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Perseverance Survival – Poncho Liner Hoodie

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

The ‘liner, wet weather, poncho’, affectionately known to many as the Woobie, is one of the greatest and most beloved military-issued goods of all time. Perseverance Survival has taken the classic Woobie, and fashioned it into a hoodie. As the hoodies are made of re-purposed pancho liners, its material construction consists of a 100% nylon exterior with a 100% polyester filling. The hoodie also features a draw cord, and a standard kangaroo pocket.

The Poncho Liner Hoodie is currently available in three colorways: Coyote Tan, MARPAT, and Woodland.


Just In Case You Don’t Think Pinks And Greens Are Happening

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

PEO Soldier recently published this informational piece on the the US Army’s proposed Pinks and Greens uniform. A lot of work is being put into this effort.

Photo by PEO Soldier’s Ron Lee.

What is it?

Pink and Green Uniform is the service uniform from the World War II era. Army officers wore the Pink and Green Uniform from the early 1930s to the early 1950s. It is widely recognized as the best dress uniform the Army has ever fielded.

This uniform will be made from great fabrics and tailored for each Soldier, featuring quality construction and a classic, proven design. New eco-friendly textile production processes will be utilized for the first time in the U.S. through this project.

What is the Army doing?

In 2018, the Army could return to its iconic WWII-era uniform which could become the everyday business-wear uniform for all Soldiers. This would replace the current Army Service Uniform, which would be used as a more formal dress uniform.

Based on Sergeant Major of the Army’s interest and his belief that the uniform would reconnect today’s Soldier with the history of the Army, an exclusive Army Times survey was sent out to its readers. The survey received a favorable response from more than 70 percent of the Soldiers supporting the return of the historic World War II uniform.

Taking advantage of upgrades in fabric technology, the Army has developed design options, sketches and prototype uniforms to support the Army’s decision-making process. This was done in collaboration with the Center for Military History, the Army’s industry partners and the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Texas A&M University, whose cadets have historically worn a pinks and greens-type of uniform.

Initial prototypes have been demonstrated on live Soldier models to Army leadership and the media in various venues, including at the Association of the United States Army convention and the Army-Navy football game where feedback was instantaneous and positive.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

In order to maximize the positive interest in this new uniform, the Army has planned key engagements to assist with a possible design decision and introduction of the Pink and Green Uniform to the Army workforce:

-Limited User Evaluation with 150 Soldiers from the New England Recruiting Battalion
-Traveling historical exhibit of the Pink and Green Uniform at Army Installations and other public events
-Interviews/video/digital images of Soldiers supporting evaluations
-Based on Soldier feedback the Army will make a decision in 2018.

Why is this important to the Army?

The reintroduction of this uniform is an effort to create a deeper understanding of, and connection to the Army in communities where awareness of the Total Army needs to increase. The Army believes this high-quality uniform will strengthen pride, bolster recruiting and enhance readiness.


PEO Soldier
U.S. Army Uniforms and Symbols

Related video:

Sgt. Maj. of the Army talks Pink & Green

O P Tactical Exclusive Dealer of Klim’s MultiCam Vigilant Uniform

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

O P Tactical has an exclusive partnership with Klim to sell their Multicam Vigilant uniform. Built specifically for mobility operations and for wear over a Crye Combat Uniform with JPC. This Gore-Tex (also available in FR version) is state of the art and carries many user specified features that make it one of the best deals on the market. This is not for wearing to the grocery store, it’s built specifically for long range mobility operations while wearing kit. I also serves as a great level 6 uniform for full weather protection on all operations.

These uniforms are first come, first serve, and ship directly to the consumer from Klim. This item is priced to go, and will be discontinued when supplies are depleted.


Product Description:

KLIM® invented the formula for creating superior technical apparel, which is designed to dominate the full spectrum of environments and situations. KLIM® carries a history and prestige of developing the most technical snow and motorcycle apparel on the market with gear that protects against the most extreme elements while enhancing the user’s experience.

The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are weatherproof, flame-resistant (Optional) (no-melt, no-drip, no-fuse), extremely durable and offer operator-specific functionality that will perform as it needs to when the unpredictable occurs.

There are a number of reasons to wear flame-resistant garments – from the catastrophic to the negligible and from the frequent to the unlikely; explosion, burning fuel, flame, hot gun barrels, hot vehicle exhaust, hot parts, hot shells, drying near a fire and many other day-to-day risks.

Designed with a flame retardant Nomex® outer layer and a durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable GORE-TEX® fabric, the KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant keep the user comfortable by allowing moisture to escape from the garment. GORE-TEX® fabric maintains protection over time, even after exposure to JP-8, DEET, petroleum, oils, and lubricants.

Preparing for your day brings up several questions: Will the gear fit over my body armor? If I zip up my gear how quickly will I be able to access my kit? Will my gear hold up to unpredictable circumstances? Should I sacrifice comfort or protection?

Now you don’t have to choose. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are designed from the ground up to be compatible with your body armor (specifically, a stand-alone plate carrier) and accessories while simultaneously being weatherproof and breathable.

The front entry panel with magnetic closure allows quick access to center-mounted magazines while the jacket is fully zipped.

The body armor gusset on the back of the jacket prevents any constriction of movement and allows room for your kit on the back of the plate carrier.

Zippered entries allow access to kit on your sides and back without removing or unzipping the jacket.

KLIM® gear is extensively field-tested in rain, dirt, snow and wind to ensure it exceeds the highest standards and passes GORE-TEX® quality requirements. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® with all of your kit in place underneath.

Your TTPs and physical training exist to allow you to react and respond in any situation. Your gear must support the TTPs and keep up with your activity level and the conditions in which you find yourself. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are heavy-duty combat-ready shells.

The KTS™ VIGILANT’s fit is designed for the Tactical Athlete’s body, articulated to compliment your range of motion and is constructed with Nomex® thread, bartac-reinforced stress points and Superfabric® strategically placed in high-wear areas. The entire system is machine washable and will continue to deliver through many assignments.



-Heavy duty, combat ready, weatherproof, and flame resistant (optional) weather Gore-Tex shell designed to be worn over kit
-Guaranteed to keep you dry
-Gore-Tex superfabric in high wear areas
-Direct magazine access front pocket with magnet closures
-Cell tag/ IFF panel exposed when accessing mag
-Concealed cell tag/ IFF panel on front access panel
-Playbook pockets on each forearm with magnetic cover and zippered closure for security
-Ability to operate touch screens on devices stored in playbook pockets
-Expansion back with gusseted/ zippered/ magnet closure control for kit
-Operator cut removabale sleeves at bicep line (can be stored in kangaroo pocket)
-Three-headed side zips for accessing kit and ventilation
-Adjustable back vents/ access point
-Kit access from front/ side/ back
-Bar tack reinforcements of all stress joints
-High quality YKK zippers
-Magnet dot closures
-Zipper security flaps
-Shock cord adjustments on bottom hem and neckline
-Front kangaroo pocket
-Kill switch D-Ring for mobility operations



-Heavy duty, combat ready, weatherproof, and flame resistant (optional) weather Gore-Tex shell designed to be worn over kit
-Guaranteed to keep you dry
-Gore-Tex superfabric in high wear areas
-Direct magazine access front pocket with magnet closures
-Cell tag/ IFF panel exposed when accessing mag
-Concealed cell tag/ IFF panel on front access panel
-Playbook pockets on each forearm with magnetic cover and zippered closure for security
-Ability to operate touch screens on devices stored in playbook pockets
-Expansion back with gusseted/ zippered/ magnet closure control for kit
-Operator cut removabale sleeves at bicep line (can be stored in kangaroo pocket)
-Three-headed side zips for accessing kit and ventilation
-Adjustable back vents/ access point
-Kit access from front/ side/ back
-Bar tack reinforcements of all stress joints
-High quality YKK zippers
-Magnet dot closures
-Zipper security flaps
-Shock cord adjustments on bottom hem and neckline
-Front kangaroo pocket
-Kill switch D-Ring for mobility operationsKlim warrants *every product they make to be free of manufacturer defects for the **lifetime of the product. Additionally, all KLIM GORE-TEX® products are GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® for the **lifetime of the product. If these products fail due to a manufacturing or material defect, Klim will repair the product without charge, or replace it at their discretion. This warranty is not transferable.

** The lifetime of a product unfortunately does not mean your lifetime. The intensity under which the product is used determines this factor. Rips, tears, cuts, punctures, burns, accidents, improper care, negligence, normal wear-and-tear, modifications, alterations or use for a purpose other than which the product designed will void the lifetime warranty of even if the warranty issue is not related to these damages.

Arc’teryx LEAF – Cold WX SVX Parka and Bib

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Although we’ll tell more of the Cold WX SVX story in the coming months, photos and limited background data has been released by the various retailers selling Arc’teryx LEAF products. While everyone is excited to see what’s new, this has led to some confusion regarding this two-piece ensemble.

At $1500 for just the parka, many are crying foul. But, as is so often true when it comes to LEAF, if you’re complaining about the price, it wasn’t meant for you. That is double so in this case. Cold WX SVX was created for a very focused customer, operating in extreme cold weather.

If you’re someone who needs Cold WX SVX, you’ll welcome it, and as a core LEAF customer, you’ll most likely be issued it. You’ll appreciate what it does. You’ll marvel at how little it weighs compared to other arctic clothing solutions. You’ll rave about how mobile you are while wearing the suit.

The roots of Arc’teryx are in building clothing and equipment for athletes who conquer the most challenging environments on earth. Designed for wear in the Arctic, Cold WX SVX was created for a different class of athlete, the military elite.

Cold WX SVX is the pinnacle of Arc’teryx design, materials and manufacturing. There’s a little piece of everything Arc’teryx has learned about making clothing over the past few decades in that garment. Quite frankly, it’s amazing.

Because it’s purpose built for a very narrow application, it’s not replacing anything already in the line. And, it’s existence isn’t going to drive the price down on other cold weather items in their line. Truth be told, considering how many Arc’teryx will end up selling, they’ll be lucky to break even. They’ve spent several years developing this product and putting the infrastructure in place to make it a reality. Originally, they had planned on launching the garment a year ago, but it wasn’t quite where they wanted it, so they worked for several more months, tweaking here and there and placing the final design into production at their plant near Vancouver, British Columbia.

The insulation is Goode Down because it is meant to be worn in the Arctic. It’s cold and dry there. Yes, they’ve included a GORE-TEX face fabric, but it’s extremely breathable and intended to stop wind rather than precipitation. SVX is not intended for the average guy to wear in the rain while walking from his car into the office. You’ll be sweating long before you get there. It’s WARM. Over a year ago, I stood in the design studio at Arc’teryx and tried a prototype parka on. I began to warm immediately and had to take it off after a few minutes.

Specifically, it’s constructed with Allied 850fp Grey Goose Down packed into boxed pleated baffles constructed of nylon taffeta fabric with a shell combining panels of GORE WINDSTOPPER 2L 40d Nylon Plain Weave face fabric and GORE-TEX 3L 30d Nylon Plain Weave fabric.

“We are excited to work closely with Arc’teryx to leverage our portfolio of protective fabric solutions for their cutting-edge outerwear products,” says Tom Dykes, Application Engineer at Gore. “The combination of Gore fabrics used in the Cold WX Parka SVX will provide a broad level of protection for military and law enforcement personnel who encounter harsh weather conditions. The design and technical fabrics offer a distinctive advantage so users can remain warm and alert during their mission.”

The features are called out below.

You’re probably wondering why it’s not White if it’s intended for wear in extreme cold weather.  Instead, they chose Harrier, a light Grey hue. That’s because the Arctic isn’t completely White and Harrier will blend in with many of the places that get really cold. Plus, Harrier isn’t going to show every little smudge like the color White will.  Besides, guys who really need to blend in are going to use Overwhites.

If you’re in the business of exposing yourself to the coldest environments on earth, then by all means, get the LEAF Cold WX SVX Parka and Bib. It will be money well spent and you’ll appreciate the investment. If you just want to buy one because “Arc’teryx”, I understand. I just want you to understand what you’re buying and why it costs so much.

Coming soon from leaf.arcteryx.com or from your favorite LEAF outfitter.

Fireforce Ventures – Rhodesian Brushstroke Short-Shorts

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

After 13 months of hard work, Canada-based Fireforce Ventures has finally released their Rhodesian Brushstroke Short-Shorts.

Not only did they reproduce the iconic camouflage pattern, but they’ve also recreated the proper length. Made from 75% polyester-25% cotton, they feature an internal drawstring, two reinforced hand pockets, and a buttoned arse pocket on the right cheek.

Offered in three sizes, get yours before they are gone.


How About A Hawaiian Punch?

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

All Skills, No Luck, the people who brought you the flannel combat shirt are working on a Hawaiian themed shirt.


According to images they’ve posted on social media they are toying around with more than one print.



Adidas Terrex – Agravic Alpha Shield Hoodie

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Terrex is Adidas’ outdoor line. Their Agravic Alpha Shield Hoodie features a Pertex Quantum shell and Polartec Alpha insulation. It also offers two zippered hand warmer pockets as well as a stuff pocket for storage of the jacket.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Squadron Smock Returns!

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Its Back! The FS Squadron Smock is back and better than ever, now built with FS ACM MID 400 through the torso for maximum wicking and warming comfort.

The Squadron Smock is a hybrid garment that depending upon your circumstances can be a uniform top, a weather barrier, or even hasty load carriage. An oversized hood will fit over your helmet with most NVGs attached and an easily adjusted stiffener in the bill will help keep the shape.

Loaded with pockets and features, the Squadron Smock has a loose fit to accommodate additional layers. Oversized buttons that interface into slightly undersized holes provide security from windblast received in open vehicles or helicopters. Tough and flexible brushed Nylon exterior with a Wool interior made 100% in the USA out of 100% US materials. The Squadron Smock has so much character that Colonel Sir David Stirling would have worn it!

The squadron smock will be available in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Manatee Grey, and even some Multicam has been rumored. Coyote is in stock and shipping now. Place your order today for Ranger Green, Black, Manatee, or Multicam – shipping next week!

For all those who waited patiently for the Squadron Smock enjoy 10% off MSRP on any Smock from now until SHOT Show ends – January 26th 2018.