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Defense Threat Reduction Agency Conducts Drill With Senegalese National Military Fire Brigade

Sunday, October 21st, 2018

DTRA’s CBRN Preparedness Program (CP2) recently sponsored an event, in coordination with the Ambassade des Etats-Unis au Senegal (U.S. Embassy in Senegal), and the Senegalese National Military Fire Brigade to partner and build the knowledge and ability of Senegal’s medical professionals in planning for, responding to, and mitigating the consequences of a CBRN disaster.

TacJobs – Autem Novus Seeks CBRNE Field Instructor

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Job Title: CBRNE Field Instructor

Description: This is the perfect part-time job for current or recently retired members from US Army 74D, USMC CBIRF, 628th Civil Engineer Squadron Emergency Management Flight, US Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team and National Strike Force Team Members, DOD/Local Fire Department HAZMAT Team Members, FEMA Team HAZMAT Component Team Members. This contract is for five years and will entail 8 hours of classroom instruction with 8 hours of didactic stations 3-5 times per month per location with 25 classes going every month. The pay will be at a day rate of $300.00- $350.00 as an independent contractor with per diem when applicable. If we are unable to fill the cadre with local personnel, there will be travel offered (airfare, lodging, food, rental car, etc.) with per diem and full travel reimbursement following US DOD guidelines and restrictions. We have positions open for contract support in in 18 US Cities to include Guam and Puerto Rico. Instruction and didactics will be done with a student to instructor ratio of 1:24 per class. We are looking for 50-60 Part-time contract individuals. We will be sponsoring all instructors for a Common Access Card (Contractor) to gain access to the DOD facility. This is a great opportunity for an individual to be exposed to this client and environment. Conduct indoor classroom-style training in a controlled environment, as well as outdoor hands-on demonstrations and exercises.

• Maintain knowledge base as a SME in assigned course content.

• Qualify and maintain eligibility and certification under the Contractor Employee Reliability Program (CERP).

• Actively seek and participate in cross-training opportunities to maximize instructor resources and the overall training experience for student responders.

• Assist with review of course outcomes to include weekly After-Action Reports and ongoing QA/QC of course.

• Participate in cross-training of instructional staff in related fields to maximize instructor resources and the overall training experience for student responders.

• Contribute to the revision of course materials and assist in the development, review and revision of policies pertaining to training delivery.

• Participate in lecture and practice exercises within the CBRNE/WMD field as assigned.

• Interface regularly with national, state, and local officials to maintain expertise in state-of-the art training techniques and methods.

• Ensure quality instruction for CBRNE/WMD related tasks in personal protective equipment (PPE) at a field training site using technology to detect, identify, and neutralize a weapon of mass destruction. Instruction includes hands-on, multi-task performance-oriented training.

• Address safety issues to ensure compliance as it relates to risk assessment and safety standard operating procedures.

• Address and instruct mass triage and principles of mass casualty response in relationship to a CBRNE related incident.

• M50 Gas Mask Donning and Doffing, Able to use and teach M256A1 Chemical Agent Detector Agent Kit; JLIST Donning and Doffing

Areas of Course Delivery:

Juneau, AK

Honolulu, HI

Seattle, WA

Portland, OR

Alamdea, CA

San Francisco, CA

Cleveland, OH

St. Louis, MI

Houston, TX

Corpus Christi, TX

Boston, MA

Washington, D.C.

Portsmouth, VA

Charleston, SC

Jacksonville, FL

Miami, FL

Santa Rita, Guam

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Qualifications: Requires 4 plus years’ experience required in lieu of degree.

• Preferred candidates will have 4+ years of experience working within one of the emergency response disciplines that support all-hazard response. Of the 4 required years of experience, 2 years must be specialized experience working with WMD, CBRNE, or Hazardous Materials (civilian or military) at the technician level as defined by OSHA. To include former individuals from US Army 74D, USMC CBIRF, 628th Civil Engineer Squadron Emergency Management Flight, US Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team and National Strike Force Atlantic Strike Team Members, DOD/Local Fire Department HAZMAT Team Members, FEMA Team HAZMAT Component Team Member

• Minimum 3 years of current instructional experience.

• Possess functional knowledge of the federal response plan/NIMS.

• Ability to lift a minimum of 65 pounds (i.e. SCBA and other equipment) during demonstrations and exercises.

• Ability to perform prolonged standing, bending, climbing, kneeling, and pushing and pulling carts containing equipment.

• Ability to wear Level A-C PPE including SCBA

• Must pass a pre-placement random drug testing.

• Must submit to and obtain final suitability by successful completion of background check, financial institutions/credit bureau check, and disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

• U.S. Citizenship required.

• All applicants must have the accepted form of government-issued ID compliant with the Real ID Act.


• Working knowledge of weapons of mass destruction which includes related experience in a WMD incident and/or experience in a manmade or natural disaster of national significance.

Please Submit Resume to:

Federal Resources Co-Chairs Iraq 3rd National CBRN Security Coordination Conference

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

MAY 2, 2018 (BAGHDAD, IRAQ) – Federal Resources, the premier single-source provider of customized, integrated solutions to military (Foreign Military Sales) and civilian (Direct Commercial Sale) CBRN incident response teams served as this year’s co-chair of the Iraq 3rd National CBRN Security Coordination Conference held in Baghdad, April 16-19, 2018.

This is Federal Resources’ second year participating in the annual conference and is in support of broader Iraqi and U.S. Government (USG) efforts to prevent the proliferation of sensitive or weaponizable CBRN materials and mitigate the use of CBRN WMDs in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.
This annual event convenes Government of Iraq (GOI), USG, and other international public and private sector stakeholders to discuss timely MENA counter-WMD/CBRN proliferation priorities and identify technology solutions and best practices that can bridge existing gaps in Iraq’s CBRN security capabilities. During the proceedings, Federal Resources led a panel discussion focused on how to effectively leverage public-private partnerships in countering modern CBRN threats and facilitated a day-long CBRN Incident Response Training and Equipment Demonstration for Iraq’s Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, and Peshmerga CBRN response and counter-terrorism teams. This is an ongoing effort by Federal Resources International to work with partner countries around the globe and provide the expertise and resources that will allow them to navigate the CBRN marketplace.

Due to ongoing engagement with Iraqi security and response communities, on-the-ground accessibility, and strong relationships with key partner nation leaders, Federal Resources is uniquely positioned to provide sustainable and critically needed CBRN technical solutions and interoperability strategies tailored for unique threats, environmental considerations, and available resources. To find out more about Federal Resources International activities, experience, and country/regional presence, please contact

SOFIC 18 – WL Gore & Associates Prototype Chem Bio Armor Plate Bag

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

What happens when you’re on a mission and your armor plate gets slimed? Sure, you’re wearing a protective ensemble, but what other vital equipment is protected from contamination?

That’s the question Gore’s Chem Bio Team asked themselves. One of the solutions they came up with was this prototype Plate Bag, made from their Ultra Barrier an impermeable fabric.

Aura Mask Available From ITS Tactical

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

The Aura is a flat-folded and lightweight N95 respirator mask from 3M that’s perfect for storing in any emergency kit! The N95 designation means it’s resistant to airborne biological particles, as well as fluid resistant against blood and other infectious materials.

The flat-fold design of the 3M Aura mask ensures it packs well into a bag or vehicle and stays protected when transported. The durable rubber headbands and cushioning nose foam ensure the mask remains comfortable, even after prolonged periods of use.

Warrior West 18 – Avon Protection NH15 Escape Hood

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

The NH15 escape hood from Avon Protection offers 15 minutes of respiratory, eye and face protection from airborne CBRN threats as well as liquid agent splashes.

The h2S version provides 100 minutes of protection against Hydrogen Sulfide.

The headband is self adjusting and the entire hood is clear for identification of the wearer and to enhance vision. It takes less than 30 seconds to don and has a five year shelf life.

FLIR identiFINDER Radioisotope Identification Device

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

The new R440 is a lightweight, sourceless Radioisotope Identification Device that can be operated with one hand and is IP67-rated. Not only does the 2×2 NaI detector deliver sensitive and fast detection, but it also provides accurate identification during secondary screening. The new 360° EasyFinder Mode expedites decision-making to keep you safe by pinpointing the exact location of the source.

Milipol 17 – SABER ReadiMask

Monday, November 27th, 2017

One of the most remarkable products I saw at last week’s Milipol security exhibition in Paris was SABER’s new ReadiMask. I was literally walking amongst the aisles and I saw SABER’s booth, a brand well known for their pepper spray and saw this mask on a manakin. I immediately stopped and snapped a photo.


Later, I was able to ask them about the full face mask and found out it is called the ReadiMask Adhesive Sealing Particle Respirator. There are two things that stuck out to me. First, the ReadiMask features integrated, fog resistant eye protection. Second, is the hypoallergenic surgical grade adhesive around the entire edge of the mask


While the ReadiMask is currently undergoing NIOSH certification. It’s closest equivalent is the N95 particulate filter mask. However, few if any, N95 masks seal directly to the face. In fact, the test procedure for particulate masks find them sandwiched between two frames and then placed over the blower which puts particulates under pressure. An N95 mask certification means that it is not oil resistant, but filters 95% of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter. But if that mask doesn’t completely seal to the face when used for real, there will be cracks around the edges allowing some material to enter the mask. Additionally, N95 masks don’t incorporate eye protection.

Even without the certification complete, SABER claims ReadiMask, “Substantially reduces exposure to pepper spray, bacteria, spores similar to anthrax, bloodborne pathogens, viruses, smoke particulates, hazardous particulates, pollution, spit & bodily fluids, mold, asbestos, dust, debris etc.”

ReadiMask comes flat packed and can be included in any LEO or first responder’s PPE for in extremis use.

Purchase of ReadiMask is restricted to professional users.