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Warrior Expo ADStv | Dismounted FREE System

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

The Army is starting to talk publicly about developing a new FR clothing system for dismounted troops that would leverage features of both the general issue Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System Gen III and Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble used by mounted and aviation crewmen. Two years ago, ADS Inc took a look at this issue and introduced their take on the concept called Dismounted FREE. Here, Ike Horvath from ADS highlights the features, functions, and solutions behind the system.

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SOFIC 2014 – Warwick Mills

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

I had heard heard of Turtleskin slash protective armor in the past but didn’t know that it was a product of New Hampshire-based Warwick Mills. Turns out, they make all kinds of cool textiles like the dyed 100% Twaron fabric used in this ballistic combat shirt. That’s right, this combat shirt offers ballistic protection to the tune of 2gr @ 700 fps and 17 gr @ 1700 fps. The fabric also offers FR as well as cut protection.


They are also integrating this fabric into civilian clothing styles such as sport coats.

SOFIC 2014 – XGO

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

XGO has introduced Grey shades in both their moisture wicking (Nickel) and FR (Charcoal) lines.


A Short Video Intro For Klim Tactical

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

During last week’s Warrior West we were introduced to Klim Tactical and their new Vigilant FR motorcyclist suit. In this short video, Peter Jensen offers a short introduction to the brand.


(Click on image to view video)

There was a lot of new kit at Warrior West but this is certainly something that stuck out.

Warrior West – Klim Tactical

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

You may be familiar with Klim (pronounced climb), manufacturers of motorcycle wear. What you may not know is that they just launched a tactical line of clothing designed specifically for military motorcycle riders.


One of the Polaris family of companies, they have introduced an anorak style jacket and trouser. Manufactured from An FR Gore-tex fabric, all of the pulls and findings are also FR. It also integrates Super Fabric in high wear areas.


This thing is packed with features. For instance, it features full pit zips along with a full frontal opening zipper as well as a front zip for ventilation. It’s sized to fit over all of your kit and there added a flap on the front that can be opened so that you can access chest mounted magazines.


Sleeve pockets are inset on the upper arm and a windowed forearm pocket can be used for maps and GRGs. The lower sleeves can also be removed via zipper.



The back has a feature I’ve never seen. Since it’s worn over equipment the rear has an expandable flap that will accommodate back mounted gear on a vest.


Dutch SF to Sport New Uniforms for Mali Mission – UPDATED

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

We had to take this down a few weeks ago due to political considerations. Now, the Dutch government has made the announcement official.

Rumor has it that The Dutch SF will be wearing a new MultiCam uniform designed by NFM Group and made from TenCate Defender-M fabric. Ironically, this is the first time that Dutch uniforms will incorporate this FR fabric from Netherlands-based company TenCate. COBBS Industries will supply the Combat Clothing which includes Smock, Combat Pants and Combat Shirt.



Warrior Expo – Duckworth

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Thanks to the guys at DriFire, I had a chance to check out a new line of clothing made from American wool. Look for more on this exciting brand soon.


The benefits of wool are well known; warm even when wet, naturally anti-microbial and no-melt no-drip. Plus, in this case, it’s grown, processed and manufactured right here in the USA.

Massif Fire & Ice Layering System Authorized Safe-to-Fly For The US Air Force

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

This news from Massif is huge for aircrews.

Innovative FR nylon-face fabric provides all the benefits of the best water-resistant outdoor fabrics while meeting stringent requirements for flame resistance.

ASHLAND, OR, FEBRUARY X, 2014 – Massif® Fire and Ice Layering System including Air Force Elements Jacket and Pant made with Battleshield X fabric has been authorized Safe-to-Fly.

Massif Battleshield X fabric is a flame-resistant, water-resistant laminate, and features GORE® FR stretch technology. It was developed specifically for the military and tactical markets, with a US patent-pending nylon face fabric. While nylon garments have a long history of performance in the outdoor market, it has never before provided adequate FR protection. Massif Battleshield X fabric offers a shift in flame resistance by combining filament nylon-faced laminates with exceptional FR protection. The result is an extremely durable, highly breathable fabric with a superior warmth-to-weight ratio that is highly water resistant and flame resistant.

“We’ve been working with the Air Force for a decade and are thrilled to have our FR Layering System approved as Safe-to-Fly. The new fabric used in the Elements line of softshell garments is a revolutionary innovation, with amazing breathability and durability, coupled with FR protection” said Dave Bywater, VP of Government Sales at Massif.

Massif Battleshield X has been rigorously field-tested in some of the world’s harshest conditions, and has proved itself over and over. In high-activity situations, Massif’s unique fabrics with Gore’s breathable stretch membrane reduce overheating and chilling from moisture retention and reduce user fatigue, keeping soldiers dryer, safer, and more effective in a wider range of situations and temperatures. What’s more, Massif Battleshield X fabric meets the stringent requirements of ASTM D6413/F2302 and shows extremely low Burn Injury Prediction when tested on a manikin per ASTM F1930.

The authorized Massif® Air Force Elements™ Jacket and Pant with Battleshield X™ fabric are available as commercial off-the-shelf products. The Air Force has rigorously tested and authorized all products in Massif’s Fire & Ice Layering system, ensuring that pilots and aircrew have access to the world’s most technologically advanced FR equipment. Fire & Ice includes Cool Knit, HotJohns, and Flamestretch base layers covering the silk weight, mid weight, and expedition weight needs of varying environments in the air and on the ground.

Marines Seeking Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

FROG Banner sm

In January, MARCORSYSCOM released a pre-solicitation for an “Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble” or EFRCE. While it sounds like something completely new, really what the Marines are looking for is a version of the Blouse and Trouser from the Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) that incorporates but improved fabrics and Permethrin treatment. There are no plans to alter the current cut or design of this popular uniform.

In terms of a general description, EFRCE is similar to the current Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble (FRCE) in the Marine Corps inventory; however, the design and fabrics used to construct the FRCE have been modified to increase durability (as such, producing the EFRCE)…Also, of note, following contract award, each shirt and trouser of the EFRCE must be factory permethrin treated and must conform to the permethrin concentration levels and percent bite protection requirements, as established by the Marine Corps.

They want vendors to use the following fabric types:

Cloth, Type I – Woven, Woodland, Marine Corps Pattern (MARPAT) Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type II – Woven, Desert, MARPAT Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type III – Woven, Navy Working Uniform (NWU) II, Desert Digital Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type IV – Woven, NWU III, Woodland Digital Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type V – Knit, Coyote, Solid (All Uniform Types)

Based on this, as you can imagine, the EFRCE will be offered in 4 variants:

As you can see, the Marines and Navy have no plans to abandon their camouflage patterns anytime soon. But, Marines and Sailors will have a great uniform in both woodland desert variants.

Class 1, Type I EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, Woodland MARPAT, with Durable Insect Protection
Class 1, Type II EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, Desert MARPAT, with Durable Insect Protection
Class 2, Type III EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, NWU II Desert Digital Camouflage Printed, with Durable Insect Protection
Class 2, Type IV EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, NWU III Woodland Digital Camouflage Printed, with Durable Insect Protection

As of now, the EFRCE will be produced by Hub Zone-based small businesses.

OR – Wild Things

Friday, January 24th, 2014


Wild Things Low Loft Jacket – FR uses FASTPACK technology with GORE® PYRAD® flame retardant and 80 grams of PrimaLoft® Fusion (2.4 oz). The fact Thais new jacket integrates WL Gore’s PYRAD technology should be enough but that jacket integrates even more new garment technology. PYRAD is a treatment for existing fabrics so you retain most of the base fabric’s inherent capabilities.

The Wild Things Low Loft Jacket – FR is a lightweight insulation piece that is durably water resistant, windproof, highly breathable and fire retardant. It can be worn as a stand-alone outer-layer or as an insulating mid-layer with a cold weather clothing system. Low water pick-up and quick dry properties maintain the effectiveness and lightweight nature of the jacket. 80 grams (2.4 oz) of PrimaLoft® FUSION is used to provide superior lightweight insulation – wet or dry. PrimaLoft® FUSION has the highest warmth to weight ratio (clo/oz/sqyd) of any Berry-compliant synthetic insulation.

Air permeability is optimized to facilitate “fast packing” and low pack volume of an insulated layer. This enables the soldier to quickly don and doff (pack and unpack) the jacket as their mission and/or environment changes.

GORE® PYRAD® is a self-extinguishing fabric that offers protection in heat, flash-fire and arc-flash incidents. Key features include:
• Protection against heat and flame
• Increased thermal stability
• FR properties build into laminate structure – will not degrade with wash and wear
• Maintains physical integrity of the garment after exposure to flash fire

The jacket is designed for use by the dismounted soldier in cool to cold and dry to damp conditions. The lightweight and low pack volume enables the soldier to easily stow and carry the jacket while on movements. Once the soldier comes to rest, the combination of insulation with high breathability make the jacket ideal for “baking dry” any moisture build up in the base layers thereby maintaining soldier comfort and effectiveness.

Compared to the current ECWCS L3 Fleece, the Wild Things Low Loft Jacket – FR offers a much broader temperature range capability, greater breathability, significantly higher water resistance and windproofness, as well as lower pack volume. It also provides FR protection. In addition, it does not retain dirt and other contaminants like Fleece.

Tech Specs:
• Body fabric made with GORE® FASTPACK technology with GORE® PYRAD® flame retardant
• 2.4 oz PrimaLoft® Fusion
• 2 hand warmer pockets with brushed lining
• 2 bicep pockets
• Knit FR collar for comfort and protection
• Hanger loop
• Internal Napoleon pocket
• Elastic cuffs
• Drop tail for excellent coverage
• Sleeve and chest Velcro patches
• Jacket weight – 27 oz (1 lb 11 oz)