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SOFIC 2015 - TEA Headsets Offering Ops-Core’s RAC Headset

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

May 20th, 2015 – SOFIC – Tampa, FL - TEA Headsets Announces the Ops-Core RAC Headset to market…

TEA Headsets is now formally announces the release of the new Ops-Core RAC Headset (Rail Attached Communications) to market for purchase or evaluation. *Note product evaluations are limited to teams/units only.

The new RAC Headset is the next evolution for over-the-ear (OTE) headsets and showcases a streamlined design that integrates directly into the helmet rail system. The RAC mounts to the rear portion of the helmet rail leaving the main portion of the rail free for other critical accessories such as cameras, lights, O2 masks or other accessories. Compatibility wise the RAC is able to fit onto the rail systems of the Ops-Core® Fast, Maritime and Sentry helmets as well as other brands of high cut helmets (inquire directly with TEA for additional information).

RAC Headset

Click to view .pdf

Utilizing TEA’s full line up of U94 Push-to-Talk switches and controllers the RAC can now be seamlessly integrated into practically any public safety or DoD radio as well as vehicle, boat and aircraft intercom systems.

More information will be released soon regarding the RAC Headset and other new products/systems from TEA, so keep an eye out for future releases.

Learn more about the RAC Headset at

Warrior West – Shakespeare

Friday, May 1st, 2015

I’ve been a big fan of Shakespeare’s Panther Mast that consists of a rolatube technology that rolls up flat and forms into a very strong tube as it is erected.  In the past, you had to prepare the Panther Mast on the ground and pul it up like a more traditional antenna system such as the OE-254.    

The new 2 meter tripod system allows you to guide the mast straight up as it is guided through the apex of the tripod making erecting and striking the antenna much faster as well as more stable.

Warrior West – TCI 

Friday, May 1st, 2015

The new TCI R4 PTT can be seen to the right of this photo.  It replaces the older R3 across the board and is not only more compact, but more waterproof as well. This is due to some CAD work and a new tongue and groove fitting on the rear cover. Additionally, it is available in Black as well as Flat Dark Earth.

Warrior West – TEA Headsets V60 MARSOC Configuration

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The system was specifically configured for the operational needs and requirements of MARSOC and consists of the Invsiso V60 control unit as well as an array of radio, vehicle, and aircraft interface cables. This system also utilizes the TEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset.

RE Factor – Combat Reference Guides

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

We’ve mentioned these in the past but they run out of stock as soon as we post an article. Looks like they are back. These stickers can be applied virtually anywhere and are great aides memoire for Medvac, Call for Fire and CAS Requests. There’s even a glow in the dark Medevac format.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Navy Jack (Don’t Tread On Me) IFF Flag Patch

Friday, April 3rd, 2015


Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to say about this week’s Friday Focus. Instead, it’s best if we just show you how awesome these IFF flag patches are.


Offered in 2″x4″ size, they come in Glow-in-the-dark only or IR reflective only and utilize the same patented technology as the FS Cell tags. Look for Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

Looking for a Good EarPro Cover?

Monday, March 9th, 2015

OC Tactical has just completed another run of their OC Tactical HP2 Hearing Protection Covers. They are made from Cordura for wear resistance and foam backed Dri-Lex on the underside for comfort.  There is also a small loop at the rear to allow you to hang your EarPro from your belt via a carabiner or similar.


  • Peltor (Fits earpro with 2″ wide bands: Comtac, 6S, TacticalPro, Tactical Sport, and Sordin Supreme with leather headband.) 
  • Sordin Pro x (Fits Sordin with 1.5″ plastic headband) 
  • Howard Leight (Designed specifically for the Howard Leight Impact Sport)

    Available in MultiCam, Kryptek Highlander and OD.

Savox Thor – The Future of Headgear

Monday, March 9th, 2015

savox THOR 4

Tactical Headgear for Operational Requirements (THOR) has been adopted by the Finnish Defense Forces as the helmet component of their Soldier Modernization Program: Warrior 2020. A multi-year contract was recently let by the Finnish Defense Forces Logistics Command, with initial deliveries being used for acceptance testing. Savox is the prime contractor of the consortium behind THOR, along with industry partners, Millog Oy (night vision) and Fy-Composites Oy (ballistic protection).

savox THOR 1

The core of THOR is a boltless design ballistic helmet made from a Dyneema/Aramid blend providing protection against ballistic threats: fragments and bullets to STANAG 2920 1.1g FSP-v50: 450. 750m/s – back face deformation <25mm; NIJ0106.01 9 mm FMJ bullet 430m/s. The shell also meets EN 397 shock absorption requirements.

savox THOR 3

Additionally, special night vision goggles and hearing protection have been designed specifically to integrate with this helmet. As you can see in the photos, the NVGs stow very close to the helmet and are light enough to not need a counterweight. The goggles offer a 60°-wide view angle (also available is 40° FOV) and can be used in mono or bino configurations. These us Millog’s Hi60 3rd Gen tubes offering human recognition up to 150-250m as well as an integrated IR illuminator.

The various technologies developed specifically for the helmet are marketed under FLEXfamily.

For example, the FLEXfit ratchet system allows the rapid adjustment of fit for a wide variety of head types. Next comes FLEXadjust which covers the adjustable, multi-axis mounting systems for the NVGs and earpro. In addition to ANR headphones (23dB), the user can attach a boom or bone conductive skull microphone in addition to throat and internal respirator mic options. Like most systems currently fielded, power and volume adjustments are on the side via buttons. Additionally, the earphones can be placed in one of three positions without removing the helmet or losing communications.

savox THOR 2

FLEXnet is an integrated databus both internal and external to the helmet. This works hand-in-hand with the FLEXrail which allows the mounting of Picatinny compatible accessories to the powered rail system incorporating a USB integration interface. THOR features five of these FLEXrails which can bring data into the from cameras and sensors helmet as well as exfil it to other devices such as radios. These FLEXrails also incorporate FLEXpower which provides power to the devices as well as all accessories internally through the helmet.

Savox Thor

Click to view .pdf

SHOT Show – Safariland / Tactical Command Industries

Saturday, January 24th, 2015


The new Radio Audio Channel Enhancement from TCI corrects a longtime deficiency of dual Comms systems. Currently, one headset ear equals one channel and the other ear is a different channel. This patent pending technology listens for audio null on a channel and turns the headset into a stereo system on the active channel.


Additionally, TCI has introduced the Liberator III R.4 Utility Push to Talk. As you can see, it takes up much less space than the previous version as well as being lighter.

SHOT Show – CeJay Engineering

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

CeJay Engineering has introduced a multi-mode version of their FlexLightStick which offers both constant on and strobe in one model.


They’ve also introduced a molded FlexLight helmet mount that can be Velcroed into place. Here you can see it with a finger light.


This is the Helios UAV Beacon. An inch across, it can be wired 9-28v and is offered in white, red, green and IR.