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Nordic Combat Uniform Enters Testing Phase

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

The Nordic Combat Uniform (NCU) project is now ready to enter the field-testing phase. Some 480 soldiers from all four Nordic countries will be testing the uniform systems from the final prequalified tenderers.

In these weeks some 480 soldiers, who are going to take a part in the field-testing phase, will be opening the boxes with the sample uniform systems from the tenderers. That will be the beginning of the comprehensive test period running from December 2019 to May 2020.

The Nordic Combat Uniform Project is a part of Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO). The purpose of the joint Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Nordic Combat Uniform?project (NCU) is to acquire a common flexible combat uniform system that meets the operational requirements of the modern battlefield.

One system, one design, but national camouflage

The NCU clothing system includes uniform configurations from an underwear layer to outer garments, used in European, jungle and desert conditions. The configuration is the same in all countries, but each country will use its own national camouflage pattern in the uniforms. Headgear, gloves, footwear or personal protective equipment are not part of the NCU, and each country will procure those independently. The technical requirements for this purchase are a system approach which meets the operational requirements. This includes Nordic and European combat environment, but also in very cold environment and in extreme warm conditions like in jungle or desert. These functional requirements are based on joint user experience from all four countries and Nordic expertise.

One of the big advantages of a common Nordic Combat Uniform project is the scale of the acquisition. With a contract value of estimated 425 million Euros it has attracted worldwide attention from leading suppliers which creates ground for an increased competition and a more favorable price-quality-ratio.

Experiences from four nations packed into one combat uniform system

Although price is important the greatest advantage of the joint Nordic cooperation is the comprehensive test conducted by around 480 soldiers from the four countries. Test subjects include all types of soldiers from conscripts to Special Forces.

In the bids, the combat uniform tenderers described the uniform configurations that, in their mind, correspond to the functional requirements set by the NCU countries.

Based on the bids the project has invited combat uniform tenderers to field tests organized from December 2019 to May 2020. The field tests will evaluate the functionality of the offered uniform configurations in different conditions and collect user feedback about the uniforms’ suitability for use.

The field tests for the European area uniform configurations will be conducted in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark by the countries’ armed forces. The field tests for the jungle and desert uniforms will be conducted by the Danish Armed Forces including Special Forces in the first part of 2020. In Finland the clothing configurations will be subjected to separate tests used to assess their functionality in arctic conditions, among other things.

After the field tests are concluded the Swedish Defence Research Agency (Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut, FOI) will collect the feedback given by the Nordic user groups. The NCU project will analyze the feedback, and on this basis make a functional performance assessment on the combat uniform candidates.

The assessment of the functional performance forms part of the evaluation of the technical performance of each offered combat uniform system. The overall evaluation includes both the technical performance and the offered prices.  This evaluation will form the basis for negotiations with the remaining tenderers and a request for best and final offers which will be finally evaluated resulting in the award of the NCU Framework Agreement.

Story by Nordic Defence Cooperation

Photos via Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation 

LA Police Gear Terrain Flex Jeans

Sunday, November 10th, 2019

If you’re looking for value, check out the Terrain Flex Jeans from LA Police Gear. Made from stretch denim, they incorporate rear mag pockets, a hidden handcuff key pocket and hidden knife clip reinforcements.

Available in two fits (slim and straight) and two washes (dark and medium). Sizes 28-42 waist and 30, 32, 34, and 36 inch lengths.

They are also a smoking deal at under $30 a pair.


Houdini Sportswear – Cloud Jacket

Friday, November 8th, 2019

If we could use one word to describe The Cloud from Houdini Sportswear, it would be “adaptable”.

The Cloud is insulated with 80g Primaloft Silver Insulation. It acn be configured jacket, blanket, elephant foot for sleeping bag, pillow or even as a sleeping bag for a baby.


UF PRO Plans to Launch Its New Striker X Combat Pants on 20. November

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (6 Nov. 2019)—UF PRO today said its new Striker X Combat Pants for use by police and military units will become available on 20 November at the company’s online store and selected UF PRO distribution partners.

“Our Striker X Combat Pants build on the foundation of our already tough-as-nails Striker range to offer something extremely rugged when it comes to resisting rips, splits, tears, and other common forms of damage typically incurred during missions or operations,” said Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development.

“For example, a wearer could be maneuvering through a patch of dense brush, but thanks to the innovative way we construct Striker X Combat Pants they aren’t likely to be snagged and torn by any of the branches,” Wagner continued.

“We also achieved greater ruggedness by streamlining all the seams,” Wagner added. “Because none of them are uncovered, the potential for rips to develop along the stitching is scant.”

Despite the enhanced toughness, Striker X Combat Pants are exceptionally comfortable and do not restrict the wearer’s freedom of movement, Wagner indicated.

“These new combat pants are fitted to the anatomic form and function of the lower body, so they feel great and perform fantastically,” he said. “The pants move as the wearer moves, whether standing, sitting, kneeling, laying, walking, running, climbing, or jumping. This is possible because of our decision to include stretch panels made from Schoeller®-Dynamic polyamide-elastane blend stretch materials and to strategically position them in the most beneficial places.”

Other important features of the debuting Striker X Combat Pants include:

• Ergonomic triple-layer, knee-protection system that adjusts from the rear to provide extra cushioning or impact protection when needed;

• No-melt/no-drip construction throughout;

• Nearly a dozen pockets of various sizes to allow carrying a greater quantity and variety of essential items;
• Built-in hooks that fasten the hem to the wearer’s boots so that the pants legs can’t ride up;
• Double belt-loops that permit a holster to be rapidly attached or detached;
• Ability to accept a WINDSTOPPER thermal liner so that the pants can be worn in cold temperatures;
• Breathable nylon-cotton blend ripstop material throughout enables use in hot weather;

“We believe wearers will, as soon as they put on a pair of these, recognize that our Striker X Combat Pants are a radically different and superior piece of tactical gear,” Wagner offered. “These pants are designed with the needs of military units in mind. They need combat pants that can go out on a mission and come back home in one piece or easily repair them out in the field, if needed. We know this because they told us this is what they need. And we listened.

“The result is a model of combat pants that supplies maximum durability plus go-anywhere-do-anything capability in environments of every imaginable type. These pants embody functionality, comfort, usability and protectiveness.

“We are very confident that our Striker X Combat Pants will earn plaudits aplenty from those who wear them. They are, in our opinion, the ultimate combat pants for military operatives.”

The Striker X Combat Pants will be available in two colours: Brown Grey and MultiCam, according to Wagner.


For more information and to sign up to get updated on the release of the UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants click here.

New Tycho Hooded Down Jacket from PDW

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Warm, Light, Packable, Technical Mid-Layer Made with State of the Art Materials


Prometheus Design Werx introduces their Tycho Down Hoodie for Fall-Winter 2019. There is no better insulator known to man other than nature’s own goose down. The best warmth to weight ratio of any outdoor garment made.

The new Tycho Down Hoodie packs down small making it ideal to easily stow in any pack for wilderness pursuits. Made with state-of-the-art DownTek™ brand premium 850 fill power goose down that is 27 times more water resistant than untreated down, so the Tycho retains its thermal properties even if dunked or wet. Additional unique design details include an integrated stuff-sack storage camp pillow and detachable travel neck pillow, 6 pockets, a cozy brushed hood liner, and a 20D mini-ripstop nylon shell with DWR.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“Why choose goose down? There’s a number of very compelling reasons why down jackets are so popular and well used by the wilderness tribe. There is nothing lighter, warmer and compressible than a down mid-layer. Nature’s down is the most thermally efficient insulator known to man. No synthetics yet made can compare. When in the field, down jackets allow the user to be unencumbered by excess weight; when not being used, they pack down smaller than any other technical mid-layer and can be easily stowed in a pack. The one downside to down is if it gets wet. Wet down loses all of its thermal insulating properties. The Tycho Down Hoodie uses DownTek™ brand goose down which has been treated with a hydrophobic process to make it 27 times more resistant to water. It will even survive an accidental dunk and still insulate. This is a major leap forward in down insulated apparel. While down jackets were never intended to be rain wear, the Tycho along with its DWR shell will allow the user ample time to shrug off the first minutes of rainfall to grab a waterproof shell to wear over and not lose its insulating capabilities. It’s the quality of make and design details that makes our hoodie stand out and be the best in its class. We used premium 850 fill power DownTek™ goose down, a DWR shell, cozy brushed tricot hood liner, and expanded capabilities with its integrated camp pillow or detachable travel neck pillow. No other down jacket in its class has all these features.”

The Tycho Down Hoodie is a part of their PRO-Line of technical apparel by Prometheus Design Werx.

Available in Universal Field Gray, and Transitional Field Green.

The first limited delivery of the Tycho Hoodie will be available for purchase on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 at 12:00pm PT via their website, prometheusdesignwerx.com.

FirstSpear Friday – KADRI Clothing Launches Valkyrie Field Pant

Friday, November 1st, 2019

I first met the founders of KADRI earlier this year at Warrior East and soon realized that this is the most significant innovation in the tactical industry in years. A product created out of necessity, they not only designed a new pant to fit their needs, but a completely new sizing schema as well. Like it or not, women are here to stay in squad cars, ambulances, and on the battlefield. I also see a need for their innovation in the outback as more and more women enjoy the outdoors for both leisure and work. It’s about time they had some clothing that was designed by them, for them.

Women need pockets. Women in the tactical field definitely need pockets. This simple concept is typically not even a second thought for men working in the same occupation. For them, it’s not so much a question of whether or not pockets are needed, but how many, what kind and what placement best suits their tactical needs. For women, however, this is a constant battle. Due to the wide array of women’s body shapes and sizes, women are stuck with either clothes that fit with little tactical function, or clothes that are functional that don’t fit. Most end up wearing men’s clothes and simply deal with the ill-fitted reality of their current situation: to work in a male-dominated industry, there are just some things women must deal with.

This was the problem founders of KADRI Clothing wanted to solve when they started their company. Founded by two women who served in special operations units, KADRI Clothing is a by-women-for-women adventure-tactical apparel brand created to address common issues women experience in the field and other tactical environments. This includes everything from the functional to the fit needs across multiple body types and various tactical occupations and adventure hobbies.

We got the opportunity to look at the first item from their product line—the Valkyrie Field Pant— and the revolutionary sizing and fit system that goes along with it in the best environment possible: on a shooting range with seven tactically-minded women.

KADRI Clothing owner and USMC veteran, Katheryn Basso, walked us through this innovative new product.

The Valkyrie Field Pant is arguably one of the most advanced female garments available today with features intelligently designed for women. The pant contains 11 functional pockets, including well-sized cargo pockets that maintain their volume no matter the thigh size, and two back welt pockets sized for an M4 mag or large cell phone.

Constructed with a DWR finished nylon/spandex blend with overbuilt construction for durability. Designed with a mid-rise waist, the Field Pant features two waist gussets as well as an extended crotch gusset to allow for the perfect amount of stretch and enhanced range of motion when on the move. Belt loops accommodate up to a 2” riggers belt and include two front cross-design loops to secure clip on accessories like a carabiner.

Potentially one of the most ground-breaking features of the Valkyrie Field Pant is the industry-first sizing system. The Waist-Hip Variation Representation, or WHVR, Matrix sizing system uses waist, hip and inseam measurements to find a customizable fit.

This revolutionary system allows women to choose their waist size and up to two sizes larger in their hips. For example, if you are a size 4 waist, you now have the option of purchasing pants with a size 4, 6, or 8 hip. Additionally, the Valkyrie Field Pant comes in short (30”), regular (32”) and tall (35”) inseams. These options enable women to purchase pants specifically designed for their unique body type.

For more information on the pants, visit www.kadriclothing.com

For more info on the FirstSpear and KADRI collaboration click here first-spear.tech/f/firstspear®-and-kadri-clothing-collaborate

To purchase, visit www.first-spear.com/valkyrie-field-pant

Garage Built Gear – Bockscar Bomber Hat

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

I’m off to Bozeman today and I took a look at the forecast. With a high of 15 degrees and a low of -5, I realized I may be underdressed. Too bad I don’t have a Bockscar Bomber Hat.

They’re made from 500D/1000D Nylon and Polartec Stretch Fleece/ Mountain Pattern Fleece. Unfortunately, they won’t be available until November 5th, but you can sign up for alerts.


Beyond – K3 Prima Lochi Jacket (Reversible)

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

Tough, customizable, and versatile: the K3 – Prima Lochi Jacket is built to handle a variety of scenes and needs. Rugged quilted ripstop protects against gusts and showers, performance insulation keeps you warm without the sweat, and the reversible design offers two looks for the price of one.

Rugged Weather Protection
70-denier quilted micro ripstop with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish and an attached hood provides lasting durability and protection from moderate wind and rain.

No-Sweat Insulation
Polartec® Alpha® Insulation wicks up moisture and transfers it up and out while holding onto heat, keeping you warm through cold climes without the sweat.

Versatile & Convenient
Built with a fully reversible and highly compressible design, the whole shebang can be flipped inside out for a different vibe or easily stuffed away for space-saving storage when not in use.

-Layer Level: 3
-Body Material: 70-denier micro ripstop nylon
-Weight (Size L): 19.8 oz.
-Insulated: 60g Polartec® Alpha® Insulation
-Durable Water Repellent (DWR): Yes
-Wind Resistant: Yes
-Breathable: Yes
-Moisture Wicking: Yes
-Fast Drying: Yes
-Hood: Insulated hood
-Pockets: Zip hand pockets, internal left chest pocket, external right chest pocket
-Articulated Elbow: No
-Zipper Pulls: No
-Source: Imported