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Prometheus Design Werx – Wilderness Utility Top Available For Pre-Order

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Heritage Materials, Modern Performance Design, Made in the USA

Prometheus Design Werx is opening their new Wilderness Utility Top for Pre-Order. This signature design for is in a class by itself. If the spirits of Jeremiah Johnson, John Muir, and Hugh Glass inhabit your own. This design is crafted for those who are most at home in the forests, mountains, and wilderness. A fine blend between a tried and trued heritage wool Melton and a modern, function first utility design, the Wilderness Utility Top is a style that will be lived in and relied on year after year. Cut in a shirt-jac silhouette, it is a relaxed fit and designed to be worn like a light jacket over a light mid-layer. Or size down if to worn mostly with a base-layer like your favorite waffle thermal. Designed and made in California, USA.

The Wilderness Utility Top is a part of their Made in USA CORE-Line of products by Prometheus Design Werx, and will be available in OD Green and Charcoal Gray Heather.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“We see this as the modern mountain man shirt. While a very modern and functional design, it is made with a classic wool Melton. Wool has been the goto outdoor material for generations. It is naturally insulating even when wet, quiet, and no melt no drip. The overall cut and single side arm panels allows a great range and freedom of movement uncommon in wool style outdoor shirts. Ample, well placed pockets for storing any number of outdoor accessories, personal effects, and survival to camp items. 4 of the pockets have zippers for extra security, 2 additional chest pockets act as hand warmers, and are placed as to clear pack waist straps, utility to first-line belts. Double reinforced elbows, generous collar stands up to block wind, and the no-loss slotted parasmock style PDW buttons round out the Wilderness Utility Top. This is a PDW shirt that you can likely pass down to your grandkids. We’re going to wear the hell out of this top.”

The PDW Wilderness Utility Top is available for Pre-Order via their website, prometheusdesignwerx.com.

PenCott-GreenZone All-Weather Uniform Set From BE-X Combat Gear

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

PenCott recently announced a new uniform set from BE-X Combat Gear, in PenCott’s GreenZone camouflage pattern. Below is the opening section of the blog post detailing the uniform set

Under their professional milspec brand ‘FronTier One’, BE-X Combat Gear has released their new ultralight, windproof, water resistant, uniform set in PenCott® GreenZone® camouflage.


All items in this set are made from genuine US MilSpec 50D polyester fabric with a durable water resistant finish – this is the exact same fabric used by the US Marine Corps for its snow camouflage over suit and by the US Air Force for its physical training shell suit. The fabric is rugged, lightweight, windproof, water repellent and unbelieveable fast drying!


Click the following link to read the rest of the story – www.pencottcamo.com/2016/12/pencott-greenzone-all-weather-uniform-set-from-be-x-combat-gear

Sneak Peek – UF PRO’s Delta OL 3.0 Suit

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Wearing comfortable clothing is essential when you want to stay focused, especially when operating outdoors in winter conditions with a full load-out, and the Delta OL 3.0 Jacket and Pant have been designed specifically with this in mind.

During activities in cold weather, the Delta OL 3.0 jacket will keep you protected against all kinds of cold weather hazards, offer you the necessary durability and most importantly, give you the comfort you need to focus on your tasking.

The Delta OL 3.0 jacket is due to its face material windproof and water-repellent. This means that the 2-layer ripstop laminate will stop wind-chill and also keep you dry during heavy snowfall and light drizzle.

A combination of G-Loft and WINDSTOPPER® means the Delta OL 3.0 uses the perfect technologies to protect you. The exceptional G-Loft thermal insulation created out of different hollow polyester fibres a 3D structure which can retain the maximum amount of dry air. This creates a warming thermal insulating layer between you and the cold environment. And the fibres keep their structure also when wet. Due to the so called “memory effect“, they always return to the original form, even after multiple washes and hard usage.

To keep your core warm and to give you extra movability in the arms area the jacket has two grades of thermal insulation. In the torso area it is lined with a 145 g/m² and in the sleeves with a 110 g/m² G-Loft insulation. Areas which are more prone to abrasion, like the elbows and the lower back area, are additionally reinforced with a 500 Denier Cordura® fabric.

The jacket offers in total 8 pockets, which allow you to stash most of the stuff you need within hands reach. Smaller gear can be stowed away in one of the 4 sleeve pockets. For bulkier gear you can use either one of the big front pockets or the two inner pockets. Due to the Delta OL 3.0 jacket’s anatomic cut, the jacket allows you freedom of movement, but at the same time it is tight enough so you can wear additional gear, like plate carriers or chest rigs over it.

The complementary Delta OL 3.0 pants are one of the very few thermal insulation pants on the market which offer a non-baggy cut, allowing you amazing movability and without compromise on thermal protection. Due to the special Flex/Zone construction and an integrated bi-elastic stretch part in the upper front and back, UF PRO can create anatomic fitted pants which follow all your moves and don’t compromise on thermal insulation protection.

The Delta OL 3.0 pants are thanks to their face fabric windproof and water-repellent. This means that the 2-layer ripstop laminate will stop wind-chill and also keep you dry during heavy snowfall and light drizzle. Just like the jacket they make use of G- Loft insulation and WINDSTOPPER® fabric to give optimal performance.

The pants are feature an adjustable waist, long YKK® water repellent side zips, belt loops and detachable suspenders; they also benefit from two fleece lined front pockets with YKK® water repellent zips, adjustable lower legs with boot hook, and Cordura® reinforcements in the knee and instep area.

If you need to be operating at the highest level in the worst winter conditions then the Delta OL 3.0 Jacket and Pant are the very tools for the job.

Find out more at ufpro.si/delta_ol_3_0.

Magpul – Women’s T-shirts

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Just as the holiday shopping season kicks off, Magpul launches Women’s T-shirts.

They use the same comfortable materials as their popular Men’s line, but these tees are tailored specifically for women and feature a slightly longer length for coverage and concealed carry capabilities.

Offered in a variety of colors and styles, order yours at www.magpul.com/products/apparel/womens.

Mission Ready’s Protect The Force Develops the US Marines Next Generation Ballistic Base Layer

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

VANCOUVER, B.C. – November 22, 2016 – Mission Ready Services Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”) (TSX-V : MRS) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Marines Next Generation Body Armor development project (the “Project”) for the United States Marine Corps (“USMC”). Following a contract award by the Marine Corps Systems Command (“MARSYSCOM”), the Project was completed on schedule and under budget.

Managed by Francisco Martinez, Chief Technical Officer of Protect The Force (“PTF”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, the two year Project was funded through the Department of the Navy (“DoN”) Office of Naval Research (“ONR”) Rapid Innovation Fund (“RIF”), the revolutionary combat shirt, the Ballistic Base Layer (“BBL”), is now being readied for field deployment in keeping with the RIF objective to accelerate fielding of innovative technologies into military systems.

Mr. Martinez states, “The Marines Next Generation Body Armor is a Marine-unique development that integrates a number of life saving features. The BBL is a First-of-a-Kind protective combat shirt, specifically tailored to the Marine Corps equipment requirements, that addresses deficiencies identified by injuries recorded through Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. PTF is honored to have been selected by ONR and MARCORSYSCOM to develop the Ballistic Base Layer.”

The BBL is a revolutionary armored shirt worn under the Marines Body Armor Vest that integrates modular deltoid, yoke and collar protection into an athletic flame resistant combat shirt. Newly developed breathable fragment protective knits were integrated into the sleeves and lower torso for additional protection against fragments resulting from Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonations.

The Marines Product Manager Clothing Infantry Equipment (“PdM ICE”) was the recipient of 100+ prototypes of the BBL and 6 additional prototypes with integrated micro climate cooling tubes.

Mr. Martinez further states, “The PM-ICE technical staff and all the contracting groups supporting the effort were a delight to work with and we are honored to have received their input and support. We look forward to working with the Marines PdM ICE as the requirements for the BBL are finalized and the item is fielded. Additionally, we wish to thank all of our employees, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers for their support in successfully developing the Marines Next Generation Ballistic Base Layer and look forward to continue working with them.”


WL Gore & Associates, Inc – ECWCS Prototype

Friday, November 18th, 2016

I’ve seen Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System prototypes. Hell, I was issued one while assigned to 3ID LRS in the late 80s, but the ones I’m familiar with were all made by Raven Industries in South Dakota. During my visit to the WL Gore & Associates, Inc mothership in Maryland, I spied this garment on display.

It shares many of the traits of the ECWCS parka prototype I wore, although the face fabric was a better print, with true Woodland pattern coloring instead of the bright Green and light Brown of the prototypes we used at 3ID LRS. Interestingly, the hung liner is Green, rather than Brown, but the front closures are Velcro and the shoulder pocket is on the right side rather than the left like other developmental variants. While the rank tab has an exposed snap rather than the covered ones in later variants, the pocket layout was also true to the issue garment with handwarmer pockets and internal Napoleon pockets. 

What’s really interesting about this garment, dating from 1983-84, is who made it.

Marmot did quite a bit of work early in this war, but I had never seen any of their work for the military dating back that far. Has anyone else run across one of these?

Update: This jacket was owned by Marine Nick Allen, formerly on the Gore military team and currently with Camelbak. It’s a Marmot jacket, referenced in the comments. Love the seam sealing.

Triple Aught Design – Gemini Shirt

Friday, November 18th, 2016

When I saw a prototype of the new Triple Aught Design Gemini Shirt during a recent visit to their design facility in San Francisco’s Dogpatch, I knew it was something I would want to share with my readers once it came out. The design is subtle, yet functional. The shirt doesn’t quite look like anything else out there and is made from a technical fabric. TAD also does a great job of building a few surprises into the garment.

Again, it seems to be a bit of a retro design, inspired by the clothing worn by those involved in our early space program. I love seeing classic designs updated with more modern fabrics and construction techniques.

Performance on Demand: Built to excel across multiple environments, the Gemini Shirt is crafted from a technical blend of cotton and polyester. Resisting wrinkles and stains, this material drapes cleanly and helps conceal carried items. Lightweight, packable, and easy to care for, the Gemini Shirt is ideal for long term assignments.

Subtle Details: Two clean welt pockets on the chest and a hidden envelope pocket are perfect for small E&E items. The buttons are safely secured along bartacked webbing and include a slotted button that rotates onto the webbing for quick field repair.

The Gemini Shirt is offered in three colors: Siege, Gunmetal, Black and sizes XS – 3XL. The shirt features a standard fit and is Made in USA!

The price is very nice, at $80.


*Due to Triple Aught Design moving to a new bigger warehouse over the weekend, orders will start shipping 11/28*

TYR Tactical – Huron Cold Weather Uniform Anorak

Friday, November 18th, 2016


I’ve always liked anoraks but there aren’t a lot of lightweight, waterproof breathable models available, let alone any in MultiCam. When I saw a developmental version of the The Huron™ Cold Weather Uniform Anorak, I was pretty excited and hoped that they’d be able to secure enough Polartec® Neoshell to do a run. It looks like they were successful. If you’re unfamiliar with Neoshell, it’s an extremely lightweight, waterproof breathable fabric, making it great for high intensity activities. Additionally, the Anorak incorporates a quarter-zip collar design to assist with venting and donning and doffing but also makes it easy to batten down the hatches in rough weather.

The hood can be cinched down in the front and back while worn but doesn’t compromise your peripheral vision even though your head is warm and dry.

Two full length, 2-way zippers on both sides of the Anorak allow you to access the front panel of your vest beneath, or vent excess heat when needed. Additionally, the front of the jacket was designed to “roll and stow” providing unimpeded access to your kit. The stowing tab can be easily released when finished.


Additionally, the cuffs feature Velcro adjustable tabs. Finally, the entire Anorak is seam taped to provide both 100% waterproof and breathable protection.

To order yours, visit www.tyrtactical.com/products/details/featured-products/huron-cold-weather-uniform-anorak