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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Forager Cap LP And Independence Day Offer

Friday, July 3rd, 2015


FirstSpear’s Low Profile Forager Cap is just as feature-rich and functional as the larger Standard Size Forager, but with a .5″ reduction at all points and all the corresponding bulk removed. In layman’s terms, the Low Profile cap is more like a ballcap when compared to the Standard cap, which is analogous to a Patrol Cap or M-43.


The Low Profile Forager Cap is available in Black, Coyote, and MultiCam.


Additionally, in honor of Independence Day, FirstSpear is offering FREE domestic ground shipping on the purchase any Forager Cap through the weekend.

Something Wicked Cool This Way Comes – Get Ready for the MultiCam Force 10 Pants from Triple Aught Design

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Hold on to your wallets ladies and gentlemen, it’s happening. Triple Aught Design is poised to launch the MultiCam version of the Force 10 pant we told you about during last month’s Blade Show.


Made from genuine MultiCam print 50/50 NYCO fabric in the classic Force 10 design.


Ample Storage: Eight pockets provide ample storage, including two hidden Passport Pockets to hold personal documents discretely. Internal pocket dividers in the cargo pockets secure spare magazines, radios, flashlights, or other gear. Pass-through slots on the cargo flaps accommodate longer items and provide access to strategically placed D-rings for dummy cording gear.

Repairable: Our Canadian tape style buttons are secured on nylon webbing with bartacks for greater staying power and we include a slotted repair button that quickly slides onto the webbing for easy repair in the field.

Versatile Design: The cargo pockets lay flat creating a streamlined look and incorporate bellowed design allowing for expanded storage space. We created a slide-through slot at the top of the pocket to allow for quick and easy access to linear shaped items like a long flashlight or ruler.

Added Protection: Inserts at the knees accommodate T-Pro Armor Pads for increased protection and less strain on your body.

These launch tomorrow, Thursday, 20150702, at 0900 Pacific. Just in time for Independence Day. They’ll be available then, on the Force 10 page. TAD hasn’t offered MutiCam in years so please note that the pricing of the MultiCam pants will be $140. This is a bit higher than the solid colors and that’s due to material costs. Shipping starts Wednesday, 20150708.

Ranger Green Anorak Sighting!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I really like the Huron Approach Anorak from TYR Tactical and this sample in Ranger Green looks great!

Stuff I Like – Under Armour’s Fish Hunter Cargo Shorts

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I’m a big fan of Tigerstripe so when I found these at a Sportsman’s Warehouse during a recent trip to Bozeman, I picked them up.  

Made from a DWR treated, 30+ UFP, Salt and Chlorine resistant fabric, the shorts are very comfortable. In fact, I’m wearing them right now. There’s a little bit of mechanical stretch. They are board short length and feature cargo pockets on either thigh with snap closures as well as mesh-lined front slash pockets and a single rear pocket. Very comfy. 

UF PRO – New Striker HT Combat Pants

Friday, June 26th, 2015


UF PRO Striker HT Combat Pants 4

Ljubljana, 26.06.2015. UF PRO® announces the new Striker HT Pants- the ultimate combat pants for hot environments.


With a special air flow system, state of the art knee protection, high-class fabric and component combinations and lots of other unique features, the new Striker HT Combat Pants have yet again set the benchmark for modern high-performance tactical legwear.



The Striker HT Combat Pants are equipped with a new and very “cool” air flow system. Mesh lined openings in the groin area, together with opening knee protector pockets generate a cooling air flow in your upper leg and groin area with every step you take.



The Striker HT combat pants can be upgraded with two different knee pads:

The UF PRO® Flex- Pads offer reliable and comfortable protection against impacts and additional cushioning while kneeling.

The UF PRO® Solid- Pads offer protection against penetration of sharp objects.

Both layers are protected with a CORDURA® face fabric which provides extreme abrasion resistance.

UF PRO Striker HT Combat Pants 1


Three different fabric technologies are used in the Striker HT Pants:

The breathable and durable Schoeller®-dynamic stretch material in the back area makes sure the pants follow all your moves. For durability and abrasion resistance the knee and instep area are reinforced with CORDURA® fabric. A lightweight Polyester/Cotton or Nylon/Cotton fabric for the camouflage versions offers excellent breathability and wear comfort.


The Striker HT Combat Pants are equipped with a total of 14 pockets, and not only the number is impressive but their functionality, storage capacity and accessibility make this pocket configuration completely unique.



The Striker HT Pants can be easily and efficiently connected to your other tactical gear. For instance you can quickly connect your duty belt with double belt loops, your battle belt with extension straps and your boots with the boot loop.



The UF PRO® Striker HT Combat Pants come in Coyote-Brown, PenCott™ Badlands and MultiCam®.

Find out more here:

Triple Aught Design – Primer Series Teaser

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

We got a chance to tell you a little early about Triple Aught Design’s new Primer Series we previewed during The Blade Show



Get the Job Done


Our Primer Series functions with that same thought in mind : get the job done. Intended to be the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, these are the staples you rely on through the most demanding situations. Evolved from the traditional waffle knit that has been used in base layers for centuries, our Made in USA Primer is ready to go to work.


Comfort in Motion: Low-profile seams minimize chafing during active use and provide long wearing comfort against your skin. Double layered shoulder caps boost durability and cushion rifle slings or ruck straps.

Balanced Performance: In the heat, long sleeves help minimize sun dangers while the breathable waffle knit keeps you cool as you advance on your mission. In the cold, wool effortlessly wicks away dampness from your skin to keep you dry and avoid cold chills. Naturally odor resistant, you can hit the ground running for days without worrying about laundry.

Henley Design

The henley is an established classic, relied upon for decades by strong, morally unshakable men who lived and thrived in times of expansion and growth fueled only by relentless grit and determination. These men were willing to stand tall when times were tough, regardless of the work that was needed to be done. Our Primer Henley was built to satisfy these needs and capture the driven, unbreakable spirit of industrious men through the ages in an accessible everyday essential. Our waffle material is a moisture wicking antimicrobial wool blended with durable and easy-to-care-for polyester, that doesn’t so much rest on your skin as it does hover, helping you endure no matter how difficult the work may be.

The Primer Series Henleys and Crews are planned to launch this Friday. They will go FAST. To receive an update when they launch, you can sign up for the TAD newsletter here:

Beyond Introduces the Element Pant

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

The new Element Pant from Beyond is a component of their Element Suite which serves as their Maritime Uniform, consisting of this pant, a shirt, and a half zip pullover combat-style shirt.


Designed to be highly adaptable, The Element System features lightweight, hydrophobic fabrics that offer unparalleled moisture management and breathability. Mesh pocket openings through the system allow for fast and quiet pocket draining when working in or around water. The Element System is the most reliable option when facing dynamic environmental Conditions.

The A5 Element Pant is designed for active use in environments ranging from dry arid to wet temperate. Built from quick-drying Tweave Durastretch with DWR, this pant is durable, flexible, wind and water resistant. The Element pant is also equipped with XGP Superfabric reinforced kneepad pockets, mesh pocket vents that drain faster and quieter than traditional eyelet vents, and a DWR coating to shed water. The A5 Element pant is optimized for moving through changing environmental conditions. Its quick dry times and Water-Resistant construction make the A5 Element Pant ideal for navigating maritime environments.

- 3-point suspender loops
- Zippered thigh vents
- Zippered front hand pockets
- Adjustable hook and loop center front waistband and side waist adjustments
- Front thigh pockets with vertical kneepad adjuster
- Reinforced universal knee pad pockets with back knee hook and loop adjustment
- Adjustable hem
- Mesh Pocket venting to allow for quiet draining.


- Tweave Durastretch with DWR
- XGP Superfabric on stretch Cordura
- Brushed Mesh Pockets

The Superfabric reinforced Kneepads were made by bonding XGP Superfabric to a 2-way stretch cordura which is much more flexible and breathable than standard Cordura. Due to the structure of Superfabric, high-abrasion plates affixed to any stretch or non-stretch fabrics in a dot-pattern work extremely well to protect the garment and the wearer from abrasion, yet the substrate material can still breathe and move in a normal way.

- Durable
- Water-Resistant
- Wind-Resistant
- Stretch Construction
- Quick Drying

25 oz (709 g)

Inventory on these is extremely limited. If interested, contact 206-767-0307, or

Velocity Systems – Range Shorts

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but here in the Commonwealth of Virginia it is hot, as in over 100 degrees hot. Over the weekend I was pulling some shorts out of the storage bin and it dawned on me that I should remind you about Velocity Systems’ Range Shorts. It’s not often that I wear shorts to the range, but when I do, it’s a pair of these. But generally, I like them for daily wear.  They are a great utility short that I am happy to recommend.


Just as the name implies, these are Range Shorts. The features were all specified by the military customer for use as a training short or wear around the FOB while deployed. Made from the same ripstop 50/50 NYCO found in the ACU, the Range Shorts incorporate slanted openings on the front patch pockets to allow you to comfortably wear a knife or light with clip. The Side Pockets are sized to hold 5.56 or Pistol Magazines. Additionally, they incorporate Dual External Dump Pockets with Velcro tab closures. The deep rear pockets have slanted openings for easy access to the contents. The aren’t many Belt Loops and they are laid out well, allowing for use of a gun belt and to accommodate holster placememt.  Finally, they feature a slotted button closure as well as a Waist Belt Adjustment for use without a belt, in case you want to wear a war belt to the range.

One of the things that has come up with these shorts is the length. I grew up in the 70s & 80s so I prefer my shorts ti be just that, short. My kids on the other hand won’t wear anything that comes above their knee. As you can see, the Velocity Range Shorts fall just above the knee and the legs are wide enough to give you plenty of mobility without looking billowy but they aren’t so short as to make you look like Magnum PI.  The slit at the hem also works to give you some extra room to move around.

Available in Tan or MultiCam, sizes 30-38. They run true to size.

Royal Australian Navy Adopts New Jacket from Platatac

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Australia’s Defence Material Organisation has procured a new cold weather jacket from Platatac to replace the current doona/Stanley coat for the RAN.


According to DMO, The RAN cold weather jacket roll-out program has already commenced, with Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia personnel issued their jackets in March and April 2015, followed by units in the ACT region in May. Units in NSW and WA will be issued their jackets over the period May to June, while QLD and NT units are likely to receive theirs in late 2015.

Battle Dress Through The Centuries by Soldier Magazine

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

The US Army’s Soldier magazine has a cool article on battle dress uniforms including the garment in the left of this photo which was issued following the Spanish American War.