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Battle Board

Monday, June 12th, 2017

For ages, Soldiers and Marines have been making their own battle boards, and then an entrepreneur comes along and not only does it for us, but also does it better.

For those of you unfamiliar, a battle board is a large book, board or case, used to display a map and other leadership tools such as unit status charts. It’s most useful as a battle tracker and logistics and fire support planner. Generally, they incorporate acetate or other clear, write-on/wipe-off material in order to make notes which can be erased when no longer needed, if the situation changes, or to avoid disclosure in the event capture is imminent. Sure, there are software packages which accomplish this function, but they rely on power and systems they run on are vulnerable to damage by the the environment and threat weapons. Since a well constructed battle board protects the hardcopy maps and other data from the elements, they’ll survive pretty much anything short of fire, or a direct hit.

Battle Board (with big “B”s) was developed by Marine Infantrymen. They use a tough polycarbonate sheet along with 500D nylon to construct their boards. In addition to a carrying handle, they include a protractor and pen storage pocket.

Battle Board offers the 12″ x 16″ Swift and Expeditionary models which can be used alone or combined to create the FIST model.

Battle Board will soon be introducing the Swift Lite and Expeditionary Lite which are 10″ x 12″ versions of their full size boards.

Darley Defense Days – RolaTube Expeditionary Systems

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

The first time I saw RolaTube I feel in love with the idea. It’s a mast system which rolls up and as you extend it, conforms itself into a strong tubular structure. Initial versions were just masts but over time, they added built in antennas into the material structure. As the RolaTube’s popularity increased, so did applications. Eventually, they created a tripod to stabilize taller masts or those with heavy items in the mast head, such as camera systems. This example combines 2m x 2″ tripod with a double 3″ mast although there are a wide variety of tripods available. Check with to find the best for for your needs.

INVISIO receives a SEK 30 million order from partner MCL to support the British hearing protection program THPS

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

INVISIO (IVSO) has received an order from partner MCL to provide hearing protection and communication systems for the British Tactical Hearing Protection System program (THPS). The order value amounts to approximately SEK 30 million and deliveries are planned for the second half of 2017.

The order for the INVISIO system is part of a contract awarded to Marlborough Communications Ltd (MCL) by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 2015 covering the delivery of systems to the British Army, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Army Reserve. THPS, Tactical Hearing Protection Systems, is the modernization program for hearing protection and communications systems of the UK Ministry of Defence.

The 2015 contract is for four years with options for a further three years and comprises INVISIO’S hearing protection and communications system INVISIO S10. The solution provides the user with the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in noisy environments, providing first rate hearing protection and situational awareness to personnel on operations, whilst offering more comfort.

INVISIO has previously supplied the THPS program with equipment corresponding to sales of approximately SEK 150 million.

SILYNX Communications Selected as Communications Protection/Enhancement System for TACOPS Talaria All-In-One Communications Pack

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

STERLING, VIRGINIA – SILYNX Communications (SILYNX), a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of ruggedized, in-ear hearing protection and headset systems, announces the selection of the CLARUS system as the push-to-talk and headset ensemble for the TACOPS® Talaria All-In-One communications pack by TSSi (Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.).

The CLARUS system is the world’s smallest and lightest headset system. The CLARUS simplifies the user’s operation and accessibility to the PTT switches on the miniaturized control unit. CLARUS provides impulse and steady state noise protection, with electronic hear-thru, in both noisy and normal environments. As part of the Talaria system, Clarus provides intercom interoperability, clear communications, sound localization for 360 degree situational awareness, and active hearing protection to conserve hearing in the most dangerous environments.

The TACOPS® Talaria All-in-One Communications Pack – created by TSSi — allows any communicator the ability to establish communications over VHF and UHF bands with hands free push-to-talk and an amplified signal while providing all the needed equipment in a single part number and a custom made C4I bag. The Talaria’s unique design allows for storage of all equipment and coax without having to route through external MOLLE adapters. Each communicator will have the ability to establish worldwide communication at their fingertips while reducing their pack weight by at least 22 pounds.

The Talaria system is available now directly from TSSi at or from Silynx at, or through GSA and TLS contracts.

Visit TEA Headsets At SOFIC Booth #1200 To See Their New Line Of Maritime Products

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

TEA Headsets is pleased to announce a new line of maritime solutions, proven in sea and air rescue, swimming, diving, jungle, riverine as well as other military maritime and emergency services operations.

The SAR-M Maritime Headset is extremely lightweight, rugged and submersible to 20 meters. With its adjustable headband/strap, it can accommodate almost any head shape with an adjustable nylon-elastic assembly and features an ultra-rugged submersible boom microphone.

The TEA Occasional Swimmer’s Kit (OSK) allows you to convert your land radios to a fully submersible communication kit down to 20 meters submersible. The OSK bag can accommodate a very broad range of portable military and public safety 2-way radios and with its extremely durable design with surgically sealed enclosures. The exterior cable assembly of the OSK kit integrates TEA’s range of submersible PTT switches and headsets for additional Push To Talk options.

With TEA’s SAR-M Headset and the OSK Radio Kit, you can maintain a natural level of hearing while keeping your radio dry and fully operational.

Dive in with TEA Tactical Maritime Products!

OTTO Introduces NoizeBarrier High Definition Electronic Earplugs

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Carpentersville, IL (May 10, 2017) – OTTO Engineering, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of two-way radio accessories for industrial, public safety, and military applications is pleased to announce the launch of its new NoizeBarrierTM High Definition Electronic Earplugs.


The NoizeBarrierTM earplugs are an essential component for military and law enforcement professionals in the war against hearing loss and for preserving situational awareness during missions. OTTO’s dual-mode electronic earplugs offer active hearing protection as well as a hearing enhancement mode that provides extreme sound localization and detection. The noise-isolating ear tips combined with proprietary sound processing electronics enables the NoizeBarrier earplugs to respond to the user’s unique sound environment. The earplugs provide excellent situational awareness when sound levels are safe, up to 15 dB of protection when there is sustained loud noise, and up to 40 dB of protection from loud impulse noises such as blasts and gunfire.

With a simple press on the touchpad, the enhanced hearing mode feature is activated providing up to 5X amplification of softer sounds, while still maintaining impulse noise protection. Built-in Accu-Technology® brings high-definition sound quality to the user experience via the balanced armature speakers and the use of wide bandwidth, low-noise MEMS microphones. All of this is accomplished while maintaining natural hearing at safe sound levels for unsurpassed situational awareness and communication.


Using the NoizeBarrierTM earplugs is easy with the one-button touchpad operation and up to 16 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The earplugs can be stored and charged in the rugged carrying case. Both the earplugs and charging case are IP67 water resistant to survive the elements.

The compact storage case serves double-duty as a carrying case and a charging station. The storage case itself can be charged with the provided USB cable. Once charged, the built-in charging station has the capacity to recharge the earplugs up to 20 times, before the charging station needs to be recharged. The inside of the case has a LCD screen to display the charging status of the charging station as well as the battery capacity of each electronic earplug. The combination of rechargeable earplugs and the portable charging station make the NoizeBarrierTM earplugs ideal for extended and demanding missions.

OTTO’s NoizeBarrierTM High Definition Electronic Earplugs come equipped with one pair of electronic earplugs, an assortment of ear tips, replacement ear filters, a cleaning tool, USB charging cable, a storage/charging case, and a user manual.

For more information about the NoizeBarrierTM High Definition Electronic Earplugs or other OTTO two-way accessories, please visit us at or call us at 888-234-6886 (OTTO).

Sneak Peek – ARES Multi-comm Push To Talk & In-Ear System from TEA

Friday, May 12th, 2017

TEA will unveil the new ARES Multi-comm Push To Talk & In-Ear System at next week’s SOFIC.

The new TEA ARES multi-comm PTT and In The Ear solution is capable of interfacing with all current DoD radios, headsets and platforms (LAND-SEA-AIR), phones, tablets and intercom systems. It incorporates a new industry leading “Echo Cancellation” technology that will allow the device to handle full duplex audio on two separate channels and also can accommodate talk group select options when needed. Also compatible with current dual NET radios being used today

Unique Features Include:
New ergonomic design for ease of use even when wearing gloves
Single or multi-comm configurations – including remote PTT/O2 cable for HALO configurations
Compatible with TEA’s complete suite of headsets for both land and maritime use
Newly designed flat “Easy Clean” connectors
IP 68 rated for submersability
Fully repairable
Easy operator/unit level programming or updating if needed (Custom programs available)
Newly designed secure clothing clip
Low Power Consumption for extended periods of use
Superior Protection and Comfort

See the ARES Multi-comm Push To Talk & In-Ear System, along with the entire TEA Headsets line in Booth #1200 at SOFIC.

OTTO Introduces The OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Carpentersville, IL (May 10, 2017) – OTTO Engineering, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of two-way radio accessories for industrial, public safety, and military applications is pleased to announce the launch of its new OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset.


The 20 Meter Diver Headset is a premium quality maritime headset designed to meet the physical demands that come with multiple dives to 20 meters or for missions in conditions where the presence of water is a concern. The headset features a single anti-fungus padded earphone cup, a ruggedized in-line push-to-talk button, adjustable boom microphone and an open-weave cloth headband.

The OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset has been tested to military standards for durability, salt water immersion, humidity, shock, extreme temperature fluctuation and exposure to fungus. The headset comes with a fully immersible push-to-talk button that will not self-actuate when subjected to the tremendous amount of pressure that is present 20 meters under water.


OTTO’s rigorous testing has successfully taken the headset through a substantial number of 20 meter dives. These tests include immersing the headset to 20 meters for several minutes, returning the headset to the surface, and repeating the cycle over and over. In addition, OTTO performs its tests with a significant temperature differential between the headset and the water to ensure that the headset will not leak from the combination of temperature variation and extreme pressure.

Because the OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset is sealed against salt water, no dive bag is needed for the headset. The Diver Headset is compatible with a variety of military, public safety, and industrial two-way radio platforms. The headset is made in the USA at OTTO’s manufacturing facilities located in Illinois and is Berry Amendment compliant.

For more information about the OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset or other OTTO two-way accessories, please visit us at or call us at 888-234-6886 (OTTO).