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Coming Soon – M1951-inspired Wool Shirt From Lester River Bushcraft

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

So new it hasn’t been named yet, LRB’s take on the classic M1951 wool shirt features snap closure allowing this to be used as a jacket, a bunch of pockets both zippered and open, and some with hidden D-rings.

Grayman & Company – First Of Its Kind Tactical Tailoring House 

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Earlier this week, Greyman & Company formally launched. Although, this small, ‘boutique’ tailoring house has already been creating high-end, bespoke suits for close protection officers, police detectives, and civilians who conceal carry for the past year.


In movies like ‘Kingsmen’ or ‘John Wick’ there’s a handy tailor standing buy to create a custom suit for the hero. Daniel Craig destroyed 40 bespoke Tom Ford suits shooting Quantum of Solace, but real life James Bonds have no such options. That was the motivation, with a goal to address a complete market absence of a high-end tailored suit that is optimized for tactical requirements; elegance and function.


This suit is a purpose-made solution for those who have spent months experimenting with ad-hoc alterations with their neighborhood seamstress, and resigned themselves to purchasing only cheap disposable suits, which can be discarded when damaged.

Instead, these are the real deal. Grayman & Company suits are all made-to-measure by traditional methods, with a very small staff of experienced tailors in Shanghai’s French Concession. These are not mass-manufactured fast-fashion suits and the process is extensive, including a fitting with a mailed trial garment, Naturally, they are available with a number of options for mobility and protection, such as an ‘action back’ shoulder gusset, cut-resistant sleeves, and covert pockets.

Their publicly available fabric is by the Italian mill Loro Piana, part of the Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy group, which produces fabrics long regarded as the most luxurious on earth. For vetted military, LEO, gov, and private security professionals, their industry program called ‘SFPROG’ allows a lower-priced Italian alternative, which also incorporates ripstop Cordura.

According to Greyman & Company, the base price for their Premium suit, made with the Loro Piana cloth is $1,300 USD. Customers who register with SFPROG will get a tiered discount on the premium and access to the lower priced fabric. From June 13th, the first 100 orders include a complementary gift set provided by industry partners.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Centurion Shorts

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Introducing the latest addition to the FirstSpear technical apparel line, the Centurion Short.


Designed for Every Day Carry, Walking the Dog or Standing Around Holding a Beer, these shorts are sized using the same grade as current military uniforms.


Some of the unique comfort features used in the 100% US Manufacture Centurion Short include Nano Glide Stretch Mesh Pockets for comfort and quick dry, an integrated low-profile belt system that uses customized BioThane Webbing and Jam Lock buckle to let you roll with our without your trusty Line 1 Belt.


Removable Poron Foam inserts on your left and right inside hip let you carry your Pistol, Knife or Phone On The Belt with total comfort. Side pockets on the Centurion are made of 520 Stretch Fabric and are sized to accommodate Folding Knives, common pistol magazines and similar items.


Slightly off color threat enhances some specific pattern elements and 100% US Made with 100% US Materials.


Currently offered in S – XXL in FS Sand. Available for order, the shorts ship next week!

French Army Introduces New Combat Uniform 

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The French Army recently revealed the Tenue Combat F3, a new FR combat uniform in Central European Camouflage. By 2019, all French Soldiers deployed overseas will be outfitted with this new FR uniform which is available in two weights. The summer version is an aramid and viscose FR mixture, which offers improved air permeability.

There are no seams along the tops of the shoulders.

They’ve incorporated zipper pulls and two-way zippers. Also, you can see close-ups of the fabric’s herringbone weave which they call a chevron ripstop.

The F3 uniform also incorporates slotted buttons.

Interestingly enough, I saw an example of a new French, 7-color camouflage pattern last year in Canada which looks to be influenced by MultiCam. They refer to it as Hot Climate Camouflage, which is not to be confused with the Tan-based Desert pattern. The garment seen here was created for use by elements of the French Special Operations Command and has a different cut and fabric than the F3 uniform.

Photos from the French Ministry of the Army, except the last three photos which were taken last year in Canada and depict a French SOF uniform.

Prometheus Design Werx – Rapide Field Short Guide Cloth

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Premier American Field Short in Technical 4-Way Stretch Fabric, Built in the USA


Prometheus Design Werx’s best selling Rapide Field Short returns this year in their updated Guide Cloth for the start of the 2018 Summer Season. Featuring a high tenacity, 4-way stretch, C6 DWR treated nylon/Spandex blend, and a material weight that stays remarkably comfortable in just about any environment an explorer might be in. With ample functional features, work wear construction, superior quality of make, design and fit, this short is the one to rule them all. The Rapide Field Short GC is a best in class, technical garment for the capable and dedicated, self-propelled explorer, adventurer, and international traveller. For those who consider the whole world their area of operation this is one short that can tackle it all on performance, comfort and style.


The PDW Rapide Field Short GC is a part of their Built in USA CORE-Line of products by Prometheus Design Werx. Available in Dark Arid Earth, Dark Leaf Green, and Dire Wolf Gray.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“Since first debuting these a year ago, the Rapide Field Short has quickly become our favorite for every day wear during warmer seasons. The newly updated Guide Cloth we’re now using also makes this short quite suitable for the spontaneous dunk into a mountain lake if the opportunity arises. And if it does, certainly don’t hold yourself back if you’ve got a pair of these on. The Guide Cloth 2.0 fabric totally moves with you, dries fast, and the mesh pocket liners drains water fast. We truly believe these will be the most comfortable field short you will wear and own. Just recently, one of us travelled from warm, dry and sunny Arizona for 7 days, then almost right back out for 5 days in hot muggy Georgia, and the one goto short was the Rapide in Guide Cloth. We’re glad that we can continue to build these in our home state of California, are looking forward to hitting the trails in the Sierra this summer, any other points out bound across our nation and beyond.”

The PDW Rapide Field Short GC will be available for purchase on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 12:00 Noon PDT via their website,

UF PRO Introduces Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat

Monday, June 11th, 2018

• Designed to protect you against the sun, allow air circulation and break the silhouette and camouflage you with the surroundings
• Holds up to abuse, packs very easy and gives great 360 degree sun protection
• Comes in Flecktarn, PenCott™ GreenZone and MultiCam®, and SloCam, as well as brown grey


07.06.2018, Trzin, Slovenia: While outside operationally or at the range when the sun is shining bright, it is important to keep your eyes and face protected. Boonie hats have become an essential apparel for the Special Forces operator, infantry soldier, law enforcement SWAT team member, as well as military and tactical enthusiasts.


UF PRO®, developer and producer of high quality high-performance tactical clothing for special police and military units worldwide, welcomes Summer 2018 with its brand-new Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat, designed to protect you against the sun, allow air circulation and break the silhouette and camouflage you with the surroundings.

The new Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat holds up well to abuse, packs easily and gives great 360-degree sun protection. Made of a lightweight, yet durable 35% Polyester, 65% Cotton Ripstop fabric in Flecktarn; 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop in PenCott™ GreenZone and MultiCam®; and 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton Ripstop in Brown Grey, SloCam, it features a Mesh sweatband to create maximum airflow to help you keep a cool head.


To further keep your temperature down as the heat index rises, the UF PRO® Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat includes two mesh ventilation openings in the front and the back to allow for air circulation. The adjustable chin strap, made of Paracord, provides a secure fit and can be used (the chord goes through the hat’s brim) to adjust the circumference of the hat by the intuitive secure toggle in the back.


UF PRO®’s Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat features a wide brim that can be moulded so that it fits your head perfectly, allowing you to adjust it as you see fit. The hatband offers two rows of straps with loops for threading pieces of foliage as natural camouflage to further break up the outline of the wearer, helping them blend into their surroundings. These are also constructed of the company’s high-performance Polyester, Cotton Ripstop blend. As there are never enough pockets, UF PRO® integrated an ingenious mesh pocket on the inside of the hat for those very important documents (concealing a thin, flat object like an ID card or plans for your secret mission) and three Velcro pads for attaching ID patches.

The lightweight Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat is engineered to help you stay cool, comfortable and provides visual concealment, coming in the popular Flecktarn, PenCott™ GreenZone and MultiCam®, and SloCam patterns, as well as in brown grey for those in an urban environment.


This is the ultimate hot environment hat, offering floating brims, mesh venting holes and a Paracord chin strap to prevent chafing. The fit, workmanship, pattern and features are all outstanding.


“By listening to our customers, we came up with this new design, giving them a hat that is easy to wear and breaks up the outline of the wearer’s head, thereby assisting with concealment. The brim also provides a measure of comfort against rain and hot sun,” says Armin Wagner, UF PRO® Head of Product Development.

Boonie hats have become synonymous with the special operations soldier, law enforcement SWAT team and military/tactical enthusiast. The evolution of the boonie over the past few years has arrived at UF PRO®’s new advanced design.

Whether you are a tactical enthusiast, private contractor, or member of a law enforcement or military unit, UF PRO®’s Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat will keep your noggin cool and camouflaged.

Find out more about the Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat here.

ADS Federal Range Day 18 – Drifire Foretrex Combat Ensemble in Black

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Drifire displayed their Combat Ensemble in Black for LE use. It’s made from their Foretrex fabric, a comfortable FR blend which also features odor control and moisture wicking properties.

Seen here is the Combat Shirt. Also available are Combat Pants.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Asset Technical Field Shirt – Gen III

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Introducing the latest evolution to the Asset Technical Field Shirt. Now in its 3rd generation, boasting all new cutting edge materials built right here in the USA. The first thing you will notice between the 2nd and 3rd generation is the dramatic weight reduction thanks to advanced materials helping the shirt to dry even faster and keep you cool longer underneath a plate carrier or load carriage platform.

The torso is constructed from FirstSpear’s ACM-BASE 100 their ultra light Merino Wool package. The Armpits feature a NanoGlide mesh that has exceptional anti-friction and stay cool properties. The sleeves are especially impressive with a 3oz plain weave of FR Rayon, P-Aramid, and Nylon. Inherently resistant to heat and flame, anti-microbial, and advanced moisture wicking properties the Asset Technical Field Shirt offers incredible tactical features in a sharp package all 100% Berry Compliant.

In-stock and Shipping now in two colors options and sizes Small – 2XLarge.