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Oakley – Tombstone Shooting Eyewear Now Available

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Oakley’s Tombstone Shooting Eyewear is now available for order. We first told you about this new technology during SHOT Show which is offered in Reap (left) and Spoil (right) styles.


To create the Tombstone, Oakley conducted vision studies using specialized eyewear to track where a shooter looks. Then they used this data to develop a new single-piece fremeless lens design that offers an unobstructed 120 deg field of view. Additionally, they integrated the high contrast Prizm lens color (others are also available) as well as innovative trigger-release temple pieces that click right into place.

Tombstone was created for competitive shooting and not intended for impact protection. Tombstone meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 (Clause 5.1.4) optics standards.

i-RMR from Angel 7 Industries

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Dor more information, visit

Angel 7 Industries – i-RMR Ballistic Lense Technology

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Angel 7 Industries, developers of the Ghost Shield light adaptive/photochromic technology, have announced their new ballistic lens technology, i-RMR. This lens technology is capable of a V0 of greater than 1000 feet per second and a V50 of almost 950 feet per second. The full release can be read below:



Angel 7 Industries, LLC.(A7) has developed a next generation, versatile, and enhanced ballistic lens technology called i?RMR™. which has recently completed testing in accordance with ANSI Z87.1?2010, EN 166 and U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles (MILPRF-32432, clause, superseding former MIL?PRF?31013, clause and goggles (MILPRF-32432, clause, superseding former MIL-DTL-43511D, clause 3.5.10). The test results showed that the new lens technology achieved a V0 of greater than 1000 feet per second and a V50 of almost 950 feet per second! i-RMR™ lens technology has achieved these remarkable results without increasing lens thickness or weight and while maintaining perfect optical clarity. This new lens technology is a patents-pending, proprietary process that not only drastically increases the protective capability of a lens, it also allows A7 to combine other lens technologies in various and unique combinations in the manufacturing process which eliminates costly and time consuming secondary steps. i-RMR™ lenses can be combined with laser absorbing dyes, with polarization, with high definition solutions or any combination of these options. The process is completely automated which ensures consistent quality and drastically speeds up production time while reducing waste in comparison to traditional “flow coating” methods.


A7’s new Ghost Shield™ light adaptive/photochromic technology is one of the various lens enhancements that can be combined with i-RMR™ technology. Ghost Shield™ photochromic technology is greater than 90% clear (VLT) in it’s unactivated state and automatically adapts (tints) to any lighting condition in less than 10 seconds. The proprietary manufacturing process actually embeds the photochromatic material directly into the lens material so that there is nothing to scratch off and nothing that can be affected by sand, dirt, mud, or chemicals. The value proposition to an operator is twofold; 1. The operator now can utilize the most ballistically capable lens technology in the industry and 2. One Ghost Shield™ lens takes the place of both a clear and a tinted lens which means one less piece of gear to carry and keep up with, and less cost to agencies.

ADS Federal Range Day – Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair

Monday, June 15th, 2015

As always, Oakley had a wide variety of footwear, handwear and eyepro on display. simce this was primarily an LE focused show, I wamted to point out the SI Ballistic Crosshair which combines aviator styling with mil ballistic protection.


Meets or exceeds the ballistic fragmentation impact standards contained in Clause of MIL PRF 32432

Meets High Mass Impact Test contained in Clause 6.2.2 of ANSI Z87.1-2010

High Definition Optics that meet optical standards contained in Clause 5.1.4 of ANSI Z87.1-2010

Available in Matte Black or Gunmetal (shown).

Darley Defense Days – Edge Tactical Eyewear

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Edge Safety Eyewear was founded 20 years ago in Utah. All of their ballistic safety eyewear are Z87.1+2010 and MCEPS rated through testing at Colts Laboratories. Additionally, they’ve integrated their proprietary “Vapor Shield” anti-fog technology demonstrated in this video.  

They offer a full line of tactical eyewear including goggles and glasses.

Be Sure To Visit Oakley During SOFIC

Friday, May 15th, 2015


Warrior Expo – Oakley

Friday, May 1st, 2015


The new Maritime Prizm lens is designed to optimize contracts on water and is available with multiple frames.

Rex Specs – Protective Dog Eyewear

Monday, April 27th, 2015


Rex Specs are protective eyewear for dogs. They remain stable on the face, allowing for full jaw motion and range of view. The lenses are interchangeable and UV protective, and come in three tints: Clear, Smoke, and Mirror. These would be a good option for all manner of working dogs, or any pets which spend a lot of time out in the field.

SKD Tactical – PIG Eyepro Sack

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Pig Eyepro Sack

The PIG Eyepro Sack from SKD Tactical is a 100% cotton MultiCam sack, measuring 4.25″ x 7″. Perfect for carrying most commercial eyewear, the Eyepro Sack features a MilSpec paracord drawstring, and ITW cord lock. It’s machine washable, and also functions as a lens wipe.

Made in the USA.

Angel 7 Industries – Ghost Shield A.M.T.

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Click to view .pdf

Ghost Shield is a proprietary manufacturing process which allows Angel 7 to embed photochromic material directly into the ballistic polycarbonate which makes up the lenses of the glasses. This process increases the density of the polycarbonate, which means there’s no material to scratch off, and the lenses are also impervious to chemicals, saltwater, sand, and other damaging substances that can be found in an operational environment. The process is also fully automated, which, according to Angel 7, allows them to produce a higher yeld at a lower cost, and 14 times faster when compared to a “flow coated” product.

The features that Ghost Shield offers includes:

– 35% faster transition time when compared to other photochromic products on the market
– 90% clear in its unactivated state when compared to 78% clear from the next closest competitor
– Exceeds MilSpec ballistic requirements

Ghost Shield technology is being adapted to the following areas:

Ghost Shield A.M.T. (All Mission Tactical) – for Ground combat, law enforcement, airfield and flight deck personnel.
Ghost Shield A.M.A. (All Mission Air) – for pilot and aircrew personnel fixed and rotary wing.
Ghost Shield Gridiron – football helmet shields
Ghost Shield Power Sport – smotorcycle faceshields, goggles, and glasses.

In the below video, you can view Ghost Shield A.M.T. in action during a jump.