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Another Cool Tip From Kyle Defoor

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Finally, a use for tinfoil we can agree with. Kyle Defoor recommends you use it to shim older, loose fitting, X-series lights from SureFire.


BHI’s Lo-Pro AR Bench Block

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Lo-Pro Bench Block

Blackheart International’s Lo-Pro AR Bench Block is cut to accept low-profile gas blocks, making it ideal for installing gas tubes onto modern low-profile gas blocks. The Lo-Pro is CNC-machined from extruded nylon, and drilled with ambidextrous punch holes for left or right-hand operation. It’s also double sided, featuring a standard rifle bench block profile opposite BHI’s exclusive low-profile gas block cutout.

SOMA – Zanfel Labs

Monday, December 16th, 2013


We first mentioned Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash from Zanfel Labs during Modern Day Marine 2011 when we found out that it is designed to allow an affected person to literally wash away urushiol oil which is the toxin contained in certain plants. It irritates 85% of the population. The Zanfel wash can be used at anytime after contact and on any part of the body including the face and genitals. This stuff really works. We’ve used a couple of times over the past few years and it offers relief within hours.

ZAN406-Plant ID Poster_20120201

Click to view .pdf

Zanfel Labs is offering this graphic to help instruct people how to identify the plants that secrete urushoil thereby preventing irritations before they happen. We asked if we could share it and they agreed. Also, don’t forget, poison ivy oils can stay viable for up to 5 years. Clothing, gear and footwear, in particular laces retain these oils. According to Zanfel Lans, the best cure for this issue is to wash these items with simple dishwashing liquid.

Zanfel’s Skin Wash Poison Ivy Treatment 10 oz Tube has NSN 6501-01-611-2071.

Another resource includes a map. Hard copies of the poster above can be requested by contacting, or 1-800-401-4002, menu option 1.

TacHacker – Visit For Your Chance To Win A Free 80% Lower

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

In case you couldn’t tell by the name Poly80 is a new company that specializes in 80% lower receivers which have recently gained in popularity as a DIY project. As of this writing they are not considered firearms until completed and you can finish them for your own use without registering them with the ATF as a manufacturer. You also need to be able to legally possess that particular type of firearms (local laws obviously apply). Nether we nor Poly80 are lawyers but they do offer some background on this issue that will help you with your own research.

The receivers are offered in Black, Sand, Green and Pink and can be completed with simple tools such as Dremel tools and drills. Unlike the aluminum versions, these polymer lowers can be completed without the use of jigs to align the drill.


To mark their launch, Poly80 is offering the chance to win one of five 80% lowers that they are giving away. See their site for details.

And this, well this is pretty funny.

Enter for your chance to win one of five free 80% lower receivers.

TacHacker – DIY Pistol Storage Case

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Breach Bang Clear’s “Hondo” came up with an interesting idea of converting NVG storage cases, readily available on the surplus market into weapon storage cases.


Visit for full details.

Duro Launches New MultiCam Fabric Website

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Duro Textiles, LLC holds the license from Crye Precision, LLC for printing MultiCam fabrics and has just launched a completely revamped website. Developed by Rubic Design, there are a lot of cool new features.

Let’s face it. The old website was a bit of a pain to order from. You had to wait for shipping to be calculated and you had to have a google account. But with this new launch, those issues are fixed and Duro has integrated new features. Shipping charges are automatically calculated (including international shipping) and checkout is much more streamlined.

In addition to a whole slew of use cases for the various fabrics, the new site allows you to browse the various materials. You can even filter the fabrics by application. They’ve also launched a few new fabrics including TenCate’s Defender-M FR fabric. Additionally, you can now sign up for a newsletter service to make sure you stay up-to-date.

This video gives you a great idea of what it takes to print MultiCam fabric.

Here is an exclusive offer for SSD readers. Use the SSDMULTICAM promo code for 10% off your order through December 21st. Then, through the 31st of December enjoy a 5% discount with the same promo code. This is limited to web orders only, but can be used by new or current customers. And, Duro let me know that they expect to see a few of the larger companies take advantage of the discount for last minute web orders before the end of the year. TacHackers, don’t forget to check the fabric overruns for some great deals.

TacHacker – EXFIL T-Slots

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

To get your creative juices flowing, we thought we’d share Team Wendy’s photo of their EXFIL bump helmet.


The point is to show you the versatility of the T-slot rails which allow for easy attachment of nearly any accessory. Their photo shows the EXFIL with everything from a snap and retention bolt to a nylon screw.

TacHacker – Project Honor Camo Spray Kit Available Now from TD

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

The DIY Project Honor Camo Spray Kit from LBX Tactical is now available at Tactical Distributors. Please note that this item only ships via ground.

TacHacker – Rudius 1911 80 Percent Frame from Ares Armor

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

This has got to be the ultimate TacHacker project. Ares Armor is offering the Rudius 1911 80 Percent Frame. Named after the wooden sword presented to a Roman Gladiator upon earning his freedom. Fitting name once you understand what Ares has in mind.

Due to the level of finish on the weapon, it is not yet a weapon. According to Ares Armor, “To complete this frame all that need be done are the slide rails, barrel seat and the two rear pin holes. THERE IS NO FFL REQUIRED PER BATFE SPECIFICATIONS. This is not a firearm until you decide to make it one.” Now, the Rudius 1911 80 Percent Frame is available for pre-order at a significant discount. Get in on this by pre-ordering yours at

E-PAK from ARES Defense

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The concept behind the development of the E-PAK modular storage system is that the one thing you would keep with you in an SHTF scenario is your weapon. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the waterproof E-PAK storage containers are designed to mount to any Picatinny rail, providing immediate access to gear such as batteries, weapon repair parts, personal items, survival equipment and more.

EPAK Modular Storage Systems are available in two sizes and can be had as complete, prepackaged kits or empty for the DIYer.

Prepackaged kits include:

Deluxe AR/M4 Spare Parts Kit
o Firing Pin Retaining Pin
o Trigger Spring
o Hammer Spring
o Gas Rings
o Extractor
o Extractor Spring Assembly
o Extractor Pivot Pin
o Hammer/Trigger Pivot Pin
o Cam Pin
o Firing Pin
o Disconnector Spring
o Safety Selector Detent Spring
o Safety Selector Detent
o Buffer Detent Spring
o Buffer Detent
o Pivot Pin Detent Spring
o Pivot Pin

Survival Kit
o Liquid Filled Compass
o Serrated Lock back Folding Knife
o Fire Tinder
o Game Snare Wire
o High Strength Wire Saw
o Matches
o Safety Pins
o Split Shot Sinkers
o Fishing Hooks
o Fishing Line
o Ear Plugs

There is also a prepackaged standard M4 parts kit as well as a food procurement kit.

Mod-Rail is a complimentary PALS compatible mounting system that combines a MOLLE attachment with the back of a Mil Std 1913 rail. This allows you to rapidly store weapon accessories in a bag or in some cases on your gear.