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This Is What LPTA Gets You

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

As you may recall from our recent article on the Soldier Protection System – Torso and Extremity Protection system, one of the awardees of the “Lowest Price Technically Acceptable” contracts for its manufacture is Hawk Protection Incorporated whose Headquarters’ address is listed on their website as: 8362 Pines Boulevard # 280, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024.  

We googled the address which got us to scratching our heads.  


Here is a photo of the front entrance to Hawk Protection Incorporated’s US Headquarters.


I wonder where they put all of the sewing machines.

Marines Choose Kestrel as Scout Sniper Ballistic Computer

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

MARCORSYSCOM Selects Kestrel to Support United States Marine Corps

Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters has been selected by Marine Corps System Command to provide the material solution for the Scout Sniper Ballistic Computers (SSBC) program.

“Kestrel has proudly supported Marine Corps Scout Snipers with rugged environmental meters for more than 15 years, starting with the original Kestrel 4000 Weather Tracker, through to the Kestrel 4500 with Applied Ballistics selected on this contract,” said Nielsen-Kellerman (NK) CEO Alix James. “We are constantly working to develop solutions that make our warfighters more effective without weighing them down with unnecessary gear. We are honored that this selection confirms that we’re building what our soldiers need.” NK is the manufacturer of the Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters.

U.S. Representative Patrick Meehan (PA, 7th District) said, “The Marine Corps’ decision is great news for our warfighters. And ?having visited the Nielsen-Kellerman facilities in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, and met the hard-working men and women who create this innovative product, the Marine Corps announcement is good for jobs and growth in Pennsylvania as well.”

The Kestrel 4500 with Applied Ballistics is a 4-ounce, hand-held meter that combines accurate wind, direction, temperature, pressure and humidity readings with a built-in advanced ballistics calculator and bullet performance database. The Kestrel outputs elevation and wind holds calculated for the precise weapon, round and target characteristics, allowing snipers to put first shots on target at 1000 yards and beyond.

The 887 Kestrel meters purchased will be supplied in a complete field support kit containing the following:

• Desert Tan Kestrel Applied Ballistic ITAR Tactical Unit
• Screen Protection Kit
• Pelican 1015 Black Case
• Mystery Ranch Molle Soft Case

All Kestrel Weather Meters are designed and built in Pennsylvania, and the Kestrel Kit selected for this contract award is fully Berry Amendment and BUY American Act compliant. Broader adoption of the Kestrel with Applied Ballistics is anticipated as other services are presently evaluating its performance and capabilities.

This contract award will be supplied by long-time authorized Kestrel resale partner, ADS, Inc., a primary vendor under the Defense Supply Center Special Operations Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Program.

USSOCOM Interested in Updating Releasable Maritime Body Armor Vests and Maritime Load Carriage System

Friday, July 17th, 2015

PM-Special Operations Forces Survival, Support and Equipment Systems (PM-SOF SSES) issued a Sources Sought Notice requesting samples of two different MBAV configurations (Maritime Operations (MAROPS) and Land Warfare variants), and all the associated MLCS pockets, pouches, and accessories necessary for combat across the spectrum of operations.

The following limited pockets and pouches are requested for the samples submitted with each vest:
a. 3- double-stacked M4 pouches
b. 1- PRC 148 pouch (152 capable)
c. 2- smoke grenade pouches
d. 1- 7.62mm 100 round pouch
e. Small utility pouch (NVG’s, E&R, etc.)
f. 1- double Sig Sauer 9mm pouch
g. Low profile admin pouch

The intent is to choose a single vendor to provide all body armor vest and load carriage components. PM SOF-SESS reserves the right to choose multiple vendors. Vendors may submit more than one version of the MBAV, but not more than three.

The MBAV candidates must be interoperable with Generation IV and V SPEAR Body Armor Plates. Now get this, while the pouches have to attach securely to the carrier and backwards compatible with existing SPEAR items, the Soirces Sought Notice does not specify MOLLE or PALS.  That opens up some interesting possibilities.  Finally, this is a maritime requirement so naturally, the carrier will need to incorporate flotation. 

MBAVs must integrate with a low profile, integrated modular floatation system with an easy to install and removable bladder capable of providing no less than 70 lb. of positive buoyancy when inflated on the surface and 40 lbs. at 1 ATM. Modular floatation sub-component shall not reduce or minimally reduce area available for MLCS accessory attachment. Bladders and floatation capability must be easily removable for land operations.

Interstingly, they state that the land variant vest will only be pursued if it provides a substantial gain in capabilities over the currently issued vest. However, wouldn’t it be great if both variants were similar in design and operation?

Interested parties have until 20 August, 2015 to submit their entries.

* Of General Interest To SSD Readers, This Is A Full List of MLCS Components
M-4 Single Mag Pouch, 2 Mags per pouch
M-4 Single Pouch, 3 Mags Per Pouch, Maritime
M-4 Double Pouch/ 2 Mags per Pouch, Maritime
M-4 Triple Pouch, 2 Mags per Pouch, Maritime
M-4 Single Pouch, 1 Mag Per Pouch w/ Kydex
M-4 Single Pouch, 3 Mags Per Pouch
M-9 Single Mag Pouch with Kydex Insert
M-9 Single Mag Pouch, Flat v.2
M60 Ammo Pouch (100RD) w/DET Top Maritime
40 MM Grenade Pouch-Double
40 MM Grenade Pouch, Triple
100oz Fluid Carrier Pouch (NOTE: Carrier only. Not a system.)
200RD Saw Pouch Maritime
Assaulter’s Armband
Beaver Tail Assault Pack
Canteen/General Purpose Pouch Maritime
Charge Pouch w/ Anti-static
Deployment Bag-Small (1000D Khaki and Ranger Green)
Fore Trek GPS Pouch Wrist/Chest
Frag Grenade Pouch-Single Maritime
GRG Chest Pouch
Low Profile Special Purpose Chest Rig v.2
MOLLE Interface for Belt
Multi-Purpose Chest Rig v.2
Operator Gun Belt Pad – Sized Item – SMALL v.2
Operator Gun Belt Pad – Sized Item – MED v.2
Operator Gun Belt Pad – Sized Item – LARGE v.2
Operator Gun Belt Pad – Sized Item – XL v.2
Protective Insert for Night Vision
Radio Pocket (MBITR) Maritime
Radio Pocket (MBITR) w/ 5590 Pouch v.2
Roller bag, Small v.2 (1000D Khaki and Ranger Green)
Shock Tube Pouch v.2
Shotgun, 24 Shell Ammo Pouch v.2
Slung Weapon Belt Catch, (Gun Retainer) v.2
Smoke Grenade Pouch-Single v.2
SOF Medical Pouch v.2
Strip Charge Pouch, Single
Utility Pouch v.2

BDATech Announced By United States Air Force Battlefield Airmen Special Projects Office (SPO) As Their Operational Control System (OCS) Solution

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Black Diamond Advanced Technology (BDATech) is proud to announce the selection of our Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) APEx Predator System by the United States Air Force Battlefield Airmen Special Projects Office (SPO) as their Operational Control System (OCS) solution.


BDATech received the $48.1M, 5 year IDIQ contract on 6 July 2015 along with an initial order of 22 APEx Predator System kits for Operational Testing. BDATech’s APEx Predator System is planned to be fielded to all USAF Battlefield Airmen to include Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Combat Control Teams (CCT), Para Rescue (PJ) and Combat Weatherman. Once fielded, these Airmen will have the APEx Predator System embedded alongside every US Army Combat Maneuver Element from Heavy Armor to Tier 1 SOF units. BDATech is putting the most technologically advanced tactical computing and power management system ever developed into the hands of the most lethal force multipliers in the world.

The APEx Predator System (APS) is a modular, wearable system which consists of the Agile Port Expander (APEx) Controller for POWER + DATA distribution, a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) tablet computer, and system cabling optimized for tactical plate carrier use in dismounted operations. APEx provides connections for multiple peripheral cables, a system power cable and a tactical computer, or end user device (EUD). As a recognized leader in dismounted fires solutions BDATech applied years of lessons-learned to create the APS, which leverages combat-proven features of the Modular Tactical System (MTS), for flexible and reliable power management, human factors design and world-class environmental performance.

The APS is a ruggedized wearable system that provides tactical communications on commercial tablets / computers to enable C4ISR, DACAS operations, SUAS control and much more for the dismounted operator. BDATech customers are using the APS globally in various theatres of conflict. The combat-proven APS has been demonstrated as an effective enabler of precision targeting and other mission sets. The system is comprised of multiple elements, each offered a-la-carte to meet the needs of each customer’s unique requirements. These system elements include a ruggedized tablet computer, the APEx controller, power cables and battery charger, a large number of peripheral equipment cable options and tactical soft-goods such as plate carriers, assault packs and pouches.

At the heart of the APS is the Agile Port Expander (APEx) Controller which intelligently distributes power to connected devices and enables data communication of tactical data radios, video downlink, targeting and many other devices to the computer. The APEx Controller employs 5Gbps SuperSpeed USB (3.0) on four sealed circular military-grade universal peripheral ports that allows the user to connect multiple tactical peripherals to any computer, tablet or smartphone. The APEx Controller provides a unique human factors design that facilitates cable routing of connected interfaces in one-direction from the controller. This has been shown to greatly simplify cable routing to accommodate mounting the APEx Controller both vertically or horizontally, whether directly attached to PALS webbing on MOLLE-compatible vests/packs or stowed inside a pouch.

Congrats guys! This has been a long time coming!

Back By Popular Demand: Arc’teryx LEAF Sphinx Pant

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Amswering the call from a Government customer, Arc’teryx has produced a limited run of the ever propular MultiCam Sphinx Pants to tide them over until a replacement is unveiled.


This run will be limited to 500 pairs, and will be available just in time for end-of-year purchasing. This run of Sphinx pants will be produced to the same specs as the originals, made of the same fabrics and including the original feature set.

US Army Issues Draft RFP for XM17 Modular Handgun System

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

We just received this notice from PEO Soldier. The XM17 Modular Handgun System is meant to replace the current M9 pistol across DoD.

XM17 draft request for proposals released

FORT BELVOIR, Va. (Jun. 17, 2015) – The U.S. Army Program Executive Office Soldier announced today that a draft solicitation for a new military handgun was released on the Federal Business Opportunities website. This announcement follows the agency’s notice that the Army intends to host a fourth industry day July 7-8 at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J., to discuss the document and receive feedback from industry.

The draft lays out the latest proposed competition schedule, procedures and requirements for the XM17 Modular Handgun System. These were modified as a result of industry feedback and DoD’s decision to allow use of special purpose ammunition. It gives industry a final opportunity to review and provide feedback on the Army’s refined strategy prior to release of the final RFP.
Program Manager for Soldier Weapons, Colonel Scott Armstrong said the Army will procure the XM17 through full and open competition.

“We expect to release the final solicitation in 2016,” he said. “This will be followed a phased down-select process that will run through 2017.”

“When all is said and done,” Armstrong said, “the XM17 will provide Warfighters with greater accuracy, target acquisition, ergonomic design.” “The new handgun will also be more reliable, durable and easier to maintain.”

“Each vendor may provide up to two separate proposals of handguns with different calibers to the Army for evaluation and testing in early 2016,” he said.

“Our strategy will take full advantage of a world-class industrial base. Vendors must submit mature designs that are production ready. They are free to select a caliber that best meets the XM17 requirements.”

The XM17 is expected to be more effective and lethal than the Army’s current pistol. Current plans call for the Army to purchase more than 280,000 handguns from a single vendor, with full rate production scheduled for 2018. The Army also plans to buy approximately 7,000 compact versions of the handgun. The other military services participating in the XM17 program may order an additional 212,000 systems.

The updated Draft RFP page is and the latest version of the draft is now available. 

Revision Military Has Won A $20 Million Contract To Supply Silent Watch Battery Pack Systems For Canada’s RECCE 6.0 LAV Vehicles

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Revision Military has announced that they’ve won a $20 million, multi-year contract through General Dynamics Land Systems Canada to supply Engery Storage Systems to retrofit RECCE 6.0 LAV vehicles to silently power on-board sensor suites. The full release can be read below:

Revision Wins New $20 Million Contract to Supply Silent Watch Battery Pack Systems for Canada’s Reconniassance Light Armored Vehicles
The Revision system is built around its NERV CENTR SWatPack™ scalable battery system.

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) June 09, 2015 – Revision Military, a world leader in integrated, purpose-built soldier solutions, has won a $20 million, multi-year contract through General Dynamics Land Systems Canada to provide Energy Storage Systems to retrofit RECCE 6.0 LAV vehicles that will silently power on-board sensor suites. The Revision system, built around its NERV CENTR SWatPack™ scalable battery system, is capable of operating in a wide range of hot and cold temperatures and climatic conditions beyond the objective eight-hours of Silent Watch powering time. The Revision battery system provides more silent watch time than 30 standard 6T format AGM batteries at less than half the weight.

This fully customized, ballistic-protected solution re-purposes the winch pocket on the RECCE 6.0 LAV vehicles to house this optimized energy storage with a plug-and-play modular solution that can be serviced in the field.

“Both the silent watch energy storage solution and winning this contract are a testament to the Revision team of experts from the industrial designers, engineers and software programmers to the technical support and product management personnel who worked together to ensure a unique result for the Canadian DND” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. He further stated, “Power is possibly one of the most critical elements for success on the battlefield today, whether for the individual soldier to ensure uninterrupted performance of his powered gear or for situations where silent delivery of power in varying conditions over an eight hour time frame is essential. Revision is a solutions provider that employs science, cutting-edge technology and an innovation-driven approach to solving complex battlefield problems. We are excited to demonstrate our capabilities in the field of energy storage and power management with this contract.”

Development of scalable, upgradable vehicular power management and energy storage capabilities is a natural extension for Revision as the principles behind the design of this example, the Silent Watch Battery System, draw on the philosophy of providing technologically advanced products that focuses on meeting mission needs. This design philosophy has allowed Revision to deliver numerous protective products to individual soldiers from lightweight helmets to integrated facial protection, ballistic eyewear and personal power systems.

Thales selected For U.S. Army Rifleman Radio program

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Thales Rifleman Radio - Copyright Thales

Arlington, VA, 13 May 2015 – Thales has recently been selected to provide the U.S. Army with Rifleman Radio systems. This award, under a ten-year (five-year base with five-year option) indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract, will allow Thales to compete for the different orders of the program.

The selection is for the Rifleman Radio Full Rate Production (FRP) program, also part of the U.S. Army’s Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Handheld, Manpack and Small-form Fit (HMS) program. The Army’s projected contract cost through 2025 for radios, accessories, technical support and sustainment, will not exceed $3.9 billion.

The Army’s acquisition strategy is to compete individual delivery orders following qualification testing. Testing will be performed on radios delivered under the initial delivery order. Qualified radios are expected to begin being fielded in 2017.

Thales’ enhanced AN/PRC-154A Rifleman Radio is the most advanced, fielded, and proven soldier radio on the market, delivering voice and data simultaneously. It provides secure, inter-squad, networked communications and situational awareness to the soldier at the tactical edge of the battlefield, improving mission effectiveness.

Thales has been involved in the development and fielding of the Rifleman Radio since 2004 under Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP). The Army has procured more than 21,000 radios to date under the LRIP.

Thales has leveraged over two decades of handheld radio design experience in its latest Rifleman Radio solution, which exceeds the original program requirements by improving battery life, mission weight, and waveform performance while also enhancing the user interface.

And Then There’s This – Ft Leonard Wood Seeks Instructor Uniforms in Crye Precision MultiCam Tropic

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Fort Leonard Wood recently released a Sources Sought Notice on FedBizOpps seeking info regarding Crye Precision Field Uniforms in the MultiCam Tropic pattern. They are intended for use by “Instructors” but considering the number of schoolhouses located at Leonard Wood, your guess is as good as mine as to who is the actual user.


Two things make this interesting. First off, the calling out of the Crye Precision field uniform by name and salient characteriatics to avoid being offered a different item. The second is the pattern. The Army’s bookend tests to find suitable Desert and Woodland patterns to complememt OCP (Scorpion W2) have so far only resulted in an inconclusive interim test report. While M81 woodland remains in limited use for SOF personnel as well as at Hawaii’s Jungle School, supplies are limited. MARSOC did purchase M81 Woodland Combat Uniforms manufactured by DriFire but these did not include a Field Shirt. Regardless, someone at Ft Leonard Wood is insisting on the Crye garment in the Crye pattern and that’s interesting.

Industry, Here’s Your Opportunity To Do Business With USSOCOM

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Elements of USSOCOM are interested in establishing Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with industry for the following areas:

1. Breaching
2. Communications
3. Electronic Warfare
4. Fire Support
5. Information Technology
6. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
7. Knowledge Management
8. Lighten the Load
9. Mobility
10. Scalable Effects Engagement/Non-Lethal
11. Power and Energy
12. Soldier Survival
13. Target Engagement
14. Visual Augmentation

A classified technology requirements list was released via classified channels in January. Your company must have a clearance to participate in this opportunity, or partner with a company that is cleared. To learn more, visit