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The 50 Jacket On Kickstarter

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

The 50 Jacket

The 50 is a US-made jacket created by a company called Dirtball, which deals exclusively in 100% US-made, 100% eco-friendly products. It is called The 50 because it is made entirely from 50 recycled water bottles. Post-consumer plastic bottles are sorted, stripped of their labels and caps, and ground down to shavings, which are melted and formed into a polyester fiber that is chemically and functionally similar to virgin polyester.

The 50 measurements

The 50 is a puffer jacket, intended for colder climates. The shell fabric is 70D 4.5 oz/sq yd treated with DWR. The body fill is 6D 11.5 oz/sq yd polyester, and the arm fill is 6D 8.5 oz/sq yd polyester.

The 50 is 100% recyclable. Customers will be able to send The 50 back to Dirtball for reprocessing, receiving a discount on future Dirtball purchases. Additionally, production of The 50 employs up to 150 American workers during the jacket’s three-month production cycle.

For more information, and to fund the project, visit

Massif Offers PCU Level 7

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Designed for use down to -60 Deg F, the Level 7 garments from Massif are components of the latest update of the USSOCOM issued Protective Combat Uniform, Block 2. Yes, this is the actual garment issued to SOF. Although Massif is well known for their FR garments, the Level 7 Jacket and Pants are non-FR.

Massif did a great job redesigning the garments which retain the same overall functionality of their earlier incarnations with a few new enhancements. They’ve significantly reduced the weight from earlier incarnations of PCU Level 7 knocking about 25 ounces off of the total weight of the Jacket, Vest and Pants (size Medium) in this version.

The big story here is the fabric selection for this ensemble. The face fabric is 2.1oz Nextec Peak 40D Ripstop which is not only lightweight and tear resistant but the fabric is encapsulated in Silicone so it sheds and won’t absorb water. The liner too is a lightweight 40D ripstop fabric but is 1.5oz Brookwood Ecology which you may remember from the Level 4 windshirt. It has a very soft hand and is comfortable against wind and sun chapped skin. For insulation, Massif chose 3.6oz Climashield Apex for its CLO factor and compressibility. Zippers are color matched and incorporate zipper garages.

Level 7 Jacket

Massif PCU Level 7 (1)

The Jacket has an ergonomically shaped, helmet-compatible smart hood for improved peripheral vision. It has a rear adjustment cord with barrel lock to keep it where you want it.
Massif Lvl 7 hood
Additionally, there are two internal mesh pockets for water bottles or other items you need to keep warm as well as a zippered chest pocket accessible from the outside of the jacket.


Finally, there are two large, hand warmer pockets accessible via zippers on each side of the jacket.

Level 7 Pant

Massif PCU Level 7 (2)

The Pants have full side zips for ventilation, and easy donning and doffing. Additionally, there is reinforced fabric along the knee for increased durability. They’ve also retained the elasticized waist to accommodate varying thicknesses of underlayers.

Overall, this new design has reduced garment weight, and improved functionality and comfort. Feedback from the field has been very positive.This a great opportunity for individuals as well as organizations that are not part of the SPEAR program to incorporate Level 7 into their gear. It’s important to note that Massif offers GSA and contract pricing for approved customers. Additionally, they have been very good in the past at working with individual military and LE. Available in MultiCam, sizes Small – XXLarge in Regular and Long lengths.

Introducing 757 Performance Denim by S&S Precision – Pre-Order Now

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Last week I got a text from S&S Precision asking me to stop by the shop to check out something new. What I saw when I dropped in on Friday afternoon, blew my mind. I fully expected to see some new machined widget, but instead, they caught me by surprise. In the middle of a bare table lay a pair of jeans and a holster. I said, “Oh, new holster?” And they answered, “Sort of. Meet 757 Performance Denim.” At first it looked just like an ordinary pair blue jeans until I picked them up and started checking them out.


Turns out, they’ve been planning this since January. For the past several months the guys at S&S Precision have been wearing these jeans and I never noticed. The worst part is, looking back, they’ve been taunting me while wearing them, trying to get me to realize there was something up with the pants. I never even suspected. But I’ve got to say, after having spent a moment to look at a pair on the table, these are the best discrete carry jeans I have ever seen.

Several companies have made other discreet wear versions over the years but they always “brand” by adding some feature that makes the jeans “tactical”, like a pocket or a zipper where something you’d buy at the mall wouldn’t normally have them. Not so with these. You look at them and they could be any mild mannered pair of jeans; all blue denim and gold stitching. The only overt feature that even belies their pedigree is the 757 Denim rivet button, but even that is hidden behind a belt.


Like any covert operation, the real magic is on the inside. In this case, the secret sauce is the patented Internal Belt Retention. It allows their removable, Inside the Waist Band holster, to be integrated directly into the pants via the internal belt retention strap. this belt retention strap is designed to reverse hook on the internal belt openings. It’s threaded through the holster which is designed for standard and canted carry and will fit many popular pistol models such as GLOCK and SIG.


Additionally, there are two low profile rear pockets. They will accommodate a single 30 rd 5.56 mm magazine or a pistol for expedient carry. Finally, there are internal pockets set into each of the two front slash pockets. These will keep pistol magazines, cell phone or a clip-style pocket knife handy. This way, your knife won’t show like with an external pocket clip and neither it nor a pistol mag will fall down into the bottom of the front pocket.

This part is awesome. 757′s are individually hand crafted in the U.S.A. from 12oz custom milled 100% cotton denim in a design finalized with a senior stylist from the fashion industry. It’s a classic American blue jean style with a straight, relaxed leg to accommodate wear with a boot or tennis shoes. While there isn’t much mechanical stretch in the denim they selected, 757 jeans are cut to move with your body for comfort as well as mobility.

This slide gives you an idea of the draw from the 757s. I see a lot of folks wearing these for a variety of purposes: concealed carry wear, undercover work, or just a good looking pair of jeans.


757′s are prewashed. Shrinkage on the raw fabric is about 4%. But S&S cautions to never wash jeans in hot water. Wash by hand if possible to retain the best color. Also, do not machine tumble dry; air dry is best.

Before, you even ask, Women’s 757′s are in the works and coming soon. Surprise, 757 shorts are on the way too! Waist sizes 30-38in x 32 and 34in inseam. Look for expanded sizing in the future.

Pre-order special: $128.97 for one pair of 757s with Holster. That’s a great price for Made in USA pants that include a holster.

TRU-SPEC Launching A-TACS AU & FG Uniforms In One Month

Sunday, October 19th, 2014


Pipe Hitters Union – Limited Edition People Sleep Peacefully Hoodie

Sunday, October 19th, 2014


Pipe Hitters Union has put their popular ‘People Sleep Peacefully’ design on a hoodie, and have released a limited number for general purchase.

Available in Black in sizes LG – XXXL

Mayflower Research & Consulting – Che T-Shirt

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Che Shirt

At last year’s SHOT Show, Mayflower gave away these Che t-shirts. Demand was high enough that they decided to start offering them through their webstore.

Available in sizes MD – XXL.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Tactical Hand-Warmer

Friday, October 17th, 2014

It’s already cold many places in America so it’s about time we show you FirstSpear’s Tactical Hand-Warmer. It’s is one of those things you wish you’d had with you, when you don’t. The Tactical Hand-Warmer is essentially a fleece lined tube that can be attached several ways to you and your kit to keep it handy.


It can be attached directly to your platform or worn on its own with a strap that stows inside of itself.

The cuffs allow you to tighten it around your wrists or to close it up if you are storing something you need to keep warm such as NODs.


Additionally, it incorporates a built-in stuff sack so you can stow it away when not needed. Finally, it features pockets to hold hand warmers or other essential items.


Tell you what, just watch the video and it will give you a good idea of what is going on.

Available in Black, Coyote, Khaki (not shown), Ranger Green and MultiCam.


Kitanica – Limited Edition Backcountry Pants In A-TACS AU Camo

Friday, October 17th, 2014


For a limited time, Kitanica is offering their popular Backcountry pant in A-TACS AU camouflage. Made from 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric and Mil-Spec A-A-55301 nylon webbing, the Backcountry pant comes with 2 hip pockets, 2 rear pockets, and 2 knife/cell phone pockets on each leg for plenty of carry space. The riveted button waist features a YKK metal fly zipper, and a 7 belt loop, contoured waistband. A Velcro side cinching system allows the wearer to adjust the pant to their liking, and reinforced knees, a reinforced seat, and bar-tacked stress points make for an overall durable pant.

Cold Weather Layering by BSA’s Northern Tier National High Adventure Base

Friday, October 17th, 2014

This is a pretty good video on the basics of cold weather layering presented by the staff at the Boy Scouts of America’s Northern Tier National High Adventure Base in Ely, Minnesota.

It definitely makes a great starting point for discussion. Would anyone like to add their experiences or products they like to use in cold weather?

For The Ladies – Renegade Jacket from Beyond’s Private Reserve Collection

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The softshell Renegade Jacket is the second piece designed specifically for the ladies from Beyond’s Private Reserve Collection.


According to The Warden at Lawless Truth, the Renegade is rumored to be available as part of the K&M Camera Expeditionary Collection on Broadway in New York City.