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Marine South – Massif ELEMENTS Jacket

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

The ELEMENTS Jacket is made from Massif® Battleshield X™ FR fabric which incorprates Gore® membrane technology. This makes it very wind resistant. Versions have been certified by all four services for flight use.

Designed for wear over a flight suit or uniform and under armor
Full front zipper with protective wind flap
Low-profile shoulder pockets for easy access to gear
Large zippered hand pockets
IR tabs on both shoulders
Flapped pen pockets on shoulders
Flapped pocket on left forearm for pens or flashlights
Right forearm zippered storage pocket
Easy grip zipper pulls
Waist drawcord cinches jacket closed

Above is a Desert variant of the jacket but it is also offered in OD, Coyote, USAF Tigerstripe, Black and MultiCam.


Hexonia – Ballistic Garments

Friday, March 18th, 2016

One of the brands I encountered at Enforce Tac and IWA earlier this month was Hexonia. They have been working on Gladius, the German Army’s Future Soldier System and produce some very interesting knit garments.

160317_Baluw Combatshirt

They’ve done a lot of work on the clothing subsystem of Gladius which includes ballistic undergarments as well as Combat Shirt. Hexonia’s approach to ballistic underwear, called BALUW is the combination of three dimensional production techniques utilizing specialty yarns. As you can see, they offer body mapped knits for the torso of the garment. Their production offers ergonomically shaped products with significantly reduced number of seams, or in some cases, no seams at all. BALUW is worn as a first layer directly on the skin. The tight fit is to ensure that it can’t be blown away from the skin by a blast wave. Even the elastic zones are made of ballistic material and increase comfort without reducing the level of protection.

160317_Baluw Short

Their material combination also has excellent physiological properties. It has a very smooth hand against the skin and doesn’t lead to any abrasions. Additionally, thanks to the hydrophobic materials, sweat is absorbed readily and wicked away from the body. What’s more, the material is flame retardant with no burn, melt or drip. Finally, BALUW can be washed at 60 °C.


US SOF Seeking New Maritime Assault Suit Systems

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Earlier this month a solicitation closed for new Commercial Off The Shelf, Maritime Assault Suit Systems for use by US Naval Special Warfare. Seen below is the current version of the FR dry suit for surface swimmer ops. Interestingly, the new version may not be in the traditional Sepia color that has long been a hallmark of the MASS. The requirement has opened the design up to other subdued colors or even a camouflage print. Here’s an idea so what they’ll be buying.

img_1777.jpgUSSOCOM’s Directorate of Procurement, on behalf of the US Natick Soldier Research and Development Center (US Army – NSRDEC) and Program Manager – SOF Survival, Support and Equipment Systems (PM-SOF SSES), Natick MA, has a requirement for a Maritime Assault Suit System (MASS).

This program is seeking surface dry suit variants: (1) MASS and (2) Lightweight MASS (L-MASS), each consisting of an over-garment with neck relief/ring, repair kit and user manual, which can be used as a combat suit in maritime, land, airborne, shipboard, and transitional environments of the US Navy. To keep the user comfortable, the MASS and L-MASS shall provide the greatest degree of water vapor management and must be durable enough for rugged field use. The MASS and L-MASS shall keep the operator dry in maritime and terrestrial extremes and all weather conditions without interfering with typical mission movements or compromising range of motion for activities including swimming, running, assault movements and weapons manipulation. Both versions must be lightweight, fit comfortably, and must be able to keep the operator dry while immersed in water without significant weight gain.

The neck ring, neck, and wrist gaskets shall be comfortable, shall not interfere with individual clothing or equipment, and shall be adequately protected from weather conditions and physical damage. The MASS and L-MASS must have front entry and relief zipper, integrated socks, non-fixed optional use internal suspender design, be easily accessible, and have shoulder, thigh, and calf pockets. The suits must be designed in a manner that reduces the effects of abrasion on key garment stress areas, be adequately quiet during typical mission movements with ease in donning and doffing. Face fabric must be capable of being dyed with a subdued color if specified by the government.

The MASS shall have a standard operational life of at least three (3) years. The L-MASS shall have a standard operational life of at least one (1) year. Both must be repairable and the contractor shall be capable of providing repair services for components typically damaged by routine wear and tear.

Full performance characteristics can be seen here.

Dutch SF Wearing Fibrotex Fightex Uniforms for Mali Deployment

Friday, March 11th, 2016

During Enforce Tac we shared a few photos of signature management products by Fibrotex. The uniform used in conjunction with the ghillie suit is an FR garment issued to Dutch SF in their new digital pattern.

Offered in the Netherlands by Profile Equipment, these garments are intended for wear in hot weather and the proprietary fabric is treated with Permethrin as well as being FR.


The ripstop weave fabric is a blend of four different fibers. Additionally, stress points and slotted buttons are bartacked and they’ve incorporated wide belt loops for duty belts as well as height adjustable kneepads in addition to easily removable labels and washing instructions to prevent irritation.

For more info, visit Profile Equipment.

SHOT Show – Drifire FR T-shirt in Tan 499

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

DRIFIRE has a Tan 499 FR Moisture Wicking T-shirt, both short and long sleeved.  This is compatible with the new OCP ACU.  The short sleeved T is available now through AAFES.


Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Massif has several new items this season and everything is available now.


First up is the Altitude Jacket and Pant. Made from SABA, a nonmembrane softshell. It’s an FR softshell for Infantry that is highly breathable intended for 3-season use due that incorporates DWR. You can move in it and not build up sweat. Plus, it’s the quietest fabric in Massif’s lineup. Think Level 3, action suit. They’ve slimmed the fit down a little and it’s meant to be worn by itself or with under layers. You’ll notice some common DNA in the Jacket’s layout but the Pant is something completely new. Look for zippered slash front Alpine pockets as well as low profile internal cargo pockets with Velcro closure. Rear pockets also close with Velcro.


Next up is the Rainier Winter Combat Shirt. It’s a hybrid design, crafted from Battleshied in the upper torso and arms for climate control which is an exclusive Gore FR stretch fabric for Massif. This is combined with FR SABA fabric in the torso for breathability. It’s a classic FR Combat Shirt design with a 1/4 zip front.


The Caldera is an FR Wind Shirt. It’s made from two fabrics. SABA on the upper torso and sleeves and a new fabric called BattleSkin on the torso. It’s a plaited fabric which means it’s a single layer fabric, knitted with a nylon face and a Nomex modacrylic on the back. This also means it’s very breathable and dries really fast. The Caldera boasts a walk dry time of 22 minutes which beats the pants off of the current mil-spec of 60 minutes.



Milipol – W.L. Gore & Associates Pyrad

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

I’ve often wondered what a combat uniform made from Gore Pyrad treated fabric would look like. I’m a big fan of the technology. Having heard that some work was being done in Europe I was excited to see this display.  

In this case, it’s the French Camouflage Centre Europe pattern, but the Pyrad treatment can be applied to most fabrics. As you can see, it doesn’t negatively affect the color of the pattern. 


The fabric retains its basic properties yet becomes FR. So, for example, a waterproof breathable fabric remains so. It also doesnt feel heavy or hot. But, it’s not something that’s going to wash out.



PIG FDT Bravo FR Glove Available for Pre-Order 

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Pre-Order for the highly anticipated PIG FDT Bravo FR gloves has commenced. Pre-Order customers get a special 20% off their purchase and will also be the first ones to receive their gloves before anyone else.