetic insulation. Packable, warm, and ready to take the edge off cold days in the field, the Grit is made to take abuse and come back for more.


About SJK (Slumberjack)

For over 50 years SJK (Slumberjack) has led the outdoor industry, creating new and innovative gear to enhance any wilderness experience. Offering a wide assortment of gear designed for the core activities of camping, hunting and overlanding, SJK continues to be the go-to brand for comfortable, functional, and easy to use outdoor equipment. Whether you’re on an overnight trip with friends and family, an epic week-long elk hunt, or a 4×4 backcountry adventure, SJK has your outdoor experience covered.

TWN Industries Introduces KUIU WTP Films

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

KUIU Vias 2.0 and KUIU Verde 2.0 designs have been modified and are being released as updated Water Transfer Printing films.

Kuiu Verde 2.0 Hydrographic FilmPrinceton, FL – December 13, 2016 – TWN Industries Inc., the leading Water Transfer Printing supplier is proud to announce its partnership with KUIU Ultralight Hunting to bring you two newly revamped camouflage hydrographic films. KUIU Vias 2.0 and KUIU Verde 2.0 both received improvements to their design, allowing you to blend in by utilizing their proprietary camouflage technology. KUIU Vias received a facelift in 2014. The new design features darker tan background colors, a second shade of gray, and elongating portions of black, which enhance contrast and break up your silhouette at greater distances. KUIU’s objective in the Vias 2.0 update was to make the pattern more effective in a broader range of environments.

KUIU VERDE 2.0 Water Transfer Printing Film

Likewise, Verde 2.0 is an updated version of KUIU’s original version released in 2012. Verde 2.0 features more open space and contrast, making it extremely effective at varied distances. This gives it the upper hand compared to tighter, micro-patterns which can appear monochromatic. Enhancements to the pattern include an added black coloring, a lighter gray hue, and an increase in the overall size of each color block. Additionally, sharp edges found throughout the pattern were rounded off in order to reduce an overly “digital” appearance. This provides Verde 2.0 with a more natural appeal in the field. As a result of these improvements, Vias 2.0 and Verde 2.0 will replace their older counterparts in all TWN hydrographic films.

KUIU VIAS 2.0 Water Transfer Printing Film

Previously, Vias and Verde Water Transfer Printing film patterns were scaled to 45% of the original size engineered for fabric. This reduction in size allowed for an appropriate scale on firearms, bows and related accessories. Now, Vias 2.0 and Verde 2.0 hydrographic film patterns are scaled to 75% of the original fabric size. This will enable Water Transfer Printing projects on a wider range of hard goods to match more closely with official KUIU® apparel and thus, enhance overall concealment.

US Tactical Supply – EG18X Military Smoke Grenade

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


US Tactical Supply has just started stocking the EG18X Military Smoke Grenade. The EG18X is available in multiple colors, including black, white, blue, and red, and is designed to produce smoke for 50-60 seconds after a 2 second fuse delay.

USMC Mandates Woodland MCCUU For Year-Round Wear

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Last week, Gen Neller, Marine Commandant, issued ALMARS 038/16 which mandates year-round wear of the Woodland MARPAT version of the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform. While there are exceptions for commanders to continue to specify wear of the Desert variant based on the local environment, Marines will now swap between sleeves up or down on the same day the rest of the country switches back and forth from Daylight Savings Time.

This move makes me wonder if the Marines aren’t going to remove the Deserts from the Sea Bag and make them UIF gear.

USMC Photo by LCpl Caleb Maher – BAENGNYEONGDO, South Korea – U.S. Marines With Lima Company 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Regiment, train with Republic of Korea Marines During Korean Marine Exchange Program 16-15, Baengnyeongdo, South Korea, Oct. 3rd, 2016. KMEP offered realistic scenario training ensuring ROK-U.S. combined forces are trained and ready for urban warfare tactics. 

R 082123Z DEC 16
ALMAR 038/16
REF/A/MSGID: BNO 1020.3G//
REF/B/MSGID: MCO P1020.34G CH 1-5//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. This ALMAR prescribes the seasonal uniform change and applies to all Marines and Navy personnel serving with Marine Corps units.
2. Effective immediately, the seasonal uniform changes are as prescribed below:
3. The seasonal uniform transitions will occur semi-annually on the weekend in the Fall and Spring concurrent with change to and from Daylight Saving Time (DST).
4.a. For all USMC Commands. During the winter season, the woodland MCCUU will be worn with sleeves down and the designated seasonal service uniform will be Service “B”. Upon transition to the summer season, effective with the move to DST, the woodland MCCUU will still be worn; however, sleeves will be rolled up and the designated season service uniform will be Service “C”.
4.b. OCONUS Commands/Bases/Units will differ to the policy/guidance as established by the their respective Marine Forces(MARFOR) Commander for their seasonal dress/uniform.
4.b.1. MARFOR Commanders, due to the breadth of their area of responsibility, are authorized to set policy/guidance that may vary throughout their region, to include the adjustment of dates of transition and the respective MCCUU for wear.
5. Exceptions:
5.a. MARFOR/MEF/Installation commanders may adjust the uniform for wear, from the dates established in this ALMAR within reason, to take into account seasonal weather patterns.
5.b. Commanders overseeing personnel in training (i.e. basic, MOS school, advanced MOS training) may set the MCCUU for wear as established by applicable order.
5.c. Commanders overseeing units/personnel in training for deployment may set the MCCUU for wear based on the mission requirements, and as deemed necessary to ensure effective pre-deployment training.
5.d. Units/personnel deployed will adhere to the policy/guidance as established by combatant commanders and the regional MARFOR commander.
6. Personnel serving in or visiting the National Capital Region will review reference (a), http:(slash slash), in its entirety to ensure compliance and uniformity of wear.
7. All other aspects of reference (b) apply.
8. Semper Fidelis, Robert B. Neller, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//

44 Official Issue Skull Cap by YANCO

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

In addition to Tigerstripe, I’m also a fan of dot camo patterns like German Flecktarn. 44 Bikes is offering a skull cap for riders, made from Flecktarn.

Supply is limited, get yours at

h/t to Giff at

Be A Man Among Men This Christmas

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

OC Tactical is making camouflaged Christmas Stockings again this holiday season, but this year, they’re offeeing Rhodesian Brush Pattern.

Use coupon code RHODESIA for 15% off your entire order from now till 11/30.

Crye Precision Compact Alpine Overwhites

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Winter is here and the CP Compact Alpine Overwhites, unveiled at SHOT Show, are now available.

Also available, the lightweight Alpine Pack Cover offered in Small and Large.

Christmas Is Coming

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

You guys know how much I love Tigerstripe, so of you all pitch in a couple of thousand bucks apiece, you can get this for me for Christmas.