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Propper Now Offering Wiley-X

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Propper told us they are now stocking six models of Wiley-X protective eyewear. They offer ANSI Z87 and OSHA protective ratings.


Magpul Introduces Eyewear

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Today, Magpul introduces an entirely new product category, eyewear. But when you consider their expertise in injection molding and their ever growing clothing line, eyewear looks like the perfect bridge.


Naturally, they’re protective in nature, but Magpul wanted to offer something you’ll want to wear, no matter what you’re doing.


The first three styles are The Terrain, The Explorer, and the Summit. Add to that Black, Gray, and Tortoise Shell frame colors along with a variety lenses that have different polarization, color and mirroring for the various conditions you’ll encounter; whether driving to work, fishing on your favorite stretch of river, or on the shooting range.

Magpul offers full ballistic and safety rating and protection for active use with the Terrain (the larger full performance sport option) and the Summit (the smaller full performance sport option), and pulled it back just a bit with something a little more traditional with the Explorer (still full impact protection, but with less of a frame wrap).

There are currently 27 different options and by August they should all be available for sale.

Most of the stock went to Magpul dealers, so check with your preferred retailer.

ADS Federal Range Day 18 – Oakley SI Advancer

Friday, June 8th, 2018

The Advancer was designed to fight lens fogging with a different approach.

If the lens starts to fog up, you pull a switch at the bridge and the lens pushes away from the bridge, giving it extra space and air.


SOF Select 18 – Costa Eye Pro

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Costa is displaying several models of sunglasses intended for low viz operations where the wearer wants performance without the tactical black paint job.

At the top of the photo is the Blackfin with Grey frame and Silver Mirror lens, while lower frame is the Fantail also in Grey with Green lens.

Both styles are available with prescription lenses as well as a variety of lens colors and finishes including Blue Mirror for use in the open ocean and Copper Silver Mirror for use inshore.


SSD Readers enjoy $15 off your first purchase by using code SAVE15 on www.provengo.com/register

ADS Ft Bragg Warfighter Expo – Step In Visor by Ops-Core

Friday, March 30th, 2018


Ops-Core has refined their Step-In Visor which is designed to work specifically with the geometry of the FAST line of helmets. The visor works like goggles, but without an edge seal, providing eye protection. It also sits very close to the eyes so they can be used with night vision systems.


The new buckle allows the wearer to get the visor close in and tight. So much so that the Step-In Visor can be used in military free fall operations.


The visor can be unbuckled from one side and stowed out of the way for donning and doffing or when otherwise not needed.


2018 FirstSpear Range Day – Oakley Grey Prizm

Monday, January 22nd, 2018


Oakley introduces the new Prizm Grey lens which offers increased contrast but in neutral grey. Oakley is submitting what you see here to the US Army’s Approved Protective Eyewear List program. Frames are offered in Coyote or Black. However, the lens can be had in 2.0 and 3.0 Mframes as well as the Alpha series.

Available now from www.oakleysi.com.

Now On Kickstarter – SightLines: Headset Cushions with Zero Eyewear Interference by Noisefighters

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Wearing both eyepro and earpro while at the range can become pretty annoying when the earpieces of the glasses break seal of the ear cups. Noisefighters has developed the first over-ear headset cushions to feature zero eyewear interference. Called SightLines, they are currently available on Kickstarter.


Noisefighters tells us that when SightLines cushions are worn correctly, eyewear no longer causes hot spots around the ears. In addition, the unique horseshoe ring design and use of silicone gel and memory foam softens the cushion so much that compression is significantly reduced, pressure is better equalized across a larger surface area, and eyewear will not sit crookedly or need to be constantly adjusted. The cushions are also quite roomy, so ears will not feel cramped. Headaches are also significantly reduced or eliminated compared to traditional ear cushions.


Government testing has shown a 1-10+ decibel decrease in sound deadening when eyewear breaks the head seal on traditional ear cushions used on earmuffs.


The cushions are compatible with most of the popular headsets used by shooters and aviators: Howard Leight Impact Sport/Pro, 3M Peltor (including Optime, RangeGuard, Sport Tactical, Tactical Sport, and ComTac/SWATTac), MSA Sordin, Walker’s Razor Slim, TCI Liberator/DEHP, Gentex SPH-4/5 helmets, Aviation Survival Evo helmets, and a ton more headphones and aviation headsets from Bose, etc.

Even more promising, these aftermarket pads are less expensive than gel replacements from the OEM.


Gentex Awarded Navy Contract for Laser Eye Protection Spectacles for Pilots

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

New Technology Provides Advanced Level of Protection Against High-Intensity Visible Laser Sources

Carbondale, PA, November, 2017 Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel announced today it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy for design, development, test and evaluation, and production of Laser Eye Protection (LEP) Threat Spectacles (including the prescription Rx component) and protective carrying cases. The contract supports the Navy’s Laser Eye Protection Threat Spectacle Program, and also provides Gentex options for delivery of Low Rate Initial Production and Full Rate Production units.

The Gentex spectacle solution will provide the Navy with a mature, fully compliant design for day/night, multiple wavelength protection that will address the needs of its fixed and rotary wing aircrew that are exposed to laser threats, which have been on the rise.

“We’re proud to continue to support the military in combating laser threats encountered by aircrew with our latest laser eye protection technology,” said Robert McCay, vice president aircrew and aircraft maintainer systems, Gentex Corporation. “Based on decades of experience with military laser eye protection, Gentex was previously chosen to provide Laser Eye Protection Spectacles for the DoD’s F-35 Program, and Gentex EDU-7/P Laser Eye Protection Spectacles to the Navy.”

Proven to be scalable to visor applications, the laser protective filter in the Gentex spectacles utilize the latest, most advanced laser eye protection materials developed for and tested by both the NAVAIR and USAF/AFRL advanced technology development and demonstrator programs.

Gentex also offers Dazzle Laser Defense Eyewear designed for use by both civilian and military pilots for protection from civilian laser pointers. The laser glare-reduction lenses in the Dazzle Eyewear are available in day and night versions, and are designed to maintain see-through color perception while providing necessary protection from green and blue commercial lasers. Laser protection is achieved using special optical absorbing dye and lens coating technologies. Dazzle Eyewear is available as spectacles for use by civilian and military pilots and in visor formats for Gentex rotary wing helmets, and flight-helmet compatible spectacles that are compatible with additional headborne equipment, such as Helmet Mounted Displays and Night Vision Goggles.

Gentex Corporation is the leading supplier of high-performance flight equipment for aircraft maintainers and military, law enforcement, and rescue aircrew worldwide. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of Gentex, ALPHA, and Aegisound products include scalable helmet systems, and advanced hearing protection and communication solutions.