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The Massif Story: Keep Going

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

TYR Tactical Tuesday – Huron FR Balaclava Hood

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

The Huron™ FR Balaclava Hood (HRN-BLCVA-FR) is the first of its kind, being both FR and in MultiCam print. It was designed to be flame-retardant, lightweight, moisture wicking and quick drying. It is treated with Ag47® Anti-Microbial finish.

There are two comm ports and wire routing sleeves on both sides of the hood. The HRN-BLCVAFR provides facial, head and extended neckline protection.


• Flame-Retardant
• One Size Fits All
• Two Comm Ports and Wire Routing Sleeves
• Patented blend of Modacrylic & FR Rayon
• Superior Acclimate® Dry Moisture Wicking
• Intense Quick Drying
• Ag47® Anti-Microbial Protection
• Durable, Breathable & Won’t Shrink

Massif receives NAVAIR approval on their Revolutionary 2-Piece Flame-Resistant Flight Suit, Paving the Way to Replace Outdated Legacy Gear

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Ashland, OR (01/17/2018) – Massif, a world-leader in flame resistant, high-end, technical apparel for the U.S. military has received NAVAIR (Naval Air Systems Command) approval for their new and revolutionary 2-Piece Flight Suit. Years in the making, Massif, a Pacific Northwest company located in Ashland, Oregon, designed their innovative 2-Piece Flight Suit from direct user feedback across multiple branches and platforms.


Armed with this invaluable user input, the Massif team set out to enhance the capabilities of the modern aviator and aircrewman with original design features unique to Massif garments. Intent on dispelling the age-old notion that the Flight Suit must be a standard one-piece, Massif’s designers came up with an athletic style garment, built from Burlington’s Sigma 4 Star™ fabric; certain to set the Flight Suit trend for decades to come.

Charles Sexton, Massif’s Government Sales and Business Development Manager, who worked with NAVAIR towards the approval had this to say about the recent Flight Suit news: “We owe this approval to our loyal customers within aviation, who demanded innovation of an outdated legacy item. Through years of detailed collaboration, we’ve revolutionized both functionality and performance with our new 2-Piece Flight Suit with the sole purpose of enhancing future mission capabilities of our U.S. Military aircrews.”

With flash fire events a potential concern on any jacket and pant separation, Massif engineered and patented a groundbreaking attachment system to connect the jacket to the pant. Neither the jacket nor pant has to be worn with the other in terms of sizing. Massif felt it important to allow mixing and matching of sizes for a better custom fit. This ingenious design allows flexibility and movement between the jacket and pant while still aiding coverage in flash events. The result is a more user-friendly, agile garment that allows men and women to handle their demanding jobs in comfort without sacrificing safety and performance.

To further ensure Massif’s technologically advanced garment met all the needs of the U.S. Military’s athletes-in-the-sky they designed the garment to mitigate heat-stress and enhance quick-drying capabilities by utilizing mesh-lined pocket configurations, yet more features of excellence and attention to safety that Massif is known for.

“We are honored to be able to support such an amazing customer. This approval affirms the dedication of the Massif team to continuously improve and innovate advanced gear that protects those who protect us each and every day.” Said Darci Knobel, V.P. of Sales at Massif.

Incorporating ergonomically designed seam placement, zippered lower legs on the pants for easier donning and doffing, durable ripstop FR fabric, and a modern, athletic fit, Massif left nothing untouched when revolutionizing the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Flight Suit.

Finally, the Flight Suit, available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing, is one hundred percent Berry Compliant.

NAVAIR Approves Massif’s 2-Piece Flight Suit-Military

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Based on a recent compelling need from the fleet, NAVAIR pulled out all of the stops to quickly approve the Sage Green version of Massif’s 2-Piece Flight Suit-Military, for use within the US Navy and Marine Corps.

Manufactured from Burlington’s Sigma 4-Star fabric*, Massif developed a patented (U.S. Patent 9,015,864) attachment system which unites the two components together, allowing them to protect just like a flight coverall, leaving no exposed areas at the waist. This two-part system combines elastic loops found inside the Jacket with Velcro belt loops on the Pant which are passed through the loops.

In addition to using a great fabric, Massif worked with the user community to incorporate features across multiple branches and multiple platforms. There are lots of little details. For starters, it’s a good looking uniform, offering an athletic cut. They’ve also moved seams away from high wear areas at the shoulders, seat and down the front of the legs; areas that can irritate during a long crew day, particularly in hot environments.

There are different Velcro configurations for different user groups. All of the pocket zippers feature pull tabs and the left upper arm pocket incorporates a pen slot.

Another common feature for both jacket and pant are the mesh-lined pockets for heat mitigation. This also speeds up drying.


Finally, the lower legs feature longer donning and doffing zippers than I’ve seen on other suits.


2 zippered upper arm pockets
2 zippered chest pockets
Velcro cuff closures
3-point attachment system


Dual entry secure cargo pockets
Articulated knees
Secure calf pockets
Shroud cutter pouch on thigh
Leg zippers
3-point attachment system

*Sigma 4-Star passes the ASTM D6413/F2302 performance specification for flame resistance.

MDM 17 – DRIFIRE/Crye Precision Field Uniform in Woodland MARPAT

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

At Warrior West DRIFIRE officially unveiled their FR Field Uniform collaboration with Crye Precision. The initial model was in MultiCam, with additional patterns to come.


ADS Inc featured this Woodland MARPAT version in their booth at this year’s Modern Day Marine.


These Berry compliant uniforms are made with DRIFIRE’s durable and comfortable Fortrex fabric. It’s not only FR but also moisture wicking and includes odor control. They are offered in the full CP size range which is prefect for those who are running a uniform program. The uniforms are also available in MultiCam, Desert MARPAT, US Navy Types II and III (AOR 1 and 2) and NATO Woodland (that’s what we wore in the 80s and 90s for you whippersnappers).

DriFire products are available for unit and agency purchases through ADS Inc.

Ask SSD “What’s The Latest For USN FR Clothing For Shipboard Wear?”

Monday, July 17th, 2017

While development and fielding of an FR Coverall (Improved Flame Resistant Variant) to replace the Blue Coverall has been ongoing for several years, the Navy has been working more recently on a two-piece design. Undergoing trials have been Heritage and Modern variants.

The Heritage variants replicate traditional sea service uniforms, with a Khaki shirt and pant for Officers and Chiefs and a Blue version for lower enlisted and noncommissioned Sailors. Interestingly, the Blue version is similar in appearance to the old Dungarees, but one style harkens all the way back to the Dark Blue on Dark Blue of enlisted deck wear, worn up until WWII. Another option, replaces the Dark Blue shirt with a Light Blue, similar to the Chambray shirts worn until the advent of the current Navy Working Uniform.

On the other hand, there is a Modern variant utilizing the cut of the NWU Type III, which was recently adopted for wear as the service’s utility uniform while ashore, and replaces the AOR 2 pattern with Khaki for officers and Chiefs and Dark Blue for lower enlisted and NCOs.

Additionally, NAVAIR continues to approve FR materials for Deck Jerseys and the service is working on FR base and insulation layers as well as hardshell garments for inclement weather.

Warrior East 2017 – Massif FR Field Shirt and Pant

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Massif developed this Field Shirt and Pant for AFSOC and worked with the user community to include the features we’ll go over.

It’s made from a MultiCam print, SIGMA 4 Star which is an amazingly comfortable, yet durable, Kevlar and Nomex blend.

The Shirt features a two pocket layout with Velcro for rank at the center of the chest and two strips above the pockets for name and branch of service strips.

Each pocket consists of two compartments. The outer compartment features a flap and the inner compartment is accessed through a vertical zipper and is lined with mesh.

The hem of the Shirt features a slit for mobility.

The sleeves close with Velcro but there is also seam at the cuff in order to make rolling the sleeve easier.

Next up is a two pen slot at the left wrist.

Shoulder pockets on either side are lined with mesh and feature zippered openings. The two-piece Velcro for shoulder patches helps reduce bulk.

The seams are not at the top of the shoulder but rather, set back.


The big feature for the Shirt is the mesh-lined, vented back.


The Pant features 10 pockets, starting with the front pockets, with horizontally-oriented openings, offering lots of room for pocket access.


There are two flapped pockets mounted to the front of the thigh which will accommodate an iPhone 6 with case or similar.


The cargo pockets are of low-profile design and are accessible through either top or front zippers.


In addition to flapped pockets on either calf, there are zippered pockets at the rear. Additionally, there is a gussetted crotch, for mobility.

Warrior East 2017 – Drifire FR Rain Jacket

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Coming Fall 17, the new FR Rain Jacket and Pant from Drifire is made from WL Gore’s Pyrad fabric. The Jacket features for internal pockets, a removable hood and a bias cut at the rear so that the hem overlaps the Pant. The Pant incorporates a fly, waist adjusters and lower leg openings for donning and doffing.

The design has already passed burn tests at UNC and the rain room at WL Gore.