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StrikeForce Energy Bars

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

StrikeForce has released their first flavor of energy bars.

Sold as 4 packs, these Oats and Nuts based bars taste like a candy bar but offer some protein as well as a pick me up.

Sneak Peek – Rapscallion Bottle Totes

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Rapscallion is a new brand formed by former Mystery Ranch members and brothers Luke and Levi Buckingham along with Cory Krull. Their first series of products are padded bottle totes, offered in three sizes.

Nightcap – 2 Bottles

Share – 4 Bottles

Enetertainer – 6 Bottles

They feature zippered closures to keep your beverage secure and accommodate beer and wine bottles from Piccolo to Champagne Magnum as well as up to a Growler thanks to snap-in interior dividers.

They’ll kick-off online next week with several standard colors, but by Thanksgiving they’ll offer a customization configurator with a wide variety of options.

OR Summer Market 19 – LonoLife On-The-Go Bone Broth

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

LonoLife Bone Broth comes in single serving packets of 8 oz containers. The Bone Broth is offered in Beef, Chicken, Chicken Thai Curry and new Tomato and all are delicious. With each single serving packet features 10 grams of protein, they would be a great addition to the ramen many cook in the field.

PDW Ti-Line Cookwear

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Premium Titanium Cookware for Trekking, Camping and Overlanding


Prometheus Design Werx introduces their new collection of Ti-Line Cookware. Light, strong, durable and corrosion-proof, the first three pieces offered in their new cookware collection cover the baseline needs of the solo wilderness adventurer and explorer. The Ti- Line 600ML Mini-Pot/Mug, Sierra Cup, and Spork, all feature folding handles for easier packing inside a pack, and ideally suited for use with compact, pocket and survival stoves. From trekking, backpacking, camping to overlanding these essential pieces of premium titanium cookware round out your loadout for your next journey and adventure into the wilderness and beyond. Pieces from the PDW Ti-Line have a Lifetime Warranty.


The Ti-Line Collection from Prometheus Design Werx will introduce new models as they are developed.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“When it comes to durable performance cookware for the backcountry that will last a lifetime, there is nothing that can really compare to titanium for its strength to weight ratio, and of course, it’s impervious to corrosion. We actually found a special grade of titanium alloy to use in our pieces that’s unlike the other similar pieces currently on the market. Besides the well known benefits of titanium in backcountry cookware, ours also resists the oils from handling and finger prints, and forms exceptionally well to the tooling and molds we made to create these various cookware styles. Our 600ML Mini-Pot/Mug was designed to pair with pocket survival stoves, which fit neatly inside for efficient packing. It’s made to a sweet spot volume of 600ML which fits a pack of instant noodles and the appropriate amount of broth plus extras. As lifelong backpackers, we wanted to have our own version of the classic, versatile and iconic Sierra Cup, and what more universal of an eating utensil can you have than a spork. We’re working on additional models to add to our Ti-Line collection so keep an eye out for upcoming releases. Our first three offerings will be the essentials of a solo cookware kit for the wilderness adventurer.”

The new PDW Ti-Line will be available on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 12:00 noon PT via their website,

IWA 19 – Savotta Stoves

Monday, March 11th, 2019

Finnish brand Savotta displayed three different folding stoves for those who use fuel tabs or natural material while in the wild.

SHOT Show 19 – Ursack

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Ursack is an alternative to traditional bear resistant canisters. Instead, this food sack is made in the USA from lightweight, flexible, ‘bullet proof’ 7.6 oz aramid fabric.

There are two versions and one includes an aluminum liner, which weighs less than half similarly sized hard-sided canisters and a fraction of the space.

Introducing Strike Force Coffee

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Introducing Strike Force Coffee, real coffee that’s perfectly concentrated for 8 oz of water to make a great cup on the go.

Want a cold brew? Add a packet to 8 oz cold water.

Want a hot coffee? Add a packet to 8 oz of hot water.

Like other Strike Force flavers, it’s liquid and not grounds. However, since it is not a freeze-dried powder, this limited edition has an expiration date of 2019-04-04.

Available now

SPD Field Kitchen Knife Set

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Prometheus Design Werx’s Fine Cutlery Combo for Camping & Overlanding


This holiday season, Prometheus Design Werx releases their Field Kitchen Knife Set under their Special Projects Division (SPD) label. This fine Field Kitchen Knife Set is ideally suited for group camping to the discriminating, well-equipped overlander.


Featuring two knives; a 6” chef and a 4” paring, both of which perfectly nest in the folding box carry case-cutting board combo. The handles and carry case-cutting board are made with reclaimed American maple hardwood, felt lined and have retaining magnets. The knives are made with Carpenter CTS BD1N steel and at a 61RC. Many know that a well-prepared meal tastes best when savored outdoors and the FKKS will be help you achieve that end.

The SPD FKKS is hand made in small production runs and part of their made in the USA, CORE-Line.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“Some of us have been life-long backpackers and around 2006 really began to embrace vehicle based camping, also popularly known as overlanding. The advancements and smart design found in outdoor products notably improve with each passing season, but there is a distinct aspect about overlanding over backpacking, which has a particular appeal and that, is honestly, an ability to bring along more creature comforts. In particular, a wider variety of food, methods to prepare, offer a broader menu, and yes, we like that a lot. In addition to quality, usefulness, and durability, being organized in any backcountry outing is key. We saw an opportunity to improve on a product gap in the camp kitchen with our FKKS. We wanted useful, finely made kitchen knives with design considerations suited for backcountry vehicle based travel. Two knife sizes seemed to cover just about everything one could think of in most practical instances, and also an improved self-contained multi-functional case. While we all know how to improvise with existing products, we wanted to design and offer a finely made cutlery set for the field kitchen that met all of our design and usage criteria, and was just ready to go out of the box. Our FKKS is a finished backcountry product commensurate with an overlander’s dialed-in 4×4 and the rest of the curated equipment that goes along with it. Live Free Eat Well.”

The SPD FKKS will be available for purchase Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 via their website,