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Propper Grows Industry-Leading Polo Line

Friday, February 5th, 2016

St. Charles, MO – Propper is recognized as the industry leader in performance polos. Now they are introducing new colors in their best seller and launching a value polo to insure an option for every customer.

The I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Effect) Performance Polo is designed to keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable on the job. Innovative wicking technology is built directly into the fabric, helping it dry 125% faster than cotton and 30% faster than polyester. Breathable mesh underarms help maintain a professional appearance in warmer weather. It’s now available in six new men’s and three new women’s colors along with a new long sleeve version for women.


New for spring 2016 is the Propper Uniform Polo. At $19.99 retail this amazing value can’t be beat. Its high-quality performance polyester pique fabric dries quickly and is fade-, shrink-, and wrinkle-resistant. Plus, it keeps all of the tactical features (mic loop and pen pockets) professionals demand.

In addition to these great new polos, Propper is launching new boots, pants, armor, and more in 2016. Visit Propper.com or one of their authorized dealers to learn more.

Coming Soon from Eastman Leather Company – The Escape A2

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Eastman Re-Issue A-2 available in standard or ‘Escape’ Virgil Hilts spec.


Eastman Leather is releasing a reproduction of the “re-issue” version of the classic WWII A-2 leather jacket. It will also be available in the same configuration as worn by Steve McQueen in his portrayal of the “Cooler King” Capt Virgil Hilts, USAAF. It even has Captain’s bars under the collar!

Below is a description of what makes a “re-issue” A-2, written by Eastman Leather.

Post WWII thousands of A-2 jackets still remained in air depots and other bases. In order that these garments would give the best continued service they were treated with a reconditioning process which involved the re painting of the outer surface of the shell.


Experience had taught that the darker a garment was the more serviceable it would not show oil stains and soiling. Because the jackets were made from aniline finished hides which tend to absorb rather than repel they were re painted with a dark brown poly-acrylate dye, which provided an altogether tougher barrier. However it transpired that this over painting method whilst initially achieving its aim, very soon started to look shabby. The over paint would crisp and flake off. This disastrous technique effectively sealed the fate of the A-2 as unsightly jackets were quickly plucked from service.

A re-issue over painted A-2 (specifically a Rough Wear contract) was worn by Steve McQueen during the filming of The Great Escape, arguably one of the most iconic uses of an A-2 jacket in motion picture history.



Cockpit USA – 10th Mountain Collection

Monday, February 1st, 2016

At last month’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market I met with the team from Cockpit USA. They’ve been making authentic replicas of classic flight and military clothing for decades. Their latest project is to resurrect several garments used by the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division during World War Two.


In the years leading up to World War II, the United States Army recognized the need for specially trained, highly adaptable mountain and cold-climate units. The challenges of mountain warfare were extreme, higher altitudes; rapidly changing weather conditions, and the demand for technical skills such as climbing, and skiing all had to be addressed. These mountain troopers had to be highly conditioned, resilient individuals with a specialized skill set, and equipped to survive the harshest of environments. With this in mind the US Army developed its Military Layering Principles. This concept of layering functional compatibly designed garments in an effort to preserve warmth and ensure protection from the elements.

The Cockpit USA Fall 2016 collection features the original officially sanctioned layered all season clothing styles. Fall 2016 line, features pieces with removable liners, as well as detachable fur collars, and hoods, along with full cold weather parka¹s and lighter weight reversible layering pieces.

The collection focuses on being able to face nature’s elements. From the warmest fur hooded arctic parka, down to lightweight waxed cotton shell, snow, wind, rain, and comfort was considered during every step of the development of this capsule.


Post SHOT Show Follow Up – DRIFIRE

Monday, February 1st, 2016

DRIFIRE created this DriRelease performance T-shirt in Grey for an Air Force customer. It’s shown here with a Coyote shirt.


Post SHOT Show Wrapup – S&S Precision Performance Denim In Khaki

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

When S&S Precision launched their latest iteration of their Performance Denim, they mentioned that they’d be releasing alternative colors in the coming months. At SHOT Show, they had this Khaki variant and they look great.


For The Ladies – Kitanica’s Women’s All Season Pants

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

WASPs in Pencott Badlands pattern! Specially made by their ace sewer Suna!



Weather Wool – Al’s Anorak

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

I love wool and I love anoraks, so is it any wonder that when I saw primitive survival expert Bill McConnel wearing this woolen jacket on the latest season of Discovery Channel’s ‘Dual Survival’ I’d want one?


Turns out, it’s called an Al’s Anorak from Weather Wool. I found out the source of the garment before SHOT Show but didn’t want it to become lost in the massive number of posts from that crazy week. So, here it is.


This Anorak has zippers on the sides that can be opened up to make it easier to put on, then zipped shut to make it snug around the waist. The side zips can also be used to vent heat. The Anorak has a tapered fit and without the side-zips some people would have difficulty getting in and out of it.


It even has slotted buttons! The front closure features four of them that secure the opening up to the neck. The hood can be adjusted by means of pull cords at either side with barrel clips to finish the ends of the pull cords.

McConnel was wearing the LYNX camouflage pattern in the show but the anorak is also available in their FullWeight fabric in BLACK and DUFF or in their MidWeight fabric in DRAB. The MidWeight is about 70% the weight of its heavier counterpart.

Available in XS – 5XL but 3XL and up call for a significant uncharge.


Post SHOT Show Wrapup – TSSI Offering Last Remaining Arc’teryx LEAF Sphinx Pants

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Just a reminder that TSSI has the entire final production run of 500 pair of Arc’teryx LEAF Sphinx pants. As a Special Operations Equipment Tailored Logistics System Vendor, TSSI has purchased the entire run and will offer them not only for unit and agency purchase but also to individual customers.

Manufactured from four-way stretch Tweave 520e, the Sphinx pant is both wind resistant and durable. Available in MultiCam, the pants feature Two slash front pockets, Two calf pockets with flaps, Two tool pockets with Cordura reinforcement, Two rear pockets with angled access and Two cargo pockets with flaps.