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Natick’s Performance Readiness Bar

Monday, September 10th, 2018

The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) is a U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command laboratory based at Natick, Massachusetts, also the home of the Soldier Systems Center. USARIEM’s Military Nutrition Division has developed the Performance Readiness Bar, fortified with calcium and vitamin D, to promote muscle growth and create stronger bones in order to prevent injuries for personnel in training environments.

US Army photo by Mallory Roussel

According to Army research physiologist Dr. Erin Gaffney-Stomberg they have been working on the bar for sbout six years. She characterized their initial research, “The results of the first randomized, controlled trial were that those who consumed a bar containing calcium and vitamin D daily throughout basic training experienced greater increases in bone density compared to those who got the placebo.”

Then they worked with Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center’s Combat Feeding Directorate to make a bar that Soldiers could eat while in a rigorous training environment. So far, the PRB has been rolled out to four basic training sites and is offered as a fourth meal, somewhere between dinner and bedtime.

Data is being collected and analyzed from 4,000 recruits who consume the PRB in order to determine exactly how such a supplement affects their performance during Basic Combat Training and into the first four years of their service.

Interestingly enough, the PRB replaces an under utilized commercial protien bar offered on Dining Facilities. The Air Force is also conducting a similar study, with Special Warfare candidates offered nutritional supplements.

ORSM 18 – Nomad Cooking Kit by Opinel

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Many know Opinel for their French-made clasp knives. Apparently, they also make kitchen knives which are popular in Europe. The new Nomad Cooking Kit is a bit of a crossover.


The kit consists of two folding knives (one is serrated), a folding vegetable peeler, corkscrew, along with a cutting board and cloth.

Available this fall from

Gerber Reimagines Backcountry Meals With New Multi-Tools: Compleat & Devour

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

PORTLAND, OREGON (July 23rd 2018) – GERBER, an industry-leading manufacturer of knives, multi-tools, and gear, announced today the introduction of two new multi-tools to cleverly streamline dining in the backcountry: the ComplEAT and the Devour. The first look at both products comes at Outdoor Retailer 2018 in Denver, Colorado, ahead of the products’ launch in early 2019. Both products are available in 4 distinct colors that aim to appeal aesthetically to the outdoor enthusiast: Silver, Flat Sage, Onyx, and Burnt Bronze. The ComplEAT Cook Eat Clean tool retails for $24.99 and the Devour Multi-Fork retails for $14.99.

“The goal was to create a multi-tool that addressed the entire eating process while in the backcountry: preparing food, eating, and cleaning up after,” says Eric Moore, Product Manager at Gerber. “Gerber presents two complimentary solutions to multi-task around the campfire or on the trail. The Devour is a minimalist tool at less than 1 ounce, with a removable solid state tool that mounts to the back and kickstands the tool to keep it off dirty surfaces and out of your cooking pot. The ComplEAT focuses on the organization of dedicated tools, working independently as well as configuring to a tong to bring the convenience of a home kitchen to the wild. Don’t go hungry with two solutions to keep your adventures nourished and Unstoppable.”

On the trail, the most important meal of the day is the meal you are about to eat. The ComplEAT tool has the bases covered with a long tine fork, deep basin spoon, dual-edge spatula, and 4 function multi-tool that nest for transport as well as snap together to convert into functional tongs. The multi-tool includes a bottle opener, veggie peeler, serrated package opener, and a can opener. Cook, eat, clean and get back out there.

Pictured: Individual Components [Silver], Nested Components [Burnt Bronze, Flat Sage, Onyx], Tongs Configuration, Storage Configuration.

At under an ounce, the Devour Multi-Fork is ideal for those who demand a lightweight, easy-to-use tool on the trail. Designed to handle mealtime from start to finish, the Devour has 9 tools on hand for prep, eating, and cleaning. The refreshed fork design doesn’t compromise function, and the detachable solid state tool offers 6 functions while keeping your multi-fork out of the dirt or pot with a unique kickstand design.

Pictured from Top: Individual Components, Kickstand Feature, Multi-Fork


Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Platypus Outdoors decided with the popularity of the Afagato in restaurants globally combining coffee, ice cream and Bailey’s liquor; it was time to bring the small creature comforts to soldiers in the field.

Discovering the niche market, Platypus Outdoors saw the need to bring a packable, tactical Platagato Combat ration kit,

Allowing soldiers to enjoy a smooth, restaurant style Platogato with limited edition Platatac espresso mug, shot cup and ice cream bowl. Tactically designed with no reflective surface and made from noise reduction material. The coffee, freeze dry ice cream and liquor recipe has also been enhanced to reduce fragrance while keeping the same great taste, so soldiers can enjoy their Platogato without giving away their position.

Coming Soon..

Field Gourmet – MRE Pizza Available Now

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

For years, food technologists have worked to develop a shelf-stable pizza. The problem has been the different components working against one another to keep everything feeling and tasting fresh.

But now, Bridgford Ready to Eat sandwiches offers a shelf stable Pepperoni Pizza.

Get your individual servings at

Ever Use One Of These?

Sunday, February 4th, 2018


Bonus points if you also used the stove and double points if your cup was the old, single handle model.

HumanGear – GoBites

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Offered in several formats, HumanGear’s GoBites are plastic dinnerwear, intended for use in the great outdoors. There’s the minimalist Uno, snap together Duo and fully featured Trio. They are BPA, PC and phthalate free. Offered in a variety of colors.

Sneak Peek – Skratch Labs Endurance Recovery Mix

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Skratch Labs announces Endurance Recovery Mix, made with real vanilla, chocolate and coffee. I’m looking forward to this. Everything they make is tasty and they strive to avoid excess ingredients such as artificial coloring and flavoring.

They’ll be releasing detailed information on their website on September 26th and will begin taking orders in early October.

(Artwork by Bicyclecrumbs)