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Visit TEA Headsets At SOFIC Booth #1200 To See Their New Line Of Maritime Products

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

TEA Headsets is pleased to announce a new line of maritime solutions, proven in sea and air rescue, swimming, diving, jungle, riverine as well as other military maritime and emergency services operations.

The SAR-M Maritime Headset is extremely lightweight, rugged and submersible to 20 meters. With its adjustable headband/strap, it can accommodate almost any head shape with an adjustable nylon-elastic assembly and features an ultra-rugged submersible boom microphone.

The TEA Occasional Swimmer’s Kit (OSK) allows you to convert your land radios to a fully submersible communication kit down to 20 meters submersible. The OSK bag can accommodate a very broad range of portable military and public safety 2-way radios and with its extremely durable design with surgically sealed enclosures. The exterior cable assembly of the OSK kit integrates TEA’s range of submersible PTT switches and headsets for additional Push To Talk options.

With TEA’s SAR-M Headset and the OSK Radio Kit, you can maintain a natural level of hearing while keeping your radio dry and fully operational.

Dive in with TEA Tactical Maritime Products!

OTTO Introduces NoizeBarrier High Definition Electronic Earplugs

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Carpentersville, IL (May 10, 2017) – OTTO Engineering, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of two-way radio accessories for industrial, public safety, and military applications is pleased to announce the launch of its new NoizeBarrierTM High Definition Electronic Earplugs.


The NoizeBarrierTM earplugs are an essential component for military and law enforcement professionals in the war against hearing loss and for preserving situational awareness during missions. OTTO’s dual-mode electronic earplugs offer active hearing protection as well as a hearing enhancement mode that provides extreme sound localization and detection. The noise-isolating ear tips combined with proprietary sound processing electronics enables the NoizeBarrier earplugs to respond to the user’s unique sound environment. The earplugs provide excellent situational awareness when sound levels are safe, up to 15 dB of protection when there is sustained loud noise, and up to 40 dB of protection from loud impulse noises such as blasts and gunfire.

With a simple press on the touchpad, the enhanced hearing mode feature is activated providing up to 5X amplification of softer sounds, while still maintaining impulse noise protection. Built-in Accu-Technology® brings high-definition sound quality to the user experience via the balanced armature speakers and the use of wide bandwidth, low-noise MEMS microphones. All of this is accomplished while maintaining natural hearing at safe sound levels for unsurpassed situational awareness and communication.


Using the NoizeBarrierTM earplugs is easy with the one-button touchpad operation and up to 16 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The earplugs can be stored and charged in the rugged carrying case. Both the earplugs and charging case are IP67 water resistant to survive the elements.

The compact storage case serves double-duty as a carrying case and a charging station. The storage case itself can be charged with the provided USB cable. Once charged, the built-in charging station has the capacity to recharge the earplugs up to 20 times, before the charging station needs to be recharged. The inside of the case has a LCD screen to display the charging status of the charging station as well as the battery capacity of each electronic earplug. The combination of rechargeable earplugs and the portable charging station make the NoizeBarrierTM earplugs ideal for extended and demanding missions.

OTTO’s NoizeBarrierTM High Definition Electronic Earplugs come equipped with one pair of electronic earplugs, an assortment of ear tips, replacement ear filters, a cleaning tool, USB charging cable, a storage/charging case, and a user manual.

For more information about the NoizeBarrierTM High Definition Electronic Earplugs or other OTTO two-way accessories, please visit us at or call us at 888-234-6886 (OTTO).

Sneak Peek – ARES Multi-comm Push To Talk & In-Ear System from TEA

Friday, May 12th, 2017

TEA will unveil the new ARES Multi-comm Push To Talk & In-Ear System at next week’s SOFIC.

The new TEA ARES multi-comm PTT and In The Ear solution is capable of interfacing with all current DoD radios, headsets and platforms (LAND-SEA-AIR), phones, tablets and intercom systems. It incorporates a new industry leading “Echo Cancellation” technology that will allow the device to handle full duplex audio on two separate channels and also can accommodate talk group select options when needed. Also compatible with current dual NET radios being used today

Unique Features Include:
New ergonomic design for ease of use even when wearing gloves
Single or multi-comm configurations – including remote PTT/O2 cable for HALO configurations
Compatible with TEA’s complete suite of headsets for both land and maritime use
Newly designed flat “Easy Clean” connectors
IP 68 rated for submersability
Fully repairable
Easy operator/unit level programming or updating if needed (Custom programs available)
Newly designed secure clothing clip
Low Power Consumption for extended periods of use
Superior Protection and Comfort

See the ARES Multi-comm Push To Talk & In-Ear System, along with the entire TEA Headsets line in Booth #1200 at SOFIC.

OTTO Introduces The OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Carpentersville, IL (May 10, 2017) – OTTO Engineering, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of two-way radio accessories for industrial, public safety, and military applications is pleased to announce the launch of its new OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset.


The 20 Meter Diver Headset is a premium quality maritime headset designed to meet the physical demands that come with multiple dives to 20 meters or for missions in conditions where the presence of water is a concern. The headset features a single anti-fungus padded earphone cup, a ruggedized in-line push-to-talk button, adjustable boom microphone and an open-weave cloth headband.

The OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset has been tested to military standards for durability, salt water immersion, humidity, shock, extreme temperature fluctuation and exposure to fungus. The headset comes with a fully immersible push-to-talk button that will not self-actuate when subjected to the tremendous amount of pressure that is present 20 meters under water.


OTTO’s rigorous testing has successfully taken the headset through a substantial number of 20 meter dives. These tests include immersing the headset to 20 meters for several minutes, returning the headset to the surface, and repeating the cycle over and over. In addition, OTTO performs its tests with a significant temperature differential between the headset and the water to ensure that the headset will not leak from the combination of temperature variation and extreme pressure.

Because the OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset is sealed against salt water, no dive bag is needed for the headset. The Diver Headset is compatible with a variety of military, public safety, and industrial two-way radio platforms. The headset is made in the USA at OTTO’s manufacturing facilities located in Illinois and is Berry Amendment compliant.

For more information about the OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset or other OTTO two-way accessories, please visit us at or call us at 888-234-6886 (OTTO).

INVISIO Communications Inc Opens US Office

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

INVISIO Communications Inc. is now completely operational and the organization is capable of efficiently targeting customers within security and defense throughout the United States. The key focus is to support existing customers, partners and programs, increasing the customer base and to maintain and expand business networks.

During next week’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, you can check out INVISIO, who will be located just outside of the convention center at the Waterfront Boardwalk next to Jackson’s Landing, INVISIO Vessel Name: “La Dolce Vita”.

Come aboard to meet their new US Sales Team and check out their latest product line. Products will be available for live demonstrations. In addition to several radio control units, you may want to look at these headsets.


Finally, you can download their catalog here.

Atlantic Signal – U94 Push to Talk

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Debuting this week at NYTOA, Atlantic Signal’s new Nexus U94 Push to Talk with built in wireless capabilities to pair with their Victory gun rail mounted PTT.

INVISIO Receives Additional Order from the UK Ministry of Defence Worth About SEK 15 Million

Monday, April 24th, 2017

INVISIO announced today that the initial order from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) worth about SEK 90 million was extended by an additional SEK 15 million order, which means that the contract value now amounts to approximately SEK 105 million. Deliveries will begin in the second quarter of 2017.

The contract with the British Ministry of Defence was announced on March 9, 2017, and comprises hearing protection and communication ancillaries for specialist land, maritime and air applications. The contract is for four years with options for a fifth year and a complete mid-life enhancement at two and a half years.

The contract follows previous MOD contract awards for hearing protection, THPS, announced in 2015.

The order was through INVISIO’s UK based partner Marlborough Communications Ltd (MCL).

Warrior West Sneak Peek – Liberator IV & V Communications Headsets from Tactical Command Industries

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

The new Liberator IV & V Communications Headsets from Tactical Command Industries have never been shown in public before. These are 100% designed from the ground up by TCI as a next generation to replace their popular Liberator II & III headsets which were Modified-Commercial Off The Shelf systems. TCI started with the basic functionality of the two legacy headsets and set about to make them even better through improved materials, design and production. For example, although the two are virtually identical, the Liberator IV is designed for a single comm application, while the Liberator IV offers dual comms functionality.

This is the first tactical communications headset totally designed, built, and sourced in the USA. All of the design work was conducted by TCI using a blank slate. They did not adapt or copy any existing system. The headwear design is unique and all of the components are Made in USA. In fact, the injection molding is done at the same Safariland Group business where Safariland holsters are injection molded, and using the same materials and color palette. Currently the headsets will be offered in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Black but other colors are available with minimum order quantities. In fact, I fully expect o see production models in the new Medium Coyote Tan (MCT) recently specified by the US Army for weapon accessories. Aside from the molding, much of the production of the other components for these headsets is handled within Safariland.

Additionally, this is the first 3 mode headset on the market. What TCI means by this is that it operates using sound localization and compression, like many traditional headsets on the market today. However, one of the limiting factors for these headsets is constant high decibel/high frequency sound (back of a helicopter, on a patrol boat, in an MRAP). Compression electronics are useless and the passive sound attenuation of the muff is poor because it is small; designed to fit under tactical helmets. The Liberator IV/V add a second mode of active noise cancelation (ANC). This operates very much like the Bose or similar headsets you wear in aircraft, creating a counter wave that neutralizes the high level constant noise. Their third mode combines sound compression and ANC to provide complete hearing protection from impulse noise that happens to take place while in a constant high noise level environment (door gun on helicopter, mini-gun on patrol boat, or M2 on MRAP). This is accomplished by using two high speed modern digital signal processors, working independently or in tandem.

Like modern radios, the Liberator IV/V’s firmware is updateable. Any updates can be pushed via wireless firmware update, so there’s no need to replace the entire PCB and processor in order to modernize the headset. TCI has also incorporated higher quality speakers which leads to improved sound quality. The speakers are no longer flush mounted. Instead, there is a sound “port” or hollow space behind the speakers to provide better high, low, and mid-range acoustic response. This eliminates that “tinny” sound associated with some headsets.


TCI’s “Dual Fuel” system is pretty cool. The Liberator IV/V is equipped with a battery box that accepts either 2 AAA or 1 CR123 battery. Although performance is dependent upon what you have the headset doing, battery life is comparable to existing headsets while operating in the same mode.

There are two headset suspension options. There’s the traditional over the head comfort mount and unique modular universal mount which includes a helmet rail mount that attaches to the rear part of the rail. Adaptors for Team Wendy helmets are also available.

A lot of innovation went into the development of this headset. TCI has applied for patents covering certain specifications on the ANC hardware, wireless firmware update, dual fuel battery compartment, speaker configuration, and aspects of the universal headset suspension.

Because TCI controls 100% of the production, they tell me the Liberator IV and V will not cost any more than their legacy headsets, which keeps them on par with other manufactures in terms of price and features. TCI’s position is that they are offering a Ferrari at the same cost as everyone else’s Chevy.


The Liberator IV is a single comm headset and will come in the same configurations as the Liberator II was available in. The Liberator V is dual comm and will come in the same configurations as the Liberator III did. If you used a specialty variant of either of those headsets, they’ll be available with the new headsets as well. There will also be a Liberator HP which is a standalone (no comms) headset similar to the DEHP and like the DEHP could be converted to a Liberator IV or V.

The Liberator IV/V should be available by Summer. Final field trials with selected military and Federal LE end users will start in a couple of weeks. Based on feedback, TCI will make any last minute changes. I look forward to seeing how these run in the field.

Aegisound Custom Earplugs Outperform Foam Earplugs in Virginia Tech Study

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Findings confirm custom earplugs are significantly better at preventing hearing loss for military

Carbondale, PA, April 12, 2017. Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel announced today findings from an independent study conducted by Virginia Tech Auditory Systems Laboratory regarding its Aegisound CTE30X custom earplugs. The study, funded by the Office of Naval Research, found the custom earplugs significantly outperformed the foam earplugs used in the testing.

Researchers at Virginia Tech examined the performance of commonly used roll-down foam earplugs and Aegisound custom-molded earplugs without training, with training, and 21 days after training. The custom plugs outperformed the foam plugs under all test conditions, and were preferred by the test subjects for ease of use, quickness of fit, and relative confidence in hearing protection offered. One of the most notable outcomes of the study was that the attenuation performance of the custom plugs did not degrade after training, 21 days later, whereas the foam earplugs did. This data point illustrates that foam plugs can be difficult to use reliably, whereas custom plugs offer consistent performance over time.

“Our Aegisound products provide precise intelligible communications and long-term hearing health for military personnel on flight decks and flight lines where some of the loudest occupational noise environments exist,” said L.P. Frieder, president, Gentex Corporation. “This recent study by Virginia Tech validates these and other benefits of choosing custom molded earplugs over foam.”

For Aegisound custom fit hearing protection products, custom ear canal molds are digitally manufactured to exacting standards, which allow the earplug to precisely fit the ear canal to achieve optimal comfort and superior hearing protection in extreme noise (105 to 150 dB(A)), such as those found in military and industrial environments.

John G. Casali, Ph.D., CPE, and Kichol Lee, Ph.D. of Virginia Tech presented findings from their study at the National Hearing Conservation Association’s annual conference on February 24, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. View the full presentation at this link.

SHOT Show 17 – Blue Force Gear MARCO Cost Benefit Analysis

Friday, January 20th, 2017

If you use chemlights for marking, you need to consider the new MARCO from Blue Force Gear.

MARCO is essentially a magazine for mini chemlights. The disposable cartridge carries 34 x 2″ chemlights is carried in this Kydex holster. A replacement cartridge is not only about a buck cheaper than the equivalent number of 4″ chemlights, typically used for marking, but you don’t have to take the time to tape them up in order to restrict the amount of light emitted. 

 The smaller 2″ chemlights are not only smaller and lighter, but they alos put out just the right amount of light. What’s more, the hole pattern on the holster will accept all of Raven Concealment’s belt mounting options.

So check out the MARCO and save money, weight, space and time.

Coming this quarter.