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SHOT Show 17 – Blue Force Gear MARCO Cost Benefit Analysis

Friday, January 20th, 2017

If you use chemlights for marking, you need to consider the new MARCO from Blue Force Gear.

MARCO is essentially a magazine for mini chemlights. The disposable cartridge carries 34 x 2″ chemlights is carried in this Kydex holster. A replacement cartridge is not only about a buck cheaper than the equivalent number of 4″ chemlights, typically used for marking, but you don’t have to take the time to tape them up in order to restrict the amount of light emitted. 

 The smaller 2″ chemlights are not only smaller and lighter, but they alos put out just the right amount of light. What’s more, the hole pattern on the holster will accept all of Raven Concealment’s belt mounting options.

So check out the MARCO and save money, weight, space and time.

Coming this quarter.


SHOT Show 17 – OTTO NoizeBarrier

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

The OTTO NoizeBarrier is a new electronic ear plug to protect from continuous impulse noise.

It offers 15db of protection for continuous elevated noise as well as 5x amplification for soft noise. The ealugs recharge in the case and run for up to 16 hours.


SILYNX Announces the Releases New Additions to CLARUS PRO Line of In-The-Ear Hearing Protection Systems

Friday, January 13th, 2017

STERLING, Virginia– Silynx Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its CLARUS PRO line of in-ear electronic hearing protection and communications systems at SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas Nevada.

Whether the shooter is on the firing line or needing to take a phone call, the CLARUS PRO hearing protection products never must be removed. They are designed to solve hearing protection problems that the recreational shooter simply tolerated because there were no other options. Like their predecessor CLARUS PRO, the CLARUS PRO RECHARGE and CLARUS LITE are designed to be worn all day. They are ideal for range masters and trainers who are surrounded by high noise for extended periods.

Shooters invest thousands of dollars in their gun, their optics, their eyewear, their ammo, then they insert two cents worth of foam in their ears. It is time that they start investing in protecting their hearing as well. CLARUS PRO and LITE offer protection with hearing enhancement and comfort made for all day wear.

The CLARUS PRO LITE is a military grade in-ear electronic hearing protection enhancement system unlike any other in the industry. The CLARUS PRO LITE incorporates the same proprietary, high-grade electronics used in all its products while simplifying the feature set to make it ideal for competitive and recreational shooting.

The CLARUS PRO RECHARGE is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery. The CLARUS PRO RECHARGE is a military grade in-ear electronic hearing protection enhancement system that includes an auxiliary port for connecting to a smartphone, field radio, or other audio device. The in-line noise cancelling microphone ensures that your voice is heard even in noisy environments.

The CLARUS PRO LITE is offered at an MSRP of just $159.00, while the CLARUS RECHARGE is offered at an MSRP of only $269.00.


INVISIO Receives SEK 11 Million Order From Existing Customer Within NATO

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

INVISIO (IVSO) has received a follow-up order for communication and hearing protection systems from one of the company’s existing customers within NATO. The order is worth approximately SEK 11 million and delivery is planned to take place in the first part of 2017.
INVISIO’s advanced communication systems with hearing protection enable professionals working in noisy and mission-critical environments to communicate and collaborate effectively. The systems consist of headsets and control units connected to an external team radio or a vehicle’s intercom system, for example.


Ops-Core RAC Headset Now Available For Direct Order

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

I know a lot of you have been asking for it, and now Gentex has added the RAC Communications Headset to the Ops-Core website for direct order. They are in stock and ready to ship. In fact, during a recent visit to their factory in Manchester, New Hampshire, I watched them assembling the RACs in anticipation of this move.

RAC consists of outer earcups, wireless earbuds and a boom microphone. It is a delicate balance between protecting and enabling hearing. From the beginning, Ops-Core wanted to offer an internal earbud, which greatly increases hearing protection. For example, with just the earcups, RAC offers 20db protection. By adding the NFMI earbuds, that protection is increased to 32 db. Adding RAC’s wireless earbuds isn’t analogous to adding foamies, which would block the Situational Awareness advantage. Additionally, wired inserts aren’t the answer because wires get in the way of pro masks, balaclavas, etc. Some systems use one form of RF signal or another but, that raises security issues due to encryption.

Instead, Ops-Core decided to use a magnetic system. It’s battery free and wireless. The audio signal stimulates a coil which becomes the transmit antenna. Because it uses a magnetic field to work, you must keep the coil contained in the earcup close to the earbuds. For instance, you can open the earcup slightly to vent, but you can’t move it to the rear in the storage position because the earbud won’t receive the signal.

The RAC features an interesting 3D hearing, Situational Awareness capability, made possible by the integration of what is essentially an artificial ear, combined with electronics. The intake for ambient noise is at an angle, like your ear, rather than flat across the front like on other systems. Inside the intake, the SA microphone is located at the top to avoid the effects of wind, and to help water drain down, after immersion.

Additionally, the external boom microphone is immersible and noise canceling. To swap sides for the boom microphone, you remove the plug and swap it. Although the earbuds are wireless, the earcuos are commected via a cable which is attached to the helmet via Velcro. Various cables are available for connection to comms systems.

Compatible with the Ops-Core FAST and Sentry Helmet Systems, RAC is designed to attach directly to the ARC Rail. RAC mounts to the lower, angled section of the ARC rail. This keeps it out of the way, leaving room for other accessories on the upper section of the rail.

The earcups are mounted on a gimbel to fit a wide variety of ear and head shapes, but one of the most unique features is that RAC has a built-in storage ability. The earcups rotate back to the rear of the helmet when not in use, creating a very low profile. In fact, the earcups aren’t visible from front view when stowed.

RAC is offered in Urban Tan, Foliage Green and Black. However, RAC accpets dipped patterns very well. Additionally, RAC can be purchased with the NFMI earplug capability or without. RACs purchased without the NFMI system are not upgradeable.


Tactical Command Industries – 20th Anniversary Promotion

Monday, December 5th, 2016

This is an announcement from Tactical Command Industries, a tactical comms company and a brand under Safariland Group, regarding their 20th Anniversary and a special promotional sale they’re running.


Tactical Command Industries, a brand of the Safariland Group, is celebrating our 20th anniversary. Originally founded by a SWAT team officer, TCI has built a business and a reputation for providing first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel rugged and innovative tactical communications accessories. Beginning with the SAS earpiece system, through the Liberator series headset, and finally the MAST antenna relocation kit, TCI continues to offer products developed from end user input and experienced development and design. Following the acquisition by the Safariland Group in 2012, our capability to develop cutting edge products has increased exponentially. The most recent addition is a professionally certified acoustics laboratory that allows our engineers and technicians to conduct in-house acoustic testing and certification.

To celebrate our anniversary we are offering discounts, as much as 30% off, on many items in our inventory, including the venerable TASC headset and the modern TABC3 bone conduction headset. Products can be purchased as a complete kit including a push to talk or as just a stand-alone headset.

Go to: www.safariland.com/our-brands/tci

Select your products and enter the promo code TCI30 in the “Apply Promo Code” field. If there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact TCI Customer Service 800-347-1200, and select TCI.

This celebration will end at the end of December. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own professional grade communications accessories at a significant discount.

Don’t forget about Shot Show, be sure to visit TCI in the Safariland booth #12762, where we plan to unveil new and exciting product.

USSOCOM To Conduct Market Research and Industry Day For Next Generation Communications Accessories

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Program Manager Special Operations Forces – Survival, Support, and Equipment Systems (PM-SOF SSES) is comducting q Sources Sought / Request for Information (RFI) and an Industry Day (ID) to discuss compatibility between the Next Generation Hand Held (NGHH) Radio and the manufacture of Communications Accessories (Headsets, Cables, and Push-To-Talk (PTT) Devices).

1st Special Forces Command in conjunction with PM-SOF SSES and Harris Corporation, manufacturers of the NGHH, are investigating the ability of industry to meet compatibility and performance requirements of COMACC that would operate with the NGHH Radio. COMACC is the interface between SOF tactical radio systems and the operator for voice communications. The focal point of this event is the compatibility with legacy COMACC, future COMACC and new generation SOF radios.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of communications equipment, communications accessories, or integrators are invited to submit a capability statement describing their experience in these fields to the POCs identified in this announcement. PM-SOF SSES representatives, Harris Corporation NGHH program managers and radio communications technical experts, and military force modernization equipment subject matter experts will be in attendance to discuss COMACC and NGHH capabilities and requirements.

The Indsustry Day will be held 29 November 2016; 0900 – 1500 EST at the Hilton Garden Inn Rochester Downtown in Rochester, NY.

To learn more with detailed instruction on how to participate, visit www.fbo.gov.

INVISIO Establishes US Subsidiary

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

INVISIO has established a wholly owned subsidiary in the USA to increase its presence in the US market. The establishment is part of the company’s strategic objective to build a strong presence in key markets. The company has also begun recruiting staff for sales and marketing of the company’s systems for communication and hearing protection.

The subsidiary, INVISIO Communications Inc, is to support existing customers and partners, increasing the customer base and develop and maintain business networks. INVISIO already has valuable customers in the US including the Army’s modernization program TCAPS and several Special Forces in defense and police services.

“In line with the company’s commercial expansion plans for key markets, we are increasing our sales efforts in the United States. The establishment of a separate office and a local organization bring us closer to our customers, partners and the industry, which benefits our continued penetration of the market. We believe that the interest in our solutions remains strong and we see good opportunities for continued growth in the US, “says Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO of INVISIO.

The subsidiary is located outside of Washington, D.C. and will initially be led by INVISIO’s CEO Lars Højgård Hansen. The recruitment of a sales and marketing organization is in progress.

INVISIO and reseller TEA Headsets will continue their long-lasting cooperation in the US market.


AUSA – TEA Headsets High Threat Tier 1 Headset Universal Mounting System

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

TEA Headsets showed their High Threat Headset at AUSA. It features Combat Noise Suppression technology that protects the operator’s hearing against damaging noises they’re exposed to during combat. In addition to providing certified hearing protection the HTH has adjustable and amplified electronic hearing that allows wearers to maintain 360° battlefield awareness. Hear-thru audio can be easily adjusted using the HTH’s simple 3-button controls located on the left ear cup.

The HTH has an AUTO-OFF feature that turns off hear-thru after four hours of inactivity. Two AAA batteries provide 600 hrs of use. TEA offers the HTH with single or dual comms wires as well as several microphone options. The HTH is available in Black, OD Green and MultiCam.

I know a lot of you are using different methods to attach your headsets directly to your helmets rails. The Universal Mounting System works on a variety of headsets, so it might be the answer you are looking for.

You can quickly swap the ear cups from headband to rail adapter. Simply unscrew the thumb screw on the UMS to remove a headband or mount and then screw it back down to secure it after adjustments.

The HTH Tier 1’s low profile headband features an easy to remove, over the head, Velcro headstrap that allows you to retain the assembly for future use. Helmet adapters are available for Team Wendy, Ops-Core, Revision and other makes and models of helmet rails.


INVISIO receives follow-up order from existing army customer within NATO

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Stockholm, September 30, 2016

INVISIO (IVSO) has received an order worth approximately SEK 7.0 million from one of the company’s existing army customers within NATO. The order is a follow-up order and includes the INVISIO V60 communication and hearing protection system. Delivery is planned to take place in 2016.

The customer has been using INVISIO’s equipment since 2012 and earlier this year ordered products valued approximately 6.5 million.

INVISIO’s advanced communication systems with hearing protection enable professionals working in noisy and mission-critical environments to communicate and collaborate effectively. The systems consist of headsets and control units connected to an external team radio or a vehicle’s intercom system, for example.