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Grey Ghost Precision G19 Builder’s Kit Giveaway

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Man, the Glock is becoming the AR-15 of the handgun world with all these aftermarket products blowing up. Now more than ever, you could throw together a G19 in your garage with minimal tools. Case in point:



Grey Ghost Precision is hosting a giveaway contest, and it looks like they brought some friends to the party. Polymer80, CMC Triggers, and Weapon Outfitters are pitching in to offer up three DIY pistol kits. With a dremel, drill and elbow grease you could put your own psuedo Glock 19 frame together. Just top it off with a GGP Slide and Barrel (match grade) and you are ready to send lead downrange.

Looks like its hosted on the GGP Facebook Page, but you can easily enter the giveaway without wandering into the abyss of FB land with this link.



The specs of the giveaway are on the graphic below. It ends on the 30th, with winners announced on Halloween, presumably thru email and the FB pages. Its like Trick-Or-Treat, for adults!


BCB Presents – ‘Masters of Camo’ Search

Friday, September 29th, 2017

$500 is up for grabs for readers of Soldier Systems Daily who submit the best image of themselves, family, friends and/or pets using camouflage techniques to blend into their surroundings.

The ‘Masters of Camouflage’ competition is run by BCB International Ltd. The company’s range of camouflage face paints is used by countless armed forces personnel and airsofters worldwide to blend into their environments.

BCB International’s spokesperson, Philippe Minchin, said: “Our new range of camo face paint was a huge hit at last week’s Modern Day Marine event in Quantico. BCB’s ‘Masters of Camouflage’ competition is looking for people’s best examples of camouflage in their everyday lives.

“From the family pet blending into a rug or sofa to the paintball enthusiast melting into the woodlands undetected, BCB want people to send them their snaps of how they used the art of camouflage to blend into their environments.

The lucky winner will receive $500. Get snapping because the deadline to submit an entry is Tuesday, 31st October.

To enter the competition visit

JM4 Tactical To Give Away a Glock 19 Gen 5 For Christmas

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Now accepting photo/video contest submissions

Abilene, Texas — Leather gun holster company, JM4 Tactical, is thrilled to announce their second annual pistol and holster giveaway valued at $595. The giveaway is open to past and future customers who can creatively show off their personal QCC holsters being used in either photo or video format (under 60 seconds). All pictures and videos should be submitted through the giveaway application, found

Submissions will be accepted through 11:59 PM CST on November 30, 2017, with 10 finalists being announced on December 2. The photo/video with the most votes out of the 10 finalists will win the grand prize. That winner will be able to choose one of the following two packages, each with the same value:
1. Glock 19 Gen 5 and QCC Holster valued up to $95. (total value $595)
2. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, QCC Holster valued up to $95, and a $145 Visa Gift Card. (total value $595)
Shawndalyn Myers, co-owner of JM4 Tactical, has this to say about the second annual pistol giveaway: “Our customers are more like our JM4 Family and this giveaway is our way of giving back to them.”

Other important information regarding this pistol giveaway is as follows:

• 1 entry per person
• Submissions accepted through 11/30/17 11:59 CST.
• The 10 finalists will be announced on 12/2/2017 and posted to a finalist voting board
• The grand prize winner that receives the most votes will be announced on 12/24/2017, Christmas Eve, at 7:10 pm CST during a live feed
• All submissions entered by 11/30/2017 will be entered to win other great JM4 Gear, like belts, holsters, shirts, etc Celebrates Website Launch with M-11 Machine Gun Giveaway

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017


September 2017 – ( – MACHINEGUNCENTRAL.COM is excited to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a FULLY TRANSFERABLE M11 MACHINE GUN! is announcing the launch of their brand new, online classified website. The focus of this site is exclusively on Class 3 NFA items. In celebration of this occasion, found it fitting to give away a transferable machine gun – an M-11. “There are only approximately 186,000 transferable machine guns legally registered with the ATF today,” says Jack Casey, Accounts Manager for “To actually have the chance to win one of these rare items is special.” (MGC) provides the perfect tool for buyers and sellers from across the U.S. to connect and network with each other. MGC’s creators have taken years of knowledge and experience to build a platform that will address many of the shortcomings of other NFA websites. For sellers, MGC will put their listings in front of more qualified buyers than any other source. As a buyer, customers will be able to shop the largest machine gun selection anywhere. While MGC’s clean and simplistic design is easy to use, the website state of the art security. This cyber security meets the highest standards regarding data and encryption to date.

One of the most critical aspects in selling guns online is having good pictures. For this reason, the website is equipped with the best photo generator available. This allows many high-resolution images to be uploaded quickly and efficiently.

MachineGunCentral M11

As a special introductory offer, and for a limited time, all listings on MGC are free. “We want people to see first-hand what a valuable resource will be for them.” Says Casey. “We know they will have an excellent experience buying or selling their class 3 items. To have the chance to win an M-11 is an amazing bonus.”

To enter for your chance to win the M11, go to with your NFA item, create an account, and list the item(s) to sell on The contest ends on December 31st, 2017.

For more information, visit or give them a call at 1(866) 596-8033.


Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

TACWRK raffles the Arc’teryx Echo Pack, in 3 colorways: Woodland, Desert, Black.

Not only do you have the chance to win a great and exclusive prize, but to also do something for a good cause! The limited UNI’CORN TICKET patches are your entry ticket to the raffle. The entire sales benefits from these patches and all UNI’CORN merchandise will be donated to selected charity organizations!

All in all, the Arc’teryx Echo Pack is a backpackers dream becoming true! Until 13th of September you have the chance to participate in the exclusive competition and support with your donation!

So if you still believe that unicorns are corny, glitter farting ponies with cotton candy tails you´ve probably never seen a real uncompromising roughneck unicorn on an all dominating HAHO mission. UNI´CORNS ARE REAL!

More information can be found on TACWRK’s website

Buy The Q Mystery T And Get A Chance To Win A Free Suppressor

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Q not only offers the most innovative suppressor technology, but they also make some pretty cool t-shirts.

Feeling brave? Purchase the Mystery Shirt between now and September 21, 2017 for your chance to win a Q silencer of your choice! Kevin Brittingham has assured me this is a totally new design which won’t be run again.

Silencers not legal in your home state? They’ll give you a $500 credit towards a rifle instead.

Visit to order and for contest rules.

Tactical Tailor Ultimate Summer Giveaway

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017


Tactical Tailor has been running a gear giveaway on their Facebook Page, in collaboration with Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision… and I thought you all would all like to know. Especially now that the Grand Prizes have been finalized:



The 3rd Grand Prize is a “Grunt Kit” complete with a Fight Light Plate Carrier, mag panels, medical pouch, a riggers belt with padded battle belt system, a 2 point padded sling, and even a Malice Pack. Not a bad package if your job consists of humping around all day.




The 2nd Grand Prize is a “Scout Kit” which includes a Ghillie concealment hood, a Rudder RAC H-Harness, rifle drag bag, sniper data book, a squeeze bag, Fight Light admin pouch, and a SD GT Sling by Grey Ghost Gear. Again, a sweet little package from a company whose founder was a Army scout sniper himself.


The Final Grand Prize is the “Operator Kit” which not only includes a Rogue Plate Carrier, Mag pouches, riggers belt, CQB sling, IFAK Pouch and a Modular Backpack, but a set of Level III+ Armor plates! The plates are Grey Ghost Gear’s swimmer’s cut, and made of a composite/ceramic for weight savings and ricochet reduction .

The two big questions: Why is TT and it’s partners giving all this gear away, and how the hell can you enter?

“We wanted to give our loyal customers and new fans a chance to win some epic gear, so we’ve teamed up with Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision for a 14 day giveaway event! You only need to enter once, and you’ll be in the running to win one of those fourteen day’s prize packages. Each day we’ll draw winners, and announce them on Facebook, Instagram, and email. In the days leading up to the Grand Prizes, we’ll be giving away gear like Rogue and Fight Light Plate Carriers, Riggers Belts, Packs, Shooters Mats, Range Bags, Plate Carriers, Pouches, Grey Ghost Gear SBR Bags and Griff Packs, Grey Ghost Precision Muzzle Brakes, and more!” – TT

Entering seems simple enough, just go to their Facebook Page and click on the GIVEAWAY tab (if on Desktop) or if you are on mobile, click this link. Every day they post the previous day’s prize winners, and then the new daily prize.

Granted, its already halfway over… but there’s still several days left to win and the prizes are better in the second half anyway. It officially ends on July 31st. On the bright side, it looks like they will grant users extra entries for completing certain objectives: liking, sharing, following, etc. So theres a good chance of stacking the odds in your favor, if you cross off all the bonus entries and daily entries.


Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


ETHAN JONES from Sumter, SC just won the first and last Grand Prize, the SSD 300blk rifle plus a complete gear package!


What an epic giveaway! In total, we gave away over $50k worth of gear and firearms… who does that?!?
Both SSD and Grey Ghost want to thank everyone who entered, forwarded, and shared this event. We all enjoyed it as much as you folks did.

For more info about Grey Ghost Gear, go to

If you still want a GGP rifle or pistol slide for yourself, check out