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Arktis USA Offering Clothing In Urban COMB Pattern

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Urban COMB is a variant of a camouflage pattern offered by Arktis which combines elements of various existing patterns. Arktis USA is their American distributor who sells via eBay. They are currently offering a Smock, lightweight Trousers and Short Brim Boonie printed on IR treated fabric.

Beyond Explains Their Softshells – Rig, or Rig Light? Which one is right for you?

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Beyond asked us to share this post with our readers.

We often get asked about the differences between our Rig and Rig Light Softshells. We wanted to address these questions with a brief overview of softshells, what they do and when to use them.

What is a Softshell?

Softshell has become a rather large category in performance textiles. In general, a softshell is a stretch woven, or knit that is breathable, wind and water resistant. Softshells are typically used for high energy aerobic activities where you need protection from the environment, but you also require efficient heat transport and moisture management. The stretch properties of softshell also make these garments easy to move in and more durable around seams.


Both the Rig and Rig Light Softshells are built out of a 4-way stretch Tweave© Durastretch© fabric. The main difference between the Rig and the Rig Light is that the Rig Softshells have a layer of fleece laminated to the Durastretch© fabric. This layer of fleece is going to add extra insulation for additional warmth in colder environments. Because the Rig Light Softshells don’t have the fleece laminate, they are going to be lighter, more packable and will be better in moderate temps.


The Rig Light Jacket and Pant are going to be slightly more packable because they don’t have the extra layer of fleece laminate. Here’s a comparison of the Rig Jacket and the Rig Light Jacket next to a 32oz Nalgene bottle:

Which one is right for you?

Both the Rig and Rig Light Softshells are designed to be worn in active use profiles, so it really comes down to temperature range. If you are planning to be in cold – extreme cold temps, you’re going to want to go with the Rig Softshells. If you’re going to be in more moderate temperatures and you’re trying to save weight, you’re probably going to want to go with the Rig Lights.

Rig Jacket

It’s also important to think about what might integrate the best with your existing kit. For instance, if you paired the Rig Light Backcountry pants with the A2 Longjohn, you’re going to get similar cold weather functionality as the fleece laminated Rig Pants. When the weather, or seasons shift, you can ditch the long johns and you have a super breathable pant for moderate to warm weather.

Rig Light Jacket

We designed the entire Axios system to be customizable to your specific use profile. If you ever have any questions about which garment will work best with your existing kit, or if you have questions about what to bring on your next adventure, please reach out to and we’ll get you squared away.

Rig and Rig Light Softshells are in stock and ready to ship. Contact to place your end of year orders.

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5.11 Tactical – Five-O Covert Shirt

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

I got a kick out of the Five-O Covert Shirt the first time I saw it. The print looks like pineapples from a ways off but as you get closer, you realize they’re actually pineapple grenades.

Intended for CCW wear, it incorporates 5.11’s chest pockets as well as breakaway snaps and their RAPIDraw placket.

Offered in Black, White, Pearl (shown) and Spartan, sizes Small – XXLarge.

5.45 Design – Russian Made Performance Base Layer

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Tactical Distributors – Stand Your Ground Jean Available For Pre-Order

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Before any of our tactical fashion police readers say anything, yes, in the end, the Stand Your Ground Jean from Tactical Distributors is lifestyle clothing. They’ve made them very friendly for those who concealed carry. It’s okay that there’s a little bit of MultiCam in the corner of the pocket. And yes, they’ll sell, even if you din’t buy a pair.

Tactical Distributirs started by looking at a lot of fabrics and chose a 13oz super stretch denim fabric that gives the user mobility. Then, they designed the pants around the fabric, offerimg 10 pockets around the jean in key positions for both right and left handed shooters. All of the pockets are set up for either blades, tools, pistol mags or AR-15 30 round mags. Simple design elements like 2” wide belt loops to accommodate most CCW belts or riggers belts. Seam hidden back pockets for AR magazines. 2 ply front hand pocket so you don’t get your ring or watch hung up on your folding knife.

Offered in Dark Denim with MultiCam accents, sizes 30-40 waist with 30 and 32 lengths.

Pentagon – Kalahari Hat

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

This summer has been a scorcher here in Hampton Roads so anytime I see a sun hat while doing research (aka web surfing) I check it out. This one is from Greek brand Pentagon. They make a lot of 5.11-style clothing and I only learned about them during IWA this year as they are not well known here in the US. However, I do know you can find some of their stuff on Amazon.

What I find interesting about this hat is that they’ve laser cut ventilation into the sides of the hat and incorprated a neck shade in a wide brimmed hat. That’s some pretty serious business and between the material and design they promise SPF 50. UV damage to skin is serious business boys and girls. Protect your skin while you’re young. Offered in Coyote, Tan and Grey.

Fortress Clothing – Hybrid Hoodie On Kickstarter

Friday, August 19th, 2016


Fortress Clothing’s Hybrid Hoodie was born of a simple idea: take the ‘best’ features of a jacket and hoodie and merge them together. To this end, they created a garment that is comfortable across a ~70 degree temperature range, and is wind resistant, retains body heat, and evacuates moisture.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Ranger Green Wind Cheater Now Available For Pre-Order

Friday, August 19th, 2016


For this week’s Friday Focus, FirstSpear is announcing a pre-order on the new Ranger Green Wind Cheater. The new Ranger Green Wind Cheaters will ship out next Friday.

Additionally, Manatee Grey Wind Cheaters are back in stock.


The Wind Cheater is a durable yet breathable lightweight shell made with Duro Ambush with DWR treatment, which provides protection from light precipitation. The Wind Cheater also compresses well for storage, and is flexible, with a longer tail that will keep the wearer’s lower back and seat covered.

The Wind Cheater sports a number of features that benefit the overall functionality of the shell. The articulated hood is sized to fit over a helmet, and includes rear bungee retention, which allows the wearer to adjust it to their optimal size. Both sleeves feature zippered bicep pockets, FS’ low-profile Velcro attachment panels, and adjustable cuffs. Pit zips on either side of the Wind Cheater offer improved airflow and ventilation at the user’s discretion. The Wind Cheater also has two large-sized zippered torso pockets. – Wind Cheater