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TRUSPEC Introduces the New BDU Xtreme…Exclusively in A-TACS Camo

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

A-TACS Camo in partnership with TRU-SPEC introduce new uniform style with a deep connection to the history of SOCOM–paired exclusively with A-TACS Camo, the ultimate concealment solution.

Since the inception of modern Special Forces groups in the early 1950s, it was commonplace for many of them to modify the uniforms they wore to better suit the specifics of their mission criteria.

In keeping with that tradition at the beginning of the Global War On Terrorism, Special Forces groups began a new series of modifications to their existing Battle Dress and Desert Combat Uniforms. Chest and arm pockets were modified to enable easier access when wearing protective or load bearing gear as well as additional modifications required to make it easier to remove identifiable personal and unit information as needed. Noisy Velcro closures were replaced with buttons for stealth and easier repair in the field. A simpler, less restrictive uniform cut also made the uniforms more adaptable to rapidly changing mission objectives.

The new TRUSPEC BDU Xtreme (BDU-X) was developed in partnership with A-TACS Camo and was created with the input of Special Operations and Law Enforcement personnel. It is a hybrid uniform design and bridges the gap between the original BDU and the modern ACU uniform by incorporating many of the best features of both. Cut from soft yet durable 50/50 Vat Dyed NyCo that resists fading and shrinking these uniforms are built to perform.

-50/50 Vat-dyed colorfast NyCo ripstop for moisture wicking and breathability
-NIR Management built in to each garment

BDU-X Top Features:
-Slanted Shoulder pockets with button flap closures
-Velcro panels on pockets for Unit ID
-Two slanted upper chest pockets with button closures
-Front button closure
-Re-enforced elbows
-BDU style collar
-Wrist adjustment with button closure

BDU-X Combat Shirt Features:
-Slanted Shoulder pockets with button flap closures
-Velcro panels on pockets for Unit ID
-Torso cut from moisture wicking NyCo Blend
-Wrist adjustment with button closure
-Re-enforced elbows
-Quarter-zip collar design

BDU-X Pant Features:
-Two slanted cargo pockets with button flap closures
-Two rear pockets with button flap closures
-Two side slash pockets
-Oversized belt loops
-Front button closure
-Re-enforced knees and seat
-Blousing strings for adjustment at base of legs

A-TACS Camo…The Ultimate Concealment Solution–Enhanced

These new uniforms are available exclusively in the complete “X” series of camouflage patterns from A-TACS Camo, including New A-TACS AU-X and FG-X along with A-TACS iX and Ghost. Like the BDU-Xtreme, the “X” series of A-TACS Camo patterns was developed with the input of Special Operations personnel.

Mixing and matching camouflage patterns has also been an effective strategy for Special Operations throughout their long history of service. It is with that understanding that the new A-TACS AU-X and FG-X camo patterns along with A-TACS iX , are designed to mixed and matched with one another to further break the human silhouette for maximum levels of concealment in a wide variety of environments.

The “X” series of patterns utilize a shared common color palette with the ratio of brown and green tones altered between each of the respective patterns. This enables the end user to pair one set of Nylon Gear in the A-TACS iX (intermediate) pattern with either the FG-X (tropical), the AU-X (arid), or to utilize the iX pattern from head-to-toe in transitional terrain to easily maintain effective levels of concealment without changing over expensive nylon gear.

Simply put, the A-TACS Camo X Series is a complete concealment solution with infinite adaptability.



Patagonia Lost Arrow Project Military Alpine Recce System (MARS)

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

The Lost Arrow Project at Patagonia is proud to announce the release of their Military Alpine Recce System (MARS). This project has been in the works for several years and for 2019 the line is being commercialized to the market place.

At Lost Arrow Project, we create special-purpose clothing solutions for extreme environments by leveraging Patagonia’s deep experience in materials innovation, technical design and precision manufacturing. The system is 100% USA made and Berry Compliant.

We are proud to be working with the following dealers in 2019:
US Elite Gear
Deliberate Dynamics
Tidewater Tactical
Tactical Distributors
US Patriot
R9 Global
Federal Resources
W.S. Darley & Co.
Quantico Tactical
Goldbelt Wolf LLC
Edgar Brothers – United Kingdom

Lost Arrow Project will be holding private meetings at SHOT Show and all inquiries can be directed to Lapsales@patagonia.com to coordinate a meeting.

Propper EdgeTec Collection

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Featuring100% poly ripstop fabric, Propper’s new EdgeTec collection prevents wrinkles and holds up against everyday demands.

Available in men’s and women’s styles, EdgeTec pants (starting at $29.99) come in three pocket configurations: Slick, Tactical, and EMS. The men’s Slick short retails for $24.99. The polo ($34.99) is also offered in men’s and women’s styles in a snag-resistant, soft-touch, anti-odor material to help keep the stink out on long, hot tours.

EdgeTec will officially debut at SHOT Show and should be available for order near the end of January, but you can get a sneak peek here.

The Redback Company New Cierzo Shirt Colours and Design Update

Friday, January 11th, 2019

The Redback Company has added two new colours to their Cierzo Shirt range.  The new colours are Earth-Tone and Night Camo.

Ben O’Toole, the Managing Director of The Redback Company, says:

“The original Cierzo Shirts were really well received, with the Camouflage ones having sold out in October.  We also got some great detailed feedback from people who had bought the shirts and put them through their paces.  Using that feedback, we have updated our pattern.  We love getting user feedback so we can keep improving our products.”

The original shirts have had 2 inches added to the bottom of the shirt to make it stay in place better during dynamic movements.  There is also now a Long size which is six inches longer in the body and four inches longer in the arm for customers who are 6’1” and above.

We also made a one-off Night Camo Cierzo Shirt for a friend of the brand from some original 1990s fabric he had.  When we posted an picture on our Social Media we were inundated with requests for the garment.  Added to the popularity of our Night Camo Timmy Hat we felt we had to make it a permanent addition to the product line.

The final colour we added is Earth-Tone.  Again, after user feedback, we found that people wanted a darker colour for bushcraft and other outdoor activities where they did not want to wear camouflage, but did not want to overly contrast with the environment either.  We looked for a colour that would blend well into the outdoors.  When we looked at animals, we found that a great many are various shades of brown and blend very well into the background.  We chose a shade that had the same effect.

All of our Cierzo Shirts are available for purchase now from theredbackcompany.com/product/cierzo-shirt



Helikon-Tex on SHOT Show 2019

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Helikon-Tex® likes to keep its finger on the shooter’s pulse and are excited to introduce new equipment within their product range. In January at the Shot Show 2019, Helikon-Tex® will show many new products. These will include a whole range of innovative new shirts for tactical gentlemen in solid colors and plaid patterns, the Downtown backpack designed for covert urban operations, as well as their already well-known best sellers from their Range Line – Training Mini Rig made in a special new melange color option. Don’t forget to visit the Helikon-Tex® booth to see these and many more products up close and personal!

Shirts for the tactical gentleman


Helikon-Tex is bringing out new types of shirts presented in more convenient package that were designed specifically for guys looking for tactical features while maintaining a low profile look. Both Urban and Patrol line shirts are packed with functional carrying space, though the first one is much more discreet in the way it looks. “We at Helikon-Tex are shooting sports enthusiasts and we’re constantly discussing our products with guys who shoot a lot. We had feedback that some of them are looking for something more casual than a typical military shirt, but with all the tactical convenience. So, we create shirts not only to visit the shooting range, but to wear daily. That’s why we came up with an idea of the MBDU Flannel Shirt,” says Jedrzej Mieszczak, Helikon-Tex Executive Vice President.

Helikon-Tex MBDU Flannel Shirt_KO-MBD-PO

New kind of shirt for shooters
Helikon-Tex MBDU Flannel Shirt®

A well put together tactical shirt guarantees you an advantage when you need to move dynamically while on a shooting operation but at the same time is comfortable and practical for day to day wear. The key and main innovation is the combination of civilian appearance and tactical features. You’re no longer limited to only wearing military-looking clothes as the MBDU Flannel shirt is the answer for anyone seeking functionality and a great look. The design is reliable in any tough situation: VersaStretch® side panels give freedom of movement in dynamic shooting, strength is evidenced by refined details such as Canadian style slotted buttons sewn with strong tape. Set of full-storage pockets is there to keep all the necessary gear right by your hand. Loop panels to let you personalize it to your needs. All above is accompanied by UPF50 sun protection. The MBDU Flannel Shirt is in the world of shirts like what the Abrams M1A2 SEP v4 tank is among armored vehicles.

Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 City_KO-DCT-SN (1)

Urban Tactical Shirt
Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 City

Low profile and daily comfort. It’s pretty obvious that none of us like to wear shirts that only look good but leave no freedom of movement to manage your everyday tasks. That’s why Helikon-Tex produced a classical but still a functional shirt to wear on and off duty. It’s made with elastic fabric – a mix of nylon and polyester with additional spandex to make it even more comfortable. Two layers of pockets are placed chest-high to provide you with great access to your pocket book, credit card and everyday essential gear. A mesh underarm ventilation system is there to keep you cool, and thanks to a little loop between the pockets, you’ll have your sunglasses handy too.

Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 Gentleman Shirt_KO-DGM-PO

Shirt for the tactical gentleman
Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 Gentleman Shirt

If your tasks demand you stay unrecognized but fully prepared for action, we have something for you. A 100% low profile, elegant shirt that keeps all the tactical features while looking convenient and discreet. It’s made with a technically advanced polyester fabric that mimics thin cotton, dries quickly and keeps you cool. Full sized pockets and a sunglasses loop are there to provide you with everything you need at work and in formal meetings. The Defender Mk2 Gentleman Shirt looks great with casual pants and jeans and can be paired with a sports jacket. Long and short sleeve versions are available to cope with any conditions.

Helikon-Tex Downtown Backpack_PL-DTN-NL

Backpack for the discrete operator
Helikon-Tex Downtown Backpack®

Part of being a discrete operator is blending into the crowd and your environment; it can often mean the difference between completing a mission and blowing your cover, that’s why we created the Downtown Backpack. It provides the tactical functionality you need to stay mission capable, but with a civilianized look that will keep you inconspicuous. Designed with a special compartment that holds a standard service pistol for quick draw accessibility, as well as internal storage for a laptop or other essentials, it’s the ideal choice for undercover operations. Available colors: Black and Grey.

Bestseller from Range Line in new colors
Training Mini Rig®

One of the Helikon-Tex products for shooters deserving the iconic status is the Training Mini Rig. Now available in nylon fabrics and melange colors like Melange Black-Grey, Melange Blue and Melange Grey. Whether you’re a professional competition shooter, a shooting instructor at a range, or just love getting out there and putting some lead downrange on your own time, being comfortable is important. That’s why – inspired by one of the most famous US tactical shooting instructors – we created the compact Training Mini Rig, which lets you carry important equipment more easily when you’re in the prone position, on the move, or taking up position behind a barrier. Having the Training Mini Rig, you’ll always have your flashlight or multitool at hand. Designed with numerous pockets for carbine and pistol magazines, a utility pouch for tackers or markers, exchangeable inserts, and even a small hanging pouch for a first aid kit, it’ll make you feel prepared and comfortable. We are sure that shooters in the US and around the world will be excited when they see the Training Mini Rig in these new colors.

About Helikon-Tex
For over a decade, after Helikon-Tex was established, our business activity was mainly concentrated on military surplus sales. In 1999 we set a new development direction and decided to start our own military and paramilitary clothing production. We built our strength and gained experience by creating our own Research & Development department, consisting of shooting experts and former special forces soldiers, who designed with passion modern and specialized solutions that the military industry could not produce. And therefore, step by step, we turned into an ambitious manufacturer of tactical and outdoor equipment. We have our finger on the shooter’s pulse, and we appreciate innovations and introduce new product lines. Our clients receive the highest quality tactical equipment at a reasonable price.


Sneak Peek – Pitchfork Systems’ Gorka 4 Project

Friday, January 4th, 2019

Austria’s Pitchfork Systems is working on an updated version of the Russian clothing ensemble, they are calling the GORKA 4 project. They plan to offer three versions (full camo and two different two-tone variations), pants and jackets separately, all in size S to 2XL. Here you see Swiss M92 camouflage.

New Atom LT Gen 2 Lineup for 2019 from Arc’teryx LEAF

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Arc’teryx LEAF has redesigned the Atom LT for 2019, creating the Gen 2 lineup.


The first thing you are going to notice is the zippered chest pocket, but that’s not all that’s new. Atom remains my mid-layer of choice because they’ve focused materials used on increasing air permeability.

While they’ve retained the TORAY Mechanical Stretch Mini-Rip LT (w/DWR) durable face fabric from the first version, the hoody’s insulation and liner have been updated to a more breathable system to improve body temperature regulation when worn under PPE or as part of layering system.

A new liner material is a key component in this revised configuration of materials. The LI PENG high air perm nylon ripstop liner permits airflow, which aids in the transport of moisture and heat away from the body. Combined with continuous filament CLIMASHIELD Combat Fibrefill Insulation (w/DWR), breathability is greatly enhanced. Overall, the new materials package increases breathability, improving performance over a wide range of conditions.

At the sides, you’ll find a very comfortable PONTETORTO 7.5oz Hardface Fleece.

The Atom LT (Gen 2) line consists of four garments including the new Atom LT Vest (Gen 2). It accompanies the Atom LT Hoody (Gen2), Atom LT Jacket (Gen2) and Atom LT Pant (Gen 2).

New features:
• Trimmer fit hood with updated design
• Moved from an internal chest pocket to an external left chest pocket for securing carriage of mission essential items.
• Updated the media port management system. Creating routing of communications cables on either side of the jacket now.

Other Features:
• Insulated Hood – allowing the option to use a hood when/if reqd.
• Full Zip Closure (w/No Slip Zip™) – prevents zipper from self-opening at collar
• Hand Zip Pockets (w/media ports in both) – allowing for convenience and the secure carriage of mission essential items
• Drawcord Hem Closure – vertically routed drawcord with enclosure mitigates snags and hang-ups

The ATOM LT ( Gen 2) line is offered in Black, Crocodile, Wolf Grey, and Ranger Green, sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Available soon from leaf.arcteryx.com as well as your favorite LEAF dealer.

US Air Force Updates Insignia Guidance for OCP Uniforms

Monday, December 31st, 2018

WESTOVER AIR RESERVE BASE, Mass. (AFNS) — Airmen wearing OCP uniforms are authorized to add their former Airmen Battle Uniform subdued patches until the mandatory brown subdued ones go into effect.


Also, according to Air Force Instruction 36-2903, the U.S. flag patch is mandatory and will be subdued using the spice brown color criteria, centered at the top of velcro and worn while in–garrison and deployed.

Current subdued black and green U.S. flags may be worn until June 1, 2020, then spice brown will be the only accepted version. Infra-red U.S. flags are not authorized.

The higher headquarters patch is mandatory and will be subdued using the spice brown color criteria and centered under the U.S. flag patch. The current subdued version of the higher headquarters patch may be worn until the patch color conversion has been completed or until April 1, 2021, whichever is sooner.

A maximum of two patches may be worn.

SMSgt Andrew Biscoe, Air Force News Service